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Ceballos opens up on injury, Emery, Arteta and January departure rumours

Dani Ceballos says that his enthusiasm and desire to play led to the hamstring injury that has seen him more or less sidelined since November of last year.

The midfielder has just one brief substitute appearance under Mikel Arteta having featured regularly under Unai Emery, and he says he’s learned a lesson from how often he played.

In a wide-ranging interview with Marca, he says, “It was … due to an excess of matches.

“I had 17 games in two months, I was the only player who had played all those games. At that time I spoke with Unai [Emery] and told him that in all competitions, as long as I could and my body allowed it, I wanted to play it all. 

“Sometimes you have to learn from mistakes. It cost me an injury, but you learn a lot.”

The departure of Emery was a blow for Ceballos who spoke highly of the former coach, saying he chose Arsenal over Liverpool during the summer because his countryman had convinced him he could play a big role for the Gunners.

He now has to convince Mikel Arteta he’s worthy of a place in the team, and after the new manager’s comments about his fitness, he sounds determined to do that and enthused by working with him.

“Mikel is going to be a great coach,” he said. “He has learned from Pep, he has a game philosophy that I think fits perfectly in what he asks for his team. 

“Yes, it is true that he has arrived in a difficult situation for the club but mentally he is the coach that I think is what Arsenal need right now.

“Since I came back I have been working with him just two weeks and now is when I have to show him that I am fit to play in Arsenal. After the break I will be important.”

Let’s hope so, and he also touched on stories about his potential departure in January, suggesting he wanted to show character by forging his way back into the Arsenal side.

“You have to return that trust through work and to reverse the situation,” he said.

“If I achieve it, it will have more value, the fact of returning from an injury and helping the team to achieve its objectives will leave a better feeling than if I had made the cowardly decision to leave.

“Arsenal bet on me and I can’t let them down. The fans have a song dedicated to me, there are only three or four players on the team who have their song and have been there for many years. 

“I feel very happy, every time I play in the Emirates, or go out to warm up … the fans are always supporting me.”

Let’s hope he can play a part between now and May as we look to start winning games again.

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It’s good he’s now cleared the air. I really hope he can get a run of games and kick on – we’re deprived of creativity currently.


Agreed. I think that number 8/number 10 hybrid is going to be a focus for our summer business but I’m looking forward to seeing Willock and Ceballos audition for it for the next few months.

Tristian Beale

We’re in desperate need of some creative talent.


Sounds good, he has experience now of the PL and if recovered hopefully can make a difference.

We need his creativity and energy.


I’m surprised to know that he played much games. 17 wow. This guy used to be a through ball specialist though and I haven’t seen any of that since he came to Arsenal.

The Arsenal

I like him but the debut game against Burnley I believe is the only game I can remember him being really productive.


He was really good in that game. Suggests he can do it again.

Artetas Assistant

He’s the most Kelvin De Bruyne-y raw material guy. Still playing like a mustang, needs to be broken into an organized system


It could have been an intentional joke that went over my head, but like that you typo’d the typo.


Is Kevlin de Bruyne, Kelvin de Bruyne’s not quite as good brother who’s the not quite as good brother of Kevin de Bruyne?

How many brothers are there?


Kelvin is great he’s just a bit hot headed

A Different George



Well, let’s see- There’s Klevin and Kliven, Kvelin, and don’t forget Knevil. Oh, and Brian.


Ah yes, “Evil” Knevil. Who could forget him?


And then you misspell what he wrote, blogs. Karma at best 🙂


Personally I prefer Kevlar de Bruyne, their much tougher but much less talked about cousin.

Scott P

Defenders just bounce off of him

Artetas Assistant

Shit ??‍♂️


I like him, signing him without an option was insane though, you didn’t need to be captain hindsight to realise he was unlikely to replace Rambo straight off the bat. If he had carried on all season like he did against Burnley? He’d have either gone back to Madrid, or we’d have priced ourselves out of a move. If he takes almost a season to settle, like most midfielders to in the PL? He’ll been leaving just as we were seeing the benefits of his bedding in period, and we could possibly see us educating him for another team. I… Read more »


I really like the look of him, but I’d be reluctant to play him now, unless we’re confident of signing him, because I think Willock definitely has a future, and we’re better off educating our own player, than educating a player for someone else.”

I don’t understand this personally. If Willock has a future and Ceballos (maybe) doesn’t, surely that’s even more reason to make the most out of Ceballos while we have him. If he’s better than Willock now he should play ahead of him (or alongside him) now.


Willock is 20, we either educate Willock?who’ll hopefully continue to improve, and we’ll be the ones who see the benefit of our education, in the medium to longer term.

Whilst going through the usual growing pains, that you inevitably go through with young players.

Or we go through the teething stages of settling into the PL with Ceballos, and the potentially not benefit in the medium to longer term, because we’re essentially becoming a finishing school, or a shop window for Real Madrid.

Loaning Ceballos without an option to buy was stupid.


I think this is a false dilemma, no reason we can’t play both of them or rotate them. And of course we very well may sign Ceballos and sell Willock depending on a lot of factors.

The main thing for me is getting the best possible team out on the pitch now so we can win games now. We still have a change of CL through the EL and there’s the FA cup to play for. If that means playing Ceballos instead of Willock then so be it.


That is in fact why you loan players in the first place, to make the most out them while they’re there. Because the current season matter. And that’s also the reason why it wasn’t smart not to make the most out of Ramsey while we had him. Why even consider the concept of loaning players if you wouldn’t use the players you have in departure? The current season matter just as well as the next one.


Is it already spring? Players are opening up like all the long awaited blossoms…

Gudang Bedil

I think he will be a good fit for a home game where we want to see more of the ball. Great retention of the ball and could be key to free up space for Ozil/Pepe to shine.


In the recent 7AMkickoff article on Ozil a recurring theme came up in the comments from both Ozil detractors and defenders; the lack of creativity and drive in the middle of the park.

In the absence of Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla, Rosicky and, when he was allowed to play there, Ox, we now have an engine room without an engine. And Ceballos is probably the best option we have to correct that. The sooner Arteta can get him (and maybe also Willock) in and the around the starting 11 the better.


We play Granit-Torreira for security. They have tightened up as a pair. BUT they are less adventurous by nature gambling forward. Guendouzi provides the most drive with better cover than Willock. BUt it will likely be at times at expense of defensive solidity. And this is an area we have continued to struggle finding a balance. BUT its not about Ozil or midfield alone. Ozil has been fine for 45-50 minutes output. Less so thereafter and our pressing becomes disjointed as his energy /commitment drops. He is however not the only one. Pepe has been poor too. And further up… Read more »


I still want him to stay.

Cliff Bastin

I just want to say that the clip on today’s blog showing Henry handing the ball to Kirkland is just beautiful.


Glad he noticed the chant,but surely he must know there are more than 3,4 players who the fans sing about.

Bai Blagoi

“If I achieve it, it will have more value, the fact of returning from an injury and helping the team to achieve its objectives will leave a better feeling than if I had made the cowardly decision to leave.

This is true, but shouldn’t you come to that conclusion before starting the drama yourself?


This is player talk are you surprised?

They will all look after their self interest above all.

And we are staring at zero CL for the fourth season running.

If there is a more attractive proposal in the summer, of course he’s off.

He doesn’t owe us anything.


He’s useful if we can find a way to maximise the strengths in his game. To me, he is far better higher up for us in Ozil’s position or if we do attempt an inverted triangle in midfield with granit or Torreira at the base (not ideal) then Guendouzi and him on either side high energy and pressing high. Ozil as mentioned IMO (and Wenger’s) a 50-60 minute player. There’s no shame in that and he should be reminded its output and effectiveness during the time you are on that is most important, not duration. BUT an alternate should be… Read more »


I don’t see Ceballos in the deeper midfield role (except when push comes to shove)

Actually much prefer Willock there (He’s quite the physical player) after of course Granit, Torreira and Guendouzi for the two deep end roles.


Midfield for this season …





It’s a bit surprising that people think he can play in 10 position and possibly bebetter than Ozil. He is not bad but you have to be realistic about him. He played pretty regularly under Emery until his injury and other than the infamous Burnley game he was quite average. In fact he kept getting worse and worse as he kept on playing. Granted the whole team under Emery got worse. I don’t mind Arteta trying him again in either 10 or 8 for a few matches but I don’t expect something out of the ordinary. I mean I would… Read more »

Dave cee

We really need to get some midfield quality in the summer window, our current options are so limited. If there is a Vieira type player out there we should break the bank to get him, maybe that Soumare guy Newcastle tried to sign last month

Naija Gunner

Love that “as we look to start winning games again.”

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