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Arteta hails Elneny – “I like players that have zero ego”

Mikel Arteta paid homage to Mohamed Elneny’s positive personality after the Egypt international produced a brilliant performance in midfield alongside Thomas Partey to help Arsenal to a 1-0 win against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Eyebrows were raised when the 28-year-old was selected ahead of Granit Xhaka and Dani Ceballos for such an important game but he proved his doubters wrong with an energetic performance that was unrelenting.

Having played alongside Elneny during the tail-end of his playing career, Arteta was quick to bring the Egyptian back into the fold this summer following his loan at Besiktas. He’s not surprised that his decision has been rewarded by wholehearted commitment and a positive attitude.

“What Mo transmits to the team is special,” Arteta told his post-game press conference. “He has this energy as a person.

“He goes in the room and he creates that atmosphere. Today I said that we needed that energy and that positive feeling that he brings all the time. I think he was tremendous.

“Obviously I played with him so I know his qualities and who he is as a person, and what he brings to the squad. I like players that have zero ego, who play for the team, who want to contribute regardless of what it is, whether that’s one minute or 96 minutes or just by being there and giving positive feedback all the time.

“He contributes to our culture and is a person who admired by everyone at the football club. And now I think his qualities he’s showing as a footballer, I always believed he had them.”

Arteta’s comments are very similar to those made by Arsene Wenger back in 2018.

Just weeks after he’d penned a new deal at the club, the Egyptian was performing well for the Gunners in the Europa League helping us through a tricky tie against CSKA Moscow.

“He a super-popular player and everybody inside the club loves him,” the Frenchman said at the time.

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That’s great but surely you need to be able to manage egos at the elite level? Would Arteta not like a Ronaldo in his squad?

The Kolkata Gooner

And the award for missing the point goes to…


No I get the point. Elneny played really well and I am super happy about that. But an elite team needs players with egos, surely? One or two mavericks, superstars. Or are we happy with a squad of Elnenys?


missed the point. Again

Granit(e) hard!

Tee hee hee hee!


Crikey! Can’t I agree with the broader point, but discuss a facet of it?


No room for nuance in these comment sections! Anything that appears to diverge from the party line gets piled upon.


You missed the point because Arteta did not say he is unable or unwilling to deal with egos. For some reason you are assuming he did.

Pete Plum

I thought the point was pretty obvious, Elneny being a great lad, humble, diligent good for the team spirit, Arteta likes him for his humility and most of us would agree if we knew him. I’ve always rated him since he joined us. I’m just bewildered by this thread as there are so many votes but I can’t see how jimbo missed the point..!?!

Pete Plum

I guess I missed it too?


Not every superstar seems to have the same ego problem. Passion, and a drive to succeed can come from places other than personal ego. No doubt the likes of Zlatan and CR7 channel theirs effectively, but I’ve never perceived Aubameyang, Bergkamp, Henry, or Messi, KDB, VanDjik, etc as carrying big egos, but all superstars.


You obviously forgot Henry’s death stares towards the end.

Public Elneny

And FC Barca basically existing as a vehicle to massage Messi’s ego these past 5 years

Non-flying dutchman

indeed the fella rocking up on car adverts talking about Je ne sais quoi and va va voom. God love the guy, but he definitely had an ego


Is that wholly due to the players, or does good management come into the equation at all?


If ego is directly proportional to their contribution, I am sure Arteta will oblige.

Ben EagerBeaver

Blessings bro.


You have issues with comprehension


You did English comprehension in school?


Believe it or not, I teach English. I get the point of the article, and I am really chuffed with Elneny’s reintegration, he played really well. I’m just concerned that Arteta, in saying ‘I like players who play for the team…’ is saying that he wouldn’t like a player like Alexis, for example, who was brilliant for us under Wenger as was a certain other international player. Not what you might call team players, always tracking back and making tackles in our half, but capable of moments of game changing brilliance. Yesterday’s was a brilliant result, hard fought and deserved.… Read more »


And that’s a hat-trick for Jimbo!

Artetas Assistant

Jimbo, taking a bit of a unpublished deep psyche approach to this but what we’ve got in Mikel is a hybrid of Wenger and Mou, though he’s coming from the Mou side.

So I have no doubt that he’ll match the Ronaldo for ego and communicate at that level or mollycoddle the Ozil ; if I didn’t think he was been disciplined for his years of back injuries (inferior attitude) and inferior fitness


You might have something there mate – with a bit of Pep thrown in for good measure. He’s in the infancy of his career as well – Ozil was a teammate wasn’t he? So he’s developing all the time.

I love hard working players but part of me loves the mavericks who hardly turn up for training but are great in the ninety minutes.

Gooner Sco

I think it’s possible to have the skill AND turn up for training, press with the team, and generally not be lazy? Maybe THAT’s the point that people our reading into this and why they’re not listening to your point. The fact that the EPL is so so ridiculously competitive and high level now that a top team cannot afford to have a player who doesn’t work for the team, because even the very top skilled players work their balls off (Salah, Mane, De Bruyne.. all top skilled players WITH the workrate, uncoincidentally playing for teams that are doing much… Read more »


I am just amazed you say that you understand and fully wrote three times and still failing to understand. He said he likes players with zero ego. He did not say he Hates players with egos. As he said he goes by who plays best in training… who shows commitment and who deserves a spot in the team that week. He is praising Elneny because of his personality and even mentioned he is a special character… that shows that he knows already most players have egos and isn’t fazed and there is not many players like Elneny in terms of… Read more »

santi's thigh grab

You need a diversity of players in technical quality, character, ambition, humility and ego. What Arteta is saying is he loves players with no ego who have all of the other things because dealing with an outsized ego can be a pain in the ass when they aren’t performing and they need to be benched ie. Ozil. So Elneny has little ego, is humble, works hard and is a nice guy who lifts the mood in a room. He’s a piece of the puzzle in building a balanced squad. He also compliments Partey better than Xhaka or Ceballos because he… Read more »


I completely agree. What I’m saying – alongside that – is that in saying ‘I like players with zero ego…’, the implicit assertion is this – ‘I don’t like players with big egos…’ and that’s where I have an issue. You might say that Ferguson had the biggest ego of all – he was ruthless after clashes with Beckham, van Nistel-twat – and he had quite a lot of success. We need players like Elneny, but also players that are capable of magic – and that often comes with – and demands – an excess of ego. An elite level… Read more »


Mate, pretty clearly the point is that you’re assuming an implicit statement that Arteta simply did not make. Me saying “I like going for a dip with no clothes on” doesn’t mean I also don’t enjoy a swim with trunks on when the situation calls for it.


Are you sure about that? He has gone to get lengths to explain what he likes about Elneny’s character. He has put it on record. That could easily be perceived as an indication of what he wants from his players.

The point Jimbo is making is valid, or even if you think it isn’t, it is interesting and worthy of debate. It’s a shame that these comment sections all too often turn into a tsunami of thumbs down at the slightest provocation. All too representative of the fan base generally unfortunately.


Imagine a discussion eh? Maybe I’m expecting too much. It’s funny that I’m thumbed down for ‘not getting the point’ when people aren’t getting the point I’m trying to make 🙂


Implicit statements are statements that are not made, mate.


Let it go mate. Enjoy the win. My Monday has rarely been this sweet. Where I’m from in South East Asia, United is almost like a cult. F*cking lovely day at the office I must say.


Doesn’t it feel good? Mike Dean with the whistle too! I wasn’t optimistic but blimey, it’s a goooood day 🙂

Teryima Adi

Mo Elneney was simply awesome tonight.

Naked Cygan

Yes, great performance. His work ethic is amazing. Glad we kept him.


not just the work ethic though. he is very tidy on the ball and good at keeping it moving quickly. very like arteta when he played with us.


Our thanks to Besiktas for looking after him so well for a year

Dave cee

What’s baffling is why Emery thought we didn’t need him at all. I’ve always liked Mo. Not flashy but you know that you’ll get consistent good performances from him and he won’t shirk a tackle or not be arsed to track back. Plus he is a decent size and strength

Jack but

To think he was almost sold at the summer


Said it elsewhere – There are basically two things Xhaka does better than Elneny – strength and passing range (the latter can be negated because Xhaka has no ability to turn a player so he cannot handle a press).

Mobility, ability to turn players, crisp passing, two-footed, work-rate, positioning, ability to defend in space, and did I mention mobility?

Mo makes Xhaka redundant. Elneny has not weaknesses. Partey has no weaknesses. There is nothing the opposition can specifically target with those two and that is a HUGE advantage.

I hope we have a lot Mo’-Parteys please!!


So those are the “things” that players do? That looks pretty subjective to me. Also most of them aren’t even “things”…Comparing players in that way doesn’t work at all.
I think Elneny is a beast and I’ve been saying that literally for years. So is Xhaka though. They are both key for us.

Dave cee

Two footed isn’t a thing? Pace isn’t a thing? Spatial awareness? You can see where I’m going with this. Xhaka has his uses but he is a limited and limiting player. Elneny doesn’t have major weaknesses that need covering up to the detriment of the team

David C

Not sure Xhaka is even that stronger than Mo. For me Xhaka is just too slow which causes him to take a lot of silly and cynical yellows.


To be fair to xhaka he has significantly cut down on the silly fouls and yellows since arteta arrived. Mo had a wonderful game. Long may it continue


xhaka is better at free kicks but that also is negated since we have willian to take care of it.

Kampala gooner 🤣

Ok thumbs up. Thought the partey punts were getting tired but that put a smile on my face




no player at arsenal who gave away the ball more than xaka… most of his passes are just wayward… I don’t know xakas strength upto now… he doesn’t tackle, not good in the air, not good passer, zero assist, he doesn’t shoot or score, he can’t mark..

he is one man who contribute to the fall of wenger and his arrival at arsenal Mark the start of the period when arsenal was probably at its worst in history…. as a manager putting your faith in players like xaka, KOLAŠINAC, BELLERINI, mustafi is suicidal

santi's thigh grab

Bellerini??? He is our assist leader, what are you smokin?

Gooner Sco

He was also our assist leader (by far) in Emery’s first year, before his big injury as well.. he took so much stick (and still does for some reason) from people unwilling or unable to understand how an injury like that affects a player, and how long it takes them to get back to their best.

Patrick Partey Wright Adams

Bellerin is a great player. I can’t understand a lot of the recent criticism. He is playing a role where he can’t always be in defence. Last time he was criticised for being out of position it totally due to Willian not tracking his man. We also overload the left to play Auba into the middle – this leaves us lighter on the right. How you put him in that list I don’t understand. He is far better than the other three.


This actually a great point.

‘ Elneny has not weaknesses. Partey has no weaknesses. There is nothing the opposition can specifically target with those two and that is a HUGE advantage.’


Made the same point upon Partey’s signings specifically because Scott was stating Partey is a bit meh (he definitely underrated many of Partey’s area) and was saying he is just a bit average. Partey is good across the board, boarderline elite in some areas, what I was saying was overall that makes him an elite player. After Elneny’s last strong start I said the same. “Elneny has no weaknesses and that is a strength”, but I got “he has no strengths” thrown back at me. He definitely has strengths (workrate/motor, positioning, crisp-passing/1-2s, pressing on both ends). I think these two… Read more »


I’d like to see a 4-2-3-1 with Partey and Mo at the center, Willian as number 10, Pepe right, Saka left and Auba up top.
As Willie is able to play on both wings he could constantly interchange with Saka and Pepe as I think both of them are better when they have the freedom to come inside more often. That would give us loads of creativity and unpredictability at the same time, in my opinion. Curious to see if Arteta will try it at some point. Really think this could work pretty well.


Yeah, I agree. I see Saka and Willian as very interchangeable between #10 and LW. And I like the balance between directness of AUba and Pepe against the technical qualities of Willian and Saka linking the lines and creating.

Patrick Partey Wright Adams

Like it, but I’m not sold on Willian. He is solid but not enough of a goal threat – I think we need to integrate Nelson more and for now I think Pepe is a greater threat for goals and assists… I hope to be proved wrong in the next few games! Come on Willie, do some damage!

Public Elneny

Personally I prefer Xhaka’s defensive work to Elneny’s, who can be pretty flimsy in the challenge and a bit slow to react/anticipate sometimes. I think Xhaka’s defensive positioning and awareness is pretty flawless these days (maybe a future as a CB?) But if Elneny continues to be more progressive with his passing, he has so much more ability on the ball, in addition to his pressing abilities. Should help us to actually gain control of midfields, which hasn’t happened very often these last couple of years. And with Partey alongside, hopefully we won’t need someone as defensive and rigid as… Read more »


Mostly I agree, Xhaka is a good defensive midfielder in a structured defensive system that sits deep and offers little in attack apart from long-balls. That is the Swiss system. That is what Arteta has run a lot of because we possess these limitations. But that is just it. It limits us – severly. When we try to control possession with Xhaka we are forced through the left channel we do it slow and then we are susceptible to the break and in those situations Xhaka is a BAD defensive midfielder. I also wouldn’t say Xhaka is flawless either even… Read more »

Public Elneny

Yeah maybe that’s about right. Xhaka is mostly fine in a defensive setup, but his lack of mobility and wardrobe-esque nature on the ball is exposed in a more open one. Seeing as we need to be more expansive in our play, then Partey + Elneny/Ceballos is the way forward Still don’t think Elneny has great defensive instincts when he’s forced to defend inside our own box, causing him to react slowly or do dodgy things (his toe redirecting the ball from Leno’s gloves into his face as an example). Xhaka on the other hand is so often the one… Read more »

Dave cee

Hallelujah, well put. Add in daft tackles because he can’t keep pace with attackers and clearly Xhaka is not a great defensive midfielder


I hope you never be a manager ever with that comment looool Xhaka CB? Looool and Xhaka defensive work rate better than Elneny? Wow

Ron Robertson

Surprisingly, the Mirror thought his performance only merited 6/10…. 🙄


The Mirror needs to take a long look at themselves…in a mirror!

(I’ll see myself out)

Cultured Determination

i mirror your comment. (wait up. i’m out too)


On reflection it was more like an 8.5.


8.5 years bad luck because the Mirror newspaper is broken

Johnny 4 Hats

I wish there were fans in the ground so they could’ve chanted “Shit Elneny, you’re just a shit Elneny” to Bruno “leaps like a shire horse, stings like a shire horse” Fernandez.

GG Gunners

Are you sure you are an Arsenal fan?

Crash Fistfight

I don’t know what’s difficult to get about a hypothetical chant stating that Bruno Fernandes is a shit version of Mohammed Elneny.

A Different George

Seriously, Fernandes is a good midfielder who was built by the Man United hype machine into Andres Iniesta or David Sllva. And Elneny and Partey completely negated him. I literally forgot he was on the pitch.


I think he paired very well with Partey. Compared to the last game against Leicester the midfield was far more energetic. Mo can press and handle being pressed as well unlike Xhaka. I wouldn’t mind adding Ceballos to the mix as I think he would only improve the situation. But Xhaka is too slow and static.


I think that Ceballos and Xhaka play to and enhance each others strengths the same way that Elneny and Partey complement each other. As a unit, each pair has a lot to offer. This is a very good thing for us.

Neil Bamford

I still rate Xhaka. I think he plays well as a cog but Mo has just stepped up the plate. The main difference between this performance and Leicester is playing 3 at the back. Yes, Mo and Partey have what looks like an excellent partnership but I think experimenting with 2 at the back should be done against the likes of Dundalk and not a rampant Leicester


We played a back 4 against Leicester mainly in the first half. That half was one of the better halves we have played in some time – we just got unlucky (scored a legit goal) and we were inefficient. But then in the second half we let them back into the game and got scared of their counters and drifted to a back 5 in the second half, which just played into their hands. Xhaka was a centre-half in the 2nd half. And low and behold that is exactly how we conceded – with a back 5 and Leicester targetting… Read more »

Giuseppe Hovno

Still can’t get over that Dundalk player being called McElneny. Wished they’d been able to face off for longer


McEleney, im afraid


I like players with no ego”… little shot at Ozil there?


Appears so…


I thought that. But also I think it’s genuinely how Arteta feels. The team before the individual is one of his non-negotiables.


Especially your latter point (which also helps explain the “controversial” signings of positive dressing room presences Willian and David Luiz, MA’s emphasis on Gabriel’s character at his signing, etc.) Arteta knows the best teams are usually comprised of selfless, hard-working players (like Arteta, himself).

The comment isn’t a shot at Ozil or Guendouzi; but it is one reason they no longer play for the club.


Was thinking exactly this. So subtle it cannot get a response without a certain someone looking like they have a massive ego and that they are massively problematic.

Arteta: I believe you’re in check Mr. Özil…

Greg in Seattle

Ceballos needs to take heed, also. The stopping the ball and showing exasperated body language when there’s no option is a bad look compared to the keep-it-ticking, keep making the defense adjust mode that Mo brings.

His quality with the 1-2 touches and always knowing his options is really an important part of our ball retention. I’m really impressed at how sophisticated he is looking in that role.


This! Dani believes he should be a Real Madrid player but you can’t just show up & expect to play. Put in the work, you’ll get the reward.


TBF, I am pretty sure putting in the work is exactly how Dani got himself back into the first team. He is a good player. It’s just that Mo is playing better than Ceballos right now. Mo has earned his spot.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

With games coming so frequently there are very few positions in this team for any playing having “a spot” in the “first team”. We will be seeing lots of both Elneny and Ceballos because this season is absolutely a “Squad” season.

santi's thigh grab

I’m not 100% with Ceballos. His constant need to spin and twirl with the ball at his feet can be disruptive to the movement of the ball. He has a lot of great technical abilities but I always return to the question, why doesn’t ZiZou rate him, what doesn’t he like about the player or his game? He’s been a good loanee for us when the midfield ship was sinking but I don’t want him long term. One of the things I’ve been thinking about lately is protecting the value of the squad, that the manager must be bullish on… Read more »

The Far Post

Or perhaps a love note to Guendouzi?


Matteo Guendouzi, I had completely forgotten about him.


Maybe, but he could also just be praising Elneny

Crash Fistfight

No, don’t you know that nowadays in order to praise someone (or something) you have to denigrate someone (or something) else?!?

It’s basic internet etiquette, fella.

Ben EagerBeaver

Guess that sums up Ozil’s situation.


and probably Guendouzi.

Tierneys tescobag

Elneny and Partey was having a blast! Worked well, great passing, good movements and constantly put pressure on Uniteds midfield. And with parteys ball-winning and Elnenys pressuring they set the tone for the rest of the team to follow! Loved watching this!👏


Delighted for Mo, he does seem to be a genuinely decent person who everyone seems to like at the club, he’s a credit to himself and to his family and now he’s getting the recognition he deserves for all the hard word he’s put in while on loan, what a shame a certain guy with a similar hairstyle playing in Berlin currently can’t learn from him?


Did anyone notice we now have the best defense in the based on goal conceded after 7 games…? We just have to work on getting more goals, which will come later. Like most other renowned coaches of the past have said, you don’t build a winning side without first dealing with your defense. I like that Arteta is building gradually from the back. His acquisitions prove he is smart. His team selection, particularly the use of Elneny, shows that he knows what he is doing. I see why the club is giving Arteta more responsibility. I think we should really… Read more »


Even more impressive given we’ve played at City, Liverpool and now Man United.


Even more impressive the 3 games you mentioned were away games too

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That’s what he said.

Artetas Assistant

Lost at Liverpool because they were more violent than we are currently ready to be , or were in that game.

Lost Man city for a reason I don’t remember but probably Lacazette

Lost Leicester to probably Lacazette

Mikels structure always evident in all games , needs some creative pixie dust (Martinelli has that ‘god-stuff’ and could be the link)

santi's thigh grab

Laca’s first touch, never a strength, has been absolutely brutal during this opening stretch of the season.

Artetas Assistant

It’s mostly his spirit for me


In his “On the Whistle,” James remarked that he got emotional watching Mo press furiously in the 92nd minute, and I felt the same way. If we watch football in part for the results, we also do so for the human narratives — to experience how players grow (or not) over time. It’s so nice to witness a great guy like Mo suddenly develop into an integral squad player, at worst, and perhaps a semi-regular starter.


Mentioned exactly this under the match report article! Interesting how a guy chasing after the ball seemed to tear up so many grown men, haha.


Mo’ has been doing this from the moment he arrived at Arsenal.
I recollect a game under Wenger (possibly Europe), he was chasing the ball in the 90th minute while the opposition players passed between themselves. He must have chased about 5 passes before he stopped running, and this was a game we had already won.
He might not be world-class, but his work-rate definitely is.


My favourite performance today was from Elneny. I’ve seen enough of Partey and Gabriel to know they are of a top, top calibre but to see a player who seemes surplus to requirements just a few months ago come back and dominate at Old Trafford like Mo did have me goose pimples.

Maybe all he needed was an all action quality player alongside him to get the best out of him. Very, very impressive.


I’m quite the Elneny sceptic but, fair fucks, he was immense tonight!


You shouldn’t be sceptic of his qualities, he’s very dependable even if most days he brings nothing “special”.


^^^ This. Think Henderson at Liverpoop. He does nothing flashy or special, but he’s integral to the team.


In the beginning I think Elneny struggled to adapt to the level at Arsenal and his confidence impacted his performances. Going on loan last year helped him realize that he can play, and now, with nothing to lose, he is leveraging that confidence to force his way into the team. I like what he brings, and anyone who says he only passes backwards is not really watching.

Artetas Assistant

Nah. Arsenal were shit and everybody looked shit

santi's thigh grab

This. Confidence is critical to how a player performs and the main role of the manager is to give the players cponfidence, belief they can wuin the game with a certain tactical plkan. Mo contributes to that belief in training and on the pitch. Selfless individual who plays for the team, the badge and the supporters. Always loved that Elneny dig at Alexis too when he was out the door and Chile had been knocked out of the world cup.

Kai Fai Chung

Chasing down the ball at 91 mins. The man has determination and stamina. He rarely gives the ball away either.

Der Kaiser

One of the things this team has needed is ball carriers to progress play and I was caught off guard by Elneny doing just that on a few occasions tonight. His dribbling to escape pressure really added something tonight.


Felt like he grew into the dribbling thing. One of the early jaunts felt a little wobbly. Then when he needed to go again, he was like, “I got this.”


Honestly, Elneny has truly proved me wrong. I thought he was out the door when he returned from his loan. I think his improvement is similar to what I saw with Martinez. I really appreciate his work and what he brings to the team. Bravo Mo!


Can someone post his match and season passing percentages? And if possible, compare them to league average? I’d love to see that.


Played: 3
Total Minutes: 283
Minutes per Match: 94
Passes: 179
Completed Passes: 171
Completed Pass %: 96%


96%. whew

The Arsenal

Feel chuffed for the guy..Even before when he was criticised myself included it was never about his commitment or love of the club. Think we realise now why Arteta gave no fucks about Guendouzi despite his talent.

santi's thigh grab

Best to have belief but no ego to be a high functioning member of the team. Guendouzi with his school yard taunt of, “I make more money than you” to Brighton demonstrated his ego and mouth which Arteta didn’t appreciate. All Guendouzi had to do was admidt he was wrong and apologize to the team. He refused and thus demonstrated he was more important than the team and was shipped. That’s what real leaders do, measure people on their character which translates into performance and fit within the team. Arteta does this every day with every player. It’s what leaders… Read more »


Arteta for PM?


Elneny & Gabriel ❤


Elneny LANS

Cultured Determination

yup he’s the kind of player that makes play tick. keeps his game simple. harries the opponent and infecting his teammates with energy and example. makes himself available in space to receive the pass. passes it accurately to the next team mate (sometimes forward). Every midfield 3 should have someone like that at the base.


Ive always been a fan of Mo he is imho a great Pro and very tidy with the ball. Very rarely has he let Arsenal down. Good character as well You need solid reliable players like this in the squad.I think when things werent going well people thought we needed an upgrade because he wasnt spectacular. Look at Liverpool they have Henderson & Milner both really good pros & important cogs in the Wheel/Machine solid but not spectacular players. Its down to others further forward to produce the magic & they are the best team in Europe. Players Like Mo… Read more »

Gudang Bedil

Mo of the same please


I loved watching our passion on the field, hunting back the balls and looking after each other! Mo had a great game, I think he’s become a mean machine. He looks like he has lost weight, more tenacious and his fitness was great. Being able to mo down the opposition for the full game was fantastic! The lack of ego helps players to grow and adapt because they don’t take things personally, instead they take notice of their mistakes and then work on them outwardly, showing their capability to adapt and at the same time remain positive and grateful of… Read more »


I think Mo brought a calmness playing out from the back that we rarely see. We saw it consistently today – guess it also helps that the players around him stepped up too. We looked like we had a plan, and we did it so well. His movement and availability was infectious. Look forward to seeing how this develops now.


What a performance from M elneny and I think bellerin was superb too there was no weakness in our team today.


elneny’s engine > ramsey’s enngine
and i love ramsey

Public Elneny

Yeah at least with Elneny you don’t have to replace his hamstrings every 500km

Granit(e) hard!

Every good team must have good squad players who can step in, do a job without much noticeable dip in overall quality or intencity of the collective 11 on the pitch and this where i think we are in the process under Arteta, few world class players, and the rest good players capable of putting in world class performance on their day, like Mo did, yesterday. I also believe all the players has improved massively under Arteta, including Xhaka that is being criticised by some. This is the squad we have till the next main transfer window at the end… Read more »


I like the conversation here
This is exactly what we have been lacking for some time as arsenal
#competition amongst players
Big thanks to mikel arteta


I just hope we’ll see more of Elneny and less of Xhaka who’s far to slow for the premiership. Elneny and Partey look the best central partnership we’ve got and if Ceballos plays then he can just in front of them. Shame Ozil is what he is


He had a good game, whether that’s a partnership with Partey we can build on remains to be seen, he gave a lot of energy in mid, stays on his feet and rarely gives a cheap free kick away, i think the shackles on his forward passing has been encouraged by Miki ,horses for courses opposition wise, Miki delivered.

Steve Morpurgo

Isn’t this whole thing really very simple?
Great teams and good teams are made up of a mixture of differing types of players. Some creative, some dependable workhorses, some defensive minded and the odd standout player. Mostly however, they sre made up of players who perform to a high level, week on week out.

Whatever the manager said/implied, it all leads to the same thing, without the correct blend, it’s difficult to be successful…

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