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Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea: By the numbers

Arsenal won the Arsene Wenger Invitational FA Cup.

It was a nervy opening few minutes but Arsenal overcame the shaky start to exert control and emerged deserving winners. Arsenal are back in Europe (Sp*rs now have an extra-long qualification period to deal with, lol) and hopefully should have a bit more money to back Arteta with to help build on this win for next season.

It wasn’t the greatest season and sure as hell was weird with a lockdown in the middle but at least it ended with silverware and a high note.

Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea: By the graphs

Running xG

xG Shot Map

xG Shot Table

Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea: By the numbers

In the opening 22 minutes (before the hydration break):

Chelsea Stat Arsenal
12 Final third entry 4
2 Completed Pass in the box 3
1 Very Deep Completion 1
4 Completed Dribbles 2
3 Shots 3
0.46 xG 0.11
1 Big Chance 0

The rest of the match after the first hydration break:

Chelsea Stat Arsenal
30 Final third entry 12
4 Completed Pass in the box 12
0 Very Deep Completion 3
7 Completed Dribbles 12
6 Shots 8
0.25 xG 1.56
0 Big Chance 2

The start of this match scared the crap out of me.

Arsenal looked incredibly nervy, Chelsea looked good, Arsenal had no answer for Christian Pulisic and the worry that Baku would happen again crossed my mind.

After the first hydration break, Mikel Arteta seemed to have been able to calm his team down and the stats show that they absolutely dominated things from this point forward. Arsenal still had less of the ball, but they were certainly more dangerous with it getting the ball into deep and dangerous locations.

One of the things that stands out to me is that Chelsea was able to have more possession in the attacking third but they seemed to have to work a lot harder to get the balls into those locations and from there they could not convert those into dangerous passes. Arsenal completed 21 progressive passes to 15 for Chelsea (my definition of a progressive pass is one that moves the ball at least 25% closer to the goal than where the possession had been) and completed 3 passes within 15 yards of goal to 0 for Chelsea.

Chelsea really ran out of ideas towards the end trying crosses (they attempted 13 crosses in the match and completed 0. Giroud was handled.) and long shots. The last few minutes got a bit nervy but none of the pressure ended up with actual shots on goal.

Take out the opening 23 minutes and this was a perfectly executed game plan. Including the opening shaky spell, it was a great recovery and a well-won trophy.

Arsenal’s left side was excellent

7 – Progressive passes completed by Kieran Tierney (led Arsenal)

5 – Completed passes into final third by Kieran Tierney (led Arsenal)

4 – Deep completions for Kieran Tierney (2nd on Arsenal)

1 – Tackle by Kieran Tierney

2 – Clearances by Kieran Tierney

0 – Fouls by Kieran Tierney

Tierney has been simply incredible in his first season at Arsenal. He has surpassed all of the expectations that I had for him this season. Some of the long balls that he played to release Aubamayang were sublime.

3 – Completed Final Third Entry for Ainsley Maitland-Niles

2 – Progressive Passes for Ainsley Maitland-Niles

3 – Completed Pass in the box for Ainsley Maitland-Niles

1 – Very Deep Completion for Ainsley Maitland-Niles

2 – Deep Completion (not cross) for Ainsley Maitland-Niles

1 – Key Pass for Ainsley Maitland-Niles

83.9% pass completion on 73.4% expected passing for Ainsley Maitland-Niles

2 – Interceptions for Ainsley Maitland-Niles

1 – Clearance for Ainsley Maitland-Niles

Maitland-Niles is not a natural left-sided player but he showed his versatility and did an excellent job as the left wing-back in this match. He seemed like he was on his way out of the club not too long ago but now I really feel like he is a very versatile and important member of the squad. He may not be the first choice in any one position but his skill set and athletic ability let him play in multiple positions which is so helpful to have when you build a team. I really hope he stays this summer because I think that there will be lots of minutes for him next season.

4 – Shots for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (led Arsenal)

2 – Goal for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

1 – Successful dribble for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

1 – Tackle for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

1 – Interception for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

1 – Dropped trophy (lol)

Where would Arsenal be without Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this season? Probably a few positions lower and without silverware this season. He is an amazing attacking player and we are all so fortunate to be able to watch him play for Arsenal. (I have major concerns about how a new contract might work out for him; the last few years of the contract make me worry it will be another Özil situation but that is another worry for another day)

In this match, like so many this season, he was the reason Arsenal emerged with the points/victory. Thank you captain.

Bonus Stats

1 – Trophies won by Mikel Arteta as manager of The Arsenal

0 – Trophies won by the greatest manager in the history of Tottenham Mauricio Pochettino

0 – Trophies won by José Mourinho, who forced his team to celebrate 6th place like it was an accomplishment so that the Amazon Documentary can end on a high note (LOL).

14 – FA Cup wins for The Arsenal, more than any team in the world

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Those Bonus Stats. Excellent work as always

Big Dave

We’ve only gone and done it again!!! COYG!!


AMN’s versatility meant we could switch to 4 3 3 in possession at times with him playing as an 8. That was especially visible just after their goal when he and Auba started to overload Azpilicueta. Tierney being the monster he is helped a little too.


We need to keep that boy around.. There are so many uses for him when we are forced to play a tactical game . Early days but Arteta has already made us into one of the leagues best pressers and players with his pace are hard found and vital in both attack and defense for a pressing team ,young Niles has managed to near nullify the best and trickiest players this league (Europe) has to offer. I want him here next year at 22 we can decide what he is in 2 years time when squad is more settled .

Artetas Assistant

Maitland I think comes into his fullness at 25, 26 like I suspect Emi has done too.


It was really great to watch our team win however, we rode our luck especially the injury to Pulisic was a gift because his directness was something which we were not able to cope with. Chelse made the stupid mistake of attacking us when they could have opted for the option of sitting deep and letting us attack. We are great nowadays when counter-attacking but we would struggle when trying to play on the front foot. By continuing to attack, they made the mistake and fell to our game. This suits our attackers Pepe and Auba. However, I am really… Read more »


I love it. I remember the frog ba lampard joseMo days. When we got beat No is a new time. And I can’t wait til next season 2months from now. Piss off haters.

Artetas Assistant

Very positive message but fucking autocorrect/typing

Now it’s a new time. Can’t wait for next season!! ??????❤️

Artetas Assistant

And of course piss on haters! After cover of dark today, I’m going to put a sign saying ‘Tottenham’ on the entrance of males restroom at the Emirates and “Chelsea” on the Females ?


I’d really like to see some distances ran if anyone has them. Felt like Ceballos did about 12km today, the term ‘he was everywhere’ is banded around a lot these days but jesus has he got an engine. He was chasing down their CB (or keeper) in the 100th minute! Unreal heart.

James Gunner

Where would Arsenal be without his goals. When he scored the 2nd goal,I was
99.99% sure Arsenal will win.
Under Arteta,the gunner are more organised and pragmatic and dont gung ho
too much on the attack .If Wenger had been more pragmatic ,Arsenal could have won at least 2 or even 3 more epl trophies.
Heres to Arteta’s pragmatism


Fans got on Wenger’s back a bit too early.

Also Wenger kept on believing we were top-4 stuff even though our competition had spent alot to catch up on the quality.

Plus, Wenger didn’t recognize the need for change regarding the playing style. He tried to change it but after loosing Alexis he was unable to replicate the good style with substance.

Since, 2005 FA cup Wenger was always trying to play beautifully but the players at his disposal were not the same quality as we lost alot of great players either due to injury or they left


3 -Number of times Chelsea have failed win in their last 10 Fa cup finals. 3- Number of times Arsenal have handed them defeat in above mentioned finals. 3- number extra games Spörs will have to play in Europe group stage starting September thanks to todays win. 2 – Number of yellow cards Kovasic received thanks to Xhaka “gamesmanship” 14 -Number of Fa cups Arsenal have won. 14- Number on the back of the greatest striker the England has seen since the last nr 14 left the shores. 1- Number of contracts that said striker is about to sign (for… Read more »

Scott Willis

These are great

Cliff Bastin

Even our shit seasons are more successful than Spurs’

Naked Cygan

I just wish spurs finished 7th. Knocking them out of Europe would have been hilarious on the day we won ANOTHER trophy.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That’s cruel. Would you deny them their special European games in places that can only be reached by taking three flights and a camel train.

Naked Cygan

Love the sp*rs stats. Amazing ?


Random thought.

We really worked their right side of defense today. Over and over again. We ruthlessly exploited them.

I thought, hmm, where have I seen this lately?

And then I remembered that feeling playing Man City where they would work the right side of our defense.

Like that time when they got a goal and the camera cut to Pep and Arteta hugging and sharing a moment, like it all went according to Arteta’s plan.

And now, Arteta is ours…again.

Artetas Assistant

From the point I saw that Chelsea’s main plan was Pulisic and another attacking midfielder with good center mids, I became strangely comfortable and as relaxed as possible (?). I remembered how we nullified KDB and city’s midfield completely just weeks ago, gave me a positivity. When Pulis went off injured I was so amused to find Pedro come on and the thought that crossed my mind at that point was Fresh Pedro is worse than fresh Phil Foden and I knew Chelsea were fucked. Plus David luiz listens to the arsecast haha, he heard James say to get niggly… Read more »


how good is this?!?! I LOVE U GUYS!

Rising Dough

14 – FA Cup wins for The Arsenal, more than any team in the world”

LOL. Enjoy the sentiment, but why not expand this accomplishment by changing “world” to “universe?” And let’s just overlook that the fact that say, A-league teams have next to no chance of winning the FA Cup.

Artetas Assistant

Ha ha ha

Gudang Bedil

Hydration break? More like Arteta break!

Essex gooner

Not only do Spurs have to qualify,I believe if Wolves win the Europa League,Spurs would be out of Europe before they even start – 5 teams in CL, just 2 in Europa (only 7 take from same country allowed)
So effectively Arsenal get one over on Spurs yet again,no matter what happens.Love it.


Ya, wasn’t 100% on this, but until yesterday 1-4 qualified for Champions league and 5-7 the Europa (should be 5-6 but City winning the league cup gave Wolves a spot. Our win means we got a Europa place, kicking Wolves out.

If Wolves win the Europa, they get a champions league spot, and we then only have 2 places in the Europa; Arsenal and Leicester. Sp*rs miss out. There could be other permutations, but this one is best. Unless I’m reading the rules wrong.


I’ve checked up on this. Aside from spuds now having to qualify for the group stages, their place in Europa lge is safe.
Wolves are the only team at risk. They will either be playing Champions league next season (if they win Europa) with no forfeit of the three english team in europa, or they wont have any European football next season (if they dont win it).

Artetas Assistant

Auba cannot be a Mesut situation. Mesuts issue we can all agree is a motivation issue (not a lower back issue, like the area Luiz tweaked on Giroud last night). He’s won everything and can’t be arsed no longer.
Pierre emerick Auba: This guy has only just started! And loves running, he’s like a fiend for that shii. Plus he’s won nothing! (allegedly) so is a motivated motherfucker especially when you : https://arseblog.news/2020/08/arteta-i-want-to-build-the-team-around-auba/



I would disagree here. Ozil’s situation has more to do with the change of style for Arsenal. We are no longer playing a slow tempo possession based game which is Ozil’s strength. We are playing a fast counter-attacking game to utilize Pepe and Auba. If we play Ozil, it means playing a patient-slow game with Ozil required to create chances for the runners nearby especially from the midfield plus it requires a holding striker more in the mold of Giroud. Emery and Arteta tried to make all 4 play (Auba, Laca, Pepe and Ozil) but it didn’t work because Ozil… Read more »

jean louis

Bonus stats perfect!

SB Still

“14 – FA Cup wins for The Arsenal, more than any team in the world” – Exactly, even Real Madrid, Barca, B. Munich can come close because its the FA Cup ?

Very happy!


We have a top class left side. Our right side isn’t bad either. We need players who can help us penetrate through the middle. We are missing Cazrola/Wilshere type players.

We have the know how to get the maximum out of Auba and Martinelli. We need midfielders who can unleash Lacazette and Pepe.


To be fair to both Pochettino and Mourinho, no manager who won anything could ever be considered a Sp*rs great as it would be contrary to the club ethos.
A great Sp*rs manager will repeatedly get them into positions where they can win something so they can fuck it up spectacularly and come home empty handed.


Does anyone else get to the Running xG table and say “Danger Zone” in Archer’s voice? ?

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