Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Arteta fumes about VAR and laments “unacceptable” home form

Mikel Arteta was left frustrated as his side self-destructed their way to a thirteenth league defeat of the season as Everton claimed the spoils at the Emirates. 

Arsenal were largely in control of a game that lacked quality in the attacking third from either side but contrived to lose when Bernd Leno fumbled a Richarlison cross through his own legs for the only goal of the game with 14 minutes remaining. 

The tone for a miserable evening had been set six minutes after the break when VAR overturned a penalty, awarded for a Richarlison foul on Dani Ceballos, because Nicolas Pepe was fractionally offside in the build-up. 

“We were the better team but there are certain decisions that we can’t control,” Arteta told Sky Sports

“To disallow a penalty 15 seconds before – [we had] eight or nine touches [after Nicolas Pepe was offside] – I saw it 10 times and I don’t get it. It can be taken the way they want. Zero control. Somebody has to explain that.

“We were the better team. We lacked some clear-cut chances and the edge in the final third. They are very well organised but we conceded the goal in the wrong moment and when we had the penalty but it wasn’t given.”

He went on to label Arsenal’s home form “terrible” and “unacceptable.” 

In conversation with the BBC, Arteta also touched on Leno’s own goal: “Errors are part of football, we conceded an own goal that defined the game at the end. We didn’t create enough against a team that is well organised, we lacked clarity in the final third.

“We need to go through the disappointment and focus our energy, the semi-final is more than crucial for us. I don’t want to use any excuses, I understand the protests.”

Arsenal now have six days to regroup before facing Villarreal in the first leg of our Europa League semi-final. We didn’t want to put all eggs in one basket, but they are certainly in there now.

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Arteta is correct, it is unacceptable. Does he take responsibility for it though?


The whole team makes mistakes. It’s fucking annoying!

Bob's Mexican Cousin

That’s all they’re making at the moment…

Reality check

He does take responsibility but what good is that? It’s like those Arsenal fans dying to have more communication with Kroenke, would achieve nothing


Not through lack of trying though, in their case.

Var Will Solve The Problem

I thought it was more a case of bad luck than bad performance specially in the context of our top two striker being injured. But i think playing Xhaka as a left back against a high quality defensive minded team is very ineffective. Basically we are employing two midfielders to do what KT used to do by himself. It takes away something from our midfield too where Partey has to do everything by himself which lead to more mistakes and a yellow card for him. One or two time it works but then opponents figure out a way to work… Read more »


Everton had 3 good chances before half time (Leno saving one) to our none/one and giving a goal away was no surprise (as against Leicester, Wolves, Fulham etc), so piling blame on VAR is weak albeit understandable.

But, VAR is a mistake and merely creates additional opportunities for errors than we had from officials before. And, I’ve yet to see the lines drawn for the moment the ball left a player’s boot to initiate offside.

YOLO Toure

To be fair I reckon part of his job description when he came in was to improve our away form, because that stank under Emery. Technically he’s done that, so fair play to him!


Maybe if we don’t qualify for Europe at all next season Kroenke would consider selling? They need reminding that being in Europe every season is not a given. Look how far we’ve come under their ownership. When player’s values were massively inflated every season we hoarded cash and were proud of it, investing as little as we could to a team lacking one or two players to challenge for the title. Now in a depressed market we are stuck with overpaid and aging players – and add to it an inexperienced manager. This is all a clusterfuck of Kroenke’s making.


I understand and i thought the same thing. But without Europe, Arsenal finances will take a deep hit and won’t be able to compete for next 2-3 years. Maybe its a good thing, but Kroenke don’t usually sell their investment.


Just trying to find a silver lining, preparing for the worse case scenario if we don’t win the EL. The things being an Arsenal fan taught me. I would absolutely love it if we won the EL this year though. All our fans deserve a big win after all this ordeal – and even for Mikel, hate him or love him he’s trying his best to protect our badge in the special circumstance.


Bold of you to assume ONLY 2-3 years…


KSE have overseen a long period of very bad management at all levels of the club. From the final years under arsene through sanllehi/emery and onto now. While this is indisputable, I don’t think it’s fair to accuse KSE of not putting money in. We have chucked more than 500m down the toilet in the past 8 years (i can pull out the detail if you really want me to, but you can see for yourself here: that’s a 440m net spend over the past 8 years, not counting letting valuable players run their contracts down and young prospects… Read more »


That’s the club’s revenue and money, and contributed by sponsors, TV Revenue and us fans paying up.

KSE does not contribute a single cent to AFC.


The Kroenke’s own the club so they ultimately decide how the revenue is spent – i.e. they let Wenger/Sanhelli & now Arteta/Edu decide and quite frankly they’ve wasted it. But at the end of the day it’s the Kroenke’s money as they own the club. It’s no different than Apple – you might buy the Iphone and provide the revenue, but once you do that it’s the owner of Apple’s money.

El Mintero

You have no fucking clue. The Kroenke model is exactly the same as the Glazer model and the FSG model…they put fuck all money of their own into a club. They use the club’s assets to finance debt which is leveraged to pay off the debt…do you even understand that?! It’s why American ownership is killing our clubs.


Dont compare Kroenke to Galziers. Glaziers did a lot to make Man Utd the financial giant, they are today, by squeezing the last dollar out of each sponsor.

Arsenal sponsorship has reduced on dollar value since Kroenke came, and now Spurs are earning as much as us in sponsorship

El Mintero

Holy shit, a glazer apologist!

A Different George

Yeah, before the Glaziers, no one ever heard of Man United. No one wanted to sponsor them or their little-known players like Cantona or Beckham. The Glaziers took a giant gamble by buying the plucky upstarts, loading them with debt, and turning them into “the financial giant they are today.”


Please explain why despite of Bergkamp, Henry, etc Arsenal have lower sponsorship than Tottenham


You seem to have very little understanding of finance for someone who has wildly strong opinions on it.


The ignorance of these Kroenke fans is staggering. Their toupee wearing hero is hailed like an ancient Caesar bestowing bread and circuses – and let’s face it, we’ve got a right fucking circus out on that pitch.


there are no kroenke fans here. just people trying to explain the facts among all the sloganeering and hysteria. you cannot call for #KroenkeOut without making some specific charges against them and proposing a viable alternative that would be better. personally, i blame Gazidis/Wenger/Sanllehi more. Emery did his best but wasn’t good enough. Now things seem to be moving in the right direction and back towards a more sustainable model under Edu/Arteta. in the absense of a realistic alternative i am fine with the path we are on – slow, steady progress towards getting back where we belong without loading… Read more »


You think things are moving in the right direction under Edu and Arteta……



whether you like it or not, KSE owns the profits of the club, all of which have been re-invested in the team. this is how a sustainable model is supposed to work. what are you calling for? them to put money in and load debt onto the club so we can shortcut the process and have some shiny trophies? you want us to be chelski?


Another one who thinks Stan coughs up monetary gifts rather than implements business loans that the club have to pay him back. 🙄


KSE have provided no personal loans to the club. The most recent loan taken out was from the Bank Of England. Abramovich has loaned and is owed 1.4bn quid by Chelski. Is that what you want? KSE to put lots of their own money in and then when they decide to leave call the debt in and possibly leave the club bankrupt?


Oh give over mate. If Kroenke ever decided to leave there would be no shortage of takeover bids from new ownership, who would, in all likelihood, take on and pay that debt. Arsenal are a global brand – they will alway attract another owner. The owner of Spotify sent an open letter in the form of a tweet expressing his interest only last night.

The trouble with people like you is that you can only see the current situation. You think it’s either Kroenke or bust. Pathetic.


Right. Exactly!

Kroenke picked the team. And leads the training. Kroenke subbed in Willian. And started that zero Nketiah.

Surely the easy answer is blame the guy totally unconnected to this loss.

Thats. Fucking. Brilliant.

On the right path?

Good points unfortunately but the problem is bigger than Arteta was the main point I think. That detachment of the owners and lack of footballing ambition has become ingrained into the walls of the Emirates. The manager for too long had no consequences for failing… this malaise was passed on to all staff and all players. We have to turn this tanker around and we never will with the kronkes steering the ship.


“lack of footballing ambition”. what does this mean exactly? you want them to speculate with their own money and engage in the kind of financial doping City and Chelski have been up to for years?

El Mintero

Oh look, it’s Josh’s social media muppet.




There was a story of the Spotify owner being interested, but getting Kroenke to want to sell is just half the issue. You need someone to come up with around what, £2.5-3 billion?

Then he would want his own people in again, so we would be back to rearranging our board and everything. A sale now would put us in another “maybe in 5 years” cycle to compete.


I read about the spotify owner.
If ever there was an unsuitable owner it would be him.
I know a 4.5 billion fortune is a lot of money but in terms of buying a premiership club and investing in players – the RIGHT players it is not enough.
Arsenal would need some serious investment just to make it competitive and only an owner from the middle east is equiped for that…
Who would want to invest that?

A Different George

I don’t know much about Ek: he is Swedish, started and controls Spotify, is worth billions, doesn’t like Swedish taxes and regulations. So, a super-rich tech entrepreneur, probably with the attitudes typical of that group. Not automatically someone I would trust more than someone who marries a Walton.

Oh, but a life-long Arsenal supporter.


All these people defending Kroenke are so simplistic in their thinking. That all soccer fans want is to spend some money. The belligerence is outstanding. Totally missed the point. They assume everyone should think like them and consider money as the be all and end all. Wake the f up. We just want owners who know what the f they are doing and not literally throwing money away. Since Wenger left, no actually the final year of Wenger agents were circling the club and since that point all hell broke loose. Money was wasted. Stan better look closely at his… Read more »


downvote only because of ‘soccer’

A Different George

I think when Kroenke got involved, he believed the Champions League was a financial certainty for Arsenal. Wenger’s nineteen consecutive appearances seemed as good as a closed Super League. It is at least possible that KSE will not be able to tolerate the uncertainty inherent in the present set-up and look for a buyer. Obviously, I hope so.

Tommy Gunner

Arteta out

Hank Scorpio

Ponder the fact that a joke club like Spurs sacked their manager for guiding them to 7th and couple it with the fact that we’re barely treading water and it’s hard to make the argument for keeping Arteta. He should be gone as soon as we fail in Europe. There is no compelling reason to keep him on. Funnily enough if I’m not mistaken, we could have approached Ancellotti at the time we hired Arteta. Unless you’re part of the Trust the Process cult, the time is approaching for Emmett to board his double decker couch and sail off into… Read more »

No foot Norbert

It doesn’t matter who’s in charge as long as kse maintain control stop blaming managers because it’s likely we’ll just get someone cheaper and shitter

Hank Scorpio

I didn’t think much of Emery but it’s clear that as you say, we’d just sack the manager and bring in a shitter one. The evidence is already there. Let’s hold onto Arteta and this mediocrity lest we hire an even shitter manager and plumb new depths.


i’ve yet to see anyone calling for arteta to go propose a suitable replacement. we have been pouring money down the drain for years and arteta inherited a chaotically assembled squad. it’s a huge job and it’s going to take time. i’m amazed at how much he has got through already.

short term pain for long term gain. trust the process. we have the right guy at the helm now. go have a beer and chill out.

Hank Scorpio

You sound like a cult member repeating a mantra with this trust the process rubbish. By what measures other than your faith do you believe this team is progressing?

I don’t see the progress and neither does the table. We have a better squad than a number of teams above us. Everton are a great example of a lesser squad with a better manager.




Off the top of my head, Allegri, Vieira, Nagelsmann.

That’s three who would be an immediate improvement on Arteta.


What evidence is there that Vieira or Nagelsmann would be an improvement on Arteta? Allegri has a great record at Juventus in an uncompetitive league but has never managed outside Italy and don’t forget he’s already turned us down


So who would you have?

Mikel Arteta? 🤣

A Different George

Do you think it relevant that Mourinho had lost much of the dressing room (as he always does eventually; a bit sooner with each new club)–whereas as far as we know, his players like Arteta?

Hank Scorpio

At face value it appears so but who knows. Murmurings about the treatment of Ozil. Inconsistency in treatment of players with Willian a case in point. Remember that the players were fully supportive of Emery….until they weren’t. I actually don’t think our problems are that big but that Arteta’s inflexibility is the biggest stumbling block both in terms of player selection and tactics. There’s a line between constantly changing things up in a panic when things aren’t working and being rigidly wedded to your approach even when it’s evident you need to change. Arteta is guilty of the latter and… Read more »


Most incompetent coach ever


You must be new to football if you really believe he’s the worst ever


Yes, but I’m old enough to know arteta is not good enough. With the resources at his disposal, he should at least be fighting for top four not the position the team is now


You think this team is good enough for top 4? That they are better on paper, than one of City, Chelsea, Liverpool or United? Really?

Hank Scorpio

They’re better than West Ham and Everton for starters.


He took over after the Emery debacle and won a major trophy. We are in the semi final of the Europa League and it’s a work in progress. Remember it took Klopp 3 years to turn Liverpool into champions


He’s certainly the worst manager Arsenal have had since Billy Wright.

Tony 2

Nah Q I’ll give u Billy Wright but I’ll trump that with Terry Neil or hueston (ok the latter was a temp)


I never used to miss a game, valentines, birthdays, if there was an arsenal game, that would be it. Half watched Fulham game, and didn’t even bother tonight. Despite the loss, not having endured the torture of watching it, makes a difference. Between Arsenal being shit, VAR suckling the joy out of the game, and empty stadiums, it’s not not worth the effort. Enjoy something else and stress less.


Man I remember Danny Welbeck scoring a 90th minute winner on Valentine’s Day against Leicester some 5 years ago. I was on a date with my then gf but could only muster to see live commentaries every now and then. She knew there’s a game going on, and we celebrated the winner together. She’s now my missus.

Bruv, please don't talk about that season. That season hurts more than last 10 years. I mean seriously after 4--0 loss at Southampton and 3-3 draw at Liverpool and not turning up at all against manu. Giving the title away to Leicester. When Wenger in one of the presser said the neutrals would like see Leicester win, i was like this is same guy who said we can go a season unbeaten. I was in a shock!

Bruv, please don’t talk about that season. That season hurts more than last 10 years. I mean seriously after 4–0 loss at Southampton and 3-3 draw at Liverpool and not turning up at all against manu. Giving the title away to Leicester. When Wenger in one of the presser said the neutrals would like see Leicester win, i was like this is same guy who said we can go a season unbeaten. I was in a shock!


at that moment i was so confident we gonna win the league. such a momentum. welbz out for so long…that icelandic comment to that goal, the irish “he could be dead…no…he’s moving…holdin his jaw…..monreal surely not gonna do some french kissing tonight” oh my


I dislocated my knee celebrating that Welbeck goal, what an awesome day. I’d give anything to care enough to injure myself celebrating again.

Enjoyed your story.

Ojobo Johnmike

Der32 congratulations sir,you made her your Mrs.I wanted to hiss thinking you parted ways when i read “MY THEN GF”.May you enjoy your marriage forever in love and mutual togetherness.


VAR and it’s inherent crapness, is something that affects every team – not just us.

Arteta is straw clutching – again.


Teams losing a game and even one they were totally in control of is something that affects every team – not just us.

You are straw clutching – not sure if you have before.


On this I absolutely agree. Ceballos’ dive was embarrassing, spurs would have been proud of that and yet here we are using var as an excuse. Embarrassing. We were not good enough… Again. And Leno? Well the less said the better. Embarrassing.

Ojobo Johnmike

Qwaliteee,we suffers the crapness more than any other team


That, my old son, is the crapness caused by Kroenke and Arteta.

Not VAR.


According to some the answer is to bring back Wenger and that had we sold Martinez this wouldn’t have happened. What next? Hire Mourinho? Bring back Özil?


Under MA Özil was creating twice the crration rate of the Real loanee and Esr. Wouldn’t do worse than this lot. Bit I’m sure he’s now in a much better place with much better fans and much better people.


No he wasn’t. He was at 0.07 expected assists per match. His peak season for us was 0.54 per match. You can look up old posts here or on understat.


Ozil has been shit at Fener and was injured last I checked. As soon as he joined they started losing.


Go on Dave, you get it off your chest, mate!



Dave is right. Özil turned up, played a couple of games and go injured. After all the fanfare it’s pitiful.


My point is that it’s moronic to think that turning the clock back is any form of solution to where we are. Or to ANYTHING for that matter.

And Mourinho is a cunt on steroids who leaves nothing but sorrow in his wake wherever he’s been. But as sure as shit stinks we know some are going to suggest him because apparently “he’s a winner doncha know”.


Understand the VAR frustration but we can’t do anything about it. Keep your head high gunners and go beat Villarreal


Arteta is not doing a good job but how could he? It’s his first job as a manager. He’s not fit to manage a club like Arsenal and that’s not his fault. He will come good but it will take time and the problem is that this is where he learns. When he takes his next job he will have a wealth of experience on the expense of us. I don’t want him out. I want the cunts who put him in this impossible situation out. We could win the EL, as we are a cup team now instead of… Read more »


if he wins the europa league and gets us back in the CL next season then he is doing a fantastic job. he inherited a huge mess. this is his first job as the main main and he has had to manage the club through a pandemic and a very turbulent period at executive level. i think we should give the guy a break.

you can see the nucleus of a good squad there going forward. he is going to need some stability and a couple more windows before we start threatening the business end of the table again.


We should give the guy a break until the end of the season. If we win the EL he should be given a chance,, but if we dont win the EL and finish 10th he should be given his marching orders

Can you expound on what you mean by this because I don’t understand.

If I get hired to be the manager of a clothing store in the black (breakeven) and 16 months into my tenure the same store is now in the red (loss); does that mean that because I lack managerial experience I am blameless and the shareholders are the ones responsible?

The only sp*rs i like is san antonio

I for once doesnt even care if we don’t play in europe at all next season. Maybe that’s a hard punch on the stomach or roundhouse kick to the butt that we need to make the club better, by selling most of the senior players and start building from scratch with the youngsters (preferably with kroenke out too) . At least with that we don’t need to have false hope anymore


Arteta doesn’t know what he is doing. Ancelotti was appointed same time. Several teams ahead of us in league have far humbler assets. We lack verve going forward and imagination. We have become too methodical and painfully slow in transition. We take 3 or 4 touches sideways or back when we could do one forward. All this chop and changes Keepers and slavishly using Xhaka as a Lback (why?) makes zero sense with few games to go. To me, we need to be well oiled with as regular a selection as possible now. Xhaka has done decent in unfamiliar role… Read more »

Hank Scorpio

Not approaching Ancellotti suggests we went for the cheapest option. As for Xhaka at LB it tells you Arteta is clueless. He plays a player in a position. It works once so he persists with it. This isn’t the first time and it shows how reactive Arteta is. The ONLY decent midfield pairing we have right now is Partey-Xhaka. Playing Xhaka ar LB against Fulham only hurt us offensively and offered no additional solidity in defence (none was needed). Playing him their again was rank stupidity.


My thoughts exactly, kroenkes is absolutely a mess, but appointing arteta flanked by Edu and venkatasehm is a bigger mess, arteta is a green horn he has no business managing a “magnificent “club like ours, and for Edu and co, they are clueless about management


have you watched everton this season? i have watched them a lot and they are very poor. yesterday was a typical performance from them – solid defensively but not much else going on. i like ancelotti but he has not improved the squad and made some poor buys. arteta was the right call. we wouldn’t have got anyone else who was willing to stick with us through this rebuild. give the guy time. it’s working. the main issue results have been patchy is the senior players he inherited are either just not up to scratch or can’t be bothered. they… Read more »


Everton got their best striker back from injury and we have both our best strikers out, alonfg with our only left back. Ancellotti was no better than Mikel. VAR screwed us over again and Leno had another brain fart, that is not down to the manager. We were in control of that game. I’d like to see Ryan play on Thursday, Leno is totally unreliable.


Offside rule is idiotic. As Wenger has mentioned it makes zero sense. To me (as an ex striker), it makes more sense to be onside so long as any playing part is on with last defender. You don’t get too much advantage anyway. Chiefly the rule is to prevent loitering behind the defense. The other stupid rule is penalty decisions.They’ve taken the more nebulous guess work out of the ref’s ambit but replaced it with extreme dogma. Now any slightest touch is a pen. Don’t matter if the player had zero intention or the slightest of touches (with Ceballos heading… Read more »


So what. It was a dive. Even if there was some minor incidental contact if did nothing to affect ceballos, who theatrically threw himself to the ground about 1 second after the contact (of it occurred at all), not because of it. But sure use VAR as the scapegoat.


The only person in charge of home form is Arteta.

He has not done enough.


Yeah, we look bad out there. Everyone is to blame, but Arteta has to take responsibility.


Leno’s mistake shouldn’t be the central story. The fact that we keeping failing to score at home is the bigger concern.

Martin R

Well if we don’t make it a big story we will be stuck with the useless keeper for years


Sorry Martin, people here can’t come to terms with the fact we have just an OK goalie. Wrack up another error leading to goal for the great Leno.
Headline: “Leno, Burnt arsenal… Again”


Bullshit. Leno has been so bad all season, and in all honesty has never been the required level.


He was renowned for mistakes with Leverkusen. He was very good before his injury last season, but this is his only good run with Arsenal, before that he was shakey and has been since. He hasn’t even been close to what Emi was producing for us at the end of last year (which was worldclass) and again what he has done at Villa, he’s a top 3 keeper in the league. Leno is a top 10 keeper. Says it all.


Bellerin may be flattering to deceive this season but there’s been so much chop and changes (many unnecessary) by Arteta its hard for any player to get consistent too. In any case our Cockney spaniard served to remind us of the ethos and responsibility Wenger left us with. Good to see the fans out in force today making themselves heard against the Cretin owners. 1) Owners are rubbish. Josh is a lame name and the “man” strikes me as a condescending twat. We need Fan share plus better owners. 2) Venkatashem out of depth and pliable. O’Leary or someone of… Read more »


About Edu, I was really worried when he was brought in, because as a brazilian supporter I can see that most of the brazilian directors operate with a contacts approach (usually they have a lot of ties to many agents). He really looks like the dude that knows his players from FIFA or from agent indications.


O’Leary talked a lot of shit while at Leeds to welcome him back

Naked Cygan

Dog sh*t results. Really sums up how this club is running from the top to the manager, coaching team and our sh*t players. Every fking week someone is making an excuse for Arteta or we blame one player. Every one is to blame and they should be ashamed and leave. Thus is not Arsenal.


If you think of each of these losses as yet another clown blinking at the stage lights and smiling as it piles out of the clown car that is Arsenal Football Club then they go down more easily.

Anyway, Kroenke out.

The Arsenal

Almost poetic that Emery will put the nail in the coffin for this season

The script writers wouldn’t have it any other way😊


The same way we lost to Benfica, Olympiacos and Slavia Praha? I recall most of the “fans” saying we wouldn’t beat them either. I believe we’ll beat Emery and win the final, and I’ll keep believing and supporting until it’s proved otherwise.


I can’t and won’t defend Arteta, the team or our performances in general. But my god, the guy doing the VAR for offsides must have been on ket or something, they just put the lines anywhere they feel like now. Absolute nonsense.


I don’t think Arteta was bothered about the lines. It was what they think is a passage of play and how long you can go back to find an offside.


With the resources at the club, there can be no excuses for where the team are. Arteta has renewed contracts, signed players on high wages and big transfer fees and things have gotten worse. In fact the first half of his Arsenal career was better, so we are declining with the more he spends.

He is either unlucky, or just not getting through to the players. Something has to change and we can’t change a whole squad again.


He inherited an older, worse team than the rest of the big 6. Should we be ahead of West Ham, Villa etc? Sure. But our fans seem to really overestimate the strength of our squad when the majority of our first team is either under 21 or in their first PL season. That is not a recipe for short term success.


Every week there seems to be another reason why we did not get the result we supposedly deserved. Honestly, I am sick of the excuses. When you continually drop points in games you should have won, then that is more than just simply bad luck, one-off player, or VAR mistakes. I believe this group of players is better than the 9th place we find ourselves in. After 33 league games this season, that is ultimately down to the manager. Anyone else would have been sacked by now. I mean a certain team above us sacked their manager for less.


It’s like when politicians say we have to be open for critics and so on. It’s just a charade. Because in the end, most of those people don’t really care about what you say, and take little to no responsibility. What’s Arteta’s solution to what he considers “unacceptable”? “We have to work harder”. What is the real answer? He has to take responsibility and walk.


We are so piss poor and I can’t see us getting any better. We won’t invest enough money to enable us to compete at the top and doubt the manager has the experience or know how to get us their even if money was invested. I think we are almost at the point that the only pleasure we can get from Arsenal is that we are so shit and lack quality that these owners continue to lose vast sums of money. They put Willian on a 3 year deal, they gave auba 350k a week , they continue to pay… Read more »

Boycotting games. On the TV and in the stadium (when they reopen) is also a form of protest. If supporters combine this with street demonstrations, I believe it definitely can have an effect if maintained for long enough.


Yes, lets make the Emirates as toxic as it used to be, we can do Arteta out and Kronke out and burn everything, that’ll fix the results won’t it. When we’ve completely demoralised the players, fired the manager and gained a reputation as the most entitled bunch ever we can stare at the tatters of what’s left and be proud.


I would say it’s unbelievable how utterly shit we are, but unfortunately it’s all too believable. Hopeless.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

After a long sample, Arteta seems to be able to talk the talk but can’t walk the walk…


Reality if we don’t beat Good Ebening…we may end the season 10th or 11th no europe.

Dismal state of affairs for a so called ‘big club’

Hank Scorpio

And that’s the thing. Keeping Arteta on boils down to faith. There’s no objective reason to keep him.


With this mistakes from VAR but the FA can’t punish his officials because of monopoly .it’s time FA/Uefa ups their game or better the super league


This is unacceptable. But what can you do? I guess just keep going. Cant believe that so many things go wrong for us. bad signings, bad VAR decisions, injuries. I dont think we should be this bad


True. The irony is that despite how bad things are there’s still a possibility that we could win the EL and therefore get into the CL next season – assuming that there are no post-ESL sanctions to prevent it of course. It’s a hugely risky gamble – not so much putting all our eggs in the EL basket as putting the hen house in it as well – but what else can we do now?

Man Manny

The absence of Luiz, Tierney, Auba, and now Laca was always going to make our lives difficult, especially Tierney.
Put him in that game yesterday and we win.
I don’t know if that is an excuse but I know their absence has made us weaker.
I mean, we had Nketiah on for virtually the whole game bar 15 minutes.


13 losses and it’s not over yet. Kroenke FC has achieved mediocrity.


Why complain about VAR? It wasn’t even a foul


I’d sooner see Edu gone than Arteta


I find this team so boring to watch. Its boring listening to arteta explain why we are so bad. The team lacks effort or direction, we are simply not good enough. Ive never felt so disassociated to an arsenal team, and when this esl thing came up i thought i was done with Arsenal. I dont think we are going to compete for the league for at least ten years, i dont think we will get the backing from the owners to buy the players we need to compete again. A shit year for everyone, which is made even worse… Read more »


All eggs in one basket, or one Basque in the exit?


Question. I just saw a video of the Pepe offside. Why is someone ruled off because of their arm?
you can’t score with your arm so there is no advantage. In pre var days I understand how someone would be ruled off because of their arm since it was very difficult to distinguish between all the body parts. This seems to be a misapplication of not only var, but the Laws.
can anyone clarify?


No, there was no way it was offside and it was a different stage of play. VAR fucked us over again.


I watched the VAR and can only conclude that we are being punished for ESL.

How is it they measured from Pepe’s arm and not the shoulder. Yet Richardson is measured from the shoulder?

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