Saturday, June 3, 2023

Arteta: The luck is not on our side

Mikel Arteta blamed a lack of luck after watching his Arsenal side lose an eighth league game of the season.

Everton didn’t have to do a great deal to take the three points at Goodison Park. Yerry Mina sealed a 2-1 win for the home side with his head just before half time after Nicolas Pepe’s penalty had cancelled out Rob Holding’s own goal.

After the game, the boss faced the BBC cameras.

On the performance…

Very similar to the last few weeks in that we are proposing everything, we are trying, we are dominating the games but in the small moments, we are losing the games. We lost against Burnley without conceding a shot on target, which is incredible and we lost again today because of an own goal and a set-piece. When we do generate the chances, the situations; the last pass, the last shot, the last moment [isn’t there] or the post, as was the case this weekend and last time [against Southampton]..the luck is not on our side. It’s not an excuse, we have to keep fighting, keep believing what we’re doing. I see the boys how they are trying, it’s not about the effort, believe me, but we need to win football matches and it’s not happening.

On how hard it is to keep the belief…

The way the boys reacted in the dressing room, it tells me they have the belief. They know what they are doing on the pitch and the way they are losing football matches. Obviously, when you lose that many on the trot for different reasons, it hurts a lot.

On Everton’s form…

Yeah, but I don’t think it was about the opponent, I think it was about ourselves again tonight. The things that we have to do better we did and then we scored an own goal and conceded again on a set piece. When we had our moments, it’s down to us to put it right.

On Nketiah marking Yerry Mina for his goal…

We have the numbers that we have in terms of us and they are much taller than us. It’s a collective effort. When they put the ball into that area, when it’s a 50-50 ball it’s really difficult to defend against Yerry Mina when they are blocking your goalkeeper.

On being confident he can turn things around…


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A Voice in the Noise

“I see the boys how they are trying, it’s not about the effort, believe me”

Who is he watching? Certainly not those players running around with the Arsenal badge on their shirt.
And I very much feel like it is about the effort.

Anders Limpar

And “we are dominating the games”. REALLLLY?

Hail Gus!

Stage one: denial

Johnny 4 Hats

At least anger is next and he’ll have caught up with the fans.

Cranky Colin

That’s Stage 4

Bould's Eyeliner

No, it is the domination of passing forever, side to side, just like Arteta had to play, and just like Pep does with a CAM like David Silva to cut open the defense and score. That CAM part.


But that’s dependent highly on recruitment, even Guardiola spent hundred million per season for several seasons


Arteta better get on straight to stage 5 cause sh*t is really hitting the fan and he’s still coming across as deluded. We are heading straight into a relegation battle and Arteta is still talking about us playing well and giving a 100%. Imagine, just imagine Spurs winning the league this year and we get relegated. Both of which are really starting to look probable. I really do hope Liverpool keep their shit together and repeat the league because at least we still have that “Spurs haven’t won sh*t” to hold on to. Which is really a depressing state as… Read more »

Tankard Gooner

We did dominate. We dominated all of the entire last minute of injury time!


English isn’t my first tongue but even I can relate when Carragher is blabbing in his thick Scouse accent on Sky – (completely paraphrasing here) “Arsenal is pleasing on the eye but they’re really not doing much with it. Possession means nothing if you don’t make anything with the ball, teams can just sit off you. Everton are doing it today and so did Spurs, and in the small amount of time they have the ball they create good chances to score. I hope Arteta doesn’t come out today and say his team played well, because I can’t think of… Read more »


Arteta is turning into Jay from The Inbetweeners. The more you get to know him, the more you figure out he is chatting absolute crap.


The boys, maybe, but not old man Willian, who I’ve read played 90 minutes today.

Can’t remember seeing him on the pitch.

The man’s so old he’s a ghost.


He’s just being professional.
You don’t dis your own players in public – and I think that’s one of the ‘values of this club’ that him and Edu are always on about.

SB Still

Selecting Willian is tempting fate rather than luck!

Xhaka's House Keys

Also playing tiki-taka (badly). It’s an outdated style that gets demolished by both high press and deep counterattacking. Pep is basically yesterday’s news already, and we got Pep Lite


Arteta is over-complicating and over-coaching
football is a simple game which he seems intent on reinventing
we have good players but he doesn’t seem to trust them
how motivated would you feel if your boss didn’t trust you to do your job

Auba auba laca partey

Selecting nketiah offers similar odds. He is poor. Technically really poor. What is going on with laca? He was our best player in the last few games. In Arteta I am losing faith.

Hail Gus!

Good grief.

El Mintero

I’m actually encouraged by the last 15 minutes. We looked like a different team and deserved a point. What did we learn from that?

1. Start Willock not el neny
2. Start Martinelli
3. Nketiah is our 5th best striker behind Auba, Martinelli, Laca, Balogun…Bielsa was right on Eddie…just not good enough


This is truly worrying.

At least when a total DBag like moanhino has a bad day, he actually says his players were to blame when they were.

MA sounds totally delusional here. I watched the whole match. We didn’t dominate. We didn’t create anything.

Is it CYA, or can he truly not understand…good grief. It seems way worse than I thought. AFC is in very deep trouble.


I don’t really know what he would say at this point- the players stink and I’m doing a terrible job tactically? This year has made one thing obvious and has brought up one very big question. The obvious part is virtually every senior member of this squad needs to be moved on this summer if not earlier. The leadership from senior players is just awful at this point – we are one of the most ill disciplined rudderless teams you will ever find. Luiz, Papa, Mustafi & Ozil are gone this summer. Laca & Xhaka need to join them. We… Read more »


This is a very good point.

Word of warning to those who think Arteta is the biggest problem. Things can a lot worse and changing managers does not guarantee they will get better.

It wasn’t Arteta who shit the bed in Baku and it wasn’t Arteta who dropped us out of European league places.

The players were not good enough for Emery, they aren’t good enough for Arteta and guess what, they won’t be good enough for the next manager either.

Arsenal is a poison chalice at the moment. You’d be a brave man to take a sip.


But it is Arteta who has languishing in 15th rather than the top 10, which would have been the absolute minimum expectation with this set of players.



Frank Bascombe

Barring relegation -which I am confident we’ll avoid, what difference between 10th and 15th? I was hoping for a top-sixth finish but that was without a few downing tools. This was the MO with Emery. They didn’t’ need to use it with Arsene as he was running a holiday camp. The current problem goes way beyond Arteta.


That is a sad indictment of thought, saying 15th is same as 10th.

15th means next season avoiding relegation is priority, Europa is in dreams, but forget about top 4.

From the position now, 10th means team is on upward trend. If we do it for full season, then Europa is achievable, top 4 can be thought of with some great additions.

Hope is what brings us to see matches, hope.


5 places, 15 minus 10


No one is saying 15th is acceptable for arsenal football club. We have played all of the current top 7. Is it acceptable to lose to all of them? No. Have performances been good? No. We will get easier games. We will stop getting players sent off. Scoring own goals. Hitting the post. The fine margins will swing in our favour. I’m a very unhappy with Arteta and where we are currently. I also believe that he is being made the scapegoat for the problems we are seeing. Moving him on fixes nothing and the instability decreases the chance of… Read more »


I think he’s just protecting the players. If you remember in his last press conference he said “he will take the bullets”. If he couldn’t see that Willian and Pepe were useless then we really are lost.


I agree Willian and Pepe are rubbish but who is to replace them? We know have Martinelli back so he is an option.

Reality check

Haven’t seen one of those Arteta vs Emery results comparisons in a while. Any idea whats the score on that?


Cannot imagine Emery was this bad. It never felt this bad.
With emery there was a language barrier, being fair.
MA cannot claim that excuse.

Anyone who saw this game, can you honestly say that Arsenal dominated? Like it was fine margins? I cannot. We were miles away from a pretty average Everton side.

Hes lost the plot utterly.

Reality check

Yeh, he keeps mentioning domination but that only comes once the game has settled,we have conceded, and the opposition is defending their lead. And you are right, the difference between Emery and Arteta is ‘communication skills’. I hope he’s much more than that though, we need him to be or this could get uglier.


Truth…if they had James Rodriguez we would’ve lost by 3 goals.

Hank Scorpio

I would say we weren’t far off even when winning games. We’d conceded 20+ shots on goal and somehow eke out results


Emery inherited a near top 4 team and left it at top table team. Arteta inherited a top 10 team, and is taking it to bottom 5. In terms of achievement.
Arteta is amazing, cause he won the FA cup, and then fell to absolute nadir ala Mou****o


You don’t see them because they are in MA favour. Same for Özil, strangely nothing about Arsenal with and without him… MA lost NO game with Özil on the pitch (he left the pitch when Arsenal were leading 1-0 against Chelsea). But oh, yes, he can’t defend and now we learn he can’t play on the wings (yeah, he won a WC on the wings but who cares about WC winners when relegaion is close).


Time to let the Ozil thing go. He’s fallen out with Emery, Freddie (when he threw a hissy fit and stormed off the pitch), Arteta & if you remember there were very real questions as to whether he had issues with Wenger at the end of his reign as he missed the run-in “injured”.

Ozil would have been well aware that he was not in Arteta’s plans this year, but rather than taking a buyout he’s chosen to spend the year just sitting on the sidelines. Ozil is not the answer to Arsenal’s issues.

Hank Scorpio

Both Freddie and AW have said very recently that Ozil needs to be in the squad. Plenty of former team mates, have come to his defence with respect to his professionalism, most recently from what I’ve seen was Kos. True Ozil is not THE solution. This team completely lacks cohesion. But leaving out Ozil was ego driven insanity with complete disregard for squad balance…unless of course Arteta assumed Willian would fill that void.


There clearly were issues behind the scenes given how many consecutive managers he has fallen out with. Arteta at least seems smart enough to not take on the Ozil PR machine publicly.

Either way Ozil’s days at this club are coming to an end. He really hasn’t been a particularly effective player for us for sometime now even if he’s still a big name. The Ozil of 5-6 years ago deserved a team built around him – the current Ozil puts up as many key passes as Chambers in a season.

SLC Gooner

No one is talking about building the team around him. But at this point, he’d be miles better than Willian, who apparently has dirt on Arteta and/or Edu.

Hank Scorpio

Clearly. The same managers that are asking for him to be reinstated? Ozil quite clearly created more chances per 90 minutes than anyone else in this squad last season despite a disjointed season for him being in and out of the team. He also covers more distance than most in this team despite the lazy tag. True he is not where he was at a few years ago and he is on his way out but right now he is the best creative player we have in this squad despite. Before the break he had some very good games. From… Read more »


If the club cared what those managers thought they would still be in charge.

Hank Scorpio

And yet the man in charge is doing worse than any of them. The very person whose opinion you are vainly using to somehow validate your flimsy argument. On top of that you claimed they’d fallen out with Ozil to try validate your argument. Then you’ve tried the old ‘appeal to authority’ argument by saying that the club doesn’t care while also having previously acknowledging that the club is poorly run. I think A P sums it up best. You are clearly talking shite.


My flimsy argument that he’s repeatedly fallen out with the manager in charge – the last 3 to 4. That he’s repeatedly tried to make the club look bad via his pr games – social media shots at Emery for instance. That while some teammates have backed his professionalism (a bare minimum) others such as BFG have talked about a lack of effort or Ramsey about how he was constantly in Wenger’s office asking for time off and special priviliges. So let’s take his play. For one of the 3 largest contracts handed out in the PL we’re getting a… Read more »

Bleeding gums murphy

Talk about double standards, use them to back your opinion and then dismiss the. When you are proved wrong. 😂


You are clearly talking shite given that the same people whom you said had problems with Ozil also want him back.

Reality check

“When we do generate the chances, the situations; the last pass, the last shot, the last moment [isn’t there] or the post” Arteta has this, or something along these lines in his past few post-match reactions. Is he highlighting his own mistake or the ones who asked him to leave out the player who does exactly that? We are all aware of Ozil’s deficiencies but we also don’t have one player who can protect the ball in the final third or have the skill to penetrate with his passing. In the end, it seems Ozil was these decision they were… Read more »

The Arse End

Forget Emery, what about a Ljungberg comparison?

Freddie had five games in December 2019 and got 4 points, a reign that ended with a draw away to Everton and left us in 11th place.

Arteta has 1 point from 5 and we currently sit in 15th.

Bring back Freddie to be honest.

Marcus Crouch

This is the worst arsenal team I have ever seen. No passion, commitment, or ideas.

Timorous Me

I really want Arteta to succeed, but I’m close to losing all hope of that happening. It’s easy to complain about guys like Willian and Pepe, but I watch how we play, and compare it to other teams, and I wonder how most any wide man could succeed with us. Teams know we don’t play through the middle, and that our build-up play is dreadfully slow, so those on the flanks are smothered. These aren’t bad players. We’ve seen Pepe’s quality at times. Willian was playing well as of this summer! Saka is making something out of nothing as much… Read more »


He’s spent a fortune on old players like Luiz, Willian, Soares and Aubameyang. Also brought in Mari, Gabriel and Partey at great expense. None of them that can make the field look remotely interested. He has fallen out with Sokratis and Ozil.

Are the board really willing to expand the squad even further in January and leave no options if it doesn’t improve?


Yet… we had two RB’s on the bench and had AMN ( who would be BETTER SUITED for the Midfield) … playing at RB.


Luiz, Soares and Mari were all signed before Arteta had a say.

Sokratis and Ozil were already ostracized before. This is not to excuse him of his bad player management, but to remind that our squad problems run very, very deep, back to the Wenger days when a DM was much needed and never bought. Remember how we talked for a Cazorla replacement in CM? This is a badly run club that makes it easy for managers and staff to make bad decisions.


He resigned an extra year on Luiz. Soares and Mari were loans, but Arteta signed them full-time


I think Ozil made a comeback of sorts (re: matchday squads) under Arteta. Until something changed between the suspension and resumption of the 2019-20 season.
We were looking to offload Sokratis and Mustafi, but no attractive enough offer (to Arsenal and/or the player) was received for either.


If they really wanted to move these players on, we would have a team capable enough. There was interest in Sokratis, nobody wanted to pay the fee.

We could have let him leave free and save a years wages if Mikel intended to leave him training for nothing.


Man, I used to have so much faith in these players and in Arteta. However, the way things are going suggests we should be thinking about moving Arteta on. Gutted

The only thing I am happy about at the moment is the fact that I can go through these messed up times with the Arseblog community.


I fear that come the end of May, we will be scrabbling around trying to get out of the bottom three. I can’t see who we are going to beat in the Prem this season.


This feels scarily spot on. Everton aren’t terribly good, but they’re not terribly bad. I guess we hope that the bottom three have more trouble that we do…? I want to say getting partey, auba, and martinelli back will change fortunes. But if MA continues to pick players like willian, what difference will new players make? Ceballos isn’t suddenly gonna be world class; we all know what he can do and its not much. (And why Zidane told him to shove off.) Willock is B league. ESR, unknown. Where to go? If you were that Aouor fella, would you sing… Read more »


Totally agree. All these players can perform much better if Arteta would be more bold and setup the team differently. The tactics are stale and uninspiring. As a young coach, I expected a more exciting style of play from his team. We seem to have become a team afraid to lose. Mind you, it started with Emery. But Arteta has not taken enough risks or been bold enough in his tactics. As a club we have massively screwed up our recruitment strategy. I can’t believe that there is so little interest in looking at young English players in lower rung… Read more »


“Everton aren’t terribly good, but they’re not terribly bad“

They’re second best team in the country this morning and all week people have been bemoaning that we didn’t get their players and/or manager.


I get why he is saying we have bad luck. I think that is true. But the problem is that we end up in the same place in every game – having to depend on luck. Everton didn’t even play that well and still we lost Arteta is not stupid. But I am genuinely curious as to why Willian is still playing. Ok, we might be missing some players, but at this point the season seems to be a done deal. Why not play more of the youngsters instead? At least they seem to care and to fight. Almost everything… Read more »


under emery these same players scored lots of goals so you can’t tell me its entirely the players fault under emery Auba scored for fun under Arteta no one seems to know where the Goal is. you can point to the midfield lack of creativity but not to be able to score a SINGLE goal??? against inferior teams???? thats simply down to BAD NEGATIVE TACTICS and that falls solely on the shoulders of Arteta thats why he has to go.

El Mintero

And yet last season you campaigned vociferously for Emery’s removal due to his abysmal attempt at fashioning a defense…


This site is rapidly becoming like a self help group….hello im voldermort and I’m an arsenal fan.

Mikel Robinhood Arteta

Welcome to the group Voldermont! (Clap hands everyone!).


I want to like Arteta, but he’s not doing himself any favors telling everybody we’re dominating games and just getting unlucky. It’s very hard to take that seriously, and it’s even more worrying if he actually believes it.


Why liking him? He didn’t set the world on fire when he was a player either.


What are you talking about, Arteta was an excellent player

Glen Helders left foot

He joined when we were on the way down and fitted in perfectly as our standards dropped and more and more average players joined, a tidy but average player


He is just Emery who uses English better.
The job is too big for him, especially in such a crisis.
It is not luck he refers to, it is a game plan which is shocking. This club follows the path of Sunderland currently.


I know Emery was uninspiring, but did he have a run this bad?


Really can’t see him turning this around. Don’t bother with any new players in January. Get rid of all the players we can and play the young players until the end of the season. Don’t trust the board/Edu with getting us out of this hole and recruitment has been amateurish at best.

Toure Motors

Arteta was supposed to make us cohesive and was initially talking about honesty, commitment and effort. I don’t see any of these characteristics in this team or in this manager.


I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this but watching Arsenal leaves me numb and listening to the post match interviews I’m beginning to feel pity for him


This. Exactly.

Gonna be a long way back….

Des Lynam

We could have Pele, Best, Maradona and Nelson Vivas in our team; but with the system Arteta plays we would still look dogshit.


Couple of them are unfortunately no more and another one is 80 years old. Yes, your point is still valid, it wouldn’t be much different from what we are being offered today.


You make your own luck. This has been writing on the wall for some time now. There was no Mustafi or Xhaka to blame for the Villa defeat. There is no Mustafi, Xhaka to blame today either. The team looks short on confidence and that is primarily the manager’s man management skill. No point complaning about Unai emery then giving this bloke a pass. Not sure what people were thinking when they declared him a genius. I said it then he is a good tactician but he has the benefit of Pep’s protection at City and a far more talented… Read more »

Fred Garvin

Can someone please tell me why Arteta still has a job at this point? Our players are mediocre but they’re not this bad.


Maybe they’re looking and no one wants it? At least that’s what I tell myself


I’m afraid the chickens are coming home to roost. This is not bad luck but the the result of numerous bad decisions by a club which appears to be run by amateurs. Arteta is out of his depth and is slowly losing the backing of the fans. Continually picking dross like Willian, Xhaka and Laca is only adding fuel to the fire.


Yup, I guess the big question is, who is available if we did shit can MA?


I’d rather have Freddie back and let him have an assistant. Watching Mikel and that stupid Albert work out how many more crosses we need is pathetic.


5 wins to get to the magic 30pts. Honestly can’t see which 5 we will beat. What exactly is it the players still believe in. The fact he thinks we are doing well and unlucky is so the more worrying.


Downvoted only because the ‘magic number’ is anywhere between 38-42 😂
You’re vastly underestimating the depth of the shit we find ourselves buried in.


Oh fuck

Hank Scorpio

My sentiment exactly. 40 points is the magic number. Funny thing is we’re not getting thrashed but at the same time we cannot generate any sort of cohesive play, making us virtually no threat to the opposition regardless of who they are


It’s surprised me that until this point there are still a lot fan stay on his side. Dreadful.


Totally agree, I can’t be the only one that doesn’t know what the fuck our style of play is. My biggest annoyance is crossing balls in for strikers that don’t score with their heads or act as target men and prefer the ball to feet or through balls. What next route 1 stuff?


Been honest the premier league was going to be difficult regardless The Kronkes knew that this team was unbalanced and we had no creative midfielder they also probably were more involved in this ozil situation then arteta they sat back and didnt fill the void when it was highly publicized what we needed. Injuries apart that happens in a season but they are more at fault to me since they took over in 2007 its all turmoil while usmanov quitely goes about improving everton david dean was right to sell his shares to him and not the kronkes I will… Read more »


The owners backed MA with a boat load of cash this summer for Partey and others (Willy cost a shit load after fees etc) and backed him with cutting the highest paid player. While the organization structure is a mess (being generous!) they have signed off on us spending a boat load of money the last few years.
It’s time folks stopped blaming the Silent Stan for this particular mess

Ex-Priest Tobin

You are even more full of shit than Wenger. That’s the only impressive achievement in your reign so far.


Dominated the game!!! OH HAHAHAH HA HA HA…ha…..ha….oh.

Fuck he means it.


Will eyaaann, Willian di ii ii iiid, next to fuck all


I have no more copes for Arteta. Not after leaving Willian on for 90 mins. I hate most of these players more than I hate him. I’m hurting


Either demote him to a coach again or dock his wages until we start winning. Then maybe Arteta will get it.

Ray's ice cream Parlour

Just watched some Stevie Wonder videos – I feel much better. Suggest all gooners do the same…..”Don’t you worry about a thing”……

The Arsenal

Xhaxa ended Wengers Reign and destroyed Emerys. I thought he would get a hat trick with Artetas head but it looks like Willian might be the guy to do it.


You may laugh at this but… Call Wenger and give him one year deal, at least he will save us from relegation. If they are so stubborn to keep Arteta then fine, make Mikel to be Wenger’s assistant for a year. Give Arteta january and summer transfer window and so may it countinue… Does it sound reasonable?


Change luck to ‘quality’ and on to ‘in’

Cliff Bastin

Be more than worried!!! We are now officially are in a relegation battle; the team is bereft of confidence; and a rookie manager & a useless technical football director that are a combination of ‘out of their depth’ and incompetent! A radical change must happen immediately – where experienced heads are rapidly brought in or I fear for the worst. However… who’s capable of finding the necessary replacements, or making those kind of decisions? 🙁

1970 Supporter

You can be occasionally unlucky. But it is never a valid excuse to say you are persistently unlucky. That’s a loser’s way to think, and that’s what we are doing: losing.

When I first moved to the States from England, I would often say a loss was “unlucky” to which the annoying reply would be “scoreboard, baby”. As annoying as it was, the truth lay in that response.

It is foolish to continually deny the result


As someone who did the same, I agree. He needs to own it and just say that the team needs to be better. He just sounds delusional when he says we dominated a game. Time of possession doesn’t win games MA

Cliff Bastin

I believe it’s time to at least bring in a couple of experienced people who care and love the club (David Dean & Arsene Wenger) – if only to consult regards who the hell to bring in as a good manager to get us out of this mess. And while their about it send Edu back to Brazil and bring in Marc Overmars as his replacement. .


Wenger in.

Tierneys tescobag

I really like Arteta and thought he was the one to turn things around. And i’ve also given him slack because he’s not the only one to blame here. Kroenke, Edu, boardroom, bad signings over several years and underachieving players are all are reasons for these bad results. However, I now have zero faith in him because this bad run has lasted for such a long while and we still have zero style of play, zero attacking threat, no strategy to penetrate through the middle, no gameplan and we aren’t even able to play to utilize on our strenghts. And… Read more »


While the organization is a dumpster fire, I do think this group of players is much better than the position that we find ourselves in. With that in mind, you can really only blame the coach/manager. He decides who plays, the strategy etc. he clearly should only be a head coach but is now out of his depth with the manager responsibilities on top of that


I don’t want to be that guy but when Arteta was appointed I said that he didn’t have the personality for this job. Most people were against me saying things like “do you know him personally” etc. It’s not rocket science, people. Arteta never had the experience as a manager, the talent or the personality to lead and inspire. Appointing him was a mistake easily avoidable. It was an unnecessary gamble. Or to say it more accurately, it was a cheap choice. That’s what made Arsenal a midtable team, cheap choices. Players that were top team leftovers and midtable managers.… Read more »


He’s not an idiot. But he sounds like one because he’s out of his depth and has a chip on his shoulder. He cannot manage personalities and he has no ideas. He’s not an idiot, he’s just a terrible coach.


Arteta You need to go back to having less possession that is when we were sneaking wins. When we have the ball players then hog possession but there’s no point playing a system that your players are not suited for and one that fits into our opponents plans perfectly. Illogical, irrational, and hard to take, it’s hard to watch too. I hope you can turn it round but it’s not looking good, it feels like years ago we were so impressed by the pressing and intensity and Auba and the young guns, it all looked so promising. Good luck gaffer

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Even if it’s true, which is partly so, that Arteta isn’t the problem it’s the players. Do you think that tight fisted Kronk is going to fork out the minimum £200M players we need in January or take the cheaper option and get rid of Arteta. In time this guy could turn things around and if be in favour of this if we’re casually drifting from a win to a couple of defeats but this is serious. Change must come in the next two weeks. Ruth very big important players come in or he goes.


You are playing us handicapped by selecting Willian so cut that crap about luck…


Is it a question of luck? I think the players, or at least the key ones in the team, have lost faith and are struggling to give a sh^% about the current project at the club. In the 10 matches before October 4, 2020 Arsenal won 9 and lost 1. In the 10 Prem matches since that date Arsenal have won 1, drawn 2, and lost 7. What happened that could have caused us to fall off that cliff? The transfer window closed on October 5, 2020. I think the dramatic change in the team’s fortune may be connected to… Read more »


That is an interesting idea and not something I would have considered. But you may be on to something that perhaps players like Auba and others were told that the club will make new signings which will improve the club. Once the players saw the final result they lost their faith in Arteta.

Dave cee

There is another consideration. MA has stated publicly on a few occasions that he doesn’t have good enough players. That has got to piss those players off and be massively demotivating. While the window was still open they probably still had hopes of getting a good move and so had an incentive to keep performing. But once it closed players were cut from the squad or unable to leave, and instead had to stay and work everyday with the man they had put in a shift for the previous season who had tried to ditch them over the summer. If… Read more »

Baichung Bhutia

I watched the press conference and Arteta said we are very unlucky not to get results and we are dominating teams in games and creating chances to win games. This either means he is:
1. Extremely naive and actually believes this . 2. Saying this just for PR and to keep his job. 3. In cahoots with Edu to try to scam Arsenal and make as much money as possible l. I don’t know which one it is.


Need to sign someone creative in the jan window.. even Todd Cantwell will do


We have the solution. We’ve had it all along – but the stubborn LEGO head has omitted him from the squad. Now we’re paying for it – on the pitch and off it. I’ve now seriously had it up to here with this guy and his ‘non-negotiables.’ With every game, the man is systematically ruining this club and the sooner the board grow a pair and sack him, the better. Get in a caretaker manager, reinstate Ozil in January and restore some pride. Or else, ‘keep the faith’ with someone clearly out of his depth and risk relegation. It’s as… Read more »


It’s probably not the end for MA, but it’s looking increasingly like the beginning of the end for him. Assuming things don’t change substantially I think the crunch will be in the early new year when the owner will make the decision whether to continue with MA or take action to try and get improvement in the PL.


He’s got three games, max, to sort his life out and start allowing the players the freedom to express themselves and attack – rather than sticking with this relentless horse shoe crap.

Talk about whipping a dead horse…

Up North

One definition of madness is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. We’re just in a mad situation now. MA repeatedly state that this is not about the effort. Yes it is. See how they play, how they hide from responsibilty and their loosers facial expression, it speaks volume. MA need first now to pick players who really want to win and use those few as backbone (I only see Leno, Tierney,Laca, Martinelli, Saka) and fill out the holes as best he can. What MA need ,if he last so long, is to get… Read more »

John C

The problems on the pitch are easy to diagnose. We play with no midfield We play with no intensity We have a manager who is obsessed with putting his players in spaces far away from their actual starting position. Saka going deep with Tierney moving up the wing. Our central midfielders dropping into the back line whilst Saka and AMN move into central midfield or in the case of Bellerin/AMN an inside right position. What is any of this actually achieving?!? Nothing and it’s overly complicated The problems off the pitch aren’t that difficult either. Over Wenger’s 20 years of… Read more »

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