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Agent: ‘No chance’ Ozil leaves Arsenal before end of contract

Mesut Ozil’s agent, Dr Erkut Sogut, says that there is no chance that the 31 year old will leave Arsenal before the end of his contract.

The German’s £350,000 a week deal runs until June 2021, at which point he’ll be able to leave on a Bosman, something Sogut says he’s already considering.

In an interview with i Newspaper, he says, “He still has 15 months to go. Until then, he will stay at Arsenal, for sure. He will stay until the end of his contract. There’s no chance he’ll leave.

“He is going into the end of this contract, he will be 32 years old, he will be a free agent, and it’s not a bad situation.

“And he will have probably a hundred million followers on the social media side at that time, his marketing will be bigger by that time.

“He’s 32 so he can still go and play in top-level football for the next two or three years.”

The release of the comments are far from timely, following Arsenal’s European exit to Olympiacos last night.

That will not have been in the control of the player, but it was another game without a tangible contribution from Ozil who has just one goal and one assist to his name all season – despite playing regularly under Mikel Arteta since the former captain took over.

Sogut also doesn’t rule out the possibility of Ozil signing a new deal with Arsenal, but that scenario seems highly unlikely.

“If the club is not giving him an offer then he can’t stay,” he said. “If he gets an offer from the club he will consider it.”

Read today’s Arseblog: Arsenal 1-2 Olympiacos (AET): Gunners pay a late price for sub-par performance

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Makes complete sense for him personally
Financially for Arsenal maybe not but we not exactly great at making money in this era, eg ramsey(free) sczeney(11mil when other top keepers go for 50mil plus) gnabry, and lets not forget chuba akpom


Surely someone who hates Arsenal has been sitting on this to purposefully release it at the worst possible time.

Either that or Ozil’s agent is the stupidest motherfucker ever to walk the earth.


Someone? +39 are you people that naive? After more than a year of Ozils PR team battle with the club, you still dont know who does this? This is Ozil saying there better be no bullshit in summer, season is over, so don’t even think about letting me go. Amazing that people haven’t seen throuhg his and his PR teams bullshit already.


Sorry, Think what you want of him, but I cannot buy into a narrative that Ozil would sanction such a statement at a time like this.

There is no positive PR take on this. PR would be much smarter and controlled about it and announce such a thing after a win or a draw. Not now.


In reality, it’s from an interview his agent gave, answering questions he was asked. It’s not like the game ended and he was like “right, let’s go launch a statement”.

But it’s still pretty tone deaf if this was actually after the match.


Brains and people in football don’t go hand in hand.


There’d be a certain irony if he were to join AC Milan and hook up with his good mate Gazedis. To say Ozil owes him – and Wenger – a drink is the understatement of all time. I’d say he owes each of them French Vinyard and a Scotch Distillery and then some. Ozil isn’t the worst player I have seen at Arsenal. Far from it. But I have never seen a player deliver less value, relative to his costs, in 50 plus years. No wonder he will ‘see out his contract’. I can’t blame him. But those who set… Read more »



You can’t blame Özil. Blame who gave him the fat contract in the first place.

100% Ambazonian

Did the Ozil camp really need to rub it in? Disgusting!


Ozil must be desperately looking for his tin hat after a badly timed statement like that.


Its stuff like this that makes me resent Ozil. I dont care if he is a good or bad guy, he has been a bang average player for us with far more trouble from agents, propaganda social media machines and contract bollocks than he is worth. When he leaves, regardless of the much quoted “stats” he will go down as one of the most damaging signings in our history, financially and culturally.


Surely not culturally. Or then Wenger and Arteta too. Or you regret Emeryball?
But please, guys, open your eyes: a great player that can also gather lots of people on social media are PAID. They are NOT free and it is a tendency that will grow up at Arsenal as it has grown up in big clubs for years!
I remember when some attacked Özil’s transfer at £42M and now, nobody attacks Pepe for his £70M! So stop whining for this £350 000 per week because if you wish good players, you must pay them.


But the point is that Özil has never consistently delivered performances worth £350k p/w. Sure, it’s not his fault he was offered that kind of contract, nor can you blame him for accepting it, but we can still rightly acknowledge that we’ve not received much bang for the bucks paid.

He’s done some good things in an Arsenal shirt, but nowhere near enough to be considered good value, or even close to it.


I’d love us to pay good players, but what does that have to do with Özil? If we want people with a huge online following that are useless in most football games, we should rather get PewDiePie or whatever that youtube guy is called.


Nonsense. When Ozil first came he was the most creative player in the Premier League and the quickest to 50 assists. He helped us win 3 FA Cups and it’s only in the last 2 years he has become inconsistent. Under Arteta he is playing well and if he is not worth the money we are paying him he was one of Wenger’s best ever signings. People have short memories of one of our most creative players ever


You are Mesut Ozil and I claim my £4.99


Actually, he barely contributed to any of our FA cup wins. Also, this crazy stat cocaine people indulge on with Ozil. Hes only ever done one thing; create. Hes never scored many, doesn’t have defensive quality. A one dimensional luxury player that hipster fans strive to convince themselves was a good purchase; because the likely alternative is our great club is run by complete morons who have sunk over 120M on baggage that dragged us down. Directly or indirectly, Ozil’s situation has spread the message “be average and we will reward you with a massive contract.” It is no coincidence… Read more »


Arguably the most three dimensional player we have ever had. I cannot think of any Arsenal player who has the imagination of Ozil.


If you have not watched live then pls go and watch DB10 videos on youtube. Most gifted Arsenal player in last 30 years (from the time I started watching)


I have been a backer and fan of his for a long time. He simply
isn’t the same player he was. There is no way you can argue
that. Sure he may show imagination and have a nice resume, but he just isn’t going to be close to the player he has been for us in the past. Being one of the most 3 dimensional players we have ever had is fine, but that is not getting him to perform now. He isn’t the same Mesut and it is time to move on from that.

Dave cee

Be average and get rewarded with a massive contract, Theo was the hors d’oeuvre, Mesut the main course. Can’t wait to see the back of him. Humongous waste of money and a place in the team

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

We wouldn’t suspect anything else…


No tangible contribution. The ire you have for Ozil, certainly gets very old …..


One goal , one assist, £350k a week…… ONE GOAL , ONE ASSIST , £350K A WEEK……..


Who fucking cares? We offered him that contract, it’s old news, get over it. Auba’s goal came from Ozil. The final ball at Auba’s feet, at the death, came from Ozil. No one else. You’re one of these guys that just can’t get past what he gets paid, so no matter what he does – you’ll always have something to take the piss about.


Before the contract he was an assist dream, after the contract he’s disappeared…. but yeah who cares.


You do, obviously. You’re 350k whinge is in many posts in this thread already ……


Yup all two of them. I’ve literally taken over the thread


Might have had something to do with Alexis leaving the team than signing a new contract. Sanchez and Ozil worked well together.


The ball was deflected to auba, via martinelli. It was a shit cross from ozil. let’s not give him credit when it’s not due


“Deflected” lol. It’s called “nodding the ball on” – Giroud did a lot of that for us. After this comment of yours, I think you should just do the honourable thing and admit that you don’t know much about football.


Let’s give him that assist? Is it enough? Do you believe one goal and 2 assists are enough?


Would have been another assist if Auba had put his chance away at the end. No matter how many chances a player creates, he’ll only get assists if his teammates score from those chances.

Pat Rice and Beans

Deluded Ozil fan ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️


Nah, just a fan of one of our players, you know, a member of the team that puts on the the same shirt as the rest of the lads. Oh, that was a slight against me. Brilliant. Carry on.


Ozil is a waste of space. Has been for years. We play with 10 men when he’s in the line up. His fanboy followers are not real Arsenal fans.


I don’t really see what we did well last night that he wasn’t involved in. I wonder if he has to have an assist or goal for Blogs to say he played well.

Over 90 minutes, the whole team was horrible yesterday. But because Ozil is supposed to be some sort of saviour for us, he was worse than everyone else.

He isn’t that good Blogs, it’s time to lower your expectations on Ozil. He has never been and will never be what most seem to want from him.


He’s no longer a top level player as evidenced by the rumored destinations for him are Turkey, MLS & Qatar – not Barcelona, Man City, PSG etc. He’s playing much better than he has in awhile – he’s still a great passer of the ball, but he produces virtually no end product anymore. He’s made it evident that he’s going to see out his contract which is entirely his right, but we need to plan for life without him next year as we really shouldn’t rely on him as anything other than a squad player. I was excited when he… Read more »


Hey, this is normal for a soon 32 player to not attract big clubs. Where is Eriksen? Not 30 and forgotten! Btw, Sigurdsson costed £70M to Everton. What has done for now?


Ozil isn’t attracting interest b/c he’s a shell of the player he was a few years ago – not b/c he’s 31. He doesn’t play a game reliant on speed or physical stamina and theoretically should be able to play at a high level well into his mid 30s a la Pirlo in a less physically intense league such as Spain, Italy or France even if he needed to shift back in terms of positioning in a few years.


Eriksen had an assist for Inter yesterday and might soon be Italian champion. Also plays in the team that is favorite to win the europa league and will fairly surely play in the CL next year, if not through the EL win, then through the league position. Also he managed to get away from a pretty sh**ty team in London.


Just to name players that earn less than he does: Grieszman, Salah … or in factany of the current Liverpool players, cause Salah is their highest earner. Are we having value for money?
He deserves what he earns. Why? Because someone legally obliged to do that put his signature on that contract and thought that was a great idea.
But surely it must be allowed to say that we are not even nearly getting value for money and thus in hindsight it didn’t turn out to be a great idea..


He has been our most creative player in the past decade by a mile. It’s a great pity that people have such short memories. Under Arteta he is still producing


Can you please provide stats under Arteta?


That’s literally been his only job pretty much his entire Arsenal career. It’s like saying Leno has been the best at saving shots the past few years


Fanboy nonsense.

David C

Dead weight on 350K a week. I’d rather watch the young lads develop and make the occasional mistake than watch Ozil do whatever it is he does….

Unrelated, but I really hate the away goal rule. A goal is a goal….Olympicos had an extra 30 mins to score an away goal as well, just stupid. I hope Wenger has some pull to get rid of this rule.


Pretty sure he played the cross that led to Auba’s goal. But don’t let that influence your agenda.


Definitely the one that led to the miss


And the one that led to Auba’s miss, but well, who cares. Btw, a reminder: Pepe costs us several years of Özil’s wages (transfer + wages), but well, who cares. Laca is not a volunteer and earns a good amount of money each week after his transfer costed 3 years of Özil’s wages, but who cares… This is old story, Özil and his agent have repeated for months that he stays and why would he change his mind? But belittling his input for the club is beyond shame. But who cares. Many fans ask others to back our players, but… Read more »


Odd how it’s shameful to belittle ozils input but you are happy to belittle pepe and laca

For the money he should be doing more. He’s was on more than debruyne, to even compare the 2 is impossible


If Ozil and De Bruyne had similar calibre of teammates, then it would be fair to compare them. Ozil could play the same amazing passes if his teammates were making the same runs and had the same ability to control the ball etc.


So you think it is other players that are problem? How long will we sing this tune ? First Giroud then Walcott then Laca/Auba and now Pepe. Whom shall we sign? Messi/Ronaldo?


Are our players anywhere near comparable to Man City’s? So how can Ozil be judged against De Bruyne?
Ozil had many assists when he was playing with Giroud, Cazorla, Sanchez. Not so many with Wellbeck. Now Giroud, Cazorla, Sanchez are no longer here. Now it just depends on who he passes to. If Auba,Saka, Martinelli, then great. If some others, then not so much.


Exactly this. We don’t have good enough players around him
to make the most of his talent, therefore he is a luxury for us.


I know, its like for £350 thousand pounds a week, you’d want him to be really good at football and stuff. Madness isn’t it.


Well he donates a lot of that you know, for sick children and stuff.So it’s not really all for him. But I’d rather see Arsenal having 350k a week to “donate” it for someone who could actually make a worthy contribution to eliminating freaking Olympiakos in the EL round of last 32.
We can look at Wolves in a few days, cause they will very clearly show how that is being done.


The idea of blaming anyone other than Ozil for any Arsenal defeat, like Lacazette being wasteful, Willock not being able to control or pass the ball, the defenders allowing a free header from a corner, Auba missing a last minute sitter. Why should anyone other than Ozil get any criticism?!
Madness isn’t it?!


$350k / week disgrace. Team destroyer. But yeah, blame Willock instead.

Fanboy nonsense.


The cross that didn’t actually reach Auba but was deflected towards him and he had to bicycle kick? OK.


Awful timing. Can’t be a coincidence either. Is it a power play? As in he’s realised that he has leverage now that it’s clear that the club needs Ozil to move on this summer?


Ah, guys, guys, let’s not be that bitter about Özil’s wages. There is worse: Ramsey’s 450 000 € per week to stay on the bench! At least, Özil creates chances… what he is paid for, btw. Strange there is no stat about it.


He’s scored x3 as many goals in an injury hit season

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Why dont you let Juventus fans discuss Ramsey’s wages? Plus, Ramsey deserved every penny he earned at Arsenal.


We don’t care what Juve is doing same way we don’t care how Pogba is doing at MU. We are Arsenal and only care about Arsenal

Petit's Handbag

“And he will have probably a hundred million followers on the social media side at that time, his marketing will be bigger by that time”. And there it is. Fans who in the autumn revered this lazy shithead now have to listen to comments like this from what is his mouthpiece. The day after our most humliating European exit since 1997. Why don’t you leave this Summer. Santi Cazorla may not have the legs anymore but I’d be a damn sight happier to see him in an Arsenal jersey next season to this cretin because Santi had, has and will… Read more »


You’re the real lazy shithead. You can’t be bothered to study the situation, so instead of thinking for yourself, you think what the media tell you to think. The media hate Ozil, and thus, so do you. If you were better at analysing the game, you wouldn’t be so critical of Ozil. But your brain isn’t capable of understanding anything that is even mildly complex.


No need for name calling. I am not master in this game but I think most of us feel Ozil is not productive as he used to be. No, media did not influence my view. I watch every game. I am not expert like you but have some knowledge.


I didn’t do any name calling, with the exception of calling him what he called Ozil – “lazy shithead”.
I don’t disagree with you that Ozil is not as productive as he used to be (not that that makes him unproductive), but there are factors beyond his control causing that.
And I am no expert either; it’s just that simpletons, like our friend above, make me look like one.


This is a ridiculous situation. He was SO good back in that Cazorla, Ramsey, Alexis team. He’s declined immeasurably and a club in our situation cannot afford to keep him. Even if he was bringing his B game. But it’s not even close. I get Arteta wanting to trust the senior players with the initial stability, but Mesut Ozil is not our future and there’s an increasingly valid discussion whether he should even be our present.


This is it in a nutshell. Ozil could never be a savior of any team, ever, in his whole career. But surround him with other players of his caliber and they work as a unit, destroying other teams’ defenses. Does the vitriol spewed here forget the level of players surrounding Ozil on this team? Pepe who over-dribbles and lazy passing, Lacazette with his low goal percentage, Aubu missing sitters (another missed sitter that knocks Arsenal out of European competition), midfielders with too many touches… Ozil passes are passes that talent can handle and do things with. He doesn’t have that… Read more »


Actually we have only one Auba.

Public Elneny

“And he will have probably a hundred million followers on the social media side at that time, his marketing will be bigger by that time.”

That statement temporarily turned me into a reactionary old gammon


It feels like the club is taken hostage.
After Europa League crash and with limited contribution overall is saying loud and clear: “You will pay me”


Just look at that picture closely our youngsters checking out Ozil. Get him out before he spoils the next generation.


Well thats Mesut to MLS in 2021.


Yes please, can’t wait. Then the Milwaukee Kettlepoopers who have been moved there the year before from their previous location in Soda Springs, Idaho by their owner Colonel Sanders can pay his 350k a week and be happy about the (by then) billions of followers.


Hopefully this is just posturing.


It’s a power-play. Why else would he come out with these comments? highlighting his clients strong negotiating position, this summer and next? You wouldn’t need to be Einstein to realise the club probably wants Ozil off the books, sooner rather than later. He’s spelling out that his client isn’t going to be pushed out, on anyone else’s terms, but his own. That he’s happy to wait, doing just enough to ensure his cheques don’t bounce, and then take a lucrative Bosman in 15 months time. And because he’ll have 100 million followers, clubs in America and the Middle East won’t… Read more »

Brandon Weli

What happened to, “let’s get behind our team”
We forget what ozil has done for this club and what he did last night, his cross led to our goal, his courage to recover balls lost by Pepe etc kept us in the game only to be broken by the madness of xhaka passing a weak pass behind and Luiz dodging an olympiakos assist

Public Elneny

“let’s get behind our team”

*proceeds to throw Pepe, Xhaka and Luiz under the bus*

Brandon Weli

My point is, why do we skin ozil and leave out Pepe xhaka and Luiz who contributed more to our exit misery..
It’s our role as fans to support those who deserve credit and not single out those who don’t perform

Pete Strong

Emery dumped Ozil and should have kept him dumped. The little twat would have probably got fed up and left, but Arteta’s thrown him a lifeline and now we’re lumbered with him. If Ozil had any ambition he’d WANT to leave, the fact he doesn’t care tells you everything you need to know.


We all knew this was likely to be the case unless he gets a ridiculous offer, but this is tin-eared stuffed!


I think that with most Arsenal fans we are just hoping deep down that Ozil can rediscover the form he had at Real Madrid, there was so much hype when he came here and most fans couldn’t believe Arsenal had pulled off such a massive deal. He had a good first season but slowly went down hill, we’ve been living in hope that he could turn things around but I think at this point we have to realize he is not the player he was and probably won’t be again. I for one always thought he would come good again… Read more »

Chipper 49

The timing of this statement from his agent is odd to say the least. It’s as if he’s trying to piss of Arsenal fans…

Chipper 49

‘Off’ not ‘of’. ?


That’s fine. He is a good enough asset to have around if we can afford him (which is a high price) BUT we need to recognise his limitations. Wenger knew he was a 60 minute at best player. We need to rotate and adjust accordingly. And its fine if he plays just 50-60 minutes so long as within that time frame he has max impact. Better that than 90 minutes with less or zero impact. Meanwhile, we need to start preparing for eventuality when he is gone. IMO we need to be looking at Ceballos in his position. Willock still… Read more »


SORTA-RELATED RANT One of my biggest pet peeves is judging players based on their transfer fee or wages. Giroud was cheap but that doesn’t mean he was good enough to be our only striker for a while no matter how much we paid. It seems like a lot of people would be fine with ozil at the club if he were paid less even though how much he makes shouldn’t effect how much he deserves a starting 11 spot. Maybe you would all be less pissed when Ozil doesn’t really do much in a game or you’d be happier when… Read more »


“…..it was another game without a tangible contribution from Ozil…..”
Do you know anything about football? Does a player have to run through loads of defenders and smash it into the top corner from 40 yards for you notice he’s played well? Are you so incapable of appreciating performances that require some slightly high observational skills in order to judge?
He certainly had a game last night of a higher standard than that of the articles you write.


Haha! Credit to you Luther you are trying almost single handed to convince all that ozil had a great game last night. I assume you like players who slow the play down, take lots of touches, run with the ball towards 3 defenders who then stops turns round and passes backwards


Actually, I don’t think he had a great game last night – for at least the first hour, he had a mare. But he still had moments of brilliance where he could have won us the tie, if Lacazette and some others had their shooting boots on. To call it “another game without a tangible contribution from Ozil” is a really stupid statement that shows a very basic understanding of football.


The debate around Özil is quite typical of our times. He’s clearly not the influence he was and he can’t be blamed for taking a huge payday contract. Özil was never going to offer defensive stability and aggressive running. He’s a classic number ten and he’ll continue to offer the team this role where he seeks pockets of space and line breaking passes. He doesn’t influence games like he did but I’m glad of the form, trophies and good football he brought. He’s not my favourite, but he’s not a pariah either. Please some nuance and acceptance that he was… Read more »

Gunner Is the name of my dog

Wouldn’t be surprised if he stay to the end of his contract. He’s got the club by the balls!! He didn’t come out of
first gear last night. Dennis bergkamp would but him to shame. All these players think about is money money
money. It’s no surprise are revenues are so bad. Players can’t even lift
there heads up to pass to one
another. And the kronks just sit and
do nothing. Couldn’t write it!!!!


Team player. Bleed the team to the very end because after this it is retirement. The most overpaid and overrated player Arsenal has ever had. If Sanchez had gotten 500k a week and did like Ozil is doing right now i would not have felt as bad due to the effort, the wins and happiness he has brought to my heart and others. Santi on that wage and i am positive most people would not feel bad about it just because these guys wear the badge on their hearts. They do not need you to build a team around them,… Read more »


He’s joking. If a good offer come in for him and arsenal accept he must go!


This guy is super disgusting, his agent. And talking about marketing and followers, shows what Ozil has become – not a player anymore, for many years but a brand. And we are paying this asshole super money which he is not and will never repay.


Sucking the life out of this club


“That will not have been in the control of the player” – what, these comments and their timing, or the outcome of the game?


Overall he’s not been great value for that contract with a mixture of bad management and a lack of motivation. However, who wouldn’t pick up that salary and it has been a good lesson for the club to hopefully learn.


Ozil has obviously declined in output and not producing the numbers he used. I don’t blame him for having a big contract but rather the club and the past regime for offering him that. Was he great against olympiakos? No and was bad I don’t think so either. His performances have definitely improved under arteta and his role has clearly changed with more input in the buildup to the goal rather being on the end of things. The reason Arteta plays him is he still has the quality in that final third over other players in our sqaud e.g. willock… Read more »

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