Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Arteta: ‘Unacceptable’ Pepe let the team down

Mikel Arteta was unimpressed by Nicolas Pepe after the Ivorian earned a straight red card for a headbutt on Leeds’ Ezgjan Alioski.

While the Gunners survived 40 minutes with 10 men to claim a point at Elland Road, the boss couldn’t hide his disappointment at the action of his winger and the failure to get back to winning ways.

Here’s what he had to say when he faced the Sky Sports cameras…

On the draw…

Considering how early we got Pepe sent off, we have to take it. I never like a draw but considering the circumstances, it’s a point.

On if there’s any excuse for Pepe’s red card…


On if his message to Pepe…

It’s unacceptable.

On trying to change the game with Saka and Nelson…

The first half there were two different periods. The first 25 to 30 minutes we were more dominant and created a lot of issues for them. Then the game breaked a little bit, we started to give balls away in difficult areas and not finishing actions which leads to them having space to break; and they are good at it. We suffered in those minutes. Then the second half, we were very early with ten men and it was a matter of defending well, staying patient and using the pace of our players and the spaces they were leaving.

On Saka having a good chance to score…

Yeah, it was the best chance in the game, I believe. The keeper did really well, he was very patient and on another day you could win the game. The reality is that they threatened our box a lot, they threw a lot of balls in there and we were lucky in certain moments.

On it taking Arsenal an hour to register a shot on target…

There were other shots, one hit the bar, others went close to that, it’s not a matter of just shots on target, it’s a matter of the opportunities that we created. In the first half, for a period, we were better, then they were better. In the second half with ten men, at the intensity that this game required when you play against them, it’s a big disadvantage.

On how his players handled the Leeds threat…

I really liked the personality of the team when Pepe let the team down; how we suffered together and stuck to what we had to do. I still believe we had a moment or two where we could win the game but obviously they made it really difficult.

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You have to say it looks like a long way back for Pepe now.

Hail Gus!

I think Willian has let us down more – and yet he still gets a start! 🤷🏼‍♂️


At least he’s not complaining about playing time, then getting a red in his chance to prove he deserves it

Hail Gus!

Willian doesn’t need to complain about not getting playing time – sort of my point. Pepe’s let down was heat of the moment hot headed stupidity. Willian is having a laugh every week collecting his ker-ching then makes a calculated decision to travel to Dubai cos he wants to ensure even more ker-ching! And knows he’ll still get a start 🤦🏼‍♂️


yeah you’re not wrong at all. I think what frustrates me most is that I do believe Pepe is a quality player and I really want him to prove that, but I just don’t think its working. Hopefully he hasnt dug the hole too deep with this




I agree, well said.

I think Pepe’s frustration is, in part, down to how things are going for him and the team at the moment.

And a large percentage of that is on the manager.


You right


Seems to me that Willian can do no wrong. He fucks off to Dubai while claiming he had “an image rights appointment” while the country is in lockdown. Really? Would be great if we could find a way to sack him for some sort of gross misconduct. The man is an absolute mercenary and is just here for the big bucks he is on.

Chippy Brady

I’ve never disliked an arsenal player as much as Willian. The fact he’s a chav and also a mercenary repulses me.


Chelsea reject


You’re right, when Willian is on the pitch, he looks like he categorically doesn’t give a fuck!

David C

How crap is Auba at holding the ball up too. I really miss what Giroud could do with almost any ball hit in his direction. Not sure Auba is better at CF, his skills are better suited out wide or maybe play him and Saka as a big man/wee man combo up top.


I’m guessing Arteta gave Pepe and Willian an earful at halftime, decided to take off Willian. Pepe I think was upset by it and reacted badly. Just a thought.

The Arsenal

Shows how weak minded he is.


Good. Being realistic, and taking everything into consideration, are Pepe and Willian really that much better than AMN and Nelson? Saka is already far better. Having Pepe, Willian and of course Ozil on super high wages is only dragging us down and delaying our rebuild.

Charles OJ

Nope. We should try them out until Martinelli comes back. Pepe should be shipped out in January.


Lol, good luck recruiting anything close to our investment or getting a replacement.


The problem is, Pepe is not worth anywhere close to our investment, and he never was.

The whole reason he cost as much as he did was Raul was trying to grease some palms – because that’s the only way he knows how to operate.


This is exactly why I really wished we paid the higher amount Palace wanted for Zaha instead of Pepe.
I think we need to play AMN in these tough games where the opposing team tends to get a bit physical. He goes in hard and still keeps his head. He might actually be a better pairing with Xhaka than Dani, and would still allow Willock to work his magic up front.


And Auba… and buying Mari and Soares. And prolonging Luiz.


anyone else think the head-butt was not a sending off? the other fella should have been booked for simulation

Arsene's Zip

No, it was clear as day a red. Can’t believe you’re even asking, tbh!

Yeah, the guy went down like he’d been shot, and the contact was minimal, but Pepe head butted him. Nailed on red.


It wasn’t a head-butt.
lets just get that out there, it wasnt a headbutt, therefore alioski did overreact to the contact.
HOWEVER, leaning your head into another players/staff/official is threatening behaviour and explicitly stated to be a red card.

zidane’s actual headbutt has less official legistslation against it and that is what is the worst thing.

IF pepe had been in the zidane zone and was defending his dying mothers name then fair play, deck the guy.
but if you are just being a little ‘femaledog’ then you deserve all the sanctions the club will throw at him.

Inflamed Pulis

You sound like a man with some experience with head-butting.


it would seem so, I don’t see what’s so wrong about my post.

despite how it may look I’ve actually only been involved in one head-butt scenario!

the guy was a good foot shorter than me and sliced his forehead open on my teeth.


Didn’t really seem like much to me. Not a head Butt. Don’t think you should be sent off for what is clearly a dude just pretending he is hurt.


It’s true, it’s just like when a striker gets any contact on him in the oppositions box, he’s going down like a sack of spuds. if some muppet (Pepe) gives you the shitest headbutt in the world history, you’re gonna milk it for all it’s worth to get him (correctly) sent off So Pepe should have at least nutted him properly. It’s gonna be the same outcome!


Agree, they both should have got yellows. Guy holding his face like he just got hit with a bat, shameful. No excuse for Pepe, let your game do the talking.


I bet it would have sounded different if his favvo had done the same. And I have nothing against Willian but the way he has played in a handful of games we could as well have been a man short.. Pepe deserves more game time… he had more than two goal wards shots (yes this is the low bar we can rate players on now). Thought Nelson looked interesting as well.

I don’t even think Willian is Arteta’s favourite, they didn’t even have a prior relationship before this summer. It’s just that he seems extremely determined to prove that he and Edu weren’t wrong in their recruitment Willian.

He will need to learn that as a manager, not all your signings will live to your expectations. It’s not a hill that he must die on


Luiz came straight back and did well so can Pepe


Arteta might lose the dressing room if he goes on like this. Pepe was stupid, no doubt, but the Leeds player also made a meal of it. Arteta makes no mention of that, chooses to focus on his player’s mistake. Not saying Pepe did not let the team down and that he does not deserve the manager’s wrath, just saying there is a more harmonious way of handling this matter especially in the public and I expect better from a manager in the same way I expect better from our players (i.e Pepe knowing better)


Yeah, he did, but so did you. This performance went well beyond a single player.


agreed. Pepe as we all now know is a scam for arsenal. But he is not the only one responsible for the absolute shit-housery playing style before his send-off.


Yeah that’s the crux of it. We were pure shit before Pepe went off. He was actually the only player with any attacking threat, though it still wasn’t much of one.

Bleeding gums murphy

He must have been watching a different game if he thinks we were dominant first 25 minutes


Pepe played well before he came to us. Weren’t we all excited when news of him arriving first broke?


got his excuse ready made and served- mustv been thanking his lucky stars,
we were dominated by a newly promoted team and save one attack on the break looked piss poor throughout..—time to own them comments regarding ozil–the next few games look tough

im not buying his excuses anymore


Well said! Pepe is gonna get a whole load of abuse for today. Some of it deserved. But that doesn’t excuse how poor we are as an attacking unit. Massive improvements needed.


Last season Arteta said going to Leeds is like going to dentist – well mate watching Arsenal play now is like getting colonoscopy done…..while being at the dentist undergoing a root canal!


I quite enjoyed my colonoscopy!

Baichung Bhutia

Wow. That is very pointed criticism of Pepe, but I thought he was ok before his sending off. Overall, I would still think it’s the right direction, with Pepe and Willock. If we add Saka and Partey to the starting line up, there could be potential..
William on the other hand can go back to Chelsea.


Not sure he’s left Chelsea tbf. But I agree re: Pepe. He was our only attacking hope before he got himself sent off idiotically.


willock was total pants today. completely off the pace. i don’t think he is the answer to any of our questions. our transfer and contracts business over past couple of windows is looking increasingly bad. i think we are a mile away from CL qualification at moment and not sure where any improvement is going to come from. pepe is a joke player. i have given him benefit of the doubt as much as i can. at this stage we would be lucky to get 15 or 20 million of the 70m we paid for him back.


I agree that Pepe was “OK”. But is this what you would expect from a £72m player? And how much are his wages? Very poor use of the transfer market. The Partey deal however gives me hope that we are fixing that


Don’t forget: Martinelli!
I really looking forward him to return…


martinelli is 19 years old and very raw. is that really where we are? hoping for a 19 year old with little or no experience to save us?


Saka’s doing it, and Martinelli is as good. It shouldn’t be the case, but they’re both better than many so called senior players on four times their salaries.


i’d be happy with that if we had cleared the big earners off the wage bill and did a proper rebuild but we chose to go a different way and brought in experienced players on big money to get us into the CL. unless something drastically changes, we are coming nowhere near top four and we’ll be in an even worse position next summer.

SB Still



He’s making the lad a scapegoat – a publicly too. Bad management.

As any decent manager will tell you – Praise in Public, Bollocking in Private.


he’s not a lad. he is 25 years old. what he did was idiotic and i don’t have a problem with arteta calling him out in public on that at all.


I used a figure of speech – and whilst you can’t condone that behaviour, to more or less single him out is a feeble excuse and the actions of a poor manager who is in grave danger of losing the dressing room.


he didn’t single him out. he was asked a question and said what pepe did was unacceptable, which it was. perfectly fair thing to do imho. about time we had a coach who was willing to put it up to the under-acheivers in the squad. i just wish we hadn’t blow all that money on a massive gamble like pepe and fat contracts for willian/partey/auba. there is no plan. they are making it up as they go along.


So we have a coach willing to put it up to the under achievers…?

If they are under achieving, guess whose fault it is…?

In your own time, mate…..

SB Still

I actually thought, we were better when down to 10 men.

We were so poor in the 1st half and Arteta has to look for some other excuse other than just pointing to Pepe’s silly act.



Charles OJ

Guys, we have no hope with Pepe!!! The only “positive” with the red card is that he’ll miss three games. That a positive.


Rubbish. The lad is one of the best players we have.

If he was played properly, in his proper position AND given a decent run in the side things would have been – and can be – different.

What we have is a manager who has repeatedly been playing his front line all out of position, continually finds a place for Willian, despite the fact that my missus could play better than him at the moment – and is now paying the price for dropping our best creative midfielder.

Simple as that.

As much I am losing my patience with Pepe, I agree that Arteta let himself fall into a trap too easily in this interview.

When Richarlison got a red in the Liverpool game, Ancelotti gave a very ambiguous response in his post match interview. Arteta is the complete opposite here.

Unlike Ancelotti and his player, I’m going to say Mikel probably isn’t too fond of Pepe and they don’t have a good relationship.


Well, it’s becoming increasingly apparent to me that anyone with a free spirit and a subsequent free flowing skill set is going to fall fowl of Arteta.

He makes George Graham look like Rinus Michels.


OK, but Leeds had 14 attempts on our goal in the first half alone. You can’t put that on Pepe, as poor as he was with the red card.

The Arsenal

No thats Xhaxa and Ceballos return to the team.


Arteta, playing the blame game out of desperation. Sure Pepe was daft, but we were shite before that. Out played, out fought and out thought by Leeds Utd. Right now Arsenal are no threat to any one in the Premier League and Arteta is out of his depth. It’s looking like the players have no idea how to attack and that is not good enough for the amount of money Arsenal have spent on forward players. That’s on Arteta and his process.


Before Pepe got sent off, one observation – he never seems to play passes in the final third, he just tries to go it alone and nearly always loses it or trips up over his own feet.


I think it’s a movement issue. There were several times in the first half where Willock carried the ball into the attacking third with Auba and Willian directly on top of him. He had to stop and play it backwards, killing the attack. Pepe starts from such an isolated position that by the time he’s in position to pass – and finds our players completely stagnant – he may as well have a pop.


Not a fan of calling players out publicly. What happened to those values?

AFC have most red cards since Arteta took over and we had the training ground leak this week (not for the first time). Think the leadership need to look at themselves on the broader topic of discipline.


You think its in poor form to criticize a player for headbutting an opponent and getting himself sent off? Really?


I think that criticism is fair. But accusing him of letting the team down when we were terrible before he went off? It’s not like he made things worse for us. If anything, his breaking Arteta’s system freed us up in attack for the last half hour. I don’t think it’s an accident we looked better after.


It’s exactly what he’s done though. No need to mince words.

You’ve got players out there running on fumes, against a fit and fresh side with the work ethic of Leeds, and you kneecap everyone’s efforts because you’ve got the hump. Fuck your feelings, you deserve to know you’ve fucked up.


I agree with you, but you have to laugh at it being called a head butting.


Massive difference between saying he made a mistake he shouldn’t and we’ll deal with it internally compared to he let the team down. Start airing your dirty laundry and it usually ends in tears

Obama Young

The red card let the team down. It was stupid and selfish and naive and pretty much killed any chance we had of winning.
What would be the point of pretending otherwise? Everyone already knows his stupid act let the team down. Pretending that up is down isn’t going to help anything.


You don’t criticise your own players publicly.

Not if you’re a manager who knows his worth and knows what he his doing.

I’m growing increasingly concerned as to whether or not Arteta actually does know what he is doing.


If a player does something so obviously stupid, there’s nothing wrong with saying it’s unacceptable. If he said nothing, people would complain he wasn’t holding them to account.


Agreed – you can’t condone that behaviour. But neither do you seemingly hide behind it when the reason the team are struggling goes much deeper than a misguided moment of madness from one player.


Whatever happened to “I did not see it.”?


What’s he meant to say? You get sent off for a headbutt movement when you know VAR is watching then you’re nothing but a prize fool.

It’s not like he was unlucky. Arteta backed Eddie when he got a red didn’t he?


eddie’s red was completely different – a total accident. this was just idiotic from pepe. he has loads of experience yet he got totally played by the leeds guy. i noticed in first half he put in a couple of really silly petulant fouls. he looked like he was in the mood for a sending off today. not a happy bunny at the moment.


Not to be inhuman but I don’t care about how Pepe’s feeling. Understandable if he’s unhappy with his current situation at the club, and only him and his God knows his happiness with life in general, but that’s just not on.

If you’re going to vent your frustrations on the pitch you channel then channel it into a good performance and make a statement that way. Nobodies got time for stroppy hissy fits and handbags.


Arteta did the same against us


Wenger never did it, Bruce Ricoh never did it, George Graham never did it, Don Howe never did it, Terry Neil never did it and Bertie Mee never did it.

It’s not The Arsenal Way – but then, not a lot going on these days at Arsenal Football Club is…..


jesus. you live in some kind of fantasy glorious arsenal past that never actually existed. did you vote for brexit too?


Well done. Congratulations.

That is the single most moronic comment I have ever read on this page.

Never actually existed? Look at the Invincibles. Henry. Pires. Bergkamp. Look at Anfield ‘89. Adams. Rocastle. Thomas. Look at Alan Sunderland and Charlie George’s Cup Final winning goals. Check out the score lines for the matches that were played in the 1930’s.

It only ‘never existed’ in your head, pal.



Patrik Partey

Let’s face it Pepe did something unacceptably stupid, but it’s way beyond just him getting sent off. Up until then he was actually the attacker that threatened most. Otherwise… We are disjointed and the final pass/through ball and the communication between the midfield and the attackers is just hopeless!! It’s so sad to see Arsenal play like this, even though defensively we are better. Also… Why did Willock get taken off?? I feel sorry for him… I guess Willian was withdrawn early due to jet lag after his jolly to Dubai 🙂

Naked Cygan

I think the post and crossbar were our best players.


This is the angriest I’ve seen Arteta at a specific player. I was really hoping we come away with an overdue big performance from either Pepe or Willian, but instead I’m glad I won’t have to see the former for some time, and hope I don’t see the latter again ever. Neither deserves to wear our shirts. If Saka’s injury is longer term, then suffice to say this season is well and truly done with.


We’re a hard team to beat. I reckon the Mickey Mouse Cup is ours this season.


If UK regulations require 1-2 weeks quarantine for people coming from Dubai, we could’ve won the game too!


This season was over when he omitted Mesut Ozil from the Premiership Squad.

As for Pepe, you give praise in public and bollockings in private.

Arteta’s behaviour smacks of desperation for a scapegoat. You do not publicly slag off your own players. Bad management.


Never mention The One We Don’t Mention here, mate…


🤣 Yep.

Nothing like a few home truths to have the Ozil Haters wetting the bed.

Frank Bascombe

Alright to slag off your manager every chance you get though eh?


On the contrary.

I was one of those who ridiculed the idiots calling for Arteta’s head.

But the guy is not beyond criticism.


Just how bad/how much of an ex-player would he need to be for his online troopers to get out of the trenches and yield, like he himself has done time ago.


We spent £72 million on a paperweight which is disrespectful to paperweights because they actually have some use whereas Pepe has none. I don’t wanna hear any Arsenal fan complaining that Pepe isn’t in the starting lineup anymore. He’s fucking shit. Martinelli (when he returns), Nelson, Saka, hell even Balogun should be above him in the pecking order. Just admit he’s a flop and we wasted the money and move the fuck on Pepe fanboys. Sell this fraud in January


Brave call, but after tonight I agree with you 60%.

Charles OJ

Pepe plays crap game after game and you’ll see “fans” saying he had a great game and I’m left wondering if we all watched the same game. The sooner we sell him , the better. I’m happy he’s missing the next three games and hopefully the rest of the season.


Leeds should have won with or without the Pepe incident because our team plays like trash. Arteta has got to get his head out of his ass.


He’s had 18 months with us now and I’m reaching the end of my patience with him settling in.

Headbutting another player? What the fuck kind of level is that???


12 months of MA…

Charles OJ

I believe he’s done. After the three games suspension, I won’t be surprised if we stop seeing his name on the team sheet. We gotta sell asap.


A stupid thing to do, but I wouldn’t single out the lad as the reason why we’re continuing to struggle.

Your whole team, Arteta, is, quite frankly, utter shite at the moment – and it’s on your head to put things right.


True, but it’s another sign – along with various “incidents” off the pitch recently – that the pressure is building. I’m not saying that successful teams don’t have the odd red card, of course they do, but we’ve got disciplinary problems (of varying degrees) all over the place.

Arteta is up against something here that he’s had no previous experience of simply because he’s had no previous experience of being a manager anywhere else. How’s he going to handle it? Who knows – none of us do. Does he, though? I hope so.


I think the refs have some agenda against us. How was that clear handball not a penalty? I bet the other ‘Big Six’ teams would’ve been given because I’ve seen way cheaper penalties given to them. VAR is crap and so are the people running it!

They revised the handball regulations after the complaints at the start of the season.

Had this happened in September, there would be a bigger chance if it being given.

Stan Adams

Afc lucky to get a draw,Pepe was niggled at all game but no excuses what he did was crazy.
Arteta will come down on him and i hope he reacts well he is very talented in a good team he good be outstanding.
Hard to know where Afc are right now.


When has Pepe been good?


Well, Dani was good in his first match for us last season and people were hyping him up, even though his next good match only came many months later.

Heavy Gunner

Anyone know why KT was so pissed off after full time? Maybe something to do with the sending off?


Probably the reaction of the player after the headbutt holding his blood soaked face. However if it turned out some racial slur was thrown at Pepe then maybe that’s what KT felt so aggrieved. Either way he’s our Braveheart and to quote him. I know you can fight. But it’s our wits that make us men.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Looked like he was having a go at Alioski so it’s fair to assume it was to do with the sending off.

Naked Cygan

Why did we not get a penalty????? Man utd get away from giving away a clear penalty, then they get to take 2 penalties. Am I the only one who thinks ppl running VAR are man utd and sp*rs fans?


Well, if willian gets to play after being awful all season and after breaking protocols going to Dubai, pepe should be back.

Pepe made a mistake. It happens.

Bigger concern is that pepe just isn’t very good.

Ozil dropped. Matteo sent away. Pepe terrible. Ceballas getting in scraps. Willian jetting around on breaks. Maitland niles benched last season for a quote in the paper. The team flat and sluggish.

Players are average but at some point the manager needs to take a share of the blame.


A share?

Make that the fucking Lion’s Share.


Arteta, mate, your coaching and selections are unacceptable. You wanted Willian! He’s a disaster class and we have 3 more years of it. Our passing is slow, underweighted and (other than Saka’s) too often behind the runner. This team plays as if they’ve just formed a pickup game off the street. No one knows where his teammates are on defense but especially with the ball. We sat in a low block, SIX across the back, when it was 11 v 11 against a just promoted side. We don’t press. We’re starting an incredibly slow and unathletic 11. Sure we have… Read more »


He’s reaping the ‘rewards’ of signing Willian and omitting Ozil.

Can’t say I have an awful lot of sympathy for him.


This legohair is so out of his depth. Pepe woke up the shitty team that was sleeping for 50 odd minutes before the red card. Defeat looked invitable, now Arteta has Pepe as his scapegoat, but this is utterly shite. Arteta tries to make his players play like machines, but human mind doesnt work that way. You nedd support, freedom and all that and ut builds positive atmosphere, which feeds confidence and team spirit. Didnt see any of that today though.


“out if his depth”. 💯 Agree with that.

Patrik Partey

Pepe is wrong & this was unacceptable … however signing Willian was terrible mismanagement that has affected Pepe. I’m not defending this stupidity today, but Arteta is to blame for his stalling Arsenal career. Just when he was improving at the end of project-restart and during the FA Cup he gets shown no faith at all by this manager! Today Arteta is using Pepe as a scapegoat as he continues to fail miserably in my opinion. Arteta is out of his depth!!


Did i watch a different match to everyone else? leeds arent a relegation threatened, one trick pony lazy championship club. they are a well oiled machine being managed by one of the top 20 tactician managers of all time. for a team coming in off an international break, thats missing starting players, playing a relatively new system, I think we were doing ok. nothing amazing to write home about but things were clicking here and there. the first half alone made it look like we were absorbing pressure with relative ease and were looking quite dangerous on the counter. Pepe… Read more »


You’re watching a different game.

You are correct Leeds are well oiled with far humbler assets but with an innovative forward thinking Bielsa.

We were second best first half.

They had two shots (off target) we had zero.


I didn’t say we were the better side santori. I think we were executing artetas gameplan fairly well but not enough to be effective. given time I think we could have built that cohesion and have a way of playing that suits 80% of the fixtures we would face in the future, only having to adapt for the likes of the liverpools or bayerns. However all this was chucked out the window once pepe saw red. It takes him off the table, then risking saka has taken saka off the table and no one wants willian in the room let… Read more »


First half was ok from the intentions of going forward viewpoint. I think the tactical exhibition match you mention started midway through the first half. I they had a Watkins this would have been painful.

Turan Yilmazgul

With this interview… he has thrown 72 million in the drain as with the 18 million.
Total 90 million of AFC money, just because he has won the FA Cup !!!
Urgently : AFC board I would rather loose 2/3 million Coach than 90 million worth of players…


We’ve wasted huge sums. 72m for pepe then 27m for Saliba we don’t even play. Ozil is on huge salary but not even on the bench for limited use. Willian on huge salary for 3 seasons looks tepid and certainly not the flexible player Edu prefers to tout his compatriot as. Auba given huge salary boost and drawing nought no matter from left or up top. (should have sold him and brought in Odsonne Edoard) We have dicked around with risk on a rookie manager who enjoyed protection under the shadow of Pep at City but is still on harsh… Read more »


I agree with all of this, added to it the Mhki scenario and others such as pablo mari and cedric and we have wasted a squads worth of money.

this is all in hindsight though.

in hindsight we have an amazing academy to produce the likes of saka, unearthed a world class player in martinelli, pipped world football to the signing of Gabriel M and probably should have moved out of highbury at a later date.

Hindsight is 20/20 vision though, and look how well 2020 is going so far.


The thing that gets me is if you decide I’m gonna head butt someone why not just do it properly 🤷🏻‍♂️


Two wrongs don’t make a right, but I agree.

When Charlie George, Peter Storey, Willie Young and Steve Williams made up their minds – that was it. Vieira was the same.

If you’re going to give it the big one – especially in an Arsenal shirt – then fucking do it properly!

L😂L any player that does a proper headbutt in a match is getting more than a 3 game suspension. They would be looking at a Cantona style ban

Massive Goon

Don’t like the way Arteta has thrown Pepe under the bus there. We were poor before the sending off to try and insinuate the result is Pepe’s fault, even though the card didn’t help, isn’t really on. Also in the lead up to the headbutt both players were scrapping and pushing and throwing arms, the ref should have given them both a yellow then to calm down you could see where it was heading. Schoolboy error from Pepe to allow himself to be drawn into that…but at least someone on the pitch is showing some kind of fight. Looking forward… Read more »


Losing the dressing room?


Not yet.

But he needs to get a grip – and fast.


What about the Handball we were denied a chance to score?


To me it was a penalty.


Pepe was actually one of the better players first half which isn’t saying much. The elephant in the room of course being Auba up top came up with nothing. But most will prefer to conveniently shift the goalpost and say he lacked service….at this level, you make the service happen for yourself much like TH14 and Giroud. Mistake to play Willian left side. When he was signed, edu and company made all sorts of noise that he was a flexible player but in reality, I’ve only ever seen him play well Rwing with Chelsea. He’s not even a budget Aouar.… Read more »


Arteta needs to walk away we have been a poor side for years now but we could always score goals now we’re lucky if we get a sniff of goal I don’t see what arteta has done to improve us other than keep players who are a waste of time xhaka should have never played another game Mustafa I mean honestly we have a great young lad saliba and he can’t get in a transition season lmao look at Liverpool they gave there lads a chance start giving our lads a chance or leave the club


Pepe did something dumb, stupid.
But he should not be the Scapegoat for our poor collective performance. Even in the first period, we were not good at all, and actually he was not the worst player on the field.
So yes, there will be consequences for Pépé.
But others (Willian, Xhaka, Auba, Arteta…) should also take responsabilities for this result (and the previous ones)

Bendtner was actually quite good

I don’t expect a lot of love for this comment, but here’s my thoughts: Yes Pepe has been severely disappointing this season but despite the subpar performances he still manages to provide some semblance of teeth to this blunt arsenal attack. He’s clearly a confidence player and I thought before the sending off he was much better than usual. Actually wanted to take players on, and he even did some good dirty work with winning a few headers and tackles. Obviously the getting sent off was stupidity but many players have done it. They are human, they have emotions that… Read more »

Cranky Colin

Cool your jets people.
Arteta hasn’t helped the Pepe situation…… but he nearly got the formation right when he replaced wil💰💰ian with nelson.
It’s painfully slow but we’re getting there.
Pepe will be brilliant when he comes back….. frankly I like a guy who gets hacked off with little pricks like that


Painfully slow.



Concerning to hear Arteta say we were dominating in the first 30 minutes. If that’s what is called “dominating” against a just-promoted team…


So, we going to see Tierney frozen out of the team again?


Arteta working through issues, learning at the same time. I am somewhat less sure of him but still a believer. Arsenal fans working through transitions. I become more and more convinced the fans are the bigger issue. Ceballos is a fighter.


It is a disgrace that we paid 72 million for Pepe. He may be a good player (just may) but you don’t pay 72 fucking million for a player that sometime in future may come good. Also, you don’t buy a wasted tire if you want to fly on a highway (Willian). And if we can forgive our club these kind of mistakes, then I personally can’t forgive Arteta for playing Willian and Pepe when we have more composed alternatives for that (Saka, Nelson, Maitland-Niles). Better to flame those three cause that’s the future of the team. They are and… Read more »

The Arsenal

What i find more shocking than Pepe’s mediocre performances is the fact that he is still our most productive wide player. Its fucking scary. Nelson aka mr energy but no numbers. Willian is just useless. Like painfully eyesoringly useless. The team is pissing me off at the moment like no other time in my life. We are the poorest side in the league. I watched Fulham and Sheffield utd today they both lost and are shit but showed much better football than we are right now. We have the worst Centre mids and wide players in the prem.

Sean C

Strongly behind coach… We will overcome this patches


You know what’s unacceptable? A player telling his team’s fans to fuck off. That’s unacceptable. This was unnecessary, but it’s not like Pepe acts like this every week. The guy got a red, he didn’t argue, he knew what he’d done. He;s gonna sit three games out, that’s pretty bad. Talk it through, make sure he understands what he did (I’m sure he does), move on.

I’ll take Pepe lashing out once in his life over Willian not trying every game.

Haha true, Xhaka’s reaction and lack of a concrete apology was unacceptable. The online abuse he received from some AFC yobs was uncalled for too.

I’m guessing Xhaka was pretty happy to be speaking with a fellow Albanian speaker (Alioski) though I would like to see more competitive spirit from the guy. Complete opposite from Tierney’s post match reaction.

Arteta (rather callously) made it clear he and Pepe don’t have a good relationship. At this point I don’t really know what’s next for Pépé.

KC Yeo

It was a bad day for Pepe.
He was trying tom impress both his former and current boss,
but Alioski didn’t make it easy for him. Unfortunately he show
dumb side of him.


This clearly is a paper tiger team

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