Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Aubameyang hospitalised by malaria

A few eyebrows were raised when Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was ruled out of our trip to Sheffield United with what the fitness bulletin detailed as “flu”.

It turns out the player contracted malaria while on international duty with Gabon and is currently recovering in hospital.

Revealing the diagnosis on his social media channels, Aubameyang wrote:

Hey guys, thanks for all the messages and calls. Unfortunately I contracted Malaria whilst being on national team duty in Gabon a few weeks ago. I’ve spent a few days in hospital this week but I’m already feeling much better every day, thanks to the great doctors that detected and treated the virus so quickly. I wasn’t really feeling myself the last couple weeks but will be back stronger than ever soon! 🙏🏾 Will be watching my boys now, huge game for us!Let‘s go and get it @arsenal 💪🏾💪🏾


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According to the NHS, symptoms of malaria can develop as quickly as seven days after being bitten by an infection mosquito. Symptoms include, a high temperature, headaches, vomiting, muscle pains and diarrhoea.

He’s not the first Arsenal player to pick up the disease. Kolo Toure picked up the potentially fatal disease in 2008 and was ruled out for quite some time.

We wish the captain all the best with his recovery.

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Get well soon man!

Johnny 4 Hats

Too right! Second that.

There’s a mosquito somewhere in Gabon with a massive grin on its face doing front flips.

Non - flying dutchman

Not sure thats how it works

More like the work of Mo-squito-rinho


Much more dangerous than his mate, Harry Red-gnat

Public Elneny

Tore André Fly

Johnny 4 Hats

You say that but a mosquito bit me once and went on to write some really funny shit in internet comment sections…


Auba’s form, mosquitos and all your jokes suck.

Johnny 4 Hats

So tempting to do a mum joke. But I’m better than that… Just.


Hahahaha man you just never run out 😂


This doesn’t fly with me


speedy recovery, skip!


Get well soon champ.


Pfffttt…”malaria”. My Aunt-in-law’s cousin saw him in Marbella last night. If it was Roy Keane, he would have played.

Chipper 49

From the number of down votes I’m guessing people aren’t getting the joke /have no sense of humour… 😁


The joke isn’t very good.

Too obvious and tryhardy.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

The Arsenal Captain’s curse continues.

All the best Auba!

Jeremy DG

Puts to bed the conspiracy theories


Does that the conspiracy catch malaria too?? Those things usually never die


Good one


Wow. Seedy recovery, Auba.


Well personally I hope his recovery is a wholesome one.


When ESR grows more muscle, he’ll be unstoppable.


Yep. Look at Kaka when he arrived at Milan, then 5 years later world’s best player.


Are the doctors going to give him hydroxychloroquine or is that not allowed anymore because it will also get rid of covid


No. Malaria resistant to it throughout Africa I’m afraid.


Malaria can take a while to fully recover from, so get well soon Auba.


PSA (not a comment on this situation): If you are going to a malaria zone take your malaria prophylaxis pills. Because dying is bad.


Get well soon Skipper, fuck off media


“Symptoms include…., headaches, vomiting…and diarrhoea.”. I feel like that whenever I walk down Tottenham High Road.


There are a lot of bloodsuckers with infectious diseases around that area…

No foot Norbert

Feel like a bit of a pick now for questioning his integrity. Sorry auba get well soon!

Once, twice, three times el neny

Kolo Toure wasn’t quite the same after contracting it. I really hope Auba keeps his pace and fitness (Kolo seemed to lose a bit when he did)


Well, that explains it.

Still, you wonder why Arteta chose to be so cagey about it – saying he doesn’t talk with every player every week.
Just say he’s been sick, this sounds like calling your captain out.

Glenn Helder Trio

Get well soon Auba!


So can we put his decision to get that haircut down to Malaria induced fugue state? Nasty illness that one.

Merlin’s Panini

Fuck. Sorry to hear that. Get well soon Auba!


Once more, these FUCKING international breaks!!!

Get well soon Auba. I’ve had malaria quite a few times in the past and it really is not a laughing matter.

The chills when you’re actually hot. The intense heat when you’re actually cold. The constant loss of fluid from every part of your body😓💩🤮. The lack of energy accompanied with a lack of appetite.

Thank goodness all that is a distant memory. If we cannot eradicate the mosquito then maybe something can be done to prevent the transfer of plasmodium in warmer climates to the insect.


Get well soon


Get well soon, our Captain!

Teryima Adi

Get well soon, Auba.


We r praying for for the quick recover your special person in our heart bro

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