Monday, June 17, 2024

Southampton 1-0 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal’s defence of the FA Cup came to a tame end, going down 1-0 to Southampton after a first half own goal from Gabriel.

Players from the fringes given a chance to impress did anything but, with poor performances all over the field.

We will need a lot better on Tuesday night when we visit St Mary’s again in the lead.

Read the Southampton 1-0 Arsenal match report and see the goals here

Southampton 1-0 – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Bernd Leno. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Can we have negative numbers in the ratings, for Willian?


Or just group any performance sub 0 as “Willian”


Alternatively- “not good enough to rate” would suffice

Man Manny

The closest to negative is a 0, but he still managed to get a 3 from Blogs and a 2.5 average.

Paul Roberts

I think Arseblog should blank out his name on the team sheet when he plays, just so we know it’s 10 vs 11?? 🙂


It doesn’t make sense how Willian starts or is involved in so many games. He is so poor, he looks disinterested and barely shows any aggression/enthusiasm in the game. His highlight today would be when he stopped a stray pass going off for a throw. I just dont understand it, especially this whole debacle with Ozil, if we’re going by that, Willian should be dropped out of the squad. Why isn’t AMN getting a start in front of him, surely a middle 3 of AMN, Xhaka and Elneny , with AMN slightly higher makes more sense than to play a… Read more »

Tracy Roberts

Footballing reasons


Obviously ozil is leaving. And he’s old, and no longer the answer. But how did willian ever play before ozil.

Tierney’s Tescopoints

Watching that match I predicted Willian would pass backwards at every opportunity and I wasn’t far wrong. I’d always admired him as a player at Chelsea and was pleased he was signing for us but it seems Chelsea saw the slide from the inside and weren’t prepared to offer him the reckless deal that Arsenal did. Moral of the story DO NOT BUY AGEING CHELSEA STARS! Abramovich lets them go to other prem clubs for a reason. We’ve got to stop signing these guys in the twilight of their careers on big fat contracts. Wenger’s strict policy of not signing… Read more »

Tierneys tescobag

I’ve said it before, we should have manager rating as well. The decision to keep playing Willian is simply bad management


I thought the team selection got what it deserved. I can understand the need for rotation but when you can have five subs get your best side on to win the game and then look to sub players off when the game is secure. This just reminded me of our loss to Notts Forest when we picked a reserve side.


arseblog’s bias with bellerin continues – rightly calls out luiz,pepe,willian whenever they play poorly but somehow always goes lenient on bellerin. It’s quite clear he’s not the player we thought he would be at 25. Need an upgrade there as well. No idea why blog shy’s away from criticizing bells.


Agree. There is nothing good about Bellerin. He doesnt attack or defend well enough for a team that wants to be challenging near the top of the league. Move him out now while we may get 15 -20 million.


Last 3 matches when luiz played blog’s opinion was – ” plays at his own pace” which i agree but luiz was not that bad overall and got the stick. While bellerin plays backward’s most of the time, does not provide an outlet making our wingers look bad, and is light weight at defense and was dropped for soares and substituted early today and still he gets away from criticism.


When they play the ball out to Bellerin, look what he’s got to work with: Pepe and sometimes Elneny, who doesn’t drive forward. Willian was nowhere to be found on the right. Nketiah doesn’t show for the ball If he’s got nowhere to go with it, he’s got nowhere to go with it. WhenSaka and Partey came on, Bellerin and the right side were suddenly more effective. The left side, with Willian and Soares on it, not so much.


I don’t agree. Bellerin has been exellent for years. I think he is simply out of form, and that he will be back shortly.


What was wrong with Bellerin today? I thought he was solid.


I don’t know what match you were watching but Hector was probably the most consistent player out there. Defensively solid, Excellent passing and pushing the ball forward.

Kia's eyeliner

Shhh you’re ruining the narrative. There’s been a totally unwarranted, illogical anti-Bellerin agenda amongst a section of the fanbase for a long time. He’s basically the new Eboue, a poor scapegoat.


The progressives give him extra points because of his political agenda


This is the exact kind of comment someone who gets their own name on the back of a kit would make.


Two word ratings:
Leno – pretty good
Bellerin – looked tired
Gabriel – still convalescing
Holding – technically limited
Soares – overhit crosses
Xhaka – decent overall
Elneny – distinctly poor
Willian – just ugggh
Nketiah – unarmed poacher
Martinelli – always lively
Pepe – blind alley


Generous for Soares, I would have thought “absolute poo” would have been more accurate. The rest are spot on.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Drink ratings:
Leno – Milk.
Bellerin – Flavoured water.
Gabriel – Diet orangeade.
Holding – Supermarket own brand Red Bull.
Soares – Cold cup of tea.
Xhaka – Weak coffee.
Elneny – 5 day old warm Pepsi.
Willian – 7 month old prune juice.
Nketiah – Ribena mixed with sour milk.
Martinelli – Slightly flat Coca Cola.
Pepe – Mouthwash mixed with Orange Juice.


Pain ratings:
Leno – Slap on the wrist
Bellerin – Slap in the face
Gabriel – Stubbed toe
Holding – Stomach cramp
Soares – Permanent cluster headache
Xhaka – Slipped disc
Elneny – Kidney stones
Willian – Forever on fire nailed to a burning wheel in purgatory
Nketiah – Stomach ulcer
Martinelli – Mouth ulcer
Pepe – Watching Pepe

Chippy Brady

This made me laugh. Fair play


A selection of these novelty ratings on every ratings post would be most welcome! Especially after games like this one..

Reality check

Elneny – 5 day old warm Pepsi

Well done sir, comment section is yours today


to find something positive, i think we can now safely get rid off nketiah, pepe and elneny without fearing it will be a mistake

whether it really needed another game to know, i’m not sure, but it felt like the final nail in their coffins – although i’m afraid arteta won’t give up on them yet


liked to add: i didn’t mention willian as there were no doubts about him before

Paul Roberts

“On the positive I think we can now safely get rid off Nketiah, Pepe and Elneny without fearing it will be a mistake”
I hope this is what Arteta tells the board shortly whilst defending his job? 🙂


Disagree about Elneny, I think we should keep him as backup and to use as a sub to help run out games. Lots of energy to run around and help press, and I don’t think (?) he’s on high wages (if he is, we definitely need to move him on). Definitely shouldn’t be in the starting 11 though, except for Europa League group games.

The other 3 should be ditched.

Guns Up

Agree. Solid squad player, and I would add he looks like a different player (far superior to his “norm”) when playing alongside Partey.


Doesn’t that just tell you how good Partey is though as almost everyone looks better playing with him


Xhaka didn’t today – back to his bad old self, sadly.


My only positive take was that now I don’t need to pay for ESPN+ until next season’s FA Cup run.

Andy McInnes

Although I can understand why there are questions asked of a £72m signing , I can’t understand why the criticisms of Pepe invoke themselves on every occasion. Not a great game (horrible free kick), yet if another striker sticks away the backheel or the smart ball played through for Eddie’s 1v1 then the rating improves considerably. Weak ratings across the board is an easy option when we don’t put any in the net . P.S. No defence for Willian.


Have to agree – can we please just agree to NOT drag up the 72m again on this forum. Send an email to Raul and Edu ffs! Pepe didn’t set the ridiculous price – but he’s having to drag it around on his shoulders every bloody game.


Eyebrows raised at Balogun who tweeted a video of him gliding through the defense before scoring last night. Surely gets a ton of likes, not sure about Arteta’s attention though.


He should have played today. I get why he is fed up and wants to leave.


He should sign his effing contract then play for his place, not hold the club to ransom.

canon fodder

He played yesterday for the u23s. I know he is good but he can’t play two games in two days


I think you’re missing the point here. Not asking him to play twice, he should have been in today’s squad not last night’s


He posted it at the fulltime whistle, he also posted it on Instagram adding a facepalm emoji. Pretty classless and toxic. Maybe this is why he doesn’t get a start.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

He’s correct though…. Don’t blame him if he leaves.


doesn’t strike me as a likable person. if he leaves, i hope he has a shit career. i’d rather we keep him, but why wiuld he play him if he doesn’t sign dat thing

AMN's cheeky grin

I wonder if this post by Balogun, and the leaked stories in the Athletic about interest from other clubs, are him/his agent trying to increase his profile with the fanbase to get the club to offer a better contract.

Maybe I’m being optimistic, and he’ll be off soon.


And yet he sees the club hand start after fruitless start to Eddie… and hand 200k per week to a listless, disinterested Willian – can’t ignore that.


How has Willian been provided a three year deal as one of our top earners? Jobs for the boys and plenty of backhanders. At least John Jensen gave it his all


How can he not be pissed off to not start in front Nketiah. I don’t blame him at all. In that one game he played in the senior team, he’s shown more than what Nketiah has shown in all his games.

Over and over again, he’s been rubbish for us. Scoring a few poke ins here and there doesn’t cut it, especially when you’re in a team that needs more out of it’s players.


Yeah for me Nketiah has reached his ceiling and it isn’t high enough. Ideally we’d sell him this window while his profile is high. He’s flattered to deceive, but not delivered.


As a player, if you’re not in the squad, you stay professional and post encouragements. These are people you will be playing with in the future. He needs chemistry with them. He needs Laca to teach him moves and Auba to encourage him and Nketiah and Gabi to play alongside. Balogun’s U-23 performance may have been excellent. But posting a U23 goal (not to mention the emoji) as a response to the senior team failure isnt just insulting to the senior team, it’s misrepresentative. It downplays Nketiah’s efforts across 3 years in the U23s to being the out of form… Read more »


Its about playing the football.Specifically,putting the ball in the net and not morality.


I say this again lads: we need to be realistic and unemotional in our selections…
Compare Eddie’s trajectory since coming in, to Saka and Emile, even Martinelli – honestly – there’s your answer.


If we end up keeping Eddie and losing Balogun, it will be another travesty of player/transfer mismanagement.


One of the most annoying things is to see Willian do that half hearted ‘press’ where he casually jogs around, never fully committed between the opposition’s defenders as they pass it between themselves and the goalkeeper.


Even the way he walks out the tunnel, walks into the pitch for the restart, everything is half arsed and its contagious. Shame we’re lacking anyone with the persona of an Adams who would rollock him on the pitch for all to see

Cranky Colin

Roy Keane ( yeah , I know , horrible fuck), but if asked to be on the same team as Willian week in, week out, I would seriously fear for the Brazilian boys safety.

A Different George

I keep hearing this, and I just think it’s self-delusion by fans. I think Willian has been awful, but I don’t think it’s a matter of poor attitude or laziness anymore (if it ever was). I thought he was working hard, running around, very much wanted to win, and not any good. I don’t know if he would be a lot better playing as a true winger to balance Eden Hazard on the other side (as Tim Stillman points out was his role at Chelsea), or if it is a general decline. But he clearly cannot play the role he… Read more »

El Mintero

Willian is the new Ozil 🙁


Foul throws just shouldn’t happen at this level


Im amazed that keeps happening, it should be too embarassing to do more than once in a professional career.

Tracy Roberts

Agreed, and so should toe-pokes over goal with little to no pressure.


Swear I saw Cedric do it against Newcastle too


I see a lot of foul throws in PL, mainly the ejected throw from in front of the head, but we now have a reputation and officials are looking for it.

A Different George

Exactly right. And sometimes, one foot is up. Probably every match or so but almost never called.


Nketiah has one of the worst first touches I’ve seen in a while. He just can’t control the ball. He’s a poacher sure, but what else? If our losing Balogun is because we chose not to sell him to West ham for 15m we’re gonna end up regretting that immensely. Cash in on the lad, markets still open, West ham still need a striker. How many times does he have to prove he’s not good enough?


Agree he looks like a child or Sunday league player who’s been thrown in because he won a competition


I he wasn’t surrounded by Pepe and Willan, Eddie would have been better.


If my aunt had bollocks etc.


Pepe’s first touch is even worse. He can make a perfect pass bounce up in to his hips and then out for a throw…


It’s shocking. Surely the scouts must have seen this before recommending him…Let’s not even talk about the price tag!

Inflamed Pulis

Yes I’ve noticed that as well. Like he knows he’s supposed to move toward with the ball but he gives zero fucks about disrupting anything.

Inflamed Pulis

“… toward *the player* with the ball…” Sorry my typing deserves a 3 out of 10 rating today.


I am extremely angry with Arteta’s selection today. Choosing to start with Pepe, Willian AND Nketiah almost felt like he was throwing away any chance off retaining the trophy before the game had even started – starting with Willian is the same as starting with 10 men in my opinion, and I feel like I’m not even exaggerating. He is the worst signing that I can remember us making in the past 15 years, and there have been some shocking ones in that time (Santos, Squillaci, Park….. to name a few). We are 10th in the league and are not… Read more »


YankeeGunner had a good take on today’s selection on Twitter, check it out


I also saw the starting line up and thought, nah no chance today. Willian is uniterested, eddie and pepe just dont seem to offer much. Nketiah seems to be a bit of an arrogant player, with nothing of note to back up that arrogance. Again without tierney playing, we lack so much creativity.


The worrying part of that is the final sentence – relying on a full back for creativity.


Willian’s been crap since he arrived. Pepe at least seems to try. Eddie is a mid-table poacher and Martinelli clearly rusty… But only a world-class attacker on peak form could be expected to have a good game with the central mid pairing of Xhaka and Elneny. A good game with that duo involves crab-like sterility, counter-attacks slowed to a halt and no awful mistakes A bad game just includes a few stupid errors like misplaced passes over 10 yards or idiot bookings. Xhaka needs the entire f**ing team set up around him to mask his limitations and reveal his limited… Read more »


Arteta’s selection?

How about 2 goalkeepers?!


To be fair to Park, he never played so we will never know how bad he would have been … Willian, unfortunately, always fucking plays and we know exactly how bad he is.


The blueprint for Tuesday’ game should be to break their high press quick enough. Thankfully, Partey and ESR should be back in the starting line up there.


Good test for ESR, we’ll see how he can cope with tight pressing.

Neál Martin

Arteta deserves all he gets today. For me this was a big game and I was in no doubt Southampton would go strong with their lineup. To make seven changes and in particular to include passengers such as Elneny and Willian is down right ignorant. I’m pro Arteta but he’s let himself, the club and the fans down today with his team selection. Very disappointed!

Guns Up

Is that to say you’d have prioritized this over the league game on Tuesday? Because I wouldn’t have, and Arteta clearly went all-in on Tuesday’s match over this one. Willian aside, because we all know how bad he is at this point, I think it was fair for Arteta to expect more out of some of the players he put out there today, including our record signing. If he had started ESR, Saka, Laca and Partey, he’d have been slated (and rightly so) for playing them into the ground.


7 changes suggests MA was expecting similar from Saints but they put out first team. FA Cup gets you into EL and winning games gets a positive vibe in the team. We’re now solely reliant on PL performances to get Europe.

Neál Martin

Honestly I’d have taken a point on Tuesday if you offered me that for qualification to the next round. I feel because in my opinion Southampton are a really good side (would be challenging for Champions League places if they played in Bundesliga for example) that they deserved the respect of a stronger eleven. And evidently that showed. Lacazette has spent plenty of time resting on the bench this season and definitely could have played. And Partey, quite simply we needed him. That’s how I feel anyway. Maybe my love for the cup is a bit ancient but I grew… Read more »


Can’t play Tierney, Partey and ESR every game man. I’m fine with the L today if we kept them fresh to win Tuesday and beyond. Got a big run of league games and Benfica ahead of us that I care about much more


Other teams manage without mass changes.

Timorous Me

Yup, and it wasn’t the same situation for Southampton. They played Shrewsbury this week, so they could rotate; we need all the PL points we can get, so we couldn’t, even against Newcastle. They don’t have European knockout rounds on the horizon, either, so there’s less risk of stretching their players by playing them today and again on Tuesday.

We had some guys who were rusty, and some others who need to step up but didn’t yet again. It’s frustrating, but hopefully we can beat them on Tuesday.


Knew this would be a tough game from looking at the lineups, Hasenhuttl wasn’t playing around at all with his selection. All the same, expected much more than what we got. Not sure how long Arteta can persist with Willian, Pepe and Eddie on this showing. Balogun must be scratching his head wondering how he can’t get a game, I guess that’s one less competition he has to worry about then.


Pepe, Willian, Nketiah are not 1st team quality.
Southampton will probably play the same side against us in the league. Why do our big players always needing a break.
Play your best side, secure the game and then make changes. With this weak squad it’s probably a blessing we are out. Sad but true.


Oh come off it, always needing a break?
Auba had family issues. Can’t play Saka Tierney smith rowe every game…

Sandeep Nag

What family issues?

Frank Bascombe

Personal ones Sandeep.

Guns Up

None of our business, really. When a player who has made himself almost unfailingly available throughout his time at the club has a personal matter that takes priority over a 4th round FA Cup tie, leave it alone.

Can't Think Of A Clever Name

Willian and Pepe aside, I can’t understand why Nketiah gets playing time at all. Yes Balogun is probably leaving, but surely there’s no harm in starting him over Nketiah anyway? One of the most disappointing players to come out of our academy. My friends and I called him Internketiah because he plays like one. Nervous, happy to just be there, offers nothing except for the occasional apologetic nudge to the senior pro.

Paul Roberts

A bit harsh on the lad who hasn’t asked to be picked?


But better than Shearer in u21 internationals


And that’s all, unfortunately. Not a glimmer in the PL and, now, the Cup


Yes rotate but DON’T rotate with William Pepe or Eddie please ! Ever again actually ! Especially as the CUP HOLDERS defending our cup FFS !!! Seriously I think this just shows our bit part players ain’t good enough & never will be ! Rather lose with Azeez Balogun etc than lose with our shit show of salary grabbers Arteta ? Not good enough son sort it !

Sandeep Nag

Why did willian and Nketiah play the whole 90min?


So they don’t play on Tuesday. Arteta knows they are substandard, but still hopes.
Like Tierney and ESR that didn’t even made it to bench, must be the most vulnerable


Hate to disapoint blogs but i dont see Odegaard saving us from Willians particular brand of “fuck you pay me” football
Willian will go straight back to his favoured right position in place of Pepe and be just a shit with no chance of improvement.
Its a nice thought it really is but if Willian doesnt play every other game Arteta gets itchy and has cold sweats so dont get your hopes up


Stopped watching after the first half. The club is seriously ill, not getting better, won’t ever get better with Kroenke in charge. Simple as that really.

P.S. Funny how everyone is waiting for a 20 yo loanee to turn everything around. Good luck with that.


Some supporter you are.


I support Arsenal Football Club, not the KSE shitshow, thank you very much.


What you appear not to grasp, mate, is that Arsenal Football Club IS the KSE shitshow. What it needs more than ever, are true supporters – otherwise nothing will ever change. But toddle along to the Lane, at least there you’ll find a manager who shares you particular brand of loyalty.


Pepe needs love, let’s give him some love and he will produce. Arteta needs to bring the Wenger in him to get the best out of the player. He is not in same bracket as Willian whatsoever.


I have given up on Pepe. He has played quite a lot, and there is no end product. He was bought to take on defenders 1:1, but he seems to always do that in the wrong place (near the mid line) or he takes on two and loses the ball. His passes are chronically off target, and..


No end product? He created 2 big chances today that were fluffed.

alex alexsson

Pepe created 5 scoring chances today, the rest of the team **combined** created 3 (Orbinho)


and yet the Xhaka-Elneny partnership was “fine”. Zero creativity, zero forward thinking, and an allergy to progressing counter-attacks and getting the ball quickly to the struggling wide men. Partey is a start, but major centre-park upgrading is still desperately needed.


Couldn’t agree more – he didn’t value himself at that ridiculous fee… take it up with Raul and Edu? We’ve got him and can only hope that the player that’s in there somewhere, makes an appearance soon. Once thing for sure though, there’s a clear lack of confidence which ain’t being helped by everyone and their dog dissing him. I suggest we back him till the end of the window/season – then call for his exit if nothing’s changed. Mayhap Partey and ESR form an understanding with him and we get to see the real Pepe? I’d rather wish him… Read more »


It is immensely disappointing that we seem unable to play well, unless we have ESR, Tierney and Saka at the same time.
We were never really close to scoring today and is really a shame.
This has to be the end for Willian. No more, please


Well, look at it this way, some weeks ago, it was “we seem unable to play well” full stop! At least now, we can add “unless” to the statement which gives a little bit of hope!!

Baichung Bhutia

Can’t really balance Arteta for this – gave opportunities to players and they didn’t take it at all. Pepe – Got into good positions in the second half but could not hold the ball at all. I don’t want to admit it but the hope is fading away. Elneny – offload in summer Bellerin – not really good enough. Sell in summer and get a back up full back who can play left or right. Nketiah – can be sent on loan? We might end up having to hold on Xhaka seeing there is sooooo much work to do in… Read more »


I beg to disagree. Willan and Pepe have played themselves into the departing lounge, and should not have been selected today.

Baichung Bhutia

Are you saying we should sell Pepe? What about Xhaka, Elneny, Holding, Bellerin? How do you decide on Nketiah once we sell Laca in the summer? I am not a fan of Arteta but the task at hand is enormous and he needs to understand how to phase out and replace players. He is not going to get 200 million in the summer to buy replacements. If I put myself I his shoes, I am thinking we won the FA cup last time, so it’s not a priority for me. Let me see if I will be able to use… Read more »

Corona X

Stopped reading after your first sentence. You SHOULD blame him because he KEEPS giving chances to USELESS players over and over and over. He doesn’t learn – so he’s the one to blame. Plain and simple.

Medium Mozart

‘The concept of bringing in Martin Odegaard so Willian never plays again’

From Martin Odegaard comes NEW IMPROVED Martin’s Odour Guard!

Gets coat.

Burns coat…


Willian gets the ball looks like he is about to do something good with it then doesn’t

Paul Roberts

Perfectly put Sir! 🙂

Wolffman Paul.

After viewing the line-up this result was not a surprise. I doubt we will get an offer for either Willian or Pepe in this transfer window. If some other club would be daft enough to take them, and made an offer, Arsenal should grasp that offer with both hands. Even if it were for a half eaten pork pie and a stale sausage roll for both of them. After all I believe that would be of a higher value than their actual worth.


Each and every time Pepe starts or comes in as a sub I get excited thinking that he will finally deliver a world-class performance but I guess that it simply won’t happen, at least not in Arsenal.


That was dreadful, scoreline flattered us. If overpaying for Pepe was the catalyst for Raul’s departure, Edu’s head should roll for giving that deal to Willian. Awful player.

Man Manny

Nketiah, Elneny, Pepe and Willian, shouldn’t be Arsenal players next season if the club is serious about mixing up with the big boys.
Today’s game was truly a game of rivals!


Nothing we didn’t already know Take a couple of players out, and we struggle A 3 year deal for Willian was mental, but not out of character I have absolutely no idea what we were thinking….. We’re on the verge of clearing out one over the hill mercenary, and we’ve just committed to another Luiz for all his faults, is our only centre half who can progress the ball, which highlights how poor our defensive options are Holding + Elneny are average, the fanfare to Holding’s extension the other day, was completely OTT Bellerin is a shadow of the player… Read more »


Willians rating should always just be”Willian”

God, Pepe is horrible. I was sooo excited when we got him, but I honestly cannot remember why.

Jeanette KLIGER

How long are we going to have to put up with the Arteta circus/shitshow?
He shows no respect for Arsenal, our history and the fans.
Why won’t somebody kick him out?
Oh, yes, I ask myself – and who has the balls or interest to do that?

Jeremy DG

For who exactly?


tuchel, benitez, allegri, take your pick


Yeah – I here they just bust a turnstile at Waterloo trying to rush onto the northern line to get here!

East Gooner

That was an immensely disappointing performance. Quite expected though considering who we put out to play. I want to touch on some players Leno was great again. If anything at least he’ll get some rest as the fixture list is lighter Gabriel looked rusty. I have faith he’ll be back to his level. Bellerin/Soares/Xhaka were all sort of okay though not great Onto…. Willian: GARBAGE. Sorry for the caps but this one merits it. We need to stop playing him. Everyone makes mistakes. But not acknowledging you i.e Mikel made one is an even bigger mistake. We haven’t won any… Read more »


Very good comment! All these fans critizing nketiah are crazy as hell! Kid hadn’t play in months. When he does play, it’s to a system with a useless creative midfielder. So glad willock didn’t play so they can get on his back about how poor he was. Y’all acting like Southampton is a push over!


Eddie’s a poacher. He needs support, not just from the wide men but from a no. 10 and a centre midfield that can think and move faster than a glacier.


Paying Willian £200,000 a week is an insult to every Arsenal fan… its a joke and im not fucking laughing


you would think that willian’s inclusion might make everyone look better by comparison, but he actually just makes the rest of the team worse as they have to play his position, too. that he isn’t trying harder after these horrible performances says everything you need to know about the player, and its time for the manager to sit him down and explain the ‘non-negotiables’ to him again.

Paul Furtek

Having both Wllian and Pepe on the pitch for 90 minutes is like playing with nine men. That should never ever happen again. I don’t really rate Nketia either and I will be gutted if he stays at the expense of the much-better Balogan.


Football reasons maybe also for buying Borges and paying him £200 000 per week?

Paul Roberts

10/10 Bonus rating for going into Tuesday’s game in the lead. 🙂


Very harsh on Pepe. He created 2 big chances and while he lost the ball a few times, he was nowhere near as invisible as Willian and Martinelli today. I understand he’s absolutely not worth £72m, but that shouldn’t lead to biased ratings if he doesn’t play a blinder every match.


Pepe has had almost 2 years to adapt and adjust to the PL now. Sadly, the verdict seems to be in. And it’s not looking good. I just can’t see what he brings regardless of the set-up or line-up.


Our squad really need some major clearance. Can we start cutting our losses on some of the players and let them go. I cant imagine having to wait 3 years to let go off willian.


Why don’t you give a manager rating? Keep asking and getting no reply

David Hilliers Arm Cast

I feel a bit bad for Cedric. He was our only attacking threat in the first half, yes the crossing was poor but at least he was getting into good positions. Nothing went through Hector and Pepe.

Frank Bascombe

Plus, he was playing on the left. People get very wound up on here over a game of football that’s for sure.


whats the point in getting into good positions then shanking every single cross. how does that deserve praise.


Another game to highlight the clear evidence that the second string aren’t callable of the step up at this level. Nketia doesn’t have the strength or guile to play CF. PL defenders just brush him off the ball get him out on loan to build up his strength and confidence, Elneny give ‘average’ a bad name, Soares proves he can’t put in a decent cross from either side, Pepe & Willian – what’s the point? Xhaka continues his sideways/ backwards passing at his pedestrian pace and the ‘reserve’ reserves AMN, Nelson, Willock etc. offer nothing. A 4 month loan deal… Read more »


Here we go again! At the moment, Pepe and William should be watching clips of Saka and ESR!
Can’t be that difficult

Merlin’s Panini

I’m still amazed at how much Willian sucks. As our signings from Chelsea go he’s definitely the worst. I don’t get what he’s doing. Is he playing like shit on purpose or did his ability just fall off a cliff in a matter of weeks? He should just go play in Dubai if he likes it there so much.

Bilge Tekin

Edu & Arteta brought dead-wood Villain and Edu said “anyone criticising Villain do not know the game”!?. They gave 3 years contract at £100,00/week to him and now feel compelled to “give this dead-wood” chance to improve?? These two must be sacked immediately. The damage they are causing is getting worse each day. The duo is damaging the spirit among the enthusiastic, talented young players. Do not be optimistic with West Bromwich and Newcastle results. This team will lose more games in the coming weeks. I give 0 out of 10 for Arteta’s team selection and keeping both Villain &… Read more »


Hey, our Under 18s beat Spurs 4-1 today. Some good news!


We need a backup left back badly


Nketiah is simply not up to the standard cannot believe he is still at arsenal and willian is truly up there with stepanovs and silvestre

Matt P

Willian and Pepe, get the fuck out!
Awful signings.


If Ozil was out of the plans because we’re trying to move on from things that didn’t work then Willian needs to be moved on from in the summer.


Embarrassingly bad, leave out your playmaker and you lose, whoever has coached coming out from the back All the time needs to go back to coaching school. When a player loses form where in the coaching books does it tell you to keep picking the same out of form players.When that happens for close on a season, time to change the coach

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