Sunday, March 3, 2024

Report: KSE 1-2 Brighton (inc goals)

Arsenal: Leno, Bellerin, Sokratis, Luiz, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Torreira, Willock, Ozil, Lacazette, Aubameyang.

Subs: Martinez, Chambers, Tierney, Guendouzi, Nelson, Pepe, Martinelli

Arsenal’s recent misery continued with a 2-1 defeat to Brighton at the Emirates this evening – a result which will make it over two months without a Premier League win.

Freddie Ljungberg made a number of changes from the side that drew 2-2 with Norwich, recalling Hector Bellerin, Sokratis and Lucas Torreira to replace Calum Chambers, Shkodran Mustafi, and Matteo Guendouzi. Kieran Tierney and Nicolas Pepe remained on the bench.

The game began fairly evenly, a corner each in the opening few minutes, Willock pressing high but no real chances. Ryan saved easily from Luiz, Arsenal were caught offside a couple of times, and Leno got behind a Connolly effort well.

Bellerin picked up a yellow card for a foul on Connolly just outside the box, but the free kick thankfully hit the wall, before Webster’s header from a corner forced Leno into a routine save.

Maupay’s effort went just wide with Connolly missing a touch at the back post to put Brighton ahead. Aubameyang put one just wide, a quick free kick from Brighton almost proved costly but Leno saved very well from Maupay, and again moments later to keep the visitors at bay.

However, the pressure came from Brighton and in the 36th minute they went ahead from a corner. The set-piece came in, we didn’t win the header, it fell for Webster and he had time and space to finish from close range. 0-1.

Willock almost equalised immediately, heading on target after great work from Aubameyang, but it was almost 2-0 at the other end but for a last gasp intervention from Xhaka to prevent a one on one chance. Lacazette tried to claim a penalty that never was, Aubameyang berated Willock for what was a good pass, and Sokratis picked up a late booking before the half-time whistle.

Freddie made a half-time change, bringing on Pepe for Willock, and the Ivorian was involved immediately, running at the Brighton defence. His ball to Bellerin won Arsenal a corner, from which Lacazette looped a header to the far post and in to equalise in the 50th minute. 1-1.

The Gunners upped the tempo, Bellerin did well to put in a low cross which was headed away before Auba could get a touch, and the captain just missed a low cross from Kolasinac minutes later.

Gross was booked for handball, Luiz had a goal disallowed for offside from an Ozil set-piece, and Pepe fed Aubameyang but his effort was blocked out for a corner which came to nothing.

The Brazilian picked up a 68th minute yellow card, Ozil shot wide with his right foot after being fed by Lacazette, and in the 72nd minute Kieran Tierney replaced Kolasinac. That was followed in the 77th minute by the final change when Martinelli came on for Lacazette, but it was Brighton who struck again in the 80th minute.

A cross came in from the right, Maupay stepped back and headed into the far corner with Luiz nowhere near him. 1-2.

Martinelli almost equalised with a clever header but Ryan palmed the ball away, and when Pepe won a free kick just outside the box there was a chance for an equaliser but the Ivorian put it wide.

Trossard almost made it 3-1 in injury time, and there was no way back for a team so far in the doldrums now a relegation scrap is not beyond the realms of possibility.

Sad times folks.

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I’m just trying to get my head around the fact that this is actually the worst Arsenal team post Rioch. A squad with Auba, Bellerin, Lacazette, Leno, Ozil, champions league winners, world cup winners, a £72M attacker and a crop of promising youngsters.

We played a whole season one year with Chamakh, Denilson, Squillaci, Bendtner and Almunia all featuring heavily. But that was a better team. I honestly can’t make any sense of that.

I just don’t understand why this group of players can’t seem to play even moderately impressive and disciplined football.

Embarrassment came and went. This is humiliating.

SB Still

Fuck the long list, we need to appoint definitely an experienced manager right now. Unfortunately, it’s not time for Freddie or Arteta at this time. We may regret that in a few years time but we are a sinking ship and need an experienced head to make anything of this season.

The hierarchy sat on their hands way too long in firing Emery and now identifying the permanent manager. They really seem to have planned for Emery to stay till the end of the season! Raul’s position has to be reviewed by the end of the season.


We are Arsenal, a great club with great history, we need a manager who fits that.

A conference club can appoint a past player as their manager, sure it’s romantic, but it’s too Risky for us. Managers take time to learn their craft, Wenger had 9 seasons under his belt before joining Arsenal, he was polished and in his prime.

We need to sign a big name manager to signal ambition and encourage the key players to renew their contracts and to get this what should be a good team playing well.


The long list thing is just bizarre. What the hell are we doing?

Bit of decisive action would have been nice.

Like, dare I say it, s*prs


What this club needs more than anything is new owners. KSE need to get the fuck out of Arsenal. They are running us into the fucking ground. If anyone thinks otherwise, then you are also part of the problem, and need to fuck off too. Every single thing that is going wrong with Arsenal currently is 100% their fault. And had this level of blatant cowboy ownership being going on at somewhere like Liverpool, Spurs, United, Chelsea the British media would not have stood for it. They would have been on to the fucking ownership early doors. But because its… Read more »


I think yes, as a big club with bazillion of cash reserves we must appoint a world class manager-not head coach with a proven track record. May that be Allegri, or other Allegrian-grade individual.


I can’t add anything to this.


It doesn’t really matter who they bring in, unless we get 2 solid centre backs and a commanding midfield presence nobody will be able to make it work. There is so little Arsenal identity left at the club that I would rather see Freddy given a proper chance. We missed out on Klopp, we missed out in Pep, no other really top manager is going to come in as we are now, if we hoof out Freddy early we’re just going to end up with another second rater and go through the whole miserable process again. Freddy represents one of… Read more »

Red Arrow

I’m not sure changing the manager will bring immediate change. There are some talented individuals in this team but they seem incapable of playing as a team. The defence and midfield seem clueless in terms of positional awareness and other basics – no manager should have to teach this stuff to players at this level!


Make no mistake about it, with tough games between now and the New Year, we are in a relegation battle here.

Dave M

Aaron mooy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> granny xhaka


I think we now all appreciate more than ever how Wenger was able to do what he did with those players, and working for these cunts.


Even played good football and scored goals with that lot.

John C

Auba, Lacazette and Ozil all want to play down the middle, they cannot play in the same team unless you have an exceptional defensive, midfield and attacking full backs, none of which we have!


We have aready made solution to that problem…we want rid of Ozil; and Auba and Laca will want rid of us next season. In 6 months time we won’t have anyone to play down the middle/

John C

We’ll still have Ozil

Der Kaiser

Indeed. Should not play Auba and
Ava on same team. Increasing doubts re Ozil.

Remeber also Auba and Ozil are ageing.

I would have Laca or Auba cebtral and have Pepe and Nelson or Saka wide

Der Kaiser

Trying to accommodate overpaid players. Need a formation / structure Znd ethis and let some of these players go ( if anyone would take them – on their inflated wages!)

John C

That’s the problem isn’t it, poor squad management has got us into this position.

An unbalanced squad of overpaid players not one wants, using up resources which need to be used to balance the squad out.

A very sad situation we’ve found ourselves in.

Runcorn Gooner

I just don’t know where we go from here. One thing is for sure and whoever the new manager is should dispose of Luiz , Sokratis and Mustafi immediately. Virtually anyone would be better. Week after week error after error. Leno must be thinking what have I done to deserve this. Outshot yet again for the umpteenth time this year. Brighton played well with far less talented players than we have. Something is seriously wrong with our set up. Ozil and Xhaka should also be disposed of. They are symptomatic of the problems we have. We need a fresh approach… Read more »


I tend to agree. A major clean-out is required. The players are not terrible (with one or two exceptions) but they don’t constitute a team.

Hiiiii guys

James Ingram: Willock starts= awful Arsenal, Willock benched = much better Arsenal 12 starts no goals no assists.

Runcorn Gooner

…..and he missed the easiest chance of a goal at 0-1

John C

I like Willock but he isn’t ready for premier league football, nor are our other youngsters with perhaps the exception of Martinelli as a sub

Eric Blair

The missing-link is Arsene, who I hope will now be fully appreciated and respected.

John C

This is his mess!!!


You are deluded if you think this is his mess!

Eric Blair

Looks like it’s going to take a bit more pain for some to see where the problem lies.

‘We played a whole season one year with Chamakh, Denilson, Squillaci, Bendtner and Almunia all featuring heavily. But that was a better team. I honestly can’t make any sense of that. ‘

Who managed that motley crew to top 4 finish after top 4 finish? And had to make a profit every year in the transfer market? Wenger my not have been the man to take us back to the very top, but he worked unsung minor miracles during the KSE/Gazidis years.

John C

They were pre-City day’s when the competition for Champions league places was significantly lower. He did that at the time with the 4th biggest wage bill, so ergo he finished 4th. The moment the TV deal before the current one kicked in in 2013 the game was up. No longer could we keep the rest of the league at arms length as all 20 teams in the Premier league over night were launched into the top 30 richest clubs in the world and that’s when the previous years erosion of quality and character really started to show. Pre 2013 you… Read more »


spot on


That is exactly right

Eric Blair

You’re missing the point, we were buying lower grade because of the Kronkes, not Wenger. Don’t you think he would have loved Hazard in his team instead of Gervinho?

Everyone in the PL has more money now, including us, and we’re spending more, yet we’re going backwards. In my opinion this eminates from the antipathy and ineptitude of the owners, who are only interested in seeing their investment grow, and has filtered through all parts of the club. I bet even the tea lady is making watery tasteless shite.

John C

We were buying lower grade players because that’s what he was buying. Not only did he buy them, he then overpaid most of them, underpaid the one worth keeping, therefore losing the best ones on the cheap and costing the club millions on the ones no one wanted, sound familiar (Ozil!). So sorry, i don’t buy this doing wonders narrative, the resources have been poorly managed for over a decade. And that’s forgetting that Wenger took out 10’s of millions of pounds in wages in the process to facilitate that downgrade so sorry he is as much, and in my… Read more »

Eric Blair

Deary me, I hope for your sake you’re simply trolling. Perhaps you’re right and Wenger simply chose inferior players because he’d had enough of winning trophies and thought it was fair to share it around a bit.

And Wenger didn’t ‘take’ money out of the club, that’s what the Kronkes are doing, he earned it through hard work, spectacular success, then consistent results with less than stellar squads. It feels like you’re taking too much time out of my day.

John C

If you’re incapable of following the demise of this football club then that’s your problem. If can’t see the long term effects that arbitrary policy decisions like project youth and the socialist wage structure has had on the long term effect of the club then i’ll explain it for you. When you overpay a significant number of players like we did with Bendtner, Djourou, Denilson, Diaby, Eboue etc that has an effect on your recruitment for several years. So when you need to buy a new player, although you have the capacity within your wage bill to pay for first… Read more »

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

That would be my answer too in case someone else didn’t write it first…


2029: it’s still Arsene’s fault! (John Cunt)


very well said John C. abuse him all you want but he is spot on about the managed decline of the Wenger years. we failed as a club the day we lost the title to Leicester and DID NOTHING ABOUT IT while EVERY SINGLE ONE of our rivals started a new project.

this idea that Wenger somehow didn’t get the credit he deserved is insane. bonkers. he was fully idolised right to the end of his tenure, despite the hefty cost, which we are now clearly paying in full

Dave M

Yeah people now thinking Wenger is the answer are very quick to forget the Demise we saw under him and that this culture of inaccountability of players is his making. It became too comfortable for players under him. No one is questioning him as a club legend and absolutely one of the great EPL managers but his time was up, it was overdue… Let the wenger thing go and move on.


Should’ve been sacked way earlier. His mess indeed.


Wenger’s culture. Remember Denilson strolling around the pitch?
Today’s players are motivated by that culture

Mick Malthouse

Rock meet bottom.

Eric Blair

Are you sure this is the bottom?

tanned arse

Maybe because our manager at the time was far better than he was given credit for at coaching a team to play football…..maybe!?


The way the Brighton players bypassed our midfield so easily to shoot at Leno in the first half was painful to watch. Our defensive frailties have been there for quite some time but we’ve always managed to offset it by good attacking football, especially at home. But now we seem to be regressing both defensively and offensively and the players just can’t seem to sort it out at the moment. In My lifetime, I’ve never seen Arsenal have a negative goal difference after 15 games. Shows how far we’ve fallen and how we are in a far more serious mess… Read more »


That team also had Cesc, Nasri, RVP, Sagna and Arshavin.

Thierry Bergkamp

Maybe the players are shit, not just the managers.

Naked Cygan

I said this before the Norwich game here and someone called me ” a shit of an Arsenal fan” lool

the mickster

some might be, but I don’t think as a group they are ‘this sh1t’ ?


There is only one Arsené Wenger


That’s exactly it! This team is actually way better and, in fact, one of best groups of talented individuals that we’ve had in a very long time. Emery well and truly broke their individual and collective spirits and as much I’d love it for the storyline, Freddie is not the one to sort it out. If they don’t appoint the best possible manager soon it will be years more before Arsenal recover from these last 4 years.

The Charma

Freddie surely is not the right person even as interim manager. Steve Bould would have done a better job. He has more experience having worked with Wenger and Emery . He has also managed our age limit teams.
That said , I thought the board would act quickly in appointing a manager considering the lack of experience of Freddie. I hope they won’t delay as they did in firing Emery. Bad times for Arsenal these.


It was all Wenger


I have started feeling, our players are not good enough. I am kind of hopeless now. I don’t see a way how we can bounce back.
I feel sad for every Arsenal supporters. We all understand freddie needs time but I hope he finds something soon else it will be too late.

Make Arsenal Great Again

It will be too late? It is already too late


The players aren’t as bad as the performance suggests. Freddie decided to go full Emery with his line up. I got no idea the fuckery that was running in his head when he drew that up.


We didn’t get a new manager bounce we didn’t even get a dead cat bounce. Need to put bigger mirrors in dressing room so the players can have a good long look at themselves.


Yes. They all looked like prima donnas in the first half. Yelling at each other and gesticulating. Very frustrating.

Dave M

Loved this prima donas comment… So true. I was laughing every time xhaka or sokratis yelled at a player for their own misplaced pass. We are a comedy with the current spine of this team. Anyone who thinks xhaka should be playing has zero idea about modern football. His limitations (slow, inability to travel with the ball, terrible against counters) make us completely unable to control the middle of the pitch. This game was classic xhaka (again)… Médiocrity in a nutshell… Passed by in mid many times, makes a few nice passes to excite the masses but once again we… Read more »


Are Brighton player’s better? What about Watford? Sheffield?


Freddie needs management experience before taking the arsenal job. why are the standards so low, we need an experienced manager, a big name that players will want to renew for and will inspire ambition in the club. Freddie and Arteta are not that.


According to The Ornacle, KSE don’t want to pay for a top manager. Surprise, surprise. *heavy eye roll*


This is our worse run of results for more than 40 yrs with less talented squads and numerous managers over that period will testify to KSE being the issue.

Even basics like identifying a new manager or sacking one is an issue. Raul as head of football needs to go we don’t have the right individuals running / owning this club period. We are not an American sports franchise force KSE out and galvanise as a fan base to do this through season ticket renewals etc once their investment bottoms out they will be off.

DB10s Air Miles

He’s only keeping the seat wa3m and has inheite

Adams Jnr

Too good to go down?


Nope. We are 100% in a relegation battle now.

Jimmy the Rimmer

Odds of 100/1. I am tempted only because the midfield cannot defend, pass, read the game and are wearing concrete boots

Mesut O’Neill

Are we good!!!

A team that can’t beat Watford, Norwich, Southampton, Brighton, Sheffield Utd is shit.


Wait until we meet the big boys. How scary is that thought. We will get humiliated. We need an Allegri or pochettino. This is the worst Arsenal team I have seen in 30 years


I wasn’t expecting any serious improvement overnight, but at least I thought he could restore some confidence, let them play and build up some kind of a momentum that could help us finally seeing some light at the end of this seemingly never ending tunnel. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not entirely on Freddie, the root cause lies so much deeper. I know they’ve basically had 2-3 training sessions, but it’s worrying that we haven’t gotten any better. This might be an early indication that his caretaker role shouldn’t be extended. Sounds horrible, but it looks like we’ve reached a… Read more »

ricky rick

Ha! ‘KSE Franchise 3’ Remember how in Leicester’s title winning season there was this love-in and appreciation that went from player to player. Started with Vardy and his goal scoring streak, then Mahrez had his time to shine, then Kante was actually what kept the team together, then Huth and Morgan were solid as a rock at the back and so on.

Each week I feel the exact opposite of that with this team.


I am certain right now, that Arsenal could get relegated.


Try Mertesacker now


Nothing has changed. It’s the same old story.
We suck all round – from the owners to a bulk of the players. And if something is not done ASAP, things will get worse as we will definitely lose the few decent players we have!


After tonight’s performance bar Leno there’s not a single player i would be too upset about losing

Andre Santos' car keys



Whoever Arsenal appoints as a head coach needs to drop Kolasinac, Socratis and Luiz. How many points these players cost the team (particularly Luiz and Socratis)? No matter what midfield you have you can’t win battles as long as defence is chasing shadows everytime the opposition launched an attack.

Midfield and attack, even Laca included, is poor. Loosing easy balls from corner attacks and throw ins and making very poor judgements. Laca doesn’t even put in a 40% effort of his ability and Auba is wasted to make room for Laca.


5 points off bottom 3 and being utterly dismantled by every team in the league home and away. Couple this with a tough upcoming fixture list, no qualified coach and a team that have never been through a relegation dogfight, can anyone offer me any good reason why we won’t go down this year (other than misplaced arrogance)?

Oh well, at least the yank will sell up.


Lads, I think we might be a little bit shit.

Mesut O’Neill

Time to get that piece of shit Ozil gone from the club. Absolute waste of oxygen.

If sure he’ll be defended to the high hills by his “fan” club. His shitty attitude has spread to the other players & now it’s deemed ok to act like a cunt.


Mate, the issues are way way way deeper than Ozil


It’s ok to act like a cunt. You’ve just done it.


Remind me who got the assist?

Der Kaiser

Could be the source of dressing room unrest. Also whilist he scores goals the hold up play etc by Abameyang leaves a lot to be desired. I guss Ramsey got fed up with the likes of Ozil. Froend of mine in Germany warned that Abameyang was notorious as a play boy with poor attitude.

Which players strike you as ” model professionals”????

Look at contrast with Liverpool. Jordan Hendrrson – limited but but makes the absolute best of his ability through sheer hard work and desire


The fuck are you talking about?! Aubameyang is regarded as the most popular player at Arsenal…

John C

In an interview after the Leicester match the other day Tony Adams said when he was a player the first and most important thing the manager looked at before he signed a player was their character. Character first, talent second.

John C

That hasn’t happened at Arsenal for a long time

The Charma

That’s why he is where he is!

John C

4 league titles, 3 FA Cups, 2 league cups and a European trophy all as Arsenal captain.


@mesut – 100% agree.


We are finished as a big club. The next two years are massive. If were not careful we could become the next leeds or newcastle.


David Luiz’s long balls will be the death of me

Matt P

I called his signing bullshit when it happened. And it is. Fuck off Kronke, we need an owner that cares.

Fireman Sam

Luiz out.


Luiz out, that fucking clown. Socratis is no better. This squad needs an overhaul desperately starting with the defence. If KSE doesn’t sanction funds for a new proper good manager, and two quality centre backs, they need to go.our defence is SHIT.


At the point where I don’t even react when we concede goals. There was a time where it would actually hit me in the pit of my stomach but now all I can muster is an apathetic shrug as I grab my phone to read reactions to it on Twitter… I despise social media and yet it’s actually become a place of refuge..

Lord Bendnter

Absolute idiots! Everyone said fire Emery during the International break! But no, and now Freddie is expected to turn things around when games are coming in right and left. Thank you Arsenal board

Fireman Sam

Dithering boardroom. Destroyed on the pitch. The club is run by a bunch of jokers.


This! The international break would have been a good point to rebuild confidence and give time to Freddie to turn things around

John C

Who’d of thunk it, getting rid of Emery wouldn’t change the results? Oh that’s right, me, and all i got was abuse!!

You can blame the owners all you want but for 10 years we had a manager who did the bidding for them and slowly eroded the quality, and character within the club in exchange for £12.5m a year and freedom to do what he wanted.


Sure, pat yourself on the back. And throw in some Wenger hate, just to be sure. Hope it’ll make you feel better.


Without Wenger we would have been in this crap situation a long long time ago. Man performed miracles with weaker squads than the current lot

John C

They were his weak squads, built exclusively by him!

The fallacy is we had no money during this period, we had £180m in the bank!!

When we were struggling for top 4 in January 08 we had no problem finding a club record fee down the back of the sofa for Arshavin. After we got hammered 8-2 at Old Trafford we found large sums for our trolley dash on 5/6 players in a couple of days.

Why the fuck didn’t they buy the right players from the start if the money was there?

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

Maybe, just maybe, Wenger was told he couldn’t spend the money, and rather than be a classless git like mourinho, took one for the team. And when we got hammered, he finally had something to take to the board and say “look mate, you need to spend or we’re fucked”. This happens all the time in our every day jobs, I get to ask for more money only when my project status is red. Understand you’re not Wenger’s biggest fan, but surely the hate for (still) our club’s most successful manager of all time is getting a bit much? We… Read more »

John C

Or maybe just maybe he took £12.5m a year to keep schtum, interestingly the cost cutting never fell on his wages!! It’s not classy to run the club into the ground whilst you profit from it is it? Mourinho at least puts his reputation and results before his wage packet and has no problems losing friends or even his job vocalising his ambition. The thing is we recognise the same thing but come to different conclusions. I don’t see it as “him doing an incredible job squeezing results out of Almunia, Clichy, Senderos, Denilson, Song, Park and Chamakh”, i see… Read more »

John C

Not at all, but those who kept Wenger in a job for years beyond his sell by date have reaped what they’ve sown.

We haven’t just become a club bereft of character and leadership, it’s been the case for years and is so ingrained into the culture it may never be reversed.

It’s very sad but was predictable years ago.

Eric Blair

John mate, did Wenger shag your missus or something? You’re beginning to sound unhinged.


Wenger laughing all the way to the bank..


Seriously? Are you going to blame this on Wenger? Compare the team he left behind and the quality of the youth prospects to that of the one Fergie left for Moyes. What is wrong with some of you Wenger haters? I see what you are trying to do, the #Wengerout campaign didn’t turn out well apparently and you are in this mode to quash any had I know claims to satisfy your ego. If a team of this quality lose at home to Brighton and you lay the blame on Wenger then you are more pathetic than the current state… Read more »

John C

Erm no, Wenger left a club in the Europa League with a Champions league wage bill and has tied the hands of those employed to fix the mess. The squad he left finished 6th with 63 points and had a “star” player on £350k a week, a player no one wanted but he re-signed on such ludicrous terms just to save face, pathetic!!! And has hindered the club ever since. He rejected a bid of £60m from City for Alexis only to do a straight swap for Mkhitaryan on double his wages!!! You can’t make this shit up it’s so… Read more »

Tony Hall

Ozil’s wage increase was down to Gazidis as a parting shot but that doesn’t fit in with the *anti Wenger* tirade does it

John C

Bollocks it was, neither Wenger or Gazidis looked like leaving at that point.

But anyway, what about turning down £60m for Alexis only to straight swap him for Mhki a couple of months later on double his wages? Who did that?


C for Cunt is right.

Dave cee

For all the down votes, I completely agree with you. Wenger and Gazidis fucked us totally. You havn.t even mentioned the summer of xhaka, mustafi and perez


Don’t worry about it. You deserve all the abuse you get for your drivel, John.


@john c – spot on mate.


John cunt wenger didn’t own Arsenal and was a success before KSE model he was given no money by KSE do you understand this versus say Abramovich who invested heavily in Chelsea. If we had different ownership who gave a fuck (silent stan kronke) over last 10 yrs we wouldn’t here. Leave wenger out of it right now he hasn’t been manger ofr over 18 months this decline is due to KSE watch they own this club mangers plays come and go.


KSE could have sacked him for all his faults in transfers etc in later years but they let him over stay. If you hire someone that starts to be shit you get rid of them if you don’t its your own fault for keeping them around. KSE is to blame overall sure managers plays contribute but can can safely say other clubs get rid sooner and hire sooner not us due to ownership

John C

Yes they are at fault for not sacking him, mainly because they have no knowledge of football, however they gave him plenty of money. Ozil – £42m – will leave on a free after being given £350k a week Alexis – £35m – left on a free/exchanged for inferior player on double the wages, who is now out on loan Mustafi – £35m – can’t even make the bench Xhaka – £35m – value now maybe £15m Welbeck – £15m – left on a free after years of being injury prone Perez – £17m – left for £5m max This… Read more »


How did it come to this after so much optimism in the summer. This is beyond depressing. Very true about the relegation scrap if it continues like this. The new manager should come in before the transfer window and that is assuming that the board will give him funds to invest in the squad that badly needs some defensive reinforcements.

Venga Bus

Freddie doesn’t have the balls for this, much as I love the man.
Luiz and Sokratis back……..
No designated DM……….
Ozil still meandering around
NO Pepe in the starting line up, or Martinelli for that matter

My trousers are fully clogged with shite now

Dave M

Said it after last game. He’s too close to these guys. Too chummy. Chumminess is v the antithesis of what this team needs right now

Olivije Žirod

Ozil still meandering around? When will people see that he is actually running a lot and tracking back. What he has to do that people will actually see that he is trying. Of course he is not worth 350k but saying that he is lazy is wrong. Look again the match and you will see. Also look Lacazette and his meandering in the first half.


Moving around yes. Pressing and tackling no. Yes he is trying but it’s a sad sight when we don’t have the ball.


Confidence is rock bottom. The players are better than this but the clearly need a ruthless, driven coach to pull them back together and get them playing as a team.

Is it Allegri ? Would he come ?

Adams Jnr

I think we need someone who speaks English and is able to communicate with the players asap.


Arsenal is NOT an elite club. Arsenal do not need a pate de foie gras manager, we need beef and potatoes, British manager and British players. Europeans can’t fight


Certainly can’t lay the blame on Ljungberg (yet), but certainly not starting off well under his watch. In fact, it’s a continuation of what the whole season has been like getting outplayed by lower tier teams at home that want it more and play as a team vs an Arsenal squad this is disjointed, plays with little passion or intensity (other that for a few individuals in stretches) and one that seemingly has no idea how to defend. Yet again we are badly outshot and were lucky not to have given up more goals. Just imagine where we’d be without… Read more »


Freddie needs to go, meaning we need to hire a top permanent coach fast. Freddie is a legend, and if he stays he will tarnish his reputation with the fans, as he clearly is not the one to turn this mess around with dubious lineups and decision making. Maybe it’s better this way, to see it very soon (that he is not the right guy for us). I was afraid that we could have a positive run of results like manure did with Ole and then they gave him the permanent deal instead of going with Poch i.e. Now they’re… Read more »

Glenn Gomes

We’ve left it too late now…. Freddie needs time but the timing of this all with no international break is so cruel on him. The board fucked up big time in delaying Emery’s expulsion. And with the games coming thick and fast, only devine intervention can save the very little that’s left of this season….. Really sad times folks


I’m actually worried now. I always thought the Arsenal would be too big to get relegated. Never even considered it. Now I’m starting to think we’re fucked unless we get in a top top manager, and spend our way out of it on January. The thought of relegation terrifies me.

Eric Blair

On the bright side we’d have a shot at the championship.


Holy Jesus. This is a genuine crisis. At the end of this season, we’ll probably lose Aubameyang, Lacazette and Torreira. Pepe might also go. We won’t be in Europe, Champions League or otherwise; we won’t have any significant budget; stadium revenue will be down as supporters stay away; TV revenue will be down as we’ll have fewer games broadcast live as we are no longer the attraction we were and our overall identity and global stature will diminish further thereby making it even more difficult to attract top players. We will be mid-table for years.

Matt P

Kronke will only start caring when his fucken revenue falls off a cliff.


Need to boycott the stadium

Venga Bus

I actually believe we cud go down.
We are playing low end teams at the moment, and without Leno, the score lines would be much worse


Did we overestimate this team at the beginning of the season? Did I just watch Brighton Dominate us in every sense of the word at the Emirate? What do we do now…? How do we cope til season’s end? And by we I mean the fans because this team looks like it has more heart breaks and disappointment in store for us.


The board has fucked this club and also freddie’s coaching Career. Waited too long for the sacking of Emery. The interlull was the perfect moment. I blame a little Freddie too. Playing David Luiz is criminal. The guy is pointless. For 1 good long ball ( but useless ) he lose 3. This and his awful defending. I m usually an optimistic person ( i was even thinking Emery Will do it ) but now i don t see what we can do. I don t know for you guys but i m completly lost. What is our problem ?… Read more »

Fireman Sam

Agree that playing Luiz is criminal. He’s so awful it hurts to watch. When we signed him I thought we’d be screwed and I was right. Costs us points every time he plays.


Handing Willock the keys to the team was not repaid. Unless someone plays better and produces more, he has to be given the CAM role because he’s our best CAM for now. The future has to wait until the summer. Pepe has to start, Martinelli brings energy. The best players have to play in their best positions.

One more loss and we are firmly looking down instead of up. Can’t believe we are 10 points off the top 4.

Heart breaking. Truly.

Eric Blair

At 1-1 I looked at the table and thought, we need to win this to have any chance to get top 4. I looked again, and realized that if we lost we would be in a relegation fight. That’s where we are. The players tried, but there’s a sickness at the club that Emery is not solely responsible for. It started years ago with the changes in the board, too many good Arsenal people being hounded out or selling-up. The heart and soul has been ripped out of the club and needs to be rebuilt from the top to the… Read more »


I’m stunned. This was just unbelievably bad. The tactics with holding back the side defneders should have been balanced with the midfield going forward. They didn’t. When Louis or Torreira had the ball, there was simply nobody to play to. Everybody hid behind a Brighton player. Kola sometimes ran. And Auba. And Pepe. But the teammates did not follow up. Pepe was good, sort of, but he wanted to do everything by himself. He couldn’t. The team plays on tar. Something sucks the power, happiness and creativity out of the them. We are of course on a direct course towards… Read more »

Der Kaiser

Appreciate that ultimately Manager takes responsibility and gets sacked ( i.e. Emery) but what is evident is that it is the players that are equally ( if not more) at fault. Can’t we sack some of these overpaid players.! I think there are massive dressing room problems. Some of these overpaid prima donas are not fit to wear the shirt. Let’s just transfer list a load of them. It’s so bad that I would just say stuff them and let Freddie build a new team from youth. My squad for next match:- Leno, Bellerin, Chambers, young Greek centre back, Holding,… Read more »

Der Kaiser

Add Saka, John – Jules and Harry Clarke together with sny decent Sunday league centre back!


Well that was shit wasn’t it. Can it get any shitter? I think possibly it could.


Thought Kolasinac had a decent game, Torreira got stuck in, and Pepe had a few bright moments. I said a couple of months ago, we could end up in a relegation fight And if we don’t get the right man in? Then I think it’s a certainty. Forget champions league, forget Europa league, these individual and collective performances, are the type of performances you see from sides who’ve given up. When we sacked Emery, I said things would likely get much worse. Last season inside the top4 was a false position, Emery overachieved to put us in that position to… Read more »


That’s honestly confuddled me has that performance. On an individual level, I thought Granit was very good, torreira was busy though perhaps not so effective. Hector played well, Auba and Laca plugged away. Kolasinac gave it what he could, but again not particularly effective. We don’t seem like we should be this bad, I don’t think our overall performance was as horrendous as it will seem right now in the cold light of day. I feel like Hector looked at the end, dazed and confused. It’s a numbing feeling, knowing you’re crap but finding it difficult to understand why you’re… Read more »


Xhaka was very good for Xhaka, which means he played about half as good as Mooy.

Richard Snook

Really? I have no words. Honestly, did you relly watch the game?


Hector played well? What game did you watch? He was a complete disaster. He’s so weak, inattentive, and sloppy. Watch their second goal, he does nothing to stop Mooy from crossing. Actually its been years since he was consistently good..


Hector did not play well. He was an utter disaster.


I wonder if this KSE group are actually business minded even?
Just think of it, if you keep running the club this way to middle table it or below, you don’t attract good players nor better sponsorship deals so as we know you are not interested in passionate football nor trophies just think of it as a necessary evil ( having a competitive club) to get all your endorsements, merchandise sales, tickets, sponsorship and what have you.
Don’t do it for nothing but for your money.


Some of the mistakes Sokratis makes, almost makes me not believe he is a very experienced 31 year old footballer. What was he doing on that last Brighton goal? Why was he the last to track back…


And yet some people are quick to praise Mislintat.


It’s not personnel. I watched Pool last night and it may sound daft but individually they’re not that much better. They’re just incredibly well drilled and hard working, from the front to the back. We are the complete and utter opposite.

Fireman Sam

Agree. Our players are better than Brighton’s. But we will continue to lose to the Brightons of this world until our psychology and discipline is sorted.

We lack confidence on the ball. No calmness. Nobody knows what to do. It’s just random. Precise opposite of Liverpool who function as one unified team.


Yeah, while some of our players may be overrated–or suffering from confidence issues at the moment and not playing to their potential–it really does go to show just how important cohesion and identity and teamwork can be. I see this a lot in ice hockey, another sport I follow closely. Especially in the playoffs the best team in terms of individual talent often doesn’t go far–drive and desire, combined with a strong collective mentality, can cover some holes, particularly when it goes along with confidence. I think we’re seeing that right now–along with the opposite side of it with Arsenal,… Read more »


Very sad and it’s not going to get any easier any time soon. A much more difficult period is just around the corner. Luiz’s constant long passing was an admission (if any were needed) that our midfield is totally incapable of sustaining an attacking move. Like everyone else here I am at a loss to explain what has happened. Is it really all the owners’ fault? KSE did put in some impressive amounts of money for purchasing high-quality players. Is it Raul’s fault? We all cheered when the last bit of business was done with Pepe, Tierney, Martinelli. I actually… Read more »


Calling Big Sam, the relegation saviour! (Only joking of course)

Fireman Sam

It’s all about the personality of the manager now.

Wenger, Emery, Freddie…all lovely nice chaps but this team is so soft as a result.

Get a fucking Simeone type in now.


Benitez is the less risky option than anyone else on this so called list. Poch would be the other, but doubt he would come. Benitez knows the league, is a consummate professional, and would probably be up for the fight. Word has it though, it would take a massive amount to buy out his Chinese contract, and Dennis forbid, he might ask the club to spend some more money.


I laugh so as not to cry


My only hope now is to avoid relegation. Forget top 4, forget EL, and which top manager will take over this heap of shit?
It’ dark, dark times indeed.


I mentioned it earlier that we have really really shitty players, and a few persons were unhappy with the comment. Shitty players that irrespective of coach, system, tactics, formation, etc… will be shitty. I look at our team and bar Leno, Laca, Martinelli, (maybe) Auba and Pepe none other on our roster would be on the bench at Liverpool. Yes. Not even City. Liverpool. Based on their performances this season. And this is not simply down to systems, as it isn’t a coach who teaches the player the basics. How to pass, how to track runs, and general intelligence. Getting… Read more »

Silkysmuv Arteta

Wow. At this rate relegation is a real possibility. No structure, no cohesiveness, no chemistry, no creativity. Utter shit.

As an aside, are refs taking into account stoppage time every single moment the whole game stops while VAR looks at every single little fucking thing? Doesn’t seem it.


I didn’t bother to watch today’s match. can’t be arsed, but from the Starting squad Only Leno, Torreira, Lacazette, Aubameyang are players should be featuring in our team. The defence needs to be taken out to pastures new. Maybe a manager who is an expert in setting up a team to fight for a nil-nil against today’s Liverpool can weed out players who are useless from those capable to learn after extensive training sessions. I fear that if big Sam would come to Arsenal he would put a dozen of our players in the doghouse, no offence to the dog.… Read more »


We literally don’t tackle. It’s incredible. Players not trying to win the ball when the opposition has it. I don’t know what else to say…


I’ve been saying this for years now; we make absolutely no effort to tackle, which makes pressing pointless as opponents can see that.


Xhaka too slow, toreirra too soft, willock too young, sokratis too clumsy, luiz too prone. Just restore the English center backs they don’t deserve to be out for those two. Remember Fransis a defensive midfield who can actually tackle we shipped him to Valencia for Xhaka really.. Let just be like Chelsea start over with kids because this season is over anyway, the problem is the board doesn’t know what they want, it took Klopp 3 season to actually be competitive lets hire a young coach sell senior players and give him 3 season. Barca did it with Pep, Chelsea… Read more »