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Report: Leverkusen close to €11 million Kolasinac deal

According to Sport Bild, Bayer Leverkusen have tabled an offer of €11 million for Sead Kolasinac who is open to taking a paycut to secure a move away from Arsenal.

The Bosnia international, 27, has been heavily linked with a return to the Bundesliga since the end of last season with former club Schalke also said to have made an approach.

If the Leverkusen’s offer proves true, it’ll represent a very decent bit of business for the Gunners in a deflated market.

Having sold Kai Havertz to Chelsea and Kevin Volland to Monaco, the German side, who’ve already committed £24 million to recruit Patrick Shick from AS Roma, is one of the few clubs in Europe with a bit of cash to spend this window.

Kolasinac arrived on a free transfer in 2017 and has featured 107 times for us, scoring 5 goals and making 15 assists.

Not much of a talker, he’s kept his head down throughout his time in London, rarely complaining about a lack of game despite falling behind Kieran Tierney, Bukayo Saka and Ainsley Maitland-Niles in the pecking order.

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I would be happy to get the 11mil
Take the money an run, before they look at his “highlights” on youtube


Yes, a quick sprint is in order here.


I remember in his 1st season, He was literally a tank going forward and was most productive player for 2 months. He may not be world-class but he definately commands a fee range of 10-15m in current market.


He was shite in his 1st season as well. tank my arse cant even cross a ball on his good foot.


I don’t think even I’ve had 98+ thumbs down. Good effort.

You do realise, however, that’s there’s only room for one Panto Villain on this page – and that’s me.

Crash Fistfight

Yep, those tracks used to do a right number on the Emirates turf. Good job he turned into a human. I’m sure the groundsmen were happy.


Well, not literally a tank. I do have to pick you up on that.


Problem was, we needed a left back, not a tank.

Most tanks can’t cross for shit.

Corona XY

I remember he was in Garth Crook’s team of the week once, where he was compared to one of those brick toilets in London during WW2, who were the only things still standing after German bombing runs. 😀

Jeremy DG

A very good player in the bundesliga. He didn’t get in team of the year for nothing. A bit too one dimensional for an aspiring premier league side but let’s not diminish his value just because he’s not been exactly the player we wanted. He’s had some very good moments for us.


Thank you. JFC, some of these comments are like teens from Reddit just running their mouths. He’s not “shite,” he’s a damn EPL player who’s done his best in a couple systems that weren’t right for him. Embarrassing fan base, sometimes.


Kolasinac wasn’t held back by system or formation… he’s just not very good. It is what it is.


what system wasnt right for him? hes meant to be a wing back but hes not even good enought to be 3rd choice in that system because he brings nothing going forward. cant play as a left back in a back 4 cos he cant defend. cant play as a left sided centre back in a back 3 because hes useless on the ball. absoulte rubbish player

Johnny 4 Hats

To all you haters who don’t think we can turn a profit on a player.

The Kolkata Gooner

Haha. I’ve been one of those haters, but must concede, this was some excellent business in the end!

Johnny 4 Hats

Breaking news in the Kolasinac transfer:

Ozil puts out CraigsList ad for a bodyguard.

Arsenal fans are taking it as a sign that things are progressing fast…


Surely Ozil could personally outbid Leverkusen. I mean sure, they are funded by a multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical company. But Ozil is propped up by Walmart. Surely we could create a bidding war here.


We should be offering to throw Ozil into the deal. For free.


no respect,


Perhaps if we “inject” Ozil into the deal it might be more appropriate for Bayer?


Caveat emptor, or in this case “Bayer beware”

Johnny 4 Hats

This actually makes a lot of sense. They are getting a player with a lot of commitment but no talent. If they signed Ozil too, they’d have one complete player.

What are the rules in the Bundesliga about three legged players?

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

Are you implying that Ozil’s schlong is so long that it counts as an extra leg?


I think the more pertinent question is: are they allowed to have two left legs? (From what I’ve seen they haven’t a right peg between them.)

Vaibhav Pandey

Pharma company my ass, they are one of the orgs (Monsanto etc) who are making this world a poisonous place.


Are you trying to say Pharma companies are good and chemical companies are bad? Both have some very shady morals. And I’m definitely not giving Bayer any props.

It Is What It Is

Right? Haven’t heard of a company, individual or country more dedicated to messing the gaff up for everyone else.

From seeds to contraception to school dinners, they are there. Silent killers.

Maybe that’s why they’ve recruited our one man army?

It Is What It Is





Lets not jinx it yet




If we bite their hands off in anticipation, do we still get paid?


please let this be true. probably the worst left back i have ever seen at arsenal

Thierry Ennui

Andre Santos? He made me think even someone like ME could play for Arsenal.

Steve Morrow’s fractured ulnar

Andre Santos? He made me think even someone with ME could play for Arsenal.

Good Ebening

Surely you haven’t forgotten Andre Santos??

A. Santos

Not cool gays, not cool!


Good deal, take it!

He’s a fighter, just not so great on the pitch.


Spot on. I guess quite a few of the players we’re trying to shift, unsuccessfully so far, have that “on pitch problem”, which is why it’s proving so difficult to offload them.


If true, it’s a very good price for him but with so many of these reports, I’d far prefer to read “signs for” than “close to”. For a whole string of Arsenal players in this window, “close to” hasn’t turned out to be close enough! Anyway, if it goes through we can use the money towards a deal for a much needed midfielder, whoever that turns out to be. Fingers crossed.


It makes a difference to me that the source is Fabrizio, who is mostly right in his transfer tweets.

SB Still

“we can use the money towards a deal for a much needed midfielder, whoever that turns out to be” – you are almost as tight lipped as Arteta, we know who the targets are 🙂


Good deal if true. I wanted him to be great, thought he’d be the tank the defense had needed for a while.
After the moment with the mopeds I thought it might galvanize him and the other bloke to the cause, but it went the other way. Probably unsurprisingly in retrospect.

How many German exports have actually been successful here?


A certain bloke from Köln who wore the no 9 shirt?


I would not categorize Podolski as a success. But, I don’t think City did poorly buying De Bruyne and Sane from the Bundesliga. It’s the second best league behind the PL. Their top clubs are very strong right now.


I’m also reasonable happy with Aubameyang.


2nd best league? I count 6-7 good teams, the rest is top championship level. The best schnitzels though, come from Germany!

Crash Fistfight

I’d have thought the best schnitzels would come from Austria.


I liked Podolski, but was he a success? Obviously there’s our BFG and Lehmann I guess did more good than bad, but is there many more? I am referring to England in general.

I also don’t regard De Bruyne or Auba as exports because while they played there, they didn’t grow up there or learn their trade in Germany. As Sane has gone back I think it’s moot.

Non-flying dutchman

We’re questioning whether the country that won the world cup 6 years ago can produce talented footballers?


*cough* Mad Jens *cough*


… and Ballack at Chelsea. But yes, I’m scratching my head to name others.


Too much coughing sends a lot of alarm bells ringing these days…;)




People starting to forget he played for another team o_o?

Glenn Helder Trio



Robert Huth and Dietmar Hamman did ok. Andre Schurle had his moments. Going back a while, Uwe Rosler, Jurgen Klinsmann (sorry!) and Christian Ziege did well.


oh and Gundogan has done pretty ok too


Leno. Ok I’m done.


Thank you. I’m not sure many people understood my query, but I was pretty sure that there weren’t many, definitely not double figures.
Rosický is a great shout, but I’m not sure he counts as a German export. I’m definitely sure there were more successful (in terms of numbers) Frenchmen or Spaniards.

Steve Morpurgo

If this is true, take the money and say thank you


If true I think we can add one more to the (rather scare) list of good transfer businesses. Came for free, did some very useful things for the club. I feel he gets a bit of a rough go from fans (and blogs definitely, which doesn’t help fans perspective). He obviously isn’t the standard we need and his wages are shockingly high, but he’s a good dude and hard worker, I might even miss the big lug a little. Saying all that, this is a really nice fee and turns us a decent profit (extremely rare for Arsenal). Fingers crossed… Read more »


Exactly. Nice bloke, puts in the work. I’m not the greatest person to ever grace the office I’m in. It’s horrific to listen to people bombard players for “not being good enough” – that’s surely not the players fault at all – and if they work their asses off, what more can you ask. Does anyone expect us to have only 25 absolute world class players comfortably outshining any club at CL level?! Come on. I’ll miss you Kola. Can’t fault your attitude. It’s not like we’ve never seen really talented players who couldn’t be arsed to put in a… Read more »

Yep. If this actually happens, we can add it to other successful player sales like Ox, Iwobi and Giroud.

His wages are why I’m somewhat averse to free transfers. Unless it’s a youth player, the wages (salary?) are proportionally based on the footballer’s transfer value if they had been purchased.


Great news! Afraid that the Mustafi deal won’t go through anymore, but if we could sell him and Torreira we might have some money for another, more defensive, midfielder (not particularly Partey)?


We should have that cash already TBH.

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

€10mil yesterday and €11mil euros today?

Seems like if we wait until deadline day we’ll be able to let him go for €18mil


Let’s keep him until next season and sell him for €383mil ?


Ozil just lost his best defender.


Yawn. Boring.

Runcorn Gooner

Regrettably spent the last few seasons going backwards, quite literally.
Ozil will also have to find a new minder.


Snap their arm off. Then glue it back and snap it off again, for good measure.

Just do it, for fuck’s sake.


Thank fuck for that. He tried. But was mostly awful. File away with Andre Santos.


15 assists in 3 years. Not to be sniffed at from his position. Let’s see what Tierney manages in comparison. And Tierney is so superior. Sead might just be underrated…


He had a good first season…scored 5 times as LB!

Crash Fistfight

Just for information, Tierney got 1 goal and 4 assists last season in 24 first team games.


Arsenal have been well known for left backs throughout the years. Hapgood, Sansom, Winterburn, Cole – all internationals with a good many caps. (except underrated Winterburn with only 2 senior appearances for England). Here’s hoping Tierney can re-ignite the tradition for top quality left backs at AFC. Having said that, I wish Kolasinac all the best wherever he ends up.


Don’t forget Monreal and Gibbs. Monreal, especially, was a very good defender.


Thanks for everything Kola, all the best back in Germany


I think it’s quite interesting that we’re selling him. Might indicate a move to a back 4 given Tierney/Kola are the only ones entrusted for that hybrid LCB/LB role.


Ozil out bids Leverkusen to keep his buddy In the Arsenal dressing room!


Don’t think Ozil’s been in the Arsenal dressing room for a while!


Loved his size and strength, wish he had worked out better. Good luck to him


To be fair, it was clear that he worked out in a different manner of speaking 🙂


Not bad for a player we paid nothing for.


Reasonable deal. Should try and get at least 10m for Kolasinac. I don’t think there is too much between AMN and Kola. The Bosniak not ideal for Left of back 3 but a decent wingback and left back if given sufficient strong LCback to play with. BUT AMN has age on his side. Thought he did reasonably OK against Liverpool considering but would have preferred we had used Mangalhaes at left o back 3 and Tierney at LWback instead. If we can sell Kola for 10-12m, then Torreira for 20-22m, maybe either of Chambers or Mustafi for another 10m, that… Read more »

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