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Report: Arsenal 1 – 0 West Ham (incl. goals)

Result: Arsenal 1 – 0 West Ham
Competition: Premier League
Date: 7 March 2020
Venue: Emirates Stadium

Arsenal: Leno, Sokratis, Luiz, Mari, Saka, Xhaka, Ceballos, Ozil, Pepe, Nketiah, Aubameyang

Subs: Martinez, Bellerin, Guendouzi, Willock, Nelson, Martinelli, Lacazette

Arsenal won at home against West Ham 1-0 despite conceding numerous chances and struggling to create opportunities of their own. Substitute Lacazette scored from a tap-in on the 77th minute but not before a lengthy VAR examination to rule out an initial wrongful decision for offside.

The win put Arsenal one step closer towards a European place but the Gunners would need to put in much better performances through the rest of the season to attain their goal.


The defence was left unchanged from the FA Cup win over Portsmouth which meant that Pablo Mari started his first Premier League match while Sokratis retained his place at right back. The midfield and forward lines, however, were heavily rotated with only Nketiah keeping his spot in the line-up.

First Half

Arsenal’s central players’ technical ability on the ball looked excellent on paper and it was with this confidence that they decided to casually pass from defence to midfield upon kick off.

So assured they were in their talents that there was a hint of over-confidence and it was proven when Xhaka switched off to give the ball away after 90 seconds to Bowen whose shot against the upright sounded a warning to the team. They had to add some urgency to their play.

Arsenal continued to control possession with little penetration and it was West Ham who had the next big chance. The Gunners were caught high up and Mari mistimed his tackle. West Ham put the pacey Antonio through in a 2 v 1 situation against Luiz but the winger’s cut back went behind Haller and Luiz. Arsenal were let off easy for their mistake.

Arsenal responded a minute later with a shot by Ozil in the box which was cleared by Cresswell, created from a well taken cross from the left hand side.

Leno had to be quick off his line just minutes later when Nketiah was dispossessed in the centre circle, catching the defence off guard and had Haller running through on goal. The German keeper’s timing was impeccable in snuffing out the danger before the French striker could put the ball into the net.

In a game where chances continue to flow, it was Sokratis’ turn next to force a goal. An Arsenal corner was not cleared and Aubameyang calmly chipped the ball into the penalty spot area for the Greek defender to crash his powerful header against the bar.

The first half ended 0-0 and Arsenal’s lack of speed in attack and lack of penetration through the middle really showed. Ozil constantly floated to the right wing to combine with Pepe due to Sokratis’ conservative position and there was hardly any combination play through the middle.

A change of tactics definitely should clearly be on Arteta’s agenda for the latter half.

Second Half

My talents as a clairvoyant were clearly in question as there was hardly any tactical changes at the start of the half but the players definitely played with more energy and urgency in possession – even resorting to the occasional long pass to catch West Ham off guard.

That very energy was embodied by Saka who took on at least two defenders on a mazy run and set up Nketiah for goal. Unfortunately, ex-Gunner Fabianski was quick off his line to block Nketiah’s shot away from goal.

West Ham was not to be deterred. Cresswell’s cross should have been blocked but he managed to find Haller who flicked on for an unguarded Antonio. The winger’s header was on target but was thwarted by Leno’s strong palm.

Despite a positive 15 minutes by Nketiah where he was on the end of a couple of half chances, Arteta decided to rely on experience as the youngster made way for Lacazette. The substitution didn’t have the desired effect as Arsenal still couldn’t keep possession nor create more chances which led to Arteta taking off Pepe for Nelson 10 minutes later.

Arsenal finally made the breakthrough on the 77th minute but not before VAR took ages to assess a possible offside despite it looking obvious that the players were onside. Aubameyang attempted a shot from the outside of the box but it was deflected onto the path of Ozil who was a mere few centimetres behind the last line of West Ham’s defence. The playmaker shifted the ball sideways with a deft header and Lacazette had the easy job of tapping in to an open goal. 1-0 Arsenal.

The drama wasn’t over as Arsenal conspired to give fans a heart attack. Saka got drawn into midfield and exposed his side to a free run by Ngakia. The West Ham player’s dangerous low cross almost reached Haller’s feet if not for David Luiz’s quick wits to cover the striker.

The game continued to be open but Arsenal managed to see out the match to keep the result intact at 1-0. It wasn’t a well-deserved win considering how ponderous we were defensively and in possession but a much needed three points was welcome as this game proved that Arteta has some ways to go to get Arsenal back as a top 4 team.

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It wasn’t the perfect performance, but it was the perfect result. Not convincing, but we got exactly what we needed. Leno safely MOTM for me.


Leno’s point-blank saves are actually glorious to watch

Public Elneny

He actually makes them look easy

Right Across Sunderland!

So true.

After the one where he stuck his arm up to block a point blank effort, I saw a replay and thought ‘Oh, it was just an easy save’.

It wasn’t (once I’d thought about it). He stood big and his reflexes were bob on. Most keepers would’ve commited too early (panicked and guessed in other words)or just not moved at all.


ARTETA for his sake needs to understand very quickly that MARTINELLI is superior to Nketiah and shoukd always start ahead of Nketiah at the moment. I think going forward Auba should never be moved out of the middle with Martinelli on the left and Pepe on the right or vice versa unless for rotation purposes shoukd these guy be moved. Maybe Nelson comes in for Pepe Lacazette for Auba. But I think MARTINELLI has done enough to seal his starting spot on the left ahead of anyone. He’s like the replacement for iwobi. Now we see why Wenger never plays… Read more »

Ray Parlour's ice cream van

So, please elaborate on your qualifications to make such insightful statements – Uefa Pro License? or a 6 pack of Carlsberg?


and what are yours, exactly? we are all here to discuss football mate.


Carlsberg is sht

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But Ice Cream is lovely. I’ll go with the van man.


This wasn’t a game of football. This was a game of tennis with kicking the balls. And Martin Akinson, I swear he’s a drama queen. Playing to the tune of maximum drama! Glad we held on and 3 points in the bag!


The fact that we get Mike Dean and Martin Atkinson every other week should be a major worry.

And our players should protest more like other teams do. There just seem to be a lack of interest in protesting decisions even when they blatantly go against us. They should pressure the refs a bit more.


That WH ape who wrestled Lacazette to the ground in the box. Ref was right there to see it, nothing given. VAR check and STILL nothing given.

Utter bullshit!


VAR checked when Laca jumped for the ball, which had nothing to do with Ogbonna wrestling Laca. Bollocks. It’s like the VAR referee was just conducting a formality with no intentions of seeing a just decision. F**k the same guy for taking 3 minutes to give a good goal. Blind muppet.


Using the word Ape in reference to a black person is VERY insensitive 


Didn’t even notice he was black and I use it about anyone who plays like that. Not that it’ll matter because the PC brigade have spotted something to attack so they can feel good about themselves now.


would’ve given you the benefit of the doubt until you came out and used the term “the PC brigade” which is exclusively used by bigots in my experience.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The phrase “used the term “the PC brigade” which is exclusively used by bigots in my experience.” is usually used by people who have merely found some new kind of person to attack and feel superior to, in my experience.


Calm down. All he said was “it’s insensitive to use the word ape in reference to a black person”.

He didn’t attack you. He didn’t call you a name. It’s a gentle reminder.


I’m pretty sure you didn’t mean it in anything by it, but you can’t refer to a black person as an ape – even if it is inadvertent.

Instead of hitting out at the ‘PC brigade’, maybe just acknowledge this is a term that shouldn’t be used in that context.


Can you refer to a white person as an ape?


You can refer to anyone as an ape if that’s how they behave. Stoke and many of their fans being an obvious example. Recently replaced by Burnley of course. That Bolton fella who injured Torreira as well as a good section of his fans who cheered the injury on also displayed clear ape behaviour.


“You can refer to anyone as an ape if that’s how they behave.”

No, you can’t. You might think you’re referencing their behaviour but it has connotations with skin colour that are unacceptable.

I’m not saying that’s your fault or anything. It’s the fault of racists, but don’t be blind to the impact of the words you choose to use.

Public Elneny


In fact it’s encouraged

Pete Plum

Usually a white person won’t be nearly so hurt by it as there isn’t the same history begind it. Thats one of the reasons why racists enjoy using the word against black people. Its still offensive to be called an ape if you’re white but its not rhe same.


Out of interest, does insulting me for being white and accusing me of using my mixed race partner as a prop qualifiy as beyond the pale here or is that OK? Because that’s what one of the moral crusaders whose stuck his oar in here said to me last year.

Public Elneny

Beyond the pale indeed…

Maul Person

Instead of deflecting with whataboutisms, why not just deal with what you actually did say…?


I’ve made my points very clear. Not my problem that they don’t chime with your prejudices.


Lac is back!! Only striker with holdup play.


The pass into Ozil was top shelf too, the kind you’d expect Ozil to be making…


Which he was making all afternoon which no one took advantage of.

Bless gunner

Stop being delusional about ozil time for many arsenal fans to support the team and not support favorite players u can criticize them without being malicious

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Ozil got an assist. Lacazette got another goal. The combination of the two has been a long time in coming and is good for team morale. I would think all Gooners would be happy for the both of them and not need to turn the celebration into a reason to bicker over who is the “best” supporter.

There’s no reason to try to wipe the happy smile off of anybody’s face today.


This was a game of student against teacher. And the student won!


I’m not sure I ubderstand the thumbs down. I believe the poster was referencing the fact that Arteta used to play for Everton under Moyes.


Indeed. For the most part of the match the cameras was highlighting Arteta vs Moyes. Arteta played under Moyes between 2005 to 2011. Now he’s competing directly against him, and triumphed ?


Damn! That was so nerve-wracking I ended up getting a headache!

But absolutely vital 3 points. If we can just find a way to nick a point from City on Wednesday, then the table will start looking interesting.

Sidenote: Our midfield needs MAJOR surgery this summer.

Bless gunner

My curiosity is if arteta told celbalos to only look for a backward pass

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Ceballos was part of the winning team and played the whole game. We won. He won. I see no problem here. It’s a happy day and a third league win in a row. Enjoy 🙂


Obviously VAR has issues but keep in mind we’d have drawn that game without it. Found it bizarre blogs calling it absolute bollocks after it saved the day for us today.


We would be at least 4 points better off if those knobheads knew how to use it. Callum Chambers anyone?

Olivije Žirod

The only issue here was that they did everything to not give us a goal.


I dont think the idea of VAR is a bad one, on paper at least. But, the Prem ruins any notion of that idea being fruitful through unnecessary long delays on calls that should obviously be reversed (as you saw today), and the general fear of reversing a call. It’s almost as if they are afraid it will be an ego hit to the referee instead of actually getting the call right. There has to be pressure on the VAR official as well, being a fellow referee himself. There’s a human element there where I’m sure he doesn’t want to… Read more »


Spot on


The issue is the way it is used. If you just gave each captain one appeal per half, and the ref just watched it on a pitch side monitor, the controversy would disappear.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We’d need more than one appeal considering some of the troglodytes that play against us. A team like Sp*rs is quite capable of “scoring” three goals in a game all of which included a dirty foul or a sneaky handball.


i really liked this idea too, similar to cricket. and if you are successful in your appeal, you keep it. captains or managers could appeal but the tricky bit is how will they know to appeal as they have a v limited perspective. it works in cricket and tennis as it is stop start and the players have time to confer or think about it, without interrupting the game to appeal. still, there are ways around that. i think it would be a big improvement.


If we play like that against Man City mid-week we’re gonna get slaughtered.


Even if we bring our A game of this season to city we are going to get slaughthered. We being that poor.


I have more hope that we’ll have a plausible game plan vs Citeh with Arteta than w Freddie, Unai or Wenger. Let’s see whether it can be enough. I’m not optimistic, but I have a little hope which has been absent for 10 years.


I assume people down vote this out of sentiment. With pretty much a full squad West Ham outplayed us for most of the game. One shot on target against a bottom 4 team, our usual horseshoe attack, Xhaka playing like he’s got weights in his boots, ozil just looking like he wishes he was elsewhere. I do realise I am lucky to have my season ticket, but is just so depressing these days. Lile the bad old days at the end of the Graham era.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So you forgot your rose-tinted glasses again when you went to the match, eh?

Bless gunner

Even if arsenal play a little better than today against man city they we still get slaughtered


A nice win, but fuck me we were dreadful. I know we used to paper over cracks with wins like this under previous management, which is why we’ve ended up where we are, so I’ll say this:

I thought we would have been far better in attack under Mikel, but so far, we’ve only seen glimpses. We seem to play in slow motion, and we absolutely 100% need pace and power in midfield because we have literal snails there. Playing players out of position definitely doesn’t help our attack either.


I’m a little disappointed, too, that the attack hasn’t clicked yet, but it will. Arteta solved our defensive crisis, he solved the player morale problem, he has given the fans hope again, and he will return us to playing productive attacking football soon.


the attack hasn’t really improved, you’re right. but the defense has massively improved, as have results and morale. i’m no manager but presumably improving the defensive shape (and back tracking by the likes of auba and ozil) comes at a cost to the attack. i don’t mind 1-0 to the arsenal for a little while

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Excited for the win but Jesus we need some players in next year if we really want to challenge for the top 4…


Watching Arsenal is not good for my hypothetical blood pressure.

I like Pepe,but my God, he’s the most one footed left footed player I have ever seen. And his left isn’t even particularly effective.

The only positive about Sokratis playing RB is the added threat and protection in setpieces.


Public Elneny

I think it might be best to sell and replace Pepe this Summer. He might come good, but it’s a big risk and my gut feeling is that his game doesn’t suit the league He’s done enough this year that he won’t have lost too much value from his original fee. But one more season like this and we’ll find it hard to sell and replace. It could develop into a bit of a Mustafi situation We need to learn to fail quickly, rather than making 100% sure that a signing/managerial appointment was a mistake before attempting to rectify it.… Read more »


Hahahaha right sell Pepe! Or Salah or De Bruyne or any other young attacker who doesn’t light it up in his first Premier League season.

Some of you are actually mad


Ok. I hope he does come good, because he would be so dangerous if he did. I’m just not going too much


Fair, you’re not mad mate, but Pepe has all the tools. What he needs is time and confidence

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’m not a great tactician and make no claim to really understand tactics. However…. I like Pepe’s enthusiasm and think we should keep him because he works hard and has very useful skills, but I also think it would be good for Arteta and co to try to teach him how to make a proper run to the goal line and put in a cross occasionally to add a bit more variety in his playing style. Currently he seems to me to either cut in-field when he sees a decent gap, or if space is too tight he tries to… Read more »


i think it’s a lot to do with his one-footedness. he will develop a better understanding with ozil as time goes by and that could be killer


Mad is mercy. They are fucking stupid. It’s easy to see how Pepe can be coached into being more productive. Never mind that we’ve needed a direct winger like him in ages.

Public Elneny

How many Salah/De Bruyne cases are there though, really? Compared to the number of times a high value player ends up on the bench for 2 or 3 seasons and loses all their value (disaster) or gets sold for a decent fee and the selling club don’t regret it (no disaster)? Again not saying he won’t come good. But if I were to bet, looking at his game, physicality, and self-belief – my gut says their won’t be much improvement There are other players. The £50-£60m we could get for selling Pepe could bring in one with a higher chance… Read more »


So… who would you buy with the 50-60m we get from selling Pepe?

Public Elneny

Samu Chukwueze or Ismaela Sarr. Both are talented ball carrying wingers players who carry a goal threat. They have more natural aggression/urgency and sturdier balance than Pepe (lower centre of gravity in Chukwueze’s case and physically stronger in Sarr’s), which would help them display their flair and creativity in the PL. Both are still quite inconsistent but young and very coachable.

Sarr is also a bit of an Arsenal hero already and has the advantage of a season’s adaption to the PL

We would also likely get significant change from that £50-60m


Yeah I like both Sarr and Chukwueze especially is sensational, but Pepe is statistically doing very well considering he hasn’t acclimatized yet. I wouldn’t give him up for either of them.


As Pepe was our most dangerous player that is an odd comment. We haven’t seen the best of him yet but like some players it can take time. It took Pires a whole season before we saw the best of him


What are you on about?

Public Elneny

You can disagree with me but I was pretty clear in the points I made

Why not try to give reasons why you disagree with my post next time?


Happy that we got 3 points and reached the magical 40 point mark. What a relief it really is!

We’re staying up!! We’re staying up!!!


when Sokratis is at right back we’re disadvantaged in attack because he doesn’t overlap, and that’s obviously an instruction but it meant it was more difficult on the right hand side. To get the result regardless is massive

Best of John Lukic

Is that the first time ever VAR goes in our favour? Might have been (at least from an attacking point of view). Great to get the result, though I’m not sure we’ll get one on Wednesday unless we step up significantly. Fingers crossed.


No, we had the same at OT when a perfectly good goal was given offside and overruled by VAR


Would be interesting to see how many bad decisions would go against us without VAR. Would also show the bias PGMOL has against us.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Without VAR you’d never know it was a bad decision in cases like this one. You’d only see a slo-mo rerun of it, and you wouldn’t get the benefit of the 3D software that is used to determine which tiny, tiny piece of person was offside or playing someone onside 🙂

Teryima Adi

The Man City are men not spirits.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But sadly they seem to have spirit when they play. Perhaps they get it from a bottle.

Public Elneny

I was so mad with Ozil, but then he got the assist so fair play

Mari was very dodgy 1st half but excellent in the 2nd

Nketiah was pretty poor, but Lacazette looked far brighter than of late after coming on. Hopefully being dropped is the trigger he needs to regain his hunger

Leno MOTM, which is never a good thing. We can’t afford many performances like this and qualify for the CL


Eddie on his heels a few times for through balls and struggled against giant defenders.


Why were you mad with Ozil. He worked hard today and continually created which was not taken advantage of. I suppose he will be made a scapegoat as usual

Public Elneny

He worked hard in the sense that he ran around a fair bit, at a steady long-distance jog, with no real sense of purpose. His passing was worse than usual, and he was poor in several key attacking moments – especially when he took a great chance off Nketiah to have a tame shot of his own early in the 1st half. His dangerous free kick giveaway against Noble in the 2nd half was dreadful play.

Is there a word for a scapegoatee who actually deserves a large chunk of blame? Because that’s what Ozil is now


nah you must’ve mistaken him for someone else. Özil was our best attacking player today.

Public Elneny

We had no good attacking players today. Except for Lacazette, when he come on. And Saka, when he got forward. Nelson put a decent shift in too

ugh, I’ve been posting too much today, I will stop now

Bless gunner

You must have watched the match pretty drunk then


nope, stone cold sober, though the display would’ve warranted several pints. Özil was the only midfielder who really at least tried to create anything and linked up play in the final third. Just a shame there wasnt enough runs made by the attackers.

Saka did well too when he got forward, but I was referring to our nominal attacking players, not fullbacks.

Pepe did some fancy dribbling but once again without any final ball, he really needs to work on that but I’m sure he’ll come good with some guidance.


Yes, me too i regret UE when he was putting Özil outside of the gorup! F** Arteta, what a loser!

Public Elneny

OH FFS! You do realise you can think a manager is poor overall but still agree with some of their decisions, and vice versa, right?!

Bless gunner

So by he worked hard today you mean he ran close to the player with the ball and failed to put in a single tackle

Venga Bus

Give Saka a rest…….he’s 18 and knackered.
im afraid heel lose his confidence or get injured or some Arsenal fucking affliction.
i know we don’t have another left full at the moment, ( he isn’t one either by the way), but the way he didn’t spot his runner in the second half is not because he’s a poor player, anything but. It’s because he’s 18 and overplayed.
christ protect the future please!!!

Public Elneny

Totally agreed. He’s been phenomenal, but Tierney can’t come back quickly enough, just to protect him more than anything. They can then rotate til the end of the season


No need to rotate as Saka is not a natural full back. Why not play them together?


A win is a win but my god we are pony.


It was ugly stuff but that’s an after thought. We did just enough to take the 3 points and we’re now only 5 points off 4th with 30 to play for. That said if we play like that at Citehs place we’re going to get bumped back to a negative goal difference.


Pablo Mari was interesting to watch! People talked a lot of rubbish about agents and little black books but he’s a player. Relishes the physical battles, has a sweeeet left peg, and formed a good barrier with Luiz, who really laid his body on the line out there.

Not a great game but our two CBs just about held it together so one goal was all we needed. Points over performances right now, onto the next one…


That is three points. Hopefully with a better proformance next time.

Up North

God knows how we’re going to get somethingfrom the Ethiad om Wednesday,with this play we’re a lamb to the slaughter. We need proper full backs and the midfield needs an absolite overhaul. WH was bad in finishing, City will not be. I’m already scared


Firstly… Those people who doesn’t want ceballos permanently… I ask.. wat else do u expect from a midfielder playing deep… Score goals from there or dribble his way to goal. I don’t think there is something else someone needs to do… Tackles interception.. passes… Nd can somebody please explain to me…wat does xhaka actually does in this team. Wat does he contribute offensively.. Or defensively.. that guendozi can’t.. guendozi can drive…pick a pass keep possession.. ceballos is playing deepest nd he’s still finding more attacking passes than xhaka.. Secondly I prefer Auba on the bench than on the wings… He’s… Read more »


you’re not wrong about Martinelli and Eddie.


VAR ref was absolutely determined to find Ozil’s fingernails offside. I can tell Arteta likes Auba on the left with Saka supporting, but honestly, when we need to change a game, it’s so infuriating to see Martinelli sitting on the bench. Auba can lead the line just fine. This kid grew up scrapping in the South American lower leagues, he revels in this kind of game. I just hope we can hang onto him. It must be so frustrating to have this kind of breakout season and then be continually left sitting on the bench watching us struggle to create… Read more »


I don’t get it either.

Man Manny

That was nerve wracking.
A welcome 3 points all things considered.
Arteta’s Arsenal is not easy on the eye yet (I believe that will come after some windows), but they are solid.
Top 4 is becoming more realistic.


Ozil missing again. Xhaka again with the cheap giveaways when he’s the last of the midfielders. Cabellos trying but can’t run the midfield on his own. Never seen a £70mil player missing a foot but that’s the only explanation for pepe’s refusal to go to the line and whip a cross in.
Arteta has got to put guendozi in the line up against citeh – I’ll let you decide who arteta needs to drop out of those three I’ve highlighted. At least bellerin is back to add some potency to that right flank


Why nothing about Auba who did nothing but losing balls today?

Benjamin Udom

At least he went home with his balls intact!


Because auba has carried this team for the last two seasons. One of the best strikers in Europe playing out of position, keeps his head down and works his arse off with positive attitude.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Ozil missing again? You shouldn’t have switched off the telly so soon. After you stopped watching we actually won the game. Ozil provided the assist for the one and only winning goal with a very good header after getting into a very good position, by being very good at judging where to be to avoid being offside by a micron. Lacazette scored it with a simple tap-in, by the way. 🙂  “Ozil is missing” was September to January. Then everybody changed to “Ozil never scores or assists”, but now they’ve changed to “He’s not much good at tackling”. Do try… Read more »


Dani Ceballos MOTM for me. Getting used to Leno’s strong play. But Dani is a player with such potential…just hope there is a chance for a permanent transfer.


Dani saw a lot of the ball but he was the reason our attack was slow. He was holding on to the ball a lot and when its time to pass he passes backwards. Yes he looks lively but he is not helping us going forward. Too any back passes and ignoring runs from the players ahead of him.


this this THIS, Ceballos was so frustrating today, made me scream at my tv screen several times. for a supposedly creative midfielder very uncreative today.


What I see every game is a lack of urgency. Does this team not possess any or is this Arteta’s instructions? Because it’s not good and we’ll not get results against the teams above us. We’re so slow in yhe centre of the park, we desperately need someone like Doucoure or maybe Partey. But if funds are an issue, we’ll be stuck with a slow, unathletic Xhaka, a talented, but reckless Guendouzi a small, limited but tenacious Torreira and a Willock who is at this point still undefined positionally. Not inspiring.


Really hoping to see Cedric soon. I seem to be in the minority that I rated him at Soton, but I think he’s an attacking threat that can challenge Hector for the starting role, though to be fair, I was hoping to see AMN push through in training and start at RB today. On an unrelated note: Blogs, Neil Diamond is a good god-damn American treasure, and Sweet Caroline nothing less than a masterpiece. Lest it be inferred, I am not joking. Though I’m a lifelong Yankees fan, I’ve always been envious of the Red Sox when they play Sweet… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It’s OK folks, I think he’s talking about music 🙂

I think we should be playing ACDC’s “For Those About To Rock…. We Salute You” before home games, with some of those stage show cannons the band use in their live shows at appropriate moments in the song. It’s perfect for us.

How can we be the Gunners and not fire a few cannons before the game?

Much better than soppy songs about not walking around on your own, or bloody bubbles.

Guns Up

Was I the only one watching on TV to whom it seemed as though the VAR was trying to manufacture some optical illusion to give the offsides call?? Three fortunate points in the bag, and on we go.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Nah, he was just upset it came out as onside and was trying to see if he could make Ozil’s boot look a little bit longer the second time around. How frustrated was he when he had to say “onside”?

Paul Roberts

I saw the first half and then my stream went. I tried to get it back but stopped bothering as I was so pissed off with our slow play. It was actually boring to watch. But I just saw the goal on here and what a great assist and a perfect take from Lacca! COYG! 🙂


I don’t get the blame on pepe… Our midfield is dead… bcos we have 1 nd half midfielders.. ceballos is 1 ozil does half in the midfield… He prefers to stay on the right nd cause a traffic instead of coming to play with ceballos… The other one is best a left back.. I don’t see any midfield attributes.. We re playing with two left back at the moment.. Back to pepe.. He always stays out wide to give us an option forward… Always with two or more opposition surrounding him… How does he score.. . If u want pepe… Read more »


I think this was our worst performance since Arteta took over. But, still we got the job done. Hopefully, he sorts it out before City. We should at least make that match competetive.

Right Across Sunderland!

Not pretty but 3 points and happy days. However, I’m a bit concerned that Martinelli is seemingly being ignored a bit. We just look livelier when he’s on the pitch. He makes things happen and gets the fans noisy (in a good way) which lifts everyone else in the team. I get not wanting to burn him out, but he’s not played enough for that to happen. And we certainly don’t want to piss him off (he seems level headed to be fair, but I think he’d only take being ignored for so long). On a more positive note, Mari,… Read more »

Paul Roberts

Dear Gooners please give Burnley FC your most positive vibes for the next 90 minutes. Thank you and they just scored at time of writing!!!! COYB!


They are doing well for the first 40 mins

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Truly depressing game. I’d have been OK with being a point behind Burnley but a point behind the cocks-on-balls is really irritating. I hate it even more because they joined forces with Moaninho to form the Axis of Arseholes.


We were poor in defence and attack today.3 very lucky points indeed. Mari looked scared first half. I would feel more comfortable with Mustafi against City.

A tetra

Hey! Still, Arsenal are one of just two teams in Europe’s top five leagues to be unbeaten in 2020!
Probably not after Wednesday but let’s celebrate that tonight!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…and we’re still the ONLY Invincibles.
…and we’ve won more FA Cups than anybody else.
…and we’re much nicer than all those other teams.

Steve Morpurgo

It’s worrying when your keeper is man of the match….but saying that, it’s about winning, especially when your not playing at your best..

Tony Hall

All that matters is another win and clean sheet and 3 points from 5th place!

The Arsenal

Arteta continues to get results despite us having one of the worst midfields not just in the top six but the league.

Chris Burton

We are the form team in the league now. Hard to believe!


Should someone check on var ref Kevin Friend. He must be shattered he couldn’t find a way to not award us that goal.


I’m happy with the result bc at the end of the day its the 3 points that matter, not the manner of the victory. Very scrappy affair with us controlling the ball (and winning it back well) for big swaths of the match (69% possession) but they had double our shots and we were lucky they were poor finishers (Plus Leno with a couple of fine saves to keep us in it) Ceballos MOTM for me. We need to keep this fellow. BUT Lacazette illustrates yet again this ill found and persistent fallacy everytime some young player comes on that… Read more »

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