Saturday, May 25, 2024

Partey starts! Arsenal v Leicester team news

Arsenal take on Leicester in the Premier League this evening, looking to bounce back from last weekend’s 1-0 defeat by Man City.

Here are the official line-ups.

Arsenal: Leno, Bellerin, Luiz, Gabriel, Tierney, Partey, Ceballos, Xhaka, Saka, Aubameyang, Lacazette.

Subs: Runarsson, Maitland-Niles, Mustafi, Elneny, Willock, Pepe, Nketiah

Leicester: Schmeichel, Castagne, Fofana, Evans, Fuchs, Justin, Mendy, Tielemans, Praet, Maddison, Barnes

Subs: Ward, Morgan, Choudhury, Albrighton, Ünder, Iheanacho, Vardy

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I’m hungry for some goals. COYG!

Var Will Solve The Problem

4 – 3 – 3 here we go


with xhaka doing the LB thing?


Delicious. I’m actually excited!

High gooner


Na se kala alani

The Far Post

Not sure if that would work given that Gabriel is already a left footed center back.


Yes, I think many of us would agree given the scarcity of them after our opening game. Wouldn’t it be great, just for a change, to win by, oh say 3:0 or even 4:0? Let’s not be too greedy though. OK, it’s clearly unthinkable on our performances since Fulham – but perhaps today is the day it changes! Fingers crossed.


An incisive pass from Partey, a goal therefrom and a clean sheet. That is all I ask

Johnny 4 Hats

Is it me or does Arteta look genuinely excited before games? He’s always got this wry smile on his face like he’s 12 and about to go to Disney World.

Loving this line up. This feels Arsenal.


saka wingback 🥺


Can’t you see Arteta’s playing a back four……?!! 🤣

Billy Bob

Nope. Take a look at the line-up again, he’s LW

Billy bob

Since when are there two Billy bob’s?


Xhaka Ceballos and Partey? Surely this is a back four… But you can never be sure with Arteta. Fingers crossed though, this is more or less the lineup fans have been screaming for for weeks! COYG




By far our strongest lineup.
Let’s stuff them lads. COYG.


I think it’d be even stronger if Pepe replaces Laca, so Auba can lead the line!

Jeff Mack

Looks like a 4-3-3


Could be a 442 also, or a 532, I literally have no fucking idea how we line up when that team

The Kolkata Gooner

Are we finally going to play 433? Please?


So Ceballos will play as number 10?


Xhaka 6, Ceballos and Partey 8, I guess.


4-3-3 lineup -good. Let’s get adventurous.

Naked Cygan

4 3 3 let’s go!!!!!


Seems to be strongest lineup


Would prefer Auba to be centre, saka left and pepe right but nevertheless exciting line up! COYG


Good news – we may as well take the earliest opportunity to get a £50+ million player involved in the PL. Leicester at home are one of our “favourite” teams, I don’t think they’ve beaten us at Highbury/The Emirates since the 1970s! We’ve an opportunity to get into the top four with a win so if we’re going to kickstart our season after a run of pretty underwhelming performances on the whole, now is the opportunity. Not just a win, but a really good win – we’re due one and we certainly need one.

Giuseppe Hovno

Pepe to be super sub

Naked Cygan

Mustafi to come on and score an overhead kick top corner 95th minute.


Leno won’t stand a chance


Leno won’t stand a chance..


I have seen the future, and it works … doctor.


It’s still seems like a back 3 with Xhaka playing as the auxiliary centre-back. Arteta utilized this pre-covid.


You got 14 thumbs down for this. LOL.

Apparently seeing is believing.

Wauwatosa Gooner

4-3-3 and no Vardy to ruin the Partey? Delicious

I’ll get my coat


I’m curious about creativity boost.


Haha, it seems I was rightly so 🙁


4-3-3? 4-4-2? 5-2-1-2? 5-2-3 with Dani up on the right and Saka left wing back? Any of the above? What the hell is going on? I like it!


You sound like Emery 😉

Obama Young

Jamie Vardy won’t like this Partey.
Is Vardy injured? Surprised he isn’t starting.


7 defensive players at home. Unai Emery has put his traditional line up.


Wtf do you want

Obama Young

Are you counting Leno as a defensive player?
If not, you don’t get to 7 defensive players. If so, you’re always going to have at least 5 defensive players in every lineup, even if you start 6 strikers along with them.


Just wondering how many times Leicester’s Under will fire over and wide

Yellow Ribbon

Auba on the wings again!🤦‍♂️

Apart from that it does look like a strong lineup. #COYG


At last, playing players in their strongest positions.


Don’t hold your breath!


Pierre on the wing🤷‍♂️


Arsenal good line up. Could they win it

Man Manny

3 5 2?
4 3 3?


finally a proper midfield combo

looks like a 4-4-2 that may morph later into a 4-3-3?


Could it be 4-3-3? I believe it’s the usual at the back, with front two up top, and Ceballos and Partey as inside mids.

stan not the man

Looks like a 442, could be okay


Who’d be right mid? does’t fit

stan not the man

Xhaka partey mid & Saka left,ceballos right

The official formation given is 4-3-3 but as we know with Arteta, formation means nothing so we’ll just have to see for ourselves.

What I find quite unique about Mikel currently is his team is defensively fluid. Fluidity is something we usually associate with free-flowing attacking sides.

Let’s get a win tonight! COYG😍

Dave cee

No Willian?


4-3-3 great
Partey starting superb
Xhaka Tom and Dani very strong and not to be bullied.
Saka further upfield excellent

No Pererria, Sonchyu or Chilwell
No ndidi
No Vardy

We have this has to be a good night.
Going for 4-0 to us.


Let’s go lads!! Best Line up I’ve seen this season!!!

SB Still

My problem with today’s match? £14.xx for pay per view, thats way to pricey. A fiver sounds about right.


The full amount would be worth it if we were playing terrific, free flowing, football with a lot of goals as end product – so a £5 charge is about right for what we’ve been getting so far this season I guess.


Leno. FFS



Naija Gooner

100 passes around the box and no final ball…just frustrating


I saw plenty of final balls, but poor finishing. Laca must have had to work hard not to score on one occasion.

Public Elneny

Laca – shit touch for a small man


Lacathreat up to his old tricks


Fookin’ hell Lacazette has been so bad (early goal aside) and it’s like the team have no idea how to use Partey, he might as well not be on the pitch.


Mind you, Leicester have offered exactly 0 going forward. Very unambitious.

The Far Post

Probably waiting for Vardy sub to hit us.


Been a good half, looks like the Arsenal we know and expect… hopefully we make this domination count in the second half.

What a frustrating 1st half. The front three need to be more clinical, it’s not like the team is trying to provide chances.

Shame that 1st goal was ruled out, terrible call.

Naked Cygan

Eddie should come on for Laca in 15.

Arsenal's Slow Buildup

I’m too angry to read your comment but I gave you a thumbs up for that handle. 10 points for creativity

😂😂😂 Thanks. More creativity that we saw in the 2nd half


Seems like the idea to create with long balls from defense into the final third with three players – Luiz, Gabriel and Xhaka. And you can see why. Those guys have long-ball skills that range from very good to exceptional.

Partey and Ceballos on the other hand are just there to recycle possession and maintain control in midfield. They are not taking any creative responsibilities.

The forward line and wingbacks are pushing Leicester deep into their own half while waiting for the long ball. This gives space and time to the aforementioned trio – Luiz, Gabriel and Xhaka.


Pepe on for laca please


God I’m depressed


They play as if we have another 3 hours.


I’m sorry, but this is a bunch of effing losers. Lacazette the biggest of all of them.


How can we not play with Auba in the middle? Why is Mikel alright with wasting him on the wing and playing a shadow of himself there?
But man, we lack creativity. I really don’t know how Arteta wants to fix this.
In this game, you must batter them hard. No excuses.

The Far Post

We had chances, which did not fall for us. However as the game went on, we seemed to run out of ideas, especially after Luiz came out.

Partey was pretty much marked out of the game. Even though we had three MFs, it felt like we were still playing with two. Worse, when the ball went out to Xhaka/Ceballos, it usually just went back to the CBs.

Leicester played rope-a-dope just like what Sp*r did to us last season.


Absolutely pathetic bunch. Our play is monotonous, predictable and so, so boring. It is clear we lack creativity in our midfield. We need to sort out this situation with Ozil, cannot see anyone else getting that right for us and Ceballos is definitely not the answer.

Dubai Ham

Arteta Out


Is this the same man that all Gooners were cheering to the rafters after the FA Cup win only a few months ago? I think he deserves a little more time, but currently we’re just not good enough and haven’t been for most of the season.


What the fuck is the strategy to win this game after 85 minutes?! Arteta is utterly clueless!!!


In the last few weeks I really started to think that Mikel is out of his depth. Love the man and I know it’s a process. But man, this hurts. How is it possible that no one learns?


I stopped believing after the city game. If you’re not going to play Ozil to create in the final 3rd because he can’t press the ball then add some fucking intensity to make up for the lack of creativity especially against a less feted opposition like Leicester! Screw Arteta, seriously!!!


Predictable getting caught on the break and not being able to break down their defence. Barry, again. Can’t effing take it. Do we ever learn?


For the upteenth time this season, Arterta’s game plan inhibited our best striker. What a shame


For Fuck Sake

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