Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Montemurro, Roord and Miedema nominated for monthly WSL awards

Arsenal’s Dutch duo Jill Roord and Vivianne Miedema have been nominated for the WSL PLayer of the Month award for September. Midfielder Roord has scored hat-tricks in both of Arsenal’s WSL games in September as the Gunners thrashed Reading 6-1 and West Ham United 9-1.

Meanwhile, Miedema has scored four times in the opening games with an assist to boot. Roord and Miedema are pitted against Izzy Christiansen of Everton, Kirsty Hanson of Manchester United and Megan Walsh of Brighton. You can vote for either Jill or Viv here. The form does allow for repeat voting….

Meanwhile, Joe Montemurro has been nominated for the September Manager of the Month award after his side shot to the top of the WSL scoring 15 goals in the opening two games. Joe is pitted against Everton’s Willie Kirk, Manchester United’s Casey Stoney and Brighton’s Hope Powell. You can vote for Joe here and, again, the form allows for repeat voting.

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Aran BHangal

Voted for the 3 of them 10 times each 😀

Peter Story Teller

Of course I voted for Joe just because but realistically we were expected to win our first two games, albeit perhaps by narrower margins, so I think Hope Powell probably deserves this one after her team beat Brum and drew with City away which was more of an achievement, don’t you think?
As for Jill vs Viv, it’s a toss of a coin but Viv is always winning awards and appears non-plus about the whole thing so I reckon the current WSL top scorer edges it this time around.

canon fodder

I think that Viv scored the more spectacular goals compared with Jill, hence my vote goes to the former


Two hatricks in two matches, plus the only goal of the match in the Netherlands’ 1-0 victory over Russia. Jill’s on a roll!

Peter Story Teller

Wouldn’t it be amuzing if Jill outscores all of these American superstars that the other WSL clubs have been clambering over each other to sign while everyone and his mate outside the Arsenal give us no chance because of our low key but squad strengthening signings???

Christopher Humphrey

Joe because…..well just because! Only I take the point that Hope Powell really deserves it if only for the result against MankC. Jill over Viv this time on sheer goal quantity from such an unexpected source. I was rather surprised to see her in the starting eleven for the first game.
What is the point of this ludicrous multiple voting? Is it so the FA can say the interest in the WSL is growing rapidly Mr Potential Sponsor?

Peter Story Teller

I don’t get the multiple votes either which is why I cast my vote once and only once. If a site like this blog can asscertain that you have already voted on comments and blocks further attempts then I’m sure the FA could put something in place to prevent repeat votes in their polls.
Falsifying the results does no one any favours in the long run.

Tim Stillman

I think they do it because it keeps their engagement metrics high.

Peter Story Teller

That is almost certainly the case but I did not want to be the one to question the integrity of the FA.
Who knows, they may even have one of these installations where you get paid per click so many fans voting multiple times could generate income.

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