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Arteta on summer transfer plans, quick deals, and the FA Cup

Mikel Arteta has been quite open about what he expects from the club this summer, and the need to make improvements in the transfer market.

Nevertheless, it’s a complicated situation because of the Coronavirus, and the impact it will have on finances across all clubs, thus leaving everyone involved unsure as to what exactly is going to happen, and how.

The Arsenal boss was quizzed about his summer plans, and the importance of the FA Cup to the club.

This is what he had to say.

On having more than one plan this summer…

There are many different aspects, obviously the financial one depending on where we finish [in the league], what happens in the future with a few players and also it depends on the transfer market.

We don’t know the type of transfer market that we’re going to find. It [Covid-19] is something unique, it never happened before and there are a lot of question marks around that. We cannot stick to something that maybe is not possible to do, so we have to be flexible and creative. We don’t want to react, instead we want a clear idea to identify areas and know what to do and how we’re going to do it.

On getting deals done quickly…

You ask any coach and everybody will tell you that they want them done on day one; the whole squad ready. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. Players are coming in or out or loans…we have to be flexible on that.

On whether his desired playing style will be affected if there’s no money to sign players…

We don’t know. We don’t know exactly what is going to happen, what we are or are not able to do to keep players or not keep. It will depend a lot on what we do on the pitch in the next three or four games. That’s in our hands, we have to maximise that. After that, we start to put all the question marks out as quick as possible to try to do what we want to do.

On the FA Cup, therefore, being all the more important…

Every game since I joined has been a final because it was crucial to climb up the table to give us the option that we have now to go into Europe through the Premier League and as well through the FA Cup.

On the FA Cup not being as relevant as it once was…

I think it is. A lot of clubs used to use this competition to give opportunities to young players or change their squad. Look at the semi-finals, look how much players are going to be rotated, look how much everybody wants to win a title, the big clubs know how difficult it is to win the Premier League, to win the Champions League; they need titles and they throw everything at this competition. Now it’s even more difficult to win it than before.

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I don’t know what to expect from our Team tomorrow. I’d like them to be competitive with Man City, we’ve been outplayed so many times over the last 3 years, just don’t want it to be over in the first 30 minutes.

SB Still

Unlike the last league match, at the beginning of the restart, with the rumoured issues with 3 players, this time I hope Arteta is able to implement his game plan.


I hope Nketiah will be back this game, maybe him, Auba and Pepe to start it off..

We will have to be at the top of our game, Emi has been good the last couple off games. But we’ll have to see about our defence. This might be our last chance to get a EL spot.


Eddie won’t be able to play against Man City it’s his last game of the suspension

Wiltoooooooooord !!!

He is still suspended right? 3 matches?

Wiltoooooooooord !!!

Although Laca has been good recently, but theres always a worry of fatigue .. and also not much bench strength


Eddie will be back for the Aston Villa game so Lacazette can go again, if he can, safe in knowledge that he can have a rest next week.
Pepe on the bench perhaps?


We just have to beat Man City. They’re a superior team obviously, but we need to be aggressive and press them up the pitch. We have the strikers to cause an upset if we play intensely from the off. If we can win the FA Cup it’ll be something to work with for next season.


I fear that Arteta could be forced out eventually because he is going against the status quo, he doesn’t seem to be a yes man like Emery and Wenger in his later years. He seems to be demanding towards the board and silent stan, this could be interesting. Please back him!

Johnny 4 Hats

Our perpetually declining status quo will get us relegated in four more seasons. We have a lot of culture and personality problems at the club at present and without a firm hand, we are going to keep slipping. No one is too big for it to happen. It took Leeds 16 years to get back.

Unless Stan wants to be the owner of a Championship team, he’ll know a good thing when he sees one and back Arteta.

Artetas Assistant

It’s the modus operandi in the high-functional dog-eat-dog systems the owners live in. You’ve gotta demand what you deserve, He’s performing great on all rounds, zero apathy


Look win the FA cup. Buy Upamecano, Havertz, Partey. Sell a bunch of deadweight. Win the Europa league and Premier league next year. You know not asking much lol


Let’s just buy Neymar too, we need somebody on the left.

The Unai Bomber

Saka is better than Neymar

Mentally Drained Gooner

That would be one heck of a transfer window


I can’t say I share the usual unbridled optimism of some people who believe Arteta knows what he is doing.

Jury is still out.

What we bring in this window will reflect on his clout but also his acumen as to what he needs to actually prosecute with effect the sort of football he wants from this team.

And then there is Sanlehi and company.

Withholding judgement for now but January was not exactly fantastic and we are still stuck around 9th (albeit hopefully with a HUG dose of luck a push up into 7th a slim chance)

Ordnance Dave

The reason we are 9th is because of Emery. We would be top 4 if the league started when Mikel was in charge.

Once a gunner

Is that what the stats says?

Sac, Lac & Crack

No, but it is better.

1. Liverpool – 41 points
2. Man City – 37 points
3. Man Utd – 37 points
4. Chelsea – 31 points
5. Arsenal – 30 points
6. Wolves – 29 points
7. Tottenham – 29 points


I am at Chi level 2 with him since Tifa’s lv 7

Santori's only fan

I’m definitely not walking this plank with you! Sorry Pal


I think we could manage a decent summer if we sell well or manage to exchange our players. I wouldn’t be happy to sell Laca, but an exchange for Partey seems like a win – win.

My nightmare is that we exchange Laca for Rabiot. That guy is such a spoiled diva ..


Can’t see us sell Guendouzi for disciplinary reasons and get Rabiot in.
But I also couldn’t see us extending Luiz‘ contract, so what do I know ??‍♂️

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

I will never wish for the exchange of Laca for Rabiot but I will definitevely sell Torreira and buy Rabiot. Anybody watched the solo goal Rabiot scored about 10 days ago. He crossed the entire field and bam into the top corner. I thought he was going to find Ronaldo and make a pass to him but no chance, he wanted to do it himself.


Rabiot is a spoilt diva on huge wags that his club are struggling to get rid of. We don’t need that sort of trouble near our team.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

You already have worse troubles with Ozil without the performance.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

In France, Benzema is a bad boy but what an asset he’s been for Real Madrid. People are now comparing his career over there to Henry at Arsenal. We is a great professional but was made a bad boy due to their identity politics problems.

North London is Redder

What allegedly sleeping with underage women and blackmailing a teammate?


lol Karim Benzema is an actual bad boy, and he’s quite proud of it

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

His friends blackmailed his teammate and he did not force them to stop immediately, to be exact.

Once a gunner

Have you check out his behavior off the pitch too

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

We will win the PL of good behavior, I am sure.


To me, prority is another highly technical midfielder if not in attacking third someone who can function in a number of positions. This bc : 1) Ceballos may likely not continue 2) Torreira is tenacious but not the technical wizard we need to retain the ball better 3) Our wide players have great potential but are still young, Pepe is dissapointing and Martinelli may be long on return 4) Ozil is into last season on contract and we must go into next season with view to prosecute without him (he will be a bonus if need be) Which means IMO… Read more »

The spoin

Good news is all clubs, bar 1 or 2, are in the same boat, so if we can we need to capitalise on it. Could be some bargains to be had with clubs needing income. I’d certainly be looking at a couple of the Norwich lads, and maybe 1 or 2 at Watford. I know we need defenders but honestly think a decent DM to break up attacks sooner would be a step forward and a decent AM to add some spark.


Ben Godfrey looks a serious player. Could be a great buy

The spoin

He’d be a great addition, also Aaron’s and Cantwell. If Bellerins time is up Aaron’s would be a good buy, if Kola go’s Godfrey to compete at LB. Both got serious futures at the right club.

Eduardo Stark

We’re spending quite much in recent times but very poorly. Sanllehi connections with agents do not really beneficial. We were doomed after Mislintat went away. Hopefully Arteta can identify clearly the area needing reinforcement and able to pick his choice without compromised like Emery.

And get Ozil away. Yes he was good and I adored him, but we shall move on. We doubt Emery’s treatment, but under our Lego manager it’s not improving either.

Ray Parlour's ice cream van

Ok – I did some analysis on Arteta’s 18 league games this season against the 18 before he took over. It makes good reading. Key ones are… Points per game up from 1.28 to 1.67 and Goal difference from -3 to +11. We’re defending better and winning more games – it’s not perfect but a massive improvement on where we were. If we applied this to the whole season, then we would be in the mix for 3rd/4th and Champions League place – I know this is a what if…., but bearing in mind the time Arteta has had in… Read more »

Sac, Lac & Crack

Since he took over:

1. Liverpool – 41 points
2. Man City – 37 points
3. Man Utd – 37 points
4. Chelsea – 31 points
5. Arsenal – 30 points
6. Wolves – 29 points
7. Tottenham – 29 points


If ever our horrendous central defence owed the club a clean sheet, it’s this semi final tonight against Manchester City. Mustafi, in particular and Luiz owe the club and it’s supporters. Hoping for a big performance. Come on Arsenal.

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