Thursday, March 30, 2023

Arsenal 0-1 Burnley – player ratings

ARsenal missed chances, then paid the price when King of the Idiots, Granit Xhaka, got himself sent off for no good reason.

A Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang OWN goal gave Burnley the points, how 2020 is that?

The problems mount for Mikel Arteta, and for the club which has lost four successive home games for the first time since 1953.

We’re in real trouble, folks.

Read the Arsenal 0-1 Burnley match report and see the goals here

Arsenal 0-1 Burnley – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Bernd Leno. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Hail Gus!

arteta really should exit now and leave






A penny for Mesut Ozil’s thoughts. Actually 350k/wk to post them on Twitter.

Hail Gus!

The truth is there for those that have eyes to see. Arteta Really Should Exit Now And Leave 😉


Over the years, we have seen other teams and mangers go into a free fall culminating in sacking of the Manager. I guess it is our turn now. Sacking Arteta may stop the free fall and allow us to return to midtable Europa League position. However, with the squad we have, we are million miles away from competing for top four places. As a club we are in complete shambles- we are never going to get the level of investment comparable to our top 4 rivals to completely rebuild the squad. We also do not have an effective administrative structure… Read more »


Where we are today is a result of years of mismanagement, I would say starting from the failure to invest in the squad in 2015, thereby losing the title and also the faith in Wenger. Raul Sanlehi era was a complete disaster with valuable resources spent on recruiting players way above their market value and making his friends/contacts rich.


Arteta, along with his boss Edu and his own coaching staffs, had made multiple bad decisions that contributed to the downfall: Sold Martinez and replaced him with that Iceland chap. This reduces the squad quality significantly, while also wasted a non homegrown quota. Recruited Cedric, which is half decent, but took another non homegrown quota. Also committed around £16 million? Recruited Willian, which is sadly shit, and took yet another non homegrown quota. Also committed around £35 million. Let around £20 million of salary payment go to waste, as there’s no more quota for Ozil and Sokratis. And those are… Read more »


Haha, nice!




I don’t really think getting rid of Arteta will fix the problems. This club is a fucking mess. Can them owners just sell and fuck off now!

Johnny 4 Hats

Arteta may not be the only problem. But he’s the one we can fix now.

I know there’s more to this. But this team isn’t this bad. They aren’t great. But they aren’t this bad.

A lot of clubs have owners they dislike. But they still perform well so it’s all forgotten until they stop performing.


I believe this team is THIS bad. I mean we practically in need of a whole new midfield at least, to stand any chance this season.


He’s manager remember, not head coach. Sack arteta and it’s not like sacking emery… we gave him the keys and it won’t fix the problems bringing someone in mid season without any structure in place who may or may not want the players arteta bought and the ones idenitifed for january. We’ve fucked it.


Also does the club have the funds to pay off Arteta and hire a whole new manager+his coaching team? I questioned Arteta’s appointment in the first place. It was a risk heavy cheap gamble. Brilliant if it’d worked but it’s was against many odds. Why would the club opt for that option? Now do we trust the same people to get the next appointment right? All boils down to what are the Kronkes doing with the club? You need to run it well for it to be the cash cow it can be. Yet everything seems half assed. Executive level… Read more »


Every intelligent and half-intelligent pundit, former player, current player, and executive all back Arteta, but recognize that with his youth and inexperience, and the problems he inherited at Arsenal, that he needs support. We aren’t made of money like some of our rivals, so the best support he can get is time — he proved that he can beat the best (Pep and Klopp) and win a trophy, and he deserves a chance to turn things around.

It must absolutely kill Arteta to have rehabilitated Xhaka and made him integral to the squad again, only to be repaid like this.


Don’t make it sound like Arteta is so innocent and blameless.


He isn’t, but isn’t the root source of all of your problems either.

Cultured Determination

Not the root cause but a huge factor in the cause- because he picks the players. Xhaka.. willian.. bellerin… ceballos..

which other senior options he has who had proved themselves in PL under 18s, Under 15s?

Cultured Determination

Yup. He plays favourtism and is naive. 1) why did he leave out saliba instead of chambers/ mari when they were both injured. Mari just came back. Chambers is not ready. Transfer window opens in 2 weeks, where we can re-register players. 2) willian playing holiday football like he’s in china or MLS, does shit and gets picked every single time. 3) xhaka screwed the fans (we the customers of thd club) and gets picked every game- does shit. No goals, no asist, no mobility, cant track back, can play key passes. Can get red card. Can put hand on… Read more »


The problems he inherited won a couple of trophies and most of us said a solution has arrived. He should have managed to cope a bit further.


Yup I reckon he’s a good coach/manager. But it was still a big risk to gamble with his appointment especially with all the problems on and off the pitch that he’s inherited excluding the pandemic of course.

But I don’t like his player management. It’s almost like he’s trying not to use players bought under Unai’s term with Ozil being the exception. Martinelli (pre injury), Guendouzi, Torreira, Papa, Pepe


Comment of the thread mate. As regards the below remark about him being ‘innocent and blameless’, that may also be true – but this I know: He is a highly ethical individual. He loves this club. He is no doubt 100% committed and trying his best. Yes, he seems to have myopia when it comes repeatedly playing Free-WIlly and Xhit-Showka, but he’s also done some good for a club that endured: the declining Wenger years; absentee (and ignorant) owners who appointed a complete con-artist at the top; all the player-management cock-ups that accompanied said con-artist at the top the unmitigated… Read more »

Matt P

Totally agree. We all know the squad needs significant improvement but the personnel are not as bad as the results suggest.
I for one am not expecting us to be top 2 or even top 4 – but we should be top 6.
Not good enough, even allowing for the lack of player quality.


Perhaps this is a ploy to get rid of the Americans… Get relegated income falls through the floor etc etc.. Let hope we don’t have to drop to the conference to achieve this


Arteta needs to learn from LAMPARD. he looked at his squad he identified Luiz as a liability got rid immediately. promoted youth. the following year he identified Willian and a passenger GOT rid. Bought some really expensive players and mixed them with youth and they’re flying. Arteta said he’ll be ruthless. I haven’t seen any of that ruthlessness and the times he’s been ruthless he has been ruthless to the wrong players. Example SALIBA. OZIL Guendouzi. I agree with him with the Guendouzi decision but SALIBAS decision is shocking OZIL decision is shocking even though I understand it but it… Read more »


Except Luiz has been quite good for us and Chelsea wanted to keep Willian


Plus Abramovic is the one spending all the money. We don’t have somebody like him.


Also we need to find a stupid buyer for our deadwood. Chelsea had us play that role…


Yeah they wanted to keep willian, on a one year contract for half the salary. As a squad player. Like as a sub most the time. And we went and did the opposite. Nice.
Luiz is fine. Hes got great hair and ill leave it at that


2 year contract, but yeah not as first choice


Feel your frustration as a fan (and your certainly not the only one) but have some introspection here. Yeah lampard was able to shift dead wood -> because he is playing with oligarch money. Ditch one ultra expensive goal keeper for another -> in an offseason where you already bought a bunch. I just dont see any link in the two situations (beyond both Lampard and Arteta being young & former players). As for the ruthless point; i think your right in principle-> Arsenal should be more ruthless—but i just dont like it when we translate this into “Arteta is… Read more »

Cultured Determination

You misunderstand his non negotiables. They are- to start xhaka and willian in every game.
Trust the process- mustafi is not playing. Thats a first step.
We will need another 3 seasons to drop willian and xhaka.
That’s thr non negotiable process from what ive observed so far.


Good coach, rookie manager, awful players, perfect storm.


Hi @dave Poetic and succint. Feel a bit more zen just from reading it, and feel like wewould all be in a better mental state if we could channel these 3 pillars. Good coach: would even extend this beyond Arteta. No evidence for it—but pretty sure on a individual staff level we have some of the best fitness/nutritionist/team doctors in prem. “excellent training facilities” per fm Rookie Manage(ment) – importance of “management” really evident here; no good having excellent departments (scouting/academy/first team recruitment) if you dont have a good management coordinating it all. As pointed out on Arsevision—> our loan… Read more »


Work rephrase that.
Xhaka should leave
And Arteta cannot make that happen, then he should leave


113 toxic knee jerk fans.


Fecking shite. Fingers crossed for Southampton and a “slight” team shakeup

Hank Scorpio

Cheer up. At least we know Willian will be in the side again

Cultured Determination

Along with ceballos now that xhaka is suspended. Our CM must consist of 1 whoever + 1 snail.

Runcorn Gooner

Well at least 2 definitely out. Just hope Arteta can see a light as a result and get some positively into the team so that the 2000 on Wednesday can start cheering again.

Cultured Determination

The 2000 pitiful people should be refunded and given free eye care, counselling and cardio check up.


See if they will leave Hassanhuttl behind when they leave with the points

Woe is me

0 for Gabriel is an error I’m assuming, can’t argue with the rest at all. Genuinely worried now. This is free fall


Before the red card another extremely underwhelming performance from Willian. Now that Pepe is available again he better start on Wednesday


I bet Willian gets to start again


You’re not wrong.
Booooo for being right.

Cultured Determination

Yup. Willian will start. That is non negotiable.

A Different George

I thought Willian was much more motivated and energetic than in recent games. But he was still shit, which might be even more worrying.


Ah, Xhaka. You did it. In a game with Willian, you somehow came out worse.

The Arsenal

Xhaxa continues to set groundbreaking milestones while he is here.


Xhaka did nothing for the team. He side and back pass most of the time.
He doesn’t contribute going forward and is very slow by EPL standard.
You can be sure he will over react in a messy situation.
To me, he is a liability and best that we part company.

Anders Limpar

We tried experience with Emery which was the right thing to do. When he didn’t work we shouldn’t have written of experienced managers altogether as an option. Poor Mikel is out of his depth, It’s not his fault but it is a fact whether we like it or not, 99/100 rookies would also be fucked right now.


Arteta as a coach, I liked. Within a modern structure and able to focus on coaching. Instead we seem to have decided that whilst we made sure an experienced and proven coach in Emery had as little authority as possible we gave Wenger’s old job to a rookie who’s main qualification was that he worked with pep and was a decent enough player for us. It’s insane.


How do you even feel sorry for someone who keeps selecting these players week in week out yet they keep letting the team down?non-negotiables only apply to certain players….this is draining.


Can’t wait for the day Borges will contest China… but maybe it won’t even be enough to get sacked.


Maybe he can get some dictator who invents a coup to get rid of political rivals to be his best man

A Different George

The guy is certainly a dictator, and quite vicious, but the coup attempt was real. Planes bombing the city, army tanks on the move, the real thing. By the way, half the Brazilian players around support Bolsinaro who, apart from being a fascist, also burns down the rainforest. (I don’t know if Luiz and Gabriel are among them.) Dani Ceballos has said things that sound a lot like he misses Franco. Luckily, none of them have criticised China.

The Arsenal

Sympathy went out of the window with that line up.

Cultured Determination

It’s like we pity the colleague who is always late for work, but he takes the same bus at the same time. Every. Single. Day. ( btw i heard the bus driver is a swiss fraud)


This is probably the worst Burnley team since they were promoted and they can still manage to beat Arsenal at The Emirates. Xhaka should never play for Arsenal again and we’ve known that for some time, although I don’t think we would have won if he had stayed on the pitch. That’s just how bad Arsenal are at the moment. It breaks my heart, it really does. I’m not even angry anymore, I only feel sadness and loss.


We were on top until that moment, which is absolutely infuriating.

Guns Up

Yep, just starting to apply serious pressure, felt like the breakthrough was inevitable (for the first time in forever in PL), then Xhaka. But I agree with Torterrier that this surely must be the last we see of Xhaka in an Arsenal jersey.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Problem is I doubt it will be. He has put his faith in him despite poor performances and he will do it again.

Fred Merz

Same. Wrote something similar on Reddit earlier: At this point I just don’t know why I bother. Not only because we’re dire, but because since the club became a Kroenke investment vehicle, I feel like I’m expending mental energy and precious minutes of my life watching/following an institution that’s only discernible purpose at the moment is to be a Kroenke investment vehicle (not blaming our entire situation on that). I’m in my early forties and have spent a not insignificant part of my life supporting Arsenal with all that entails. Even during the darkest periods there was always sense that… Read more »


What an amazingly beautiful and true text. Thank you!


Surely that helpless xhaka or whatever he’s name is wont b aloud put on the shirt of this once great club again this time??
And much as I had thought and hoped arteta would succeed, this is the most putrid shite iv seen n 30 years as a goon

Anders Limpar

That’s what I thought when he stormed of the pitch a year ago, swearing at the loyal support and ripping his shirt off!

That cunt should never ever wear The Arsenal shirt again.


Xhaka is basically the Scorpion riding on the back of Arsenal’s Frog. He can’t help what he is, there’s no point trying to change him or “get the best out of him”. It’s simply time to go.

Anders Limpar

And that is the problem. The bloke is a professional. He’s bad at his job but he still believe in himself, and good for him.

We need someone in the club to.have more will than him and say no. Enough.

I thought MA was that guy. He seems to have gone about it terribly.


By far the best analogy of Xhaka I’ve yet seen. I never forgave him for the fuck-you to the fans. This is a far more rational explanation.


I’m delighted that Bellerin and Xhaka will miss the next game. Two garbage players who we have had to watch week in week out for the last 4 years. Cedric is a meme and while I hate the deal, he’s a better footballer than Bellerin. People overlook Bellerin’s total lack of ability because he’s a trendy cosmopolitan libtard with the correct opinions. There’s nothing more to say about the fool Xhaka, other than I never want to see him again. Just give the games to Azeez or AMN, this season is over anyway. By the way, remember Guendouzi..? I’d keep… Read more »

The Arsenal

Bellerin plants trees.


Not really. He vouched to plant when Arsenal win.

The Arsenal



And takes throw ins like a plank.

Social Assassin

Feel free to join them. Your underthought vitriol is an unwelcome sight time and again.


As if you actually just used the word libtard as an adult

David Hilliers Arm Cast

I think Bellerin is a real asset going forward but defensively he is not very good at all. As far as the libtard stuff, if it doesn’t affect his football I don’t care.

John C

The problem is it does effect his football, since becoming a vegan (on ethical grounds) he’s visibly lost both weight and strength

Scott P

Stopped reading at “libtard”.



“trendy cosmopolitan libtard with the correct opinions”

It appears he is but he’s also a young bloke who comes across as earnest and good natured. We should try not to let peoples personal convictions get mixed up with what they do on the pitch.

I don’t like it when I see lefties use moral panic to decide whether a player is Arsenal material or not but neither do I appreciate a loyal servant of the club like Hector being written off for the reasons you’ve just given.


The fact this has 104 dislikes is part of the reason why we are were we are.


My eyes! The facemask does nothing!


The only difference between Elneny and Xhaka was the ref. 0.5 to both


..and that Elneny was just fending off the giant lump charging towards him and caught him in the face, while Xhaka was intentionally grabbing someone by the throat.. but yeh, other than that… exactly the same


What was a bit weird about Elneny was actually the way he went down after that. Basically he grabbed into the guys face, then noticed that the Burnley player went down as if hit by a Tyson Fury uppercut and then Elneny pretended to have been hit as well, even though the other guy didn’t even touch him at all. I don’t like that normally, but what do I know, might have saved us from a penalty cause the ref thought it was a clash. Also the “throat grabbed” player went down as if Mike Tyson in his prime just… Read more »


If arteta signed willian on 3yrs he deserves to go
If it was edu then our problems are even bigger as edu isn’t going anywhere and our problems will persist long after arteta is sacked


Given who Edu’s agent is, I suspect he’s in it to some degree.


Yeah, got to keep the car brand name footballer sales person busy.


There is no way Arteta’s first choice was Willian. What would it even be based on? He’s never worked with him as a coach and he’s never played with him. There’s no prior relationship that makes his pursuit make any sense. On the other hand, Edu shares his agent and it makes sense for Edu to pin the deal on Arteta as much as possible given the increased scrutiny over deals involving Kia.

Spanish Gooner

My question is: why the fuck does a technical director need an agent??


We will only know if we see willian being dropped in the next few games. Else we have to face the scary truth, Willian was Arteta choice because if he wasn’t we would have seen less of him. Also “hard working” Laca needs to be dropped to, if you continue to be shit in final third no point in what else you do in the game. Saw enough of Auba in the first few minutes of second half to know he can get over his drought soon with a little bit of injection of proper creative players in the squad.

The Arsenal

Arteta fought to get him here, Joorabchian confirmed in his spat with Carragher who accused him of terrible transfers and turning us into a retirement home.


Why on earth would you actually believe a word that comes out of Kia’s mouth though? He also said the deal had nothing to do with him.. but we know it was signed in his house. Note how he didn’t say Edu wanted Willian, i.e. his other client. I think that tells us everything.


This has to be the last straw for Xhaka. If Arteta or Edu had any sense they’d be telling him to look for another club tonight and would announce his sale on 1 January. Fucking terminate his contract if no one wants him. We should never have bought him, should never have made him captain, and shouldn’t definitely not have persevered with him this long. Absolutely the worst, stupidest and most contemptible player I’ve ever seen play for us.


Sometimes i wonder how the coaching team access a player during training.
They did not even know they have a jewel in goalkeeper Martinez. Xhaka is a liability and adds nothing to the team and yet he get fielded again and again.
Frustrating being an Arsenal fan, but i will soldier on.

David C

Not only was it boring but it was also so predictable.

Play the kids and do a rebuild under Arteta or a new manager.

My kids asked me if I was going to be mad at the end of the game (kids are 9, 7, 5). I laughed and told them this team is not worth my sadness.


I’d even consider playing your kids at this point!


I bet the opposition would even let us score a goal or two just to see kids being happy.


I feel strangely the same. Things are so bad I can’t even get annoyed. Hopeless.


We had the 2nd highest Xg out of all 20 teams across the weekend. Things are not falling for us right now and we are in a real bad place, We have been creating almost nothing and when we do we fail to take any chances. I can’t see anything other than an easy Southampton win

David Hillier's luggage

Not all bad, at least we’re showing the world that xG isn’t a metic that indicates the quality of a team…

Ray's ice cream Parlour

Arteta – 1/10 – keeps picking the wrong players. I gave him the benefit of the doubt after the FA Cup, but the Sunday night horror show keeps on giving me chills. I want to give him time, but sometimes you just have to except that he is not the man for the job.

January should be a fire sale – Xhaka, Bellerin, Mustafi, Socratis, Kola, Ozil

Whoever takes over should play the youngsters – give Saliba a chance, play AMN in midfield with Partey, Reiss and Saka wide,


We need a creative player, so either we break the bank in January to get one or Ozil plays. We have no choice and can’t afford to die on the Ozil hill because we could actually get relegated here.

Anders Limpar

I agree with the fire sale and the players you picked (socratis hasn’t had look in rightly or wrongly). But who is actually going to take them and pay their wages?

The Arsenal

How he started Xhaxa over rewarding AMNs last couple of good performances while Xhaxa has been shite since hes been here.


Fire Sale !!! Nobody wants the Dross we have accumulated.
We’ve been trying to get rid of Ozil for how long? Now Willian, Pepe, Luiz, Xhaxa + numerous others are on the list. This massive problem has been getting worse for years, from Gazidis to Raul now Edu and his agent mate. Really cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel now. From the absent owners down, Arsenal is well & truly F….ed up! Could only hope that sometime in the future the Kronke’s move on and we get a decent owner.


Like the name change Ray!

Toure Motors

Bellerin was terrible tonight. 5 is generous. Xhaka, well he shouldn’t play for the club again. Drop Willian for pepe. Get esr or joe willock into the team. Time for management to stop talking about responsibility and show that the players are still being held responsible. Arteta looked totally lost in his post match interview. Bad when evra is talking more sense than him


I think sometimes we overrate Bellerin because of the potential he showed as a younger player and the fact that he’s a likeable guy. I don’t really understand why cedric gets such a hard time when he doesn’t really look a worse player than bellerin to me…

The Arsenal

Bellerin has been skating by on his charm and cockney accent for far too long


Well actually, before the tackle, the card and the aggression, Xhaka was playing well I thought, much more direct play and organised the game well. Don’t know what went through his mind to react that way, as well as tackling that way, that’s his biggest flaw, besides some awful tackles, he did behave well lately, shame. I do however think, that Arteta is surely a good coach but Arsenal is too much for him now. He came with his tactics but when they don’t work he doesn’t have yet the experience to turn it around. I would think that Lucien… Read more »


The team that played Dundalk should play Southampton. If I am going to support a team through a relegation fight, I would rather support them through it than the team I watched today.



I doubt relegation will come into it, but I know what you mean. If players can’t be arsed to stay on the fucking pitch because they’re drama queens then the shirt should be withheld, permanently.

There are other players who will want to play and none of them take an age to get rid of the ball. Xhaka clearly doesn’t give a shit and I cannot for the life of me see what he brings to the team except lethargy and dangerous unpredictability.


Can someone tell me legitimately using stats what does Willian offer? I know he does an occasional decent cross but what else?


The same guy who was damn near unplayable at times for Chelsea is laughing all the way to bank here at Arsenal. It couldn’t be more obvious that he couldn’t care less about how we perform.


Correct, after Drogba it has always been Willian that I feared greatly when we played Chelsea. This was an excellent footballer for sure (as was Özil), now he offers little to nothing. Why that is I cannot judge from the distance, I can only see what happens on the pitch every weekend and that is not very impressing anymore.

Dink Arnold

Experience and free kicks I guess. I really don’t know much behind the scenes, but maybe Willian’s experience or his character and the way he deals with the younger players is important to the team and Arteta. I really have no other guesses.

The Arsenal

He seems to look good in training judging from the videos. Then again they are training against each other.


@The Arsenal – That comment is the only one that made me smile on this article.


I don’t think Willian had that bad of a game before the red card. Obviously nothing came to fruition and some crosses weren’t good, but he was moving around the pitch fairly well and showed some passion in fighting for the ball. Still not great, but one of his better showings, until we went down a man…


Willian put in more effort today. But it is clear we miss Pepe

A Different George

He moved around, he worked hard, clearly much more motivated–and still pretty shit. By the way, in my opinion his presence is one of the reasons for people’s complaints about Bellerin. Put Saka on that side, or Pepe, and Bellerin is much more effective.


He probably knew that staying at Chelsea meant producing what he’s no longer able to produce while at Arsenal he can just plod along. We thought the prospects of that were too attractive to miss so we offered him a whopping three year deal on very good money to make sure we bagged this hapless 32 year old semi-retiree. And we got him!


Why not play AMN in midfield?

The Arsenal

Non negotiables.


I’m pretty certain we’re getting zero points from the Southampton game, no matter what lineup Arteta goes with.

Let’s just hope he sends a message to the so called “leaders” of this team and give us fans something to be proud of. #FreeTheHaleEndBoys

Also, can’t see Arteta coming back from this. Let’s find a replacement quick, and not diddle around like we did with Emery.

Artetas Assistant

Yes, what was it Per Mertesacker in the stands ?
He could manage a team ,make a bunch of guys feel top and depend on theirselves and leader’s amongst them , not the yelling manager.


Well, many players do look up to Per.

Artetas Assistant

Per would be Wenger 2.0 and I’ll hope he’s an upgrade on Wenger (accept the dark side, explore it and exploit it).

What most discourages me about Mikel is he doesn’t grasp the ‘god’ factor. All he knows is busting your back working hard.

Artetas Assistant

Per was top CBs in the world by being mental. Per for Manager #oneofus #bringemiback !

Godfrey Twatsloch

Not as bad as he has been in recent weeks, but he’s been so poor since he arrived he was lucky Pepe’s red card and Nelson’s injury meant he started

Maybe not but let this be the last we see of him anyway. I want no more of Willian and Xhaka. As in not ever!


We have no chance of top 6 now. Just start over, remove the deadweight, put faith in our youngsters and have patience. We will need a few years to do this but emergency solutions like Willian is not the way. Believe in our academy, recruit the likes av Gabriel who are good but still young and with potential.

And please, go back to basics, 1-2 touches pass the ball, find a new space, play with variety and dare to take risks. Also it is OK to be in the middle of the pitch.

No more of this.

Paul Smith

The manager isn’t learning from his mistakes. Same players, same system, same way of playing every week. It hasn’t worked for a long time so why persist with it? He said we don’t have the players to play 433, so why play 433? Most of our players are shite but the manager is making some basic mistakes now.


However we are in some very deep shit right now, I don’t think it’s the appropriate moment to point our fingers to Arteta. Until Xhaka’s madness – we totally dominated them in terms of shots and chances. Not to mention that his ideal is still not present. Just imagine the line-up today with Partey and Pepe (on the expense of Willian and Xhaka).

Artetas Assistant

Lol, rather shallow assessment of a decadence in a teams real intangibles


We can’t get rid of the ownership group, so what’s the solve here?

Don Cazorleone

go to the pub ’til this all blows over

Guns Up

Lots of questions/concerns, but no clear answers. I’m struggling mightily to put a finger on what’s wrong. We’ve seen these players do well enough to know they aren’t the 15th best bunch in the league. I personally think Arteta is quality. We’re now seeing people succeed at every level after leaving Arsenal – Milan are top of Serie A, Emery is doing exceptionally well at Villareal, Gnabry couldn’t get a game for West Brom on loan and is unstoppable at Bayern, etc. I can only hope patience will see us through. In Gabriel, Tierney, Partey, Saka, Martinelli and Leno, there… Read more »

Don Cazorleone

Arteta got this job solely because of his name. He has absolutely no credentials at all other than knowing Pep Guardiola.
We as fans romanticised his appointment because he played for us and was more eloquent than Emery.
Arsenal signed him on a wing and a prayer. It hasn’t worked. He has lost the dressing room through his own choices, and has made a rod for his own back.

It’s time Arsenal appointed the type of manager they should have appointed when Wenger left.


You mean a mop?

Goodly morning

I see your point but I fear Arteta is a quality coach but not a quality manager. Like Queiroz and Phelan were. It’s a different set of skills. Maybe we need someone with a very special set of skills… Liam Neeson!?.


Not a good idea.. he might accidentally murder half the team in an uncontrolled rage…on second thoughts


Until we clear out these shit players no manager would come in and be successful. These players are trash. What reality are we living in where Xhaka, Bellerin earn millions as footballers. What cheat codes are they using. Both of them fuck off in January.


Why do we keep saying Laca works hard when what he does is the bare minimum for any footballer in the top flight? What a false image

King Clovis

This is bullshit. Why can’t I give Xhaka a 0!

Some guy with nice hair

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Did Arteta know Xhaka would get sent off? No. Should he have known he wasn’t good enough to start? Yes. Willian? Don’t get me started. He’s got to go.


I never want to see Xhaka wear the shirt again.

Why is Arteta picking him? We had Ainsley.. For right back.. or midfield.. Fuck sake.


I missed some of the game as my wife was watching Strictly and Strictly was better. Watching people with talent, improve every week. Imagine that!


I really dont understand what Xhaka was so mad about. It honestly makes no sense. He fouls someone, and then gets violently angry because the opposition player is somewhat displeased with the foul.


He’s just a bellend

The Arsenal

Smeg off Xhaxa


First, the guy he tripped got forehead to forehead with him. He didn’t rear back and head-butt Xhaka he just walked his forehead into him. Then Xhaka get forcibly thrown to the ground. Let’s see: we had a guy straight red carded for much the same act and throwing someone to the ground must count for something, but it clearly did not for the ref or the VAR officials. Those events would have pissed me off as well. Does that help you understand? Of course, it was stupid of Xhaka to do anything with a yellow on the books. Should… Read more »

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the problem was Raul. bought all the shit and caused all the problems. get rid of all the bullshit and let’s restart.
Out: Xhaka Mustafi Ceballos, Laca, Willian, Bellerin, Kola etc.
let’s start playing the players with the right attitude- AMN, Elneny. give Rowe, Willock, Nelson, Bolagun and Eddie starts. how bad can they be? i mean, we lost the last 4 games. results cant be worse than 0 points.


Yes Raul was bad but we now have Kia Joorabchian who has Edu in his pocket. He did the deals for Willian and Luiz. Outrageous, stupid deals. Two players past their best on inflated salaries. Brought an injured Cedric in when we could have signed him on a free at the end of the season. Yes we have Partey and Gabriel but we can not afford to buy any more of these Chelsea cast offs.


Could not agree more. We need to sack Edu and appoint a strong figure as director of football. If they want to persist with Arteta, fine, and if they don’t, also fine. Right now we should be worried that the man who would be tasked with replacing Arteta does not have the best interests of the club at heart.


One of their no-name defenders stuck his nut in front of a Saka shot at the end. Xhaka would have ducked it. He’s got to go.


In the 2nd half, Tierney drove forward and showed some desire and guts. He played it to Auba who crossed it in, KT got on the receiving end and had a shot with his right foot which nearly crept in. LACAZETTE, of all people then held his arms aloft and complained that Tierney had intercepted the ball which was maybe meant for him. It really f*cking summed up what a selfish bunch of players we have. Thinking they have the right to give the man who gives 10 out of 10 commitment every week a bollocking for being positive and… Read more »

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Every game we play we seem to hit a new low how long are we going to pick players that under perform week after week. Please play the likes of Smith Rowe, Nelson and put Maitland niles in midfield alongside cabellos

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The moment the Burnley guy (accidentally?) tripped Xhaka I knew he was going to get himself a red card. Don’t understand how the squad ever chose him to be captain (in Emery’s time).

Also reading most of the comments after the game, not one was surprised by Xhaka’s performance, yet Arteta picks him to play there. Were it not for the red card, he might have kept his place even on Partey return!


It has been suggested that Xhaka did what he did, right in front of the referee, because he wants to be sent off and then shipped out. I hope it’s true,


Do Hertha Berlin need a midfielder now they have Guendozy? It was telling that the only team that came in for him are average German team rather than a European powerhouse. As I’ve said before retribution doesn’t make you better, quicker or smarter and unfortunately may cost Arteta his job.


Looks like Mikel wants to fall on his Xhaka and Willian shaped sword. So be it.
And I love Mikel 🙁


I’m sorry but whoever says Arteta is not at fault, is blinded. He has instructed them and trained them to play a specific way, a way that our current players can’t play. If the players are not good enough to play how he wants, he needs to adapt to get the best out of them until he can replace them. It doesn’t work, he is to stubborn to change. Is it his fault some players are terrible, no. Is it his fault that they are having to play a way that is more than most of the squads capability, Yes.


The players stopped playing for him & lost belief in him and his vision more-or-less 2 months ago. His terrible treatment and mismanagement of players – that he obviously dislikes – and that he continually picks his favourites irrespective of form has lost the dressing room – I am sure if it.


They did the same to Wenger and Emery. Wenger will never throw players under the bus, but Emery and Freddie made it pretty clear this is a sorry bunch of losers. If the players lost faith in Mikel, to be honest, I’m sort of unbothered by that. I’m on the fence whether we just need a squad overhaul or a squad overhaul and a new manager but, either way, this is a pathetic group of players and they need getting rid of.


It’s now gone on long enough! Xhaka’s red card is only the tip of the iceberg! He should have been sold long ago, long before the Arteta period. However Project Arteta is now over – I am not the type to blame it all on a lack of Özil, but since Arteta banished him, along with Sokratis and his terrible treatment of Saliba -it seems to have coincided with a lot of the players poor form. Özil was / and is a popular squad member. It’s as if many players stopped playing for Arteta and have lost respect & belief… Read more »


Why do we get so infatuated so quickly!! We looked good for as long as the Arteta broom was fresh, now we’re in the swamp. Everything I wished he was, he’s not!
Him trying to replicate Guardiola’s style is like a 7 year old putting on daddys shoes and thinking he’s in charge.

cereal killer

Break down arsenal problems
1- incompetent manager Arteta
4-no creative midfielder
5-lack of spirit
The earlier arteta leave the better for us

SB Still

Your name brought a smile in this otherwise miserable night.

cereal killer

Seriously are they waiting for relegation to fire arteta?


I thought the ref was selective in what he saw. The guy Xhaka fouled then came up and, without forward head movement only body movement stuck his head into Xhaka’s. Result? Nothing. The a Burnley guy throws Xhaka to the ground. Result? Nothing. Xhaka then puts his hand onto that fellow’s throat. Result? Yellow and off you go. Stupid on Xhaka’s part. Negligent and totally one sided on the ref’s. How many times did they stop nascent breaks with a foul and not get booked? 4? 5? To be fully fair, Elneny should have gone. He stuck his hand into… Read more »