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Official! Bukayo Saka signs new long-term Arsenal contract

Arsenal have confirmed that Bukayo Saka has signed a new long-term contract with the club.

The 18 year old has had a breakthrough season with the Gunners, and with just 12 months left on his previous deal, there were obvious concerns about his future.

Now though, he is set to develop in red and white for years to come after he put pen to paper on a lucrative contract, just reward for his outstanding performances throughout this campaign.

Mikel Arteta told the official website, “Bukayo is a talented and intelligent young player. He has impressed me with his work ethic and attitude to learn and adapt, and it has paid off in his performances.

“I am excited to continue working with him to develop him further, and for him to help us achieve our goals.”

While Technical Director Edu said, “This is something everyone involved wanted to happen and we are delighted that Bukayo has signed a new long-term contract.

“He’s making great progress and is one of a number of young players who have developed through our academy. This is so important for us as we move forward as a club.”

So far this season Saka has made 33 appearances in all competitions, scoring 3 goals and creating 11 assists.

Congratulations to him, and it’s great news for Arsenal and Arsenal fans, and it’s going to fun watching him develop even further over the coming years.

Update: We’re told he’s signed a 4 year deal which runs until 2024.

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Get in!!!

Toure Motors

Best news in a long time. Huzzah!!

Giuseppe Hovno

We’re gonna win the league!




hopefully at the white shite lane?

Sam Quorn

Seeing how chelski have come out of a global pandemic and spent 20 billion. Travelling back in time and winning it at their old toilet has more chance of happening then winning it at their new litter box unfortunately.

Wasn’t abromavic supposed to be tried for war crime or something? What happened to that


Thank Dennis for that!


Who gave this a thumbs down?!


Mmmmmm I feel the warming thrum of relief.

Just shrug



I watched a YouTube highlight video of this kid, and I think this might be a good call


The best Arsenal news in eons! Go Bukayo! Become an all time Arsenal great!

Pat Rice and Beans


Ooof, I was afraid he wouldn’t sign. Great, great news. One of best young players in the league.




Wonderful news


Best moment of 2020 so far

Dispossesed by Torreira

Hope by long term they mean 20 years

Artetas Assistant

He’ll be just 38 then, still sweeping through centre midfield elegantly.

Will Kidwell

What are we talking, 4yr deal, 6yr?

Artetas Assistant

His agent would prolly have refused more than four, renegotiate in two .


I mean 4 to 5 is quite standard especially in modern football. It works out for both the team and player if either of them worse during the time the separation won’t feel severe.

Some would say that’s how marriage could work

Artetas Assistant

He’s the most attractive 18 year old in world football


About time, let’s build a competitive team…


So he has signed a 3 year extension. Which means we’ll be doing the dance in 2 years time.


When that time comes around, who knows which people are involved in the dance anyway? Or if it’s Gangnam style or Charleston?

Tony Hall

It’s a new four year contract


Yes. And he was contracted for 1 Year previously. So he has extended his stay for 3 years. The fact that his terms are improved is lovely for him but makes no difference to the Additional length of time he will be at the club.

Drogheda gunner

Why are you making this into a negative?


Thank effin God. Cannot wait to see him develop with Tierney and our young crop of forward talent over the next several years. Truly something to be excited about.

The Frog

Saka has been the most positive development of this pretty rotten season, great news we got the extension done without too much fuss!


Thats the kind of news that lifts your spirits, let’s get the win tonight and celebrate.


Great news for sure…any idea on how long is the new contract?


Four years

Cultured Determination

Good bews that he’s signed. Would have preferred a 5-year + 1 year option.
Hope we offer him another ocntract by end of next year if he does well otherwise it’ll be the dreaded 2-year thing soon


Best Arsenal news I’ve read in a long time. ?


Finally, some good decisions at Arsenal HQ!

Gudang Bedil

Get in son!


best Arsenal news 2020 so far!


Whew. Great news. Hopefully they can use this as incentive in getting Auba over the line. (I know, I know, but I can dream can’t I?)


The future is bright



Papa Large, big shot in North London

Some good contract news!


Good news, everyone!


Raul Sanllehi, you are safe for now. I can’t imagine what would happen to Arsenal’s reputation a club if Saka went somewhere else


If he continues to kick on we should open negotiations in a year.


Brilliant! Now play the youngsters! We’re not exactly going to win a whole bunch of trophies this year or next, and I remember the old cup games you’d love to watch because the youngsters were playing. Back then, they lacked the polish and finesse of our first team squad. These days, our first team aren’t exactly “entertaining” to watch, so .. yeah, I know. Naive. But eff me I’d love to see our team in 2 years if we actually played the boys.

Gus Caesar

He seems to have a mature head on his shoulders and doesn’t strike me as the type who will let money go to his head. He’s at the best club to nurture his talent – he’ll get plenty of game time. But it’ll be interesting to find out how much he’s getting paid compared to others.


Me thinks 4yrs for a player of such potntial is not good.By the time we sort n settle our squad with Arteta, 2yrs remainig on Baka’s contract…uuurrgh another headache. Jst sign him like U did Belerin …6yrs


You need 2 to tango. Looks like he’s taking a Walcottian approach. One more reason we should have offloaded that waste of DNA earlier.

Dave cee

This is good news! I really do have high hopes for him

Vince Parsnips

I was more concerned about Saka signing long term than keeping Aubameyang. The consistency of his performances have been staggering for an 18 year who has played for the most part out of position.
Now let’s whoop the Budgies tonight!


Great news!!!
The ornacle spot on as always. Hopefully the Partey dream gets real..


A four year deal is good for Saka not for the club, coz in 2 years time we will need to renegotiate. All in all, a good development as we have him on the books.

Sam Quorn

Too early to discuss an extension?. Only two years out from the two years out issue.

Once a gunner

arsenal don’t know how to negotiate, imaging is four years we were labouring for since when Mactominy signed five years to man u just few days ago.


What you’ve written is not comprehensible.

A make A great A

So then let’s go overboard!! Saliba and Tierny left side of defense, Saka left Lcm, Martinelly left wing!! wow!! so much talent and above anything
hella “Hart Wüörk”!!!


I think A. Cole almost crashed his vehicle when offered what Saka currently earns in an week for a session’s work so not before time I’d say. Excellent news.

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