Thursday, April 25, 2024

Video: Arsenal 2-0 Man City – tunnel cam

Via The FA’s YouTube channel, here’s the tunnel cam from last night’s 2-0 win over Man City in the FA Cup semi-final.

Check out today’s Arseblog: Arsenal 2-0 Man City: Gunners show mettle and quality to reach FA Cup final

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When we lost to spurs i said we will win against pool and city and play finals against chelsea and told to check that post today.I got so many dislikes on that comment. I’ll say now : We are thumping chelsea 3-0 in the finals and before that we would have secured europe. Bring on the dislikes now. U guys disliking me works like some sort of magic i guess.

Bergkamp 3:16

Want to like your comment but for the purpose of your prediction coming true I’ve disliked your comment.


That is fine, will happily like yours instead


Mate, thumbs up and thumbs down mean fuck all. As soon as you start fretting about that kind of shit, you’re in trouble. Speak your mind and to Hell what anyone else thinks. I couldn’t give a shit what people think of me, especially on here. I’ve forgotten more about Arsenal than most of Generation Emirates on here, with the cradle marks still on their arses, will ever know. ?


Indeed. Why have the likes and dislikes at all?


Thanks for making us win goongot,


Want to see how many dislikes this gets.

Naked Cygan

Why gives a shit about likes or dislikes,say what you want to say.


Duly downvoted.


Ok now comment about us getting Partey, gnabry coming back, and dayot upamecano. Then we can downvote away


Sure ! Once i confirm my thoery ?? by the looks of it we are definately playing chelsea .


Theory? I thought you was like the football Nostradamus?


Notice Wembley authorities committed a basic safety error – fire extinguishers not on the appropriate hooks, but standing on the floor. Very naughty!


Probably because staff use them as doorstops. Not uncommon at all. Not even on firestations.


It’s health and safety gone mad!

Johnny 4 Hats

Maybe they needed quick access to them because they were informed that some of the Arsenal players were on fire…


I second this theory!

Public Elneny

Pep should do some weight training. His posture doesn’t look great


Well that loss won’t help his appetite. He looked despondent after the game.


Chelsea it is then. Man, do we owe those fuckers after the Europa Final last season. (Incidentally, for those of you who think I can’t see past Mesut Ozil’s good points – he pissed me off big time during that game when time was running out and he took a fucking age to move his substituted carcass off the pitch). Anyway, nothing would give me greater pleasure than for us to piss all over Frank Lampard’s big day out. So, Come On Arsenal! ?


Are we already guaranteed Europa if Chelsea are in the Champions League?


Finally had a chance to watch yesterdays match properly : Kudos to Arteta winning over Liverpool and now City albeit for the first game, we shoul temper with the fact that they were in second gear and in case of City, there was still a huge slice of luck involved plus the intimate play out from the back around our 6yard box still looks a risky gamble to take going forward. we need other options to play the ball out. Assessment on the team IMO – 1) first and foremost we defended AS A UNIT and our players backed each… Read more »


Player assessment IMO for yesterday, I thought everyone played above themselves and were fully switched on to last whistle : 1) Emi – He is going to give Leno a run for his money. Not a given the German will automatically slot back in now. Martinez has been excellent since coming in. Stayed alert to stop the Mahrez attempt, came out to clear several times. Argentina Number one could be a potential… 2) Bellerin – Mainly defensive with Sterling to shackle but got forward a number of times. One poor ball first half (really no one should be sening a… Read more »


Granit – Also had one moment he pressed high and turned over De Bruyne near the box as they attempted to clear an attack by Auba…one touch from Xhaka laid brilliantly to Auba who teh aid it back but I believe Walker managed to intercept.

Had a good match the Swiss particularly playing very well in recent month (maybe assisted by not having his own cretin fans on his back)]

Granit- Ceballos midfield certainly one to build on. Would like to see one more option brought in should we be able to switch to a 3-3-2-2 or 4-1-2-3.

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