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Arteta on transfers: we have time but we’re clear about what we’re trying to do

Mikel Arteta says there’s still time for the club to do transfer business, and that he is clear about what he wants to happen in terms of incomings and outgoings.

It was put to him at his press conference today that Arsenal would need to sell players in order to raise funds for further incomings, to which he replied, “We are trying all the time to adjust the squad in the most efficient way.

“It is clear at the moment that it has to go both ways and in order to achieve that we still have some time but we are pretty clear in what we are trying to do.”

Individual player situations are something that has to be taken into account, according to the Gunners boss, but he insisted that the club would decide on who goes and when, without external pressures being applied.

The case of Sead Kolasinac was brought up in the wake of reports he wanted to return to Germany for family reasons.

“I think in every case you have to try to take it individually,” said Arteta. “First of all, try to understand the reason – if that’s the case – when they want to leave and why.

“If there are things that you can help them to change, to give them more, you have to try to maximise those options and when it comes to a point where it’s obviously something that you cannot control and cannot help and it’s evident and clear, then you open the door.

“But then it goes down to the club to decide when and how and that’s a player with a contract that has to get the right value and go to the right club.”

A question about potential arrivals like Thomas Partey and Houssem Aouar was batted away, Arteta insisting he won’t discuss players at other clubs, but Arsenal are keen to strengthen the midfield before the end of the window.

A new goalkeeper to replace Emi Martinez is expected, with Icelandic international Runar Alex Runarsson set to sign in a £1.5m deal with Ligue 1 side Dijon.

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That’s is refreshing to hear from the gaffer


All this nonsense on here at the beginning of the window how Covid will impact and limit club’s spending, how difficult it will be to sign/sell players. Well, clearly nobody told the Premier League clubs. Pretty much all of them are spending huge fees on players on a daily basis. Nothing has changed.


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Group Captain Mandrake

I don’t know that it’s always tailored ads. For instance, the ad I’m seeing is for a wrist watch. One that apparently everyone is talking about, but I haven’t worn a watch in 10 years or so and have definitely not shopped for one in an even longer time.

Sir John King

I’m guessing that’s an advert you’re referring to. They are based on your previous shopping history, you know…

La Défense



His search pattern


I think he means the ads. A lot of the times I see a google ad here about a “global b2b platform” which for some reason comes accompanied with ladies in bikinis. Can’t really understand what bikini clad women have to do with a business platform, but maybe the marketing guy is onto something. It sure catches the eye.


Actually today it was just pictures of panties.

Paul Roberts

It’s all to do with your recent browsing history mate.


Honestly it’s not ::p


Not entirely true.

I’m seeing an ad for ‘rain’.

I think it’s an Indian Internet service provider because it says the plan cost R 450.

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That’s your browsing history, bro


It really isn’t

SLC Gooner

Really, it’s OK, no one thinks any differently about you these days relative to your preferences, it’s all good. ;-D

Artetas Assistant



It’s based on your cookies, which are these little shits websites leave on your computer to say you’re interested in these types of things. Google reads them and feeds you ‘relevant/targeted’ ads. Thing is, Google is shit at guessing who you are. They thought I was a middle aged woman. I was a 28 year old man. It’s also a fucking terrible way to tell if someone is into something. What if you went to an online shop, bought the thing you wanted then got followed by ads that told you to buy more of the same thing. It’s too… Read more »


That’s a great policy! But I do have a get rich quick ad displaying on this very article.

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Brian Murphy

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I think if we can get Partey and Aouar. We will be a tittle contender.


Let’s be realistic. IMO we are not there yet.


Partey + Aouar + Runarsson would complete an incredible transfer window. I don’t see how it can happen though. IF there’s a buyer for Guendouzi they’ll wait until last possible minute to drive his price down, and that’s if anyone’s even interested. Hope we can wrap up Torreira’s sale and maybe Kolasinac soon. 22 for Toreira, 20 for Emi, maybe 10 for Kola, that still only gets us one midfielder.


We don’t know how much cash we have to begin with tho


Hardly any I would think. The latest financial figures aren’t due out until December but I’d be staggered if we recorded a profit. In this window, we’ve splashed out £millions on Willian’s wages and Auba’s wage increase and then there’s the money for Gabriel as well. Yes, we’ve now got the Martinez fee and a very small sum for Greenwood earlier, but that’s it so far. Arteta has made it clear that to bring players in, we’ll have to offload others: “It is clear at the moment that it has to go both ways and in order to achieve that… Read more »


I would think not too, but it’s hard to be sure. Ordinarily we seem to be able to manage one marquee signing in a window.


It’s going to be really interesting to see if Ozil really is prepared to sit out the entire year. I know Bale said he was willing and suddenly he’s back at spuds

Drogheda Gunner

Anytime I’m on here I just see comments from you that are always negative, cheer up mate it might never happen.


Agree, but getting in the fees you quote will be easier said than done I fear. The potential Torreira “deal” doesn’t look quite as firm as it did a few days ago for example. I wonder if Guendouzi is the most unwanted player in Europe at the moment? Seems so. As to buying, I don’t see us getting Partey and Aouar – it looks like the latter is more likely at present. Although I’m not convinced about Runarsson (according to reports, he’s pretty average) his fee is supposed to be small at around £1.5 million or so. That said, Arteta… Read more »

Non flying Dutchmen

I fear Arteta is a victim of his own success on this. He has been so effective with turning around other players that other managers baulk at the prospect of themselves taking on the player if even Mikel can’t seem to get through to him


Yeah, listening to I think it was Matt Spiro discussing Runarsson was not the most encouraging. But for 1 or 2 million to just get a warm body as 2nd keeper isn’t the worst thing. Don’t forget that’s all Emi was too before he grabbed his opportunity. Torreira deal does seem to have cooled off, honestly if we only got one of Aouar/Partey and kept Torreira that is plenty good enough. Guendouzi is anyone’s guess. I have a sneaky feeling though that teams are still interested, but are like sharks circling waiting for him to fully drop his value. Wouldn’t… Read more »

Public Elneny Number One

If only Kronke would dip into his wallet and front us 50 million, the rewards we could potentially reap


Are our pockets deep enough to bribe our way out of an FFP transgression?

Drogheda Gunner

How would we be in trouble with ffp. We never spend money and we have only spent 22m so far and sold emi for 20.So we have spent 2m. If that tight pr#ck Stan put his hand in his pocket and got us Partey and auoir, we wud easily be in top four and have the possibility of title challenge.


Careful lads. You’re turning that dial dangerously close to Radio Biggles.


Here’s the crazy thing, Kroenke’s new $5B (yes billion) stadium for the L.A. Rams was funded privately. The guy uses $100 bills for toilet paper…
Of course, he structured the deal so he gets beaucoup bucks down the road.


He doesnt use 100 dollar bills for toilet paper, come on.

Hes too tight for that!

That said Kroenke, although never putting his hand in his own pocket has allowed arsenal to spend the self generated money and we have spent big.
Not his fault there was alot of wastage over the years and it also doesnt help that we’ve also lost opportunities to make money back by selling at the right times (Sanchez, Ramsey for example)


What we need to do is A) Forget about DM. Unless its under 10m (and even so), Elneny can deputise to Granit. Chambers may be a reserve option given we are less likely to move him and Mustafi till January (and jury still out whether we keep him or Holding IMO) B)Concentrate ALL funds on LCM now. Aouar the player we need both for capability but also versatility within structure and also for variety of positions to cover. Press/media can’t seem to do math making hay about recent sales on Martinez as a boost on funds for Aouar and forgetting… Read more »


Honestly one good point. I never imagined what Arleta could do for chambers midfield game.
Arleta is known already for improving players, look at Bayern’s latest requite.
That coupled with his fulham performance in Emery’s year could be promising if we keep him.

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