Friday, May 20, 2022

Tierney back in training, Mari out with calf strain

Arsenal have confirmed that Kieran Tierney has recovered from the calf problem that kept him out against Crystal Palace in midweek.

The Scotland international missed the 0-0 draw with a tight calf and there were fears he could be sidelined for longer when Mikel Arteta confirmed he was going for an MRI.

Thankfully, he’s already back in full training and could be in contention for Monday’s match with Newcastle United.

It’s not such good news for Pablo Mari who has suffered a mild strain to his calf. The Spaniard could miss a couple of games.

Elsewhere, Gabriel Martinelli is fully fit having escaped serious damage to his ankle when he twisted it in the warm-up before last weekend’s FA Cup win over Newcastle.

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I would really like to se the Martinelli/Tierney combo on our left side during the game tomorrow. They could be lethal for any opposing team

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Where are the fans who were saying that Arsenal signed Tierney knowing he was injured? When he finally started playing and got injured again, some fans stated that those responsible for recruitment in the club should be fired. Please have the decency to give them credit now.


Looking at the number of comments you seem to be posting, you would be….

Johnny 4 Hats.

It wasn’t all that difficult
-Your loving Sherlock

DB10s airmiles

The plot!!

Johnny 4 Hats



2 out of 3 Ain’t bad


And though I like him, Mari seems to be the most dispensable of the 3 right now.


Said Meat Loaf

Johnny 4 Hats

His name is Robert Paulson.


Splendid Johnny, just splendid. I love movie quotes

Fireman Sam

Good news. Seems like we are escaping Project Mayhem

Guns Up

If there’s a position we can sustain a minor injury at the moment, it’s left-sided CB. Did we ever think we’d say that???? Get well soon, Mari.


Looks like there is an issue with the training methods. Our players get injured more in training then in games.

A Different George

This is happening to every team. Completely predictable given the schedule.


Martierney is back! Can’t wait to see them with Partey in midfield and Gabriel at the back.


Tierney and Martinelli on the left with Auba in the middle Saka on the right. Partey and ESR central. Please.

Man Manny

Gutted for Lacazette. He evidently loves playing with the other three too.
If Auba weren’t the captain, a front four of Martinelli, ESR and Saka behind Laca, is not bad.
Thomas and Xhaka behind them, make it a tasty 6.
Tierney, Gabriel, Holding and Bellerin in front of Leno complete what I think is our strongest team at the moment based on form.


You meant Laca in the middle.


No I meant Auba but I wouldn’t be adverse to Laca either in fairness. He links well with ESR and has played himself into form but I just feel Auba needs another game or 2 to get his mojo back before Arteta should think about dropping him.


Sell Auba


With the hefty new contract salary, there’s no chance we can sell auba now.


Great idea. Let’s sell our best player for the past 2 years who’s having his first bad spell with us. 🙈🙈🙈

David Hilliers Arm Cast

It’s not the form dip I’m worried about, it’s the body language and it’s the lack or effort.

Laca has no problem in those areas even if he is not as talented as Auba.


Yeh, ok.

El Mintero

Laca should be starting centre forward – he’s almost back to his player of the year form 2 years ago. People forget how good he can be. He spent last season trying to get over the ankle injury and now he’s bang on form and linking brilliantly with Saka and ESR. Auba on the bench and Martinelli down the left. That’s our best line up right now.

On another topic, Andrew/Blogs, can you remove me from the moderator comment review thing I seem to have been stuck in for the last 6 months! What’s that all about?!

Reality check

Half a season is a long enough time to consider that tbf


Good news, we need to get the same result as we did in the FA Cup but we need to play a little better to do it.


We won’t have all the time we were afforded certainly…


Good to see him back so quickly. Now the CB pairing for Monday’s game is a puzzle .no question about the LCB but on the right Rob Holding has done so well this season. So do you go with Holding or Luiz? I like how Luiz kept Benteke quiet ,he was on top him all game long.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

I only want a win, 1-0 will do. If we lose or draw, we will go back into the crisis.

Laca New Signing

I’d have Holding over Luiz to be honest. I like big Dave for his badassery in defence, aerial presence and pin point distribution, but (e.g. vs Palace) takes too much time on the ball hence killing momentum and urgency.


Play Luiz as CDM


And Luiz always derails the flow of the game, I would prefer Rob Holding as well.


Its all related tothe Newcastle match. Jinx


Would it be our preference to start Martinelli on the left and move Auba central and drop Laca? or Drop Auba and keep Laca giving that he has combined well with ESR and Saka?
Newcastle might be too soon to consider starting Martinelli, but what about games after?


Some combination of the above


Dropping Auba for Martinelli is the ‘right’ way to tackle Newcastle’s low block but it’s hard to do for political reasons. They should share minutes but Auba’s personality/status might chafe at that.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Martinelli needs enough space to do his things. I am not sure he is the best to tackle low blocks.


Hang on a moment. We have a decent CB injured, but another one ready to replace him who is as good, if not better?
Who the fuck are we and what happened to Arsenal?


Yeah and players keep ‘coming back’ from injury. That never used to happen.

Fireman Sam

Don’t jinx it fellas!


Any word on Gabriel?

He tested positive right after Christmas, unless he’s had some complications, he should be Covid-free by now.


Can we learn lessons and look after Tierney from now on.

And Gabi, Partey and Saka too.

If they are overplayed they will suffer and so shall we.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

How can they be overplayed having missed many games due to injuries?


It’s a difficult word to understand:


Billy bob

Sadly drawing against crappy palace makes the league table look pants again, think we should obviously continue to try work our way up the table but the Europa League cup has to be number one priority?

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

In our situation, Palace was a must-win game. Now, the next two are.


Every game is a kind of must win. We just have to get as many points as possible. But drawing to Palace is not a good point to be at. But EL in some way is a must. No discussion.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

If we don’t beat Newcastle tomorrow we might have to also start thinking about prioritizing the FA Cup again. 7th could get Europe but it’s hard to see us catching any of the so-called top 6 rivals and then you add Leicester and Everton to that list.


Good to see Ozil finally moving on. Bit of a waste otherwise. As for us, if we don’t get this window right, we are done. The gap is to west Ham which is 5 points ahead. Villa just ahead of us has 3 games in hand due to covid. So our position in 11th is extra precarious since we are five adrift of those in top 10. As mentioned when we signed Arteta, I thought it a massiverisk for a club like us. Even Everton managed to pull in experience with Ancelotti, everton are in 5th with a chance to… Read more »


True standards have fallen very quickly. Arteta is getting the benefit of the doubt due to the cup win and being an ex player who knows the right things to say. Our league form under him has been a disaster. We will finish no higher than 8th this season. But his job is safe regardless it seems. What will the target be for him next season when surely his process will need to start to deliver results. Top 4 should be the minimum but the fall in standards may see a top 6 finish by him seen by some as… Read more »


Calf injuries could take up to six weeks to recover. Why are they rushing our most valuable players? It’s not like we are going to win the PL this season. FFS.

SB Still


ManC show how to do it, 4-0 against Palace!

Also, I’m feeling a bit jealous of Leicester, they are living our romantic dream of mixing it with the money bags clubs.


Leicester have a proper experienced manager.


Can I just give a shout out to our medical staff. The improvement in our fitness record from “Injury FC” a few years ago has been nothing short of phenomenal.

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