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Details emerge of Arsenal’s three 2020/21 Adidas kits

If you’ve not yet treated yourself to any of this season’s lovely Adidas kits, you might want to do so ASAP as two of the three kits planned for the 2020/21 campaign sound a bit different.

Details are thin on the ground, but feeding off a few scraps from Footy Headlines, we’re a teensy bit concerned.

We’ll start with the good news. The home kit will be red and white. A slightly darker red than this season, but red all the same. You can wipe your brow.

A mock-up by Footy Headlines of next season’s home kit colour

Now things start to veer off the tracks. The away kit is set to be ‘cloud white’, possibly with a red trim.

Like many of you, our preference is for yellow and blue change strips, but it’s not like we’ve never worn white on our travels before.

In fact, as illustrates in splendid detail, we did so regularly before 1950, for a decade between 1958-1968 and a few times in the 70s. Nike also produced two white shirts, in 2007/08 and 2009/10.

It still sounds a bit Sp*rsy but we’ll just have to see what the Adidas design department come up with.

Footy Headlines also claims that the third kit will either be navy with a fluo-yellow crest and pink / fluo-yellow Adidas brandings or fluo-yellow with blue / pink logos & applications. Neither of those sound particularly traditional.

These images via @0F0BALL of Arsenal x Adidas 2020/21 products appear to hint at the colour scheme of the 3rd kit.via

On the plus side, it does sound like we’re getting a cool retro home kit-inspired t-shirt based on the 1960s design. This won’t be worn by the players, it’s casualwear.

We expect there will be a constant drip-feed of details about all three of next season’s kits in the coming months.


Thanks to @LK_AFC for the heads up.

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Viva la Prof

White kits? Sounds like a festival of bad taste. This seasons kits are dope


The last white kit we had with pin stripes was class

Wilsheres Middle Finger

I got a serious bout of nostalgia looking through our old kits in that historical kits link.


I love all three kits this season. I have the home kit but might have to get the yellow before it gets discontinued as it’s such a throw back to a classic.


I kinda like how the navy blue blends in with lime.

Tony Hall

A white away kit? Why can’t they stick with the blue and yellow we all like, in fact why do they need to keep changing kits every season, it’s just greedy!
NB the third kit sound fucking hideous although again re above why the need for a third kit if not just as a money spinner.

Mojo Rojo

They need to spice it up a little, changing the color schemes completely simply seemed like the way to go. All in all, I expect it to be elegant and class. If we win trophies in the ‘hideous’ kit, I’m sure none of us would care.


What IS with this obsession with yellow and blue, really? It’s a colour scheme I like, sure, and I know the history and the moments it’s tied to, but some people go on about it like fetishists almost. It’s not like we’ve worn yellow and blue away since 1886.

Steven Norton

I take it you’ve never seen the 1979 cup final then!!⚽️??


or the 1971 cup final


Id actually quite like a white kit. Made in photoshop –


That casual one should be our kit


With the little touch of red like the 58-68 kits, I say white kits won’t be half bad. Looking forward to them! I do like the 3rd kit to be a little psychotic, so hope they don’t keep it too tame and plain.

Jacob Del

So the current kits are only being used for one year and not two as is the norm?? Or do you mean 2021/22?


the 2008-09 season home kit was one of the best in new era

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