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Freddie: I have deepest respect for Arteta

Freddie Ljungberg says he’s looking forward to sitting down with Mikel Arteta to discuss his future at the club.

The Swede will take charge of the team at Goodison Park tomorrow, with the new manager’s arrival coming too late for him to have an impact on this weekend’s game.

And when asked if he was excited about a sit down with Arteta, he said, “Of course. I’m looking forward to it a lot.

“It’s going to be a difficult one tomorrow because everybody knows he’s taking over the team and the club.

“I just hope the players will still try to be motivated and go for it. With me and him, I’m really looking forward to sitting down and discussing things.

“I met him before, I have the deepest respect for him and his football knowledge.

“Together, I think we can do this very, very well.”

Pressed on the situation at his first press conference, Arteta was somewhat coy, but suggested there was a way they could work together as Arsenal look to get back on track.

“It’s a conversation I was having this morning when we addressed the players and spoke to them,” he said.

“I had a conversation with him afterwards to see his expectations and how I see the situation.

“We will know something soon. I haven’t had a chance to speak to him fully.”

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Fingers crossed we end up with Freddie as one of two assistant managers. Imagine Arteta, Freddie and Xabi Alonso? Instant culture shift in the right direction.


Nothing I would love more would be to see Freddie on the bench together with Mikel..

And come on, Mikel’s perfect hair, with Freddie chiseled good looks… that’s so much sauce.

You cant get any more sauce than that.


Apparently the Xavi rumours have been dismissed I think David Ornstein wrote earlier. But I hope a Freddie is involved in the first team coaching as a minimum. Did anyone else hear rumours that Freddie was being offered Malmo managers role?


the malmö rumours were from a site I’ve never heard of, and I’m swedish. don’t think freddie would wanna move from london anyway

Cultured determination

I could see it working. 70th min freddie takes over while we sub on arteta and alonso


I have the deepest respect for Freddie!


I have the deepest respect for both of them. And for Per. Good to see him involved that much, too. All of them have already been absolutely great characters during their playing time and seem to have developed really well since. Maybe Freddie gets his old mate Bobby a job, too. He’s around all the time anyway. Exciting times ahead, Gunners. I’ve got a really good feeling on this.


Per loved Wenger per loved arsenal he wanted to succeed Wenger. But our board kept Wenger for too long and man city came calling with a much bigger war chest. Deep down I still think pep would’ve preferred to coach arsenal if that opportunity had presented itsself earlier. But the board made mistakes recruiting. Both players and also with the manager. We missed out on van dijk when he was at celtic we bought Mustafi instead, we nodded out on Mane when he was at Southampton we missed out on dele Ali because they said we already had Ramsey, we… Read more »


Wow, your hindsight is just superb!



Great revisionist history.


I’m loving the slow but steady addition of ex-players to the set-up. Long may it continue.


It’s interesting that they’re not maybe the ones that would be expected, I like that they’re the ones proving themselves, not just because they were ex-players.


Think he will stay on, hopefully as number two, maybe Freddie’s focus can be with integrating players from the academy which seems to really be his calling.

Exciring times!

The Spoon

Bring back some of the old guys, get some winning mentality.


Freddie has shown himself to be a class act throughout this whole process I hope the club honours that.

Pépé Le Pew

This man is class. Hope they can work together


I doubt Freddie will be appointed as #2. Arteta will want someone he knows well and who will fit in right away with his vision. Freddie might stay on though in some other capacity.

tanned arse

To me, what arteta said reads as there’s a role for Freddie but it’ll be restrictive and its possible he might not be interested


Maybe Mikel feels that as Freddie has tasted being the head coach he may not want to go back to being the assistant. What Freddie has said would indicate that he would be happy to do so, I hope it will work out because they could be an awesome partnership and pure class.

Hairy Bottle

There’s no thumb down for any comment so far…..the positivity from Arteta’s appointment shines thru entire club

Naked Cygan

OK, this makes sense why we are playing so bad recently. For Freddie to hope the players are motivated and will try to go for is very sad. These players are a disgrace and a joke if they need motivation to play for Arsenal. So many people will love to play and dream about representing you team. Also, let’s not forget how much they get paid. LACK OF MOTIVATION?? Are you fking kidding me?? Drop all the wankers who are not motivated to play, and start the hungry humble players.


Look Mate, the essence of what you’re saying is true. It just seems a little too angry, although that’s understandable as an Arsenal fan in current circumstances. When Emery came in he said the one thing he can promise is that the team will work hard. He benched Ozil early on, because he wasnt putting in the effort in training and then brought him back when the going got tough. That must’ve lost him a good deal of respect in the dressing room, and made people think its okay if you dont work very hard. He never realized that xhaka… Read more »

The Charma

The guy has zero experience and appointing other non experienced coaches will be a disaster. He needs very very experienced coaches to cover up his shortcomings. Hope for the best

Cultured determination

He should fet anchelitti and allergi as assistants

everton away 2




this, a suggestion. any better?
willock in after 60 min (?)


I would like to see Lacazette play in Ozil’s position (Ozil allegedly has a foot injury, doubtful), but I suspect Freddie will go for Smith Rowe who was lively and positive against Leige and City. Xhaka is fit again and will almost certainly start. And Freddie trusts Saka at left back more than Luiz. So I think it’ll be Leno – AMN, Chambers, Sokratis, Saka – Torreira, Xhaka – Pepe, Smith-Rowe, Martinelli – Aubameyang. Subs: Martinez, Luiz, Mustafi, Guendouzi, Willock, Nelson, Lacazette. That front 4 excite me, that back 4 terrify me, but I think we’ll beat them.


Errr….what’s he going to say, he doesn’t think Arteta is on for it? Freddy at the moment is everyone’s friend. All these fans singing platitudes about Arteta are the type that will draw their knives the first sign things aren’t (surprisingly) going well. I’d be more circumspect, there are reasons to be perturb by the appointment but hopefully he can gets some results for us prevent further slide…how high he can punch with this squad anyone’s guess but likely we will be short of contention into top 4. Transfer window coming up shortly massively important. Arteta surely appreciates the deficiency… Read more »


From the bbc: Could Cazorla, a former Arsenal captain, be brought in to supplement a staff already comprising Mertesacker and Ljungberg? “In the future, who knows?” said Cazorla, who is enjoying playing for Villarreal after a two-year injury nightmare that almost left him unable to walk. “I will certainly have to work out what I want to be doing and it is right to say that we have a great relationship and many times we have talked about what the future will bring us. “I will always be open to helping him because he is my friend and also because… Read more »

Artetas assistant

I’ll tell Mikel to sign him in January as player coach


I know the board made a cock up of the timing and what not but I think they deserve some praise. Regardless of how poor we have been I still think the signings they made were forward thinking and good. They couldn’t fill all of the holes in one summer. I also think that although it was too late, the decisions to promote Freddy to assistant and hire Arteta were brave and demonstrated long term planning. They could have gone for a ‘safe’ (shit) option again like Everton just did.

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