Sokratis: We need one good game to explode


Sokratis says Arsenal have the opportunity to get their season back on track when Manchester City visit the Emirates on Sunday afternoon.

The Greek has urged the Gunners to build a quality performance on the foundations of ‘dirty work’ and reckons we could ‘explode’ as a result; presumably in a good way rather than the manner in which we usually self-destruct.

Anyway, thanks to a win against West Ham on Monday and yesterday’s comeback at Liege there’s a teensy bit of optimism around the camp.

“Of course, it is a very difficult game,” Sokratis told the Evening Standard. “Sometimes, these are games where you can explode. We need one good game in our home to explode.

“You have to have quality but to show the quality you have to first show intensity, win the duels, be organised.

“The team has quality, but to show the quality you have to do the dirty work. If you do the dirty work and you’re organised, you can win. But first of all, you have to work on intensity, pace and organisation.”

Arsenal certainly can’t afford to drop more points at the weekend. While Monday’s win was welcome, we could be just four points off the relegation zone by kick-off if other results go against us. With massive games against Everton, Chelsea and Manchester United also on the horizon, it’s already squeaky bum time.

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Mick Malthouse

Bit rich.

Upamecano but downalego

Well it only takes one bad game for us to implode so you can see his logic…!

Runcorn Gooner

Unlikely he will be in the team when it really gets going properly.


We had 10 good minutes against West Ham and overall it was a dire performance yesterday. Forgive me for having no hopes for an explosion of good form. The last 2 months have been a slow burn into mediocrity. Climbing out of the rut seems to depend on restructuring our defense and midfield and not a defining home performance.


I’d certainly rather not hang our future confidence on a match result. That sounds more like a doomsday prediction than a ‘chance to turn things around’, the way things have been going.

I’m sadly flying with low expectations, but high hopes.


Correct. Arsenal will not suddenly become good no matter who or what explodes.


This team needs rebuilding and much more confidence before anyone can explode


I Fucking miss Koscielny. He made every CB alongside him look good.


Can’t wait to hear what happened over the summer regarding the executives before he felt like he had to burn bridges…


Find those pockets and get in their faces, press like hounds everywhere and that itself creates space, especially when they enter our half as that’s what they do too. Our attack will take care of the rest

Post January Blip

Play sexy football and I’ll explode too!

Crash Fistfight

You have to charge down shots instead of turning your back on them…


We just need you Sokratis to play in 1 game which we do not concede a goal.

Mesut O’Neill

More chance of Greta Thunberg getting a Christmas card from Donald Trump


Newcastle away the opening day of the’s been downhill since then!


I’m looking forward to Sunday as much as I do an afternoon with the in-laws….

I know I have to go, I’d just rather not…

Have You Been Following Me?

Then don’t.
Why put yourself through that????


We will be very lucky if we get a draw against City. And that would be considered a huge positive for us. The following two matches against Bournemouth and Everton is where we can aim to ‘explode’. Against City, there will be opportunities if our attack is sharp bc they have weaknesses at the back. BUT the problem will be keeping our defense tight without sitting too deep bc they will waltz around us. Llungberg went with a back 3 midweek, wonder if he may do the same this weekend. OTOH, it gave us no better security (we did leak… Read more »

Fireman Sam

Luiz? Na

Have You Been Following Me?

This is what is annoying.
This man is one of the main reasons why our season has been a complete and total disaster and then he comes out with rubbish like that.
Stay away from social media – it only makes you look more of a idiot than you already are when you single handedly screw up whatever chances we have.
The first thing – the very first thing this new manager will need to do is replace deadwood like Sokratis and Luiz. Sokratis should spend less time on social media and more time on learning to play football.


How ironic for our worst player to call for an explosive performance.That will never happen with him in the team.

Dubai Ham

Grip pull grip bull grip bull grip pull….and ……..EXPLOSION.
Borat 2006


Really hoping for a Sokratis explosion…


Only explosion is likely to be from the rear end of our defenders, once the game starts.


Good games start with solid defensive organization.


Easy now big fella. We’re starting to trend the right way but still a long way to go before talking smack like that.

thomas young

We need you not to turn you back on shoots on goal

The Arsenal

Needs to be a nuke level explosion

Have You Been Following Me?

Sokratis is a useless cunt…
I would rather see him being hit by a fast moving articulated vehicle…