Monday, June 24, 2024

Everton 2-1 Arsenal – player ratings

An own goal from Rob Holding and a Yerry Mina header, either side of a Nicolas Pepe penalty, were enough to give Everton a 2-1 win over Arsenal at Goodison Park this evening.

It condemned Mikel Arteta’s side to its 8th Premier League defeat of the season, and the last win came on November 1st against Man Utd.

Where do we go from here? Wherever Willian takes us, I guess, because he seems to be our most relied on player for no good reason I can understand.

Sad times.

Read the Arsenal 1-1 Southampton match report and see the goals here

Arsenal 1-1 Southampton – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Bernd Leno. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Is anyone still Arteta in at this point? Genuinely would like to know. Vote up for Arteta out and down for Arteta in.

Guns Up

Just don’t see what sacking him does at this moment. Further instability, rewards the massive group of players who continually let him down. Not saying he’s the answer, just that I don’t see the benefit to changing NOW. Also, could the sports gods give Arsenal a fucking break for one day????


I would have no problem with Arteta staying as long as he stuck to his principles and was ruthless like he said he was going to be. Like what in earth do we think is going to change when he’ll keeps playing the same core players? At this point I’d be down with starting smith Rowe, saliba and folagun, how much worse could it be? I don’t believe in the damaging argument, if you say that then how do you think Saka is doing?


In addition, I don’t really trust the club appointing another manager. It’s almost the least of the issues. Everyone talks about how important the spine of a football team is. I think the same can be said of the spine of the administration side of our club. Kronke (absent owner, not a footballing man) Vinay (not a footballing man) Edu (little experience in club roles and no European experience) Arteta (inexperienced) We need someone better then Edu or alongside Vinay. Let that someone plan the short-long term goals of the club and what players are needed. Hire a manager that… Read more »


A new manager bounce might let us avoid a relegation scrap. I don’t like the look of our players if it gets physical, barring Gabriel

Bould's Eyeliner

hahaha oh man… ” Que? Championship League, mira, we made it”




It’s not about whether arteta is good enough or not at this point…..the idea of bringing in someone new when a team is in freefall is not necessarily just about getting a better manager, it’s more about freshening things up….a fresh perspective is almost impossible when you are in a box and desperate….


Well said! I don’t know the answer either, but I think there is 1 aspect of the this situation that can be helpful in the future – maybe. When I recall the memories of the best times in the Wenger era, I sense that the biggest difference was the attitude of the players. Now it looks like as if a lot of them are waiting for some external sign or something to change the circumstances (Arteta’s system, the fame/past of the club, a multimillion-pound new signing etc.). But when I see the invincibles play – a goal by the opponent… Read more »


Or fans


Never thought about that, but I think it’s an excellent observation. Thank you.


I’ve just stopped watching. There’s so much bad stuff going on in the world right now. I don’t want football to be an extra strain. I spend the time during the match doing something else I know I will enjoy and then just check the score at the end. I’ve made my peace with this being a lost season. I like Mikel. I’m just wondering if us hitting rock bottom and Spurs winning the league will get the Kroenkes to finally sod off. The rot pervades the club. We need to burn it down.

Patrik Ljungberg

The Kroenkes do not care if Sp*rs win or lose.


But the value of their investment sinks as more money flows to the other side of North London from sponsors and the fury of the fans will make their position less tenable.

Bould's Eyeliner

They’re not going to sod off from one bad season. The younger and less battle proven of the Kroenke Clan must prove himself. He needs to get some serious football footed up him, and man up his girds into leading the club where he wants. Then maybe Silent Stan’s silence will be bearable.

Maybe he needs to be married to a football coach.

Loren Dunlop

Funny that you think spurs winning the season would register with Kronke at all. Iol at you thinking they give a fuck about football, about their own clubs fans, at that level.


I cannot see the reason for Arteta to continue. Apart from winning the FA and Comm Shield, nothing else has worked for him since then. The way he handled Ozil, Gudenzi and Siliba are the reason for the outcomes we are seeing today. He forgot that these players talk and they are friends. My view is that the players seemed not to be playing for him any longer. Something needs to be done now and fast before Arsenal slides to relegation. We should be wondering why the same team that beat the top teams and won the FA Cup is… Read more »


I know what you mean but at the end of the day it’s a results business and no one should be un-stackable. At the moment we’re flirting with relegation.

Naked Cygan

They are hiding if they are for Arteta in. I would love to know what justification they have to keep him. If you are for Arteta in please tell us why?

Frank Bascombe

Because he’s the only one stupid enough to take the job. Think there’s a queue of top managers all chomping at the bit to take on a job with no money, a group of players who you can’t get rid of and a fan base as deluded as yourself? Think again mate. If you’re stupid enough to believe he’s the problem when there’s a football agent half running the club maybe you’re an ideal candidate? Might stop you talking shit on here ad-infinitum.


This is a beautiful comment. Its a steange way of saying Arteta in but its the truth. None of us think Arteta is Sir Alex Ferguson, i think we are simply surprised at how impulsive the fan base can be.


You cant call 8 defeats impulsive i don’t blame Arteta but his inexperience is being exposed.

Bould's Eyeliner

yes, agreed he talks too much like a girl on a date trying to poke at a guy’s expectations with strange and lofty expectations


The way we play is and the team selection on him. Like he is getting the best out of this squad?

Naked Cygan

Hahahaha, you sound like fking Donald Trump. Blame everyone else and look for excuses. You are too blind and stupid looking for excuses. Take your head out of your a*s*s and look at the table. We are fking 15th!!! You don’t know sh*it about Arsenal.


Exactly! I keep reading & seeing names thrown around, Rogers, Hasenhüttl, Nagelsman, Allegri. None of these would be interested in the S..t show that is Arsenal at the moment. Maybe Big Sam would have, or some other firefighter for the short term.


I said we should go for Rodgers when he was with Celtic, he’s an underrated manager. He wouldn’t go for us now anyway.


I’m Arteta in but I’ll only defend him to a point. To answer the question though it’s because I like the way he came in and organised the team, saw that our defence was crap and put things in place to fix it. Trouble is that then stunted the attack and confidence issues stemmed from there.

There’s definitely a good manager/coach there and without some patience we’ll lose that to someone else. Not only that but the team is then left to start over with a new manager with a new vision and there’s no progression.


I’ve mentioned it in other posts but it’ll be interesting when Partey is back, Arteta seems to have put a lot of faith in him with that big outlay. Seems to me he wanted someone to link the defence with attack but also offer a bit of defensive talent (a la fernandinho). At the moment maybe he only sees Xhaka as that alternative, he’s clearly wrong though and I won’t defend that!

I’m sure if money was available he’d have bought and attacking midfielder too but it wasn’t. Perhaps Ozil should’ve been brought in from the cold in the interim?


Yes, I agree, Partey should make a difference. Elneny just doesn’t have any forward movement which is killing our ball progression. We do have some easier games coming up after Chelsea so i would give him those to see how he does. But the biggest black mark against him in my view is the non-negotiables shtick, which he has proceeded to completely ignore with his favoritism for Willian and Xhaka and not rewarding good performances in the Europa League. Good managers do as they say, say as they do, not talk one game in a press conference and another on… Read more »


That’s fair criticism, I’ve got no idea why he continues with Willian when he’s clearly not putting in any effort. A better manager would have dropped him ages ago so he’s losing some credibility there (as you rightly point out)


The only reason I’m still kind of clinging to him is that he’s an actual footballing person at the club, and the players are just awful. The structure behind him consists of edu and a pajeet businessman- sorry if that doesn’t fill me with confidence!! Either way I think we are fucked and I don’t see who we’re gonna get in to replace him.

Red Cannon

Blogs, can you do something about this racist bullshit? There’s no call for that crap, Baldspot. You can rail against the incompetence at the club without maligning someone because of their ethnic background.


That word is offensive. Clubs all over the world are taking a knee to speak out against racism. Red Cannon is correct. Those using racist language should be blocked.


Racist c*nt. You’ve been in the comments for a long time, thought you were a decent person. Time for some self-reflection. Why the hate?

It's up for Grabs now

No room for racism. Your comment about Vinai is disgusting. You’re not worthy of the badge.


I am not here to defend Vinai, but seriously? Wow! So much racial hatred!



What is this rubbish?

Mikel Robinhood Arteta

Arteta in!

The number of downvotes is the reflection of Arsenal Goal difference in minus. Keep punching downvote boys!

Paul Roberts

This in out vote thing makes no sense to me. Arteta is already in so am I voting for an out or an out in? Sorry just rambling and rocking gently…

Anders Limpar

I think you’re thinking of belly buttons

Johnny 4 Hats

Come on, we all remember the omnipresent narrative when the manager of a football team drags them further and further into despair and desperation before turning things round and dramatically securing long term success.

That happens all the time. It just makes the inevitable trophy haul all the more wonderful.

Never mind can he hang onto the fans and the ownership. I can feel the players slipping away from him with every passing match. A few more weeks and they’ll down tools. It’s kind of already over. Mikel just doesn’t know it yet.


What do you make of Leno’s recent comments then saying it was the players’ poor form and Arteta is not the one to blame?

Johnny 4 Hats

I would imagine there is a group of players who want Arteta to stay and a group which don’t. Leno is obviously part of the former.

But the out group will get stronger as the results continue.

It also comes as little surprise that this comes from a player who was “chosen” by Arteta, even when a potentially better rival came through. No wonder Leno likes Mikel so much.


That’s probably very true but seeing as he’s overplaying all the senior pros and underplaying the kids, there won’t be many strong voices against him … apart from a certain world cup winner with his feet up in front of the sofa.


I’m arteta in! There are brief moments that it looks like it could click… I want to see if it does… I’d give him to the last few games of the season… if nothing changes arteta out… but I’m intrigued… this season is already a right off, so let see


Last few games, as it gives who ever comes in next a few games to asses what he needs and then the summer to do it


I am, at what point do you look at the squad that has gone through 3 managers and say maybe it’s the players, and it might be a bit before we can change them out? With the hole covid and brexit thing, it made transfers out very difficult and will continue to be difficult. Outside of Willian, I fail now to see how it was Wenger, emery, to a lesser extent lundberg or artetas.


The players aren’t great but they’re not relegation bad either and this is a legit relegation battle


Yeah, I get that, at the same time, how many voices will it take for these players. 2 more managers, 3? While I think the formation is not the best, I think these players are just flat out incapable outside a few.


My biggest concern is we’re just not seeing anything out of Arteta to make you think he’s the right man going forward. I would be ok with poor results if we had a well defined style and we’re playing younger players but not this. Why in the world does Willian play every game no matter how badly he performs?

Dave cee

I honestly felt we were in a relegation battle when Emery got axed, so perhaps it actually is the quality of the players. Should have been much more ruthless in the summer. Xhaka and Luiz should have gone , possibly Auba and /or Laca too. Bellerin if the money was good. Instead we kept them all and added Willian :((


Can’t believe lots of people are still in favor of keeping him. His project is going nowhere. There are very few positive things to build upon, lots of negative. It is difficult to do worse. Time to act was two weeks ago.

He is the stubborn one.

No I am not. 🙁


Please Mikel, admit. A little stubborn? 😉

I am the UNLUCKY ONE, not a STUBBORN one. Read my latest news on Arseblog.



The very unlucky one 🙂

And the CAN’T SCORE ONE! 😀 : D 😀

And CAN’ T WIN ONE .:(


I think no matter what, it’s not a question of #ArtetaIn anyways. He’s already there. It’s more of a question of #ArtetaStays or out. Everyone EVERYONE said it was a 2 year minimum clearout/rebuilding of the squad. And now, after a covid spring/summer with everything turning upside down and players un-interested looking and shooting themselves in the foot, many of you are screaming it’s #ArtetaOut. Folks you can’t have it both ways (even though you post like you can). Like James tweeted earlier, “Here’s a scary thing: turns out we did have a new manager bounce, and it got us… Read more »


I agree, at this point I don’t think it really matters who the manager is.


I get that. So who do we bring in to change it? And for how long? Having been so far off the top four now for about four or five years, I would rather have a crap season and take a risk on building something better


There is not point getting some good results and finishing seventh or eighth. That to me is less ambition than taking a hit with the view of building something sustained and longer-term


He’s done I’m afraid. We are simply not progressing from Emery, which was a pretty low bar. There is no shame on saying we took a punt on a manager with zero experience, and it hasn’t worked. Get an experienced successful manager in before the decline becomes terminal.


Who else thinks that the FA Cup win is a fluke and the league is Arteta’s real level?


Should have been thumbs up for Arteta in


I want to be. Playing Willian constantly and Xhaka when hes not suspended genuinely pushing me towards Arteta out.

But most of all: Kia out. Get the fuck out. And anyone whose gonna protect him, out.

Perry Farrell’s Satellite Partey

This is the issue for me—I honestly had hope watching all the younger players on the pitch in the final 20 minutes. If Arteta can drop Willian and Xhaka in favor of the kids, we might see the beginnings of the attacking football we want. I swear I saw attempts at creativity and some triangles…

El Mintero

Arteta should be given 2 full seasons to finally clear the decks of the late wenger era dross and build his own team. Those calling for his removal 4 months after winning the cup with a completely shit squad are delusional. Shame on the fkn lot of you. Deal with a bad season and man up you fkn pussies. Mikel is what our club needs if we just have the fkn balls to let the man build what he needs. Or would you rather we be fkn Chelsea? Change every 2 years and win fck all.


I’m at a loss tbh. I like Arteta, I thought he did so well when he came in, and I think that the players are a huge, huge problem we can’t get around even if we bring someone else in. However, for every minute he persists with this Willian experiment, I really do start to lose faith in him. I know it sounds dramatic, but the football is bad and you want something to cling to, seeing the manager consistently force this absolutely finished Chelsea player in to the side every week just makes me wonder if he really is… Read more »


Agreed Dave – as I’ve said before… I feel he’s a thoroughly decent man of serious integrity, and he loves this club. That is a huge starting boost. And yes, the shitshow he took on was clearly a lot worse than many of us (him included, in all likelihood) realised. But the Willian signing, unless foisted on him by Edu, was a blot – compounded by his blind faith in a patently disinterested player. I’ve said my fill on Xhaka many times so won’t barf on there – but it tests my early faith in Arteta to see this myopia… Read more »


I wouldn’t say I’m particularly Arteta-in, it’s just I’m even more certain players-out. Whoever the manager is, I would like them to be given the time to completely restructure the squad, which won’t happen if we just switch managers


I just noticed the grin on Willian’s picture in the ratings. It feels like he’s laughing at us.


I’m afraid that this one signing (Willian) signifies everything wrong at the moment. How can a 31 year old get a 200k pw contract at the same time as we sideline 500k+ pw players and are unable to offload a similar weekly bill for others who don’t play?

There’s something very wrong on the state of Arsenal,to misquote Shakespeare.

Des Lynam

We are deep in the shit, and this manager doesn’t have the answers to get us out of it.


Even if relegation isn’t on the cards who is going to want to come play for this dumpster fire? Recruiting good players is going to be virtually impossible now

Mikel Robinhood Arteta

I heard Allegri somewhere! so I am not happy 🙁


If I hear it followed by ‘is the new Arsenal manager’ I’ll be pretty happy


Pay the players and they will come. That’s basically all they care about. Sorry to be cynical, but if arsenal offer a player 200k and they can only get 150k in another league they will come.

Man city were crap. Then they got new owners and paid players more than other clubs amd the players came. Other than a few exceptions, players and agents follow the money.


And recruit more distinterested playboys who’re only in it for the money? Isn’t that the problem we already have!


You are both absolutely right. It works exactly as displayed by edzo and the result is exactly the one described by goonshow.
The next question would be where the money to outbid others should come from …


Same way every club recruits players. Money, location and game time. We don’t even need to be buying Partey level players… there are absolutely talented footballers that improve this team who would want to play for Arsenal.


I think this Is the best reason to sack him, he doesn’t know how to fix it. I really think the manager title crushed him. I’m sure he relishes the challenge but it was so irresponsible to give him all the keys when he’s still so unproven. There should have been a structure built around him to help and protect him. Such is life, he’ll get another chance somewhere and we need a change of ideas so the club don’t go down

Xhaka's House Keys

Not just the manager; the whole setup is broken. Edu is a Raul guy,. Raul who used conniving politics to seize power, ousted the best scout in the world (Mislintat) and then lined the pockets of his contacts. Edu too has deep connections to Kia. Any connection to Raul needs to go and by a setup similar to Dortmund (progressive, statistics based, clear plan and vision of cutting edge football).

Hail Gus!

Dear Mikel,
I can explain it to you. But I can’t understand it for you.
Best wishes for your new role,
A. Gooner

Baichung Bhutia

I thought AMN was really good and won the penalty as well. I could not believe that Willian wasn’t subbed, I was sure whenever a sub player was getting ready it was for Willian. Manchester city and Chelsea next – great times.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Both he and Pepe weren’t great but at least Pepe was trying to make things happen.

Doug Shmish

I thought Willian was shite but he at least had 10 to 15 good minutes at the start of the 2nd half. Pepe did nothing other than the penalty. If Willian was a 1, Pepe was no more than a 3.


I thought AMN was good too. Eddie had a shocker. Pepe was mediocre. Don’t get me started on Willian; absolute shite.


Pepe was marked out of the game. Nketiah has not repaid the faith Arteta have in him. Time to give Balogun some minutes.

Dale Cooper

The struggle to free myself of restraints becomes my very shackles


Dale, is there a good Arsenal stuck in the lodge and an evil doppelganger running amok, or what’s going on here?

Colonel Bergkamp

It’s OK, Dale, the Arsenal players are not what they seem.




Change a Manager and the director. Play more kids. Sell the deadwood.

Do not ever play Willian, let him play in Dubai or wherever someone wants him.

With this form and without a change we would drop from Championship.

I watched a series about Sunderland. The club was sure they will come back to the premier League. The same season they were relegated.

We are on the same route. Can’t believe it, bit it is true.


Blogs saying everything but not blaming Arteta by name just like he did with Emery. Shows that Arteta can still stay and ruin the rest of the season more that is already ruined.


Does Willian have some sort of blackmail on arteta? I truly don’t understand why he gets so much leeway in a team that is supposedly based on “non negotiables”


Even in defeat we used to be entertained.


And shocked


Golden comment
That was the Arsene away
Entertainment first and foremost


Probably my biggest disappointment with Arteta so far is that he seems to have learned everything from guardiola and almost nothing from Wenger


Love the bonus rating, sadly can’t see any way forward.

Glad city are struggling with form, dread to think what we would be hammered by in the next match I f they were playing well.


I still think we’ll be hammered by City. This team is so fragile right now

SB Still

The teams in the relegation spots will be itching to play us now.


Captain hindsight incoming here, but we were hammered. 🙁
And unfortunately they didn’t even play that well.


For Gawds sake stop hammering on about willian. He was quite good in the second half. This psychosis is worse than the one you had about mikhitarian.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Was he? Please elaborate because based on his reputation and wage packet, passing backwards, and putting in a couple crosses to nobody does not make one quite good.

A Different George

Willian was good for about 10 minutes around the 55th minute, looked almost desperate to create something. He was awful the rest of the time–not “not as good”–awful.




With all due respect to a fellow gooner, what the hell are you smoking?
Willian was rubbish. Utter rubbish. Dont believe me? Will, i watched the game. He:
didn’t track back
lost the ball, a lot
made a lot of bad passes to the opposition
had very little movement
slowed down play to look up and ponder what to do next
was frequently out of position.

I suppose he didn’t get a red care, but ya-fucking-hoo.


Mkhitarian was consistently subpar for Arsenal.

As is Willian. Both shit signings.

Des Lynam

AMN was a bright spot to be fair.




Everyone else

David C

I’d keep Auba too.




And you think you gonna win the league with that ? If so, thats ridiculous level of delusional !!

Des Lynam

Nope. We are a MILLION miles from top 4 let alone a title challenge. But, we need to rebuild so that we have players who at the level our badge requires. We need major surgery. We need to be ruthless and not indulge players who aren’t at the level. Players like Bellerin, who seems like a genuinely lovely human being, but has lost 5 yards of pace, can’t defend going backwards and who’s crossing is at best, total shite. I don’t mean to single him out, but he is kind of a symptom of what we have become. I’ve never… Read more »


I guess i can agree with most of that.

We absolutely need to build for future, hence I believe Arteta is the right choice for me at the moment.
I believe he will get it right sooner rather than later.

I agree a lot of players in this squad are not at the level required to play for this badge unfortunately.


Nope, but they’d stay up…


I suppose no one thinks we’d win anything with that setup, but at least the club would have a salary level that correctly reflects the status and league position. I have no problem with ESR or Nelson in attack, getting 20k and placing 13th in the league. I have a problem with people being paid 200k and more and performing like a player from the Albanian 3rd division.(no offense Albania) And I don’t even have a problem with someone – Saudi, Chinese or MLS – being that stupid and paying that, I just have a problem with it when Arsenal… Read more »


Yes, keep only the players with a possible future at the club and give the youngsters playing time. At least they can prove they are good enough or not. But the problem is getting rid of the overpaid deadwood. Nobody will pay them higher wages than we do. We wasted enormous amounts of money. 🙁


The player rating is surprisingly high


thats how low the bar has gotten

Guns Up

Wasn’t an awful performance, if we’re being fair and honest. Not to say it was a GOOD performance, but Everton won on an own goal and were saved by the woodwork. And they’re a good side, playing at home (whatever that’s worth in COVID days). The result flatters Everton, in my opinion, but it’s difficult to objectively view any game right now in isolation. Think Blogs’ ratings were pretty fair.

Paul Roberts

Bonus rating should say Carragher is also a cunt.

Mikel Robinhood Arteta

Nah, he was telling the truth.
Arsenal fans are soft like our team.
Cant digest a punch or two.
Like Evra’s babies!


This !

Arsenal fans moan at every opportunity and cant deal with bare truths !


What quality player would even want to come here in January…


Any!! And we need more than one.

Corona X

Or manager, for that matter! I hear people say “Let’s get Hasenhuttl” – why would he want to come here, when his team is flying? Much of our fan base are totally deluded…


The type of player who can take the existing crapshows by the scruff of the neck and drag them towards victory.


Why would Arteta risk his job and reputation on Willian? Is it because he pushed for the signing? It is mind boggling!

Here comes the pain


Stan Kroenke: 0



While I would like them out as well I think the problem isn’t them. They provided enough money to get players and managers and the people wasted money like garbage. It’s Gazidas and Raul’s horror show. They bought and gave lucrative contract to too many old journeymen. Actually if the owner were more strict it may have helped Arsenal in the long run


This isn’t on Stan mate. This all Raul, Ivan and the “footballing” brains at the club. We spent enough money to be at least top 6.


Although the players aren’t great, they’re playing to a style and tactic Arteta wants. His tactics are crap, we’ve lost 9 games now using that same style of play. We pass side ways, go wide and then we try to cut it in or cross it and each time we do this nothing comes out of it, the stats don’t lie. We don’t even have players who pose an aerial threat or have a presence. We are absolutely clueless. It’s hard to want Arteta still at the helm. I keep hearing of us being patient and wait for him to… Read more »


Pepe isnt a discount Gervinho. He cost us much, much more.


I do think the side to side nonsense has dragged on from the end flog the Wenger days, but the fact that Arteta can’t fix our issues or just at a basic level add some energy to our style of play is just crazy.

Don Danbury

Top comment


Arteta has to go. His tactics will not get us out of this. In possession, midfielders crowd spaces that belong to CBs. Our wide players huge the touch line and the CF is required to drop back. If at any point they receive the ball they’re surround by 3 opp players with the only outlet being a pass backward. They’re so concerned with their positioning in case of losing the ball and being caught in transition that it inhibits them to move to space to provide a passing outlet or link up play. In the 2nd half things got better… Read more »


Completely agree. Especially about the tactics. Different formations same ineffective tactics. Seems like we are allergic to one twos and quick passes through the middle

A Different George

I think a bit generous to Holding and Cebellos, a bit harsh to Elneny, but what’s the difference? I wonder what Saka, Tierney, and Martinelli might have done on the left at the end if Willian had been withdrawn instead of Pepe. And although I really promised myself, over and over, not to ever mention again–is there really any chance that we would not be better with Ozil?

Perry Farrell’s Satellite Partey

It is almost impossible to believe that “footballing reasons” are really keeping Özil out at this point, esp given Leno’s interview. More and more I’m suspecting it really is pressure due to his comments about the treatment of Uyghars—it took ONE TWEET from an NBA owner in support of a democratic Hong Kong to force the league into genuflecting to the Chinese government, a lesson the Kroenkes learned first-hand. I just wouldn’t be surprised to see that happening here when a world-renowned footballer, not an anonymous NBA owner, has made those comments. It’s unseemly regardless. And for the record, before… Read more »

David C

Luiz not a terrible signing, more so-so. Willian is a disaster of a signing.

I liked the effort in the 2nd half. We really miss Giroud though.


HFB would be ideal for al these effin crosses and an ideal hold up man. It’s weird but it just feels like a target man could fix so much of our troubles


Is Andy Carroll available? or Fellaini?

Perry Farrell’s Satellite Partey

And he’s actually creative.


Has anyone else heard the rumour that Arteta and Edu will be resigning this week so that they can take on full-time duties as High Priests in the Church of Willian?


Apparently, Arteta in particular has been credited with formulating the doctrine of Willial infallibility.


Willial piety at all cost!


Though Ainsley shouldve had a higher rating defended very well got forward effectively and drew the foul just from his effort. Him and KT were our best players.

Corona X

0/10: The bench, again! 3 defenders on the bench against Burnley. 3 defenders again today – why does he bring both Cedrid and Hector on the bench, thus preventing the inclusion of a promising youngster??! It probably wouldn’t have changed the result – but WHY? Where’s the logic? What is Arteta thinking? 🙁


Yeah weird that, maybe it’s a bit of naivety or just not knowing what to do?

The spoon

He had a promising youngster on the bench, ESR, who can’t get a look in, so what’s the point of bringing more. Artetas subs are his second biggest issue after being in love with Willian.

A Different George

I think the expansion of the bench to nine makes this unimportant.


Very depressing. After good win at OT we should have got more wins.

I hope Arteta and team turns it around & goes on a winning run in the league.

We haven’t had the Lady Luck in the some of the games. We have good players.

Arsenal need to score first – and Arteta needs to work and motivate players to not be scared from the start – and go for it from the start.

Our luck will change, for better.


If a creative mid isn’t brought in by January, and if Partey doesn’t get healthy, relegation is possible.

What is left to say about this team and the club that hasn’t already been said?


One of the only ones I could see us signing (szoboszlai) already signed for Leipzig, so not sure who else, Aouar seems to be impossible as well now, so who else?

Potato Gooner

Yep. Aouar would be laughed out of Lyon if he signed for us now, much like Atletico are doing to Partey right now.


Szoboszlai also cost only 20m Euro. Let that sink in. Arsenal consistently misses the good signings for “lack of money” then go on to spend ridiculous wages and money on the likes of Luiz, Cedric, Willian, Pepe, Xhaka, Mkhitarian…. All while letting players like Ramsey, Welbeck, Guendouzi, Torreira leave for no financial compensation.

Arsenal’s administration is completely lost and has been for quite some time.


The fact that we left Minslinat go and keep Raul is still bollocks to me. I mean, the owners and the top people knew we were short on money, and we fire someone who could help us spot promising youngster over someone who just want to pay excesive money for his super agent friends. Maybe that’s what we need, we know right now we can’t compete with big clubs for marquee signings, so we should try and find hidden gems and develop them, and for that we will need the right structure, and people who can spot those players (Cagigao… Read more »


Mislintat was a lazy scout who just went through his Dortmund contacts. We all moaned about how one track his picks were. Don’t forget.


I agree to some extent about Mislinat overusing his Dortmund contacts, but seeing how good Stuttgart has been doing after coming back from relegation not too long, there’s thing to wonder there. Anyway, the point isn’t about Mislinat only, but the fact we fired someone who like it or no, could help us getting young, hungry players, hidden gems, ala Martinelli, instead of just paying excessive money for has beens. It could be Mislinat, it could be anyone else who could just give us that kind of focus. We let go someone who was known for spotting youth talent and… Read more »


Don’t get me wrong, but Salzburg and Leipzig are part of the same “mafia” or let’s call it corporation. Only for Leipzig does this player cost 20 million. Anybody want to know how that works, just google on the transfer of Sabitzer (now a Spuds target) from Rapid Vienna. Guy had a buy out clause invalid for domestic competitors. Vienna wouldn’t budge selling to Salzburg, so Leipzig activated the clause, bought him and promptly loaned him to Salzburg. In this case we got a transfer for the cheap, but a 20% sell-on clause for Salzburg, which is absurdly high. But… Read more »

Cultured Determination

for goodness sake. stop playing willian!
can we have something like saka, rowe and pepe supporting a striker, with willock and somebody in midfield (somebody does not include xhaka, because that’s equivalent to putting in nobody).