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Ek: I have secured funding for Arsenal bid – full transcript

Daniel Ek insists he has secured the funding required to make a bid for Arsenal, and says he hopes that owners KSE will listen to his offer.

The Spotify co-founder appeared on CNBC this afternoon to discuss the share price plummet of the music streaming service, but also his intention to try and buy the club from Stan and Josh Kroenke.

Here’s what he said in full

CNBC: How much do you want it?

Ek: I’ve been an Arsenal fan since I was eight. Arsenal is my team. I love the history, the players and of course I love the fans. So as I look at that I see a tremendous opportunity to bring it back to glory. I want to establish trust with fans, and I want to engage the fans again.

To answer your question, I’m very serious. You know, I have secured the funds for it. And I want to bring what I think is a very compelling offer to the owners. And I hope they hear me out.

CNBC: Daniel, they don’t seem to be interested in selling though. And unlike a public company where there’s other things you can do to conceivably pressure them here, I suppose it’s only the fan base. But you know, they made it clear, we’re not sellers.

Ek: Yeah, but you know, I started out saying, I’ve been a fan for 30 years of this club. And I certainly didn’t expect that this would happen overnight. And I’m prepared that this could be a long journey. But you know, all I can do is prepare what I think is a very thoughtful offer, and bring it to them and hope they hear me out.

CNBC: Well, one of the things that they’re saying is that they’re not interested. That to me sounds like an opening offer. You have a lot of cash, you are the fan owner. Everyone wants to see an owner who identifies with the fans. I don’t want to slam the Kroenkes too much. But they own a lot of teams. And it seems like this is just some asset for them. Nothing real particular. Doesn’t that gall you? Doesn’t that make you feel angry?

Ek: You know, I just focus on the vlub. I focus on the fans and I focus focus on trying to bring the club back to glory. And as you said, I’m first and foremost a fan. That’s the most important thing for me and I want the club to do better. That’s my primary interest.

His comments come in the wake of KSE’s unambiguous statement yesterday in which they insisted the club was not for sale, and they would not entertain any offers.

With Spotify’s share price tumbling due to a fall in active users, it remains to be seen how much time and effort he can put into buying a football club when his primary business seems to need his full and undivided attention.

Nevertheless, he sounds serious, so whether he can do enough to change the minds of KSE is something that we’ll discover in due course.

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TBF, even if KSE were absolutely gagging to sell the club, they would say exactly the same. Otherwise they completely undermine any negotiation.

So their position remains unknown


Yet still the 10 on the poo-o-meter is looking quite foolish now


Yes, but making an offer and having it accepted are two completely different things. The “poo-o-meter” score for the former is a little out now, but I don’t think any similar score for the latter has shifted.


The poo-ometer isn’t an actual machine.
Is it?



Can’t believe people take these things so seriously… it’s literally called the poo-o-meter

My Arse-nal

Blogs, I’m not having that the Poo-o-Meter is made up! I base my footballing transfer life around that thing! I’ve heard betting sites use it as a reference for their odds.

Kai Gross

My god, this whole exchange has been brilliant.

Phil Collins’ mum

With respect Arseblog, I work with Government statistics and the poo-o-meter is arguably the number one advocate of accurately predicting any eventuality that I have ever seen.


I will never trust the poo-o-meter again!

Murphy was an Arsenal Fan

You know what’s worse than runny poo? Constipation. Kroenke’s are the equivalent of years worth of constipation that the poor patient/victim can’t help but hate and talk about.


So your telling us there’s a chance!!! ?


My point was it tells us nothing either way. It’s what they would say anyway.

It’s Schrödinger’s Arsenal bid (although he was Austrian-Irish)


Will he put any more cash in once purchased? That would help a lot if we want to get close to City and other rich teams (though I like that he is a fan and interested in getting Thierry/Dennis/Patrick involved).


“Once purchased”. We’re getting a little ahead of events, aren’t we?


1%, so your saying there IS a chance:)

Man Manny

Julian Nagelsmann said last week Thursday,: “I have had no discussion whatsoever with Bayern Munich. My commitment to Leipzig is total.”
We know how that’s panned out – barely three days later.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed on this one.
If push turns to shove, those Americans may buckle. Stranger things have happened.

Man Manny

I can’t argue with that.

Glenn Helder Trio

I guess we can say with near certainty that the club will outlive the kroenkes. They will sell eventually, like everyone does, so there is a price that will convince them to sell. All things must pass and this will too. The problem is that it is crystal clear to everyone that they only value money, and they’re only in this for an investment return. They don’t give a shit about any of us, the club, our history, our future, our community or what another billionaire might want, so this will probably rumble on for a good decade or so… Read more »


We’re talking about ownership that comes down to one man, Stan. There’s KSE and there’s Josh on the board etc., but it’s still him alone (check the club accounts for proof, if needed). As long as Stan says “No”, that’s it – end of. He’s never said “Yes” to the sale of any sporting franchise so there’s no evidence he’ll “buckle” as far as I can see (although I wish he would).

Man Manny

The fans hold the aces here, I feel. I remember a duo of clowns hounded out of Anfield some years ago.
But if he makes significant investment in the squad this summer, the drumbeat might change.
All we want is a team that competes with the best in the land.


Is there anything to be said for saying another Mass ?


Never tell us the odds!


Be the first time anything Kroenke said could be taken at face value.

Agree it’s unlikely, and that they’ll sell out of avarice rather than pressure, but the events of last week seem to push the lieklihood a little beyond 1%.


“So you’re saying there’s a chance!”


Yes you are right. But there’s one more angle here: the super league was going to be very lucrative for many of these owners, and perhaps many had that in their plans. The sudden disappearance of the possibility of increased revenue in the near or medium run, might mean they are open to it. Everyone has a price. For everything. I agree their response to unequivocally deny is the standard response, even if they want to sell. Some would even argue that pre-empting it by saying this, is an invitation for someone to make an offer or show their cards.… Read more »


You may be right, but it all sounds a little too Machiavellian to me. I don’t think that the owner could have stayed silent in the circumstances. The “no change” message was originally sent to all the non-playing staff at the club which seems to me to be the obvious thing to do. It was then released to the media through that brief statement. Also, I wouldn’t write off the ESL quite yet (unfortunately). It’s certainly down but if you read the recent remarks by the Real Madrid president, Perez – the leading light behind it and certainly no fool… Read more »


ESL is not dead yet. The ghost can get resurrected at a moment’s notice.


And told to fuck off again – at a moment’s notice.


I think it’s higher than that, and will only increase when the impact of slipping from Europe impacts directly and sponsors. I’m thinking Adidas / Emirates and other sponsors payments include a tier in relation to European football.


I wouldn’t prefer it. I don’t want either of them. Funny how the conversation is now which billionaire we would prefer to be owned by. Pressure for fan ownership and holding football to account etc dwindling already as fans get a boner for.. for what exactly? Haven’t even heard what this guy wants to do and people are clambering for it. The desperation is so disheartening. No one knew this guy even supported Arsenal until 5 days ago and suddenly he’s the saviour.


I agree, but I think people have just grown so sick of the boiled cabbage they’ve been served up every day for the last decade, they’ll take their chances with literally anything/anyone else.


I liken it to hamburgers. Last week’s hamburgers (with a side order of stale paella) in a sidewalk dustbin.


Ahh, that explains why I have been gassy for the last decade.


Flamini would be a nice billionaire owner!


Well i’d say it’s on us as supporters to make their continued ownership untenable. Full boycott of attending matches and buying merchandise plus extensive protests.


Everything is for sale, its just that price offered is not right. I agree that Kroeke won’t sell for 1.8bn. But they will snap his hands off for 4bn.

He might Ek out a deal for 3bn, but is he ready to pay a billion dollar premium for a club that is losing value every year due to mismanagement.


Shame I’d like to see a squad of Ek’s men


That’s a shame I wanted to see a squad of Ek’s men.


Don’t you hate it when you think it didn’t post the first time?


I am excited to see what they do with the first team this summer. Our own mistakes have cost us lots of points but mostly they’ve come in games we’ve dominated but missed that extra punch to kill off the game or take a lead. The kids will have more experience and another Partey like addition or two and who knows where we might end up.

As for the club, I don’t think anyone is in a rush to sell and I am waiting to see what Josh delivers this transfer window.

Johnny 4 Hats

I mean, it wouldn’t be unheard of to say you don’t want to sell to drive the price up. But I really can’t see it happening. It took Stan a long time to wrestle those shares from Usmanov so I doubt he’ll be cashing out anytime soon.

I like this guy though. He seems genuine. And finding a unproblematic billionaire is like finding a Sp*rs player who isn’t a massive cunt.

Kroenke Out

I think he must be a bit of a cunt to have become a billionaire but appears to be a genuine fan


As billionaires, he’s one of the least cuntish. At least to his employees.


Sol Campbell…?

Johnny 4 Hats

Yes! Maybe this Ek chap is the Sol of billionaires.


Pat Jennings, Willie Young, Steve Walford.

They’re out there. You just need to keep your peepers open….


All Sp*rs fans and players are great with me, their club makes me happy when Arsenal are doing well and particularly when we are doing badly. Here are the figures to prove it plus we have just had the 60th anniversary of them last winning the league 10 days ago.


He ain’t unproblematic though…

Johnny 4 Hats

And that’s my point. He’s the lesser of a lot of evils. No human rights violations. No KGB links. He just spends his time ripping off musicians. And who likes musicians anyway? Singing twats.


You lot moaned constantly(Arseblog especially) about Alishir Usmanov and Farhad Moshiri till the latter pissed off to Everton. Well guess what? Everton is in far better shape than us at the moment and well run. You can’t have your cake and eat it. I bet you most fans will take that ownership in a heart beat over silent Stan now.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Another music platform may be created in the future and takes all the market and it will be the decline for Arsenal. No, it doesn’t work for me.


We’re already in decline, in case you hadn’t noticed…..



You mean Apple music? Or Tidal?

Quentin Quarantino

Why the fuck does he want it? It’s like buying a high end motor and parking it under a fucking tree for six years to watch the bird shit slowly eat the paint work.


If he can see a substantial profit on his investment he will sell. That’s how millionaires become billionaires


Usmanov never had popular support of fans, just a few pockets. Ek will have much bigger support.
Arsenal’s future value is now very much is doubt, due to covid crisis, and our drop down the table. Without Europa, Arsenal value might fall even further.

But Kroeke has deep pockets, so its NOT an easy purchase at any rate.


No poometer?


I would feel if Eke does persevere with the long game and eventually wins the battle to buy the club. Then I would actually have more faith in him as an owner if that makes sense?

Scott P

And I certainly didn’t expect that this would happen overnight. And I’m prepared that this could be a long journey.

While this is probably a realistic sentiment, and I’d be in favor of new ownership revitalizing the club, it does feel damaging that this is occurring in public. Until Ek admits defeat (or succeeds with his bid), this conflict at the highest level of the club will loom over everything related to Arsenal. It’s impossible to quantify how much it impacts the team, but its impact is probably greater than zero.


At the very least it might pressure KSE into investing in the club as none of this is particularly good PR for them.


Or it could put pressure on the Kroenkes to try and engage more with the fans and rebuild trust – which would be a good thing.


Yes we need this out in the open so fan groups can actively mobilise and turn up the heat on the Kroenke’s. UK fans underestimate the power of organisation and fan pressure. Boycott all home games and all merchandise and instead protest outside the stadium. Stan will be forced to come to the table if he continues haemorrhaging money. AST can do this.


Boycotting games and refusing to buy merch probably does very little other than hurt the team in the short term.

The Kroenkes are playing the long game here. The end point of which is surely to make a fuck tonne of money when a watered down version of the super league comes into effect.

They give not a single fuck about silverware and their deep pockets will outlast fans appetite for protest.


Imagine complaining about this. We’re a complete joke at the moment, maybe this pressure will force everyone at Arsenal (including the Kroenke’s, Arteta etc.) do start doing a better job. Because I’m telling you once fans get back in the ground this level of failure will no longer be tolerated.


Never mind a Poometer, it’ll be a case of a Boometer.

Deafening, I’d say.

Arsene Wenger's Magic Hat

Who knows, maybe there may be some government intervention in the UK which makes owning a football club a lot less appealing to the Kroenkes. If not I don’t think there’s a chance in hell of them selling up


Frankly, there has to be intervention, government or otherwise, to curtail the obscene face of modern football.

We aren’t so much as supporting a club, than watching some of the most empty-souled billionaires squabble and piss around with what we love. The heart of football is the casualty and its already pretty much bled out.

When supporting a club manifests as begging a new scumbag, whether an alleged crime lord, shady nation state or whatever, to pump money into your club just so you can say “oh we won”, then we’ve already fucking lost.


I know blogs and co and the Arsenal Vision crew were a bit negative on this news. I reckon having an owner who actually wants the club to do well is a huge improvement on what we currently have. It also puts pressure on the Kroenkes to demonstrate their commitment to this club to rebuild their trust with fans. I can’t believe they don’t care at all – that would not be a good business decision. I think this is a positive for us fans, to have this outside interest, and crucially the guy says he is prepared to wait.… Read more »


There are examples where fan owners destroy the club because they act a bit too emotionally and are not experienced in this kind of business (I can’t name any, and it’s in the lower tiers I think). On the flip side at face value KSE look like good owners, experienced in sport, must know how to run a club etc which is also false.

At this point I just want to see some change.

James Dunmore

Whilst I want Kronke out, and Elk sounds great, I just think of S**s who have an owner who is too engaged and look at their manager churn there.

There probably needs to be a happy medium between distance and too engaged (i.e. you want the board to be supportive, not interfering)


Levy is the chaiman

James Dunmore

And he owns 52% of ENIC, the company that has the controlling stake in THFC (don’t wish to be rude, but it doesn’t take a lot of googleing to find that out)


There are a few owners in the NFL that are fans first and it runs the gambit. Dan Snyder, who owns the Washington franchise, is an absolute calamity and manages to ruin his team every year. Then there is Bob Kraft of the Patriots who bought it and turned it into the flagship franchise in under 10 years. I think it all comes down to business acumen and understanding that the business of sport is not the same as that of industry


It would be something if his offer was accepted, but I doubt it. Anyway, let Ek make his bid and see what KSE says then, one way or another, perhaps we can try at least to move on. What we don’t want, on top of everything else that’s happened, is this dragging on like some soccer soap opera … “Will They, Won’t They”.


Once again, Biggs, you’re missing the point.

As Arsenal fans, we should be wanting this to drag on and on and on and on and on and on and on – until such a time that that wig wearing tosser finally gets the message, up sticks and fucks off.

In the meantime, with the Kroenkes and their faithful lap dog Arteta at the helm, this club will continue to go nowhere – fast.


This has all the makings of a protracted distraction for the club, manager, fans and perhaps the players.

Public Elneny

Well if we want Kroenke out, then having speculation about potential takeovers is a necessary evil

I’m just slightly worried, if this Ek does take over – and I’m not that optimistic that he will. Is that he doesn’t seem to have the personal wealth to buy Kroenke out outright without borrowing from elsewhere. Could be a Glazer situation where the club ends up saddled with the owners’ debts incurred when purchasing the club in the 1st place?


I doubt he’ll want to use that much of his personal wealth so some kind of consortium approach is almost certain. That can cause problems both with debt servicing as you say and with possible fallouts between partners as Liverpool found out some years ago.


not that i don’t want kroenke out too but what if this uncertainty extends to the transfer when you have ownership on record as saying they want to spend in the window in a thinly veiled attempt to buy back supporter love rethink that stance if they become leery of investment prior to a potential sale. how would you feel about this flirtation if it costs us the extra funds for odegaard or hakimi?

Disarmed Gunner

Arteta’s latest excuse is ready. What next?





Because whatever else this current comedy gold shit show might be, it’s not The Arsenal.

Overmars Attacks!

I get the fan sentiment regarding Kroenke, and wanting a change, I just don’t think another trash billionaire, making his wealth off of short changing artists, is going to be the talisman fans are hoping for. Nothing I say affects how things will play out, of course, I’m just trying to point out the myopia of thinking this is the fix to our problems.


i agree completely. spotify are not a nice company. this guy is just as much of a ruthless shark as any other billionaire. i find it quite bemusing to see arsenal fans getting so excited over this. is some egomaniac pumping money into the club for short term success what we want? what happens when he gets bored and decides he wants the money back? the reality is he will likely have to borrow the money to buy the club and it’s very possible he will put that debt on the club’s books just like the glazers did. if he… Read more »


Us: He is the Messiah

Ek: No, I am not the Messiah


Bossman Bill

Musicians who can’t make a living through spotify royalties: He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy.


I have it on good authority that the BBC is set to announce a universally loved, morally unquestioned billionaire is set to throw their hat into the ownership race at the Arsenal. They’re just having a little difficulty and are asking the public’s help to identify someone to insert in the part where the name goes.


The structure La Liga clubs like Barca have where the club is a limited liability company but socios (club members) vote for their President has always seem chaotic and weird but at least they get some kind of say in who leads them.

Plus the winning President has to perform or he gets voted out next time.

Under our system, what is there to motivate Kroenke and KSE? They’re not that interested in trophies, and they don’t seem to be swayed by a few extra billions from Daniel Ek either.

Eazy Deezy

Barca’s structure may be part of the reason why they have outspent even their own ridiculously high revenues. Maybe their fans demand too much. Personally I’m happy for us to spend within our means. I’ve never liked the idea that clubs should get financed by owners (unless it’s for stadiums or other permanent infrastructure). We just need better, smarter management. KSE ought to be motivated to run the club well and keep us in the CL at least, but they’ve been too absent to do that properly. Maybe they just aren’t used to a non-franchise system, where your performance and… Read more »


yes. barca are in enormous debt. whether you are fan owned or owned by a billionaire, accumulating large amounts of debt is rarely a good long term strategy. only the sportswashers can afford that kind of expenditure.


Will Ek’s flex with the checks find success in alleviating our distress?


Innit though!

Disarmed Gunner

Feels like the world’s longest cocktease. But I’m here for it regardless


Just wait, the Kroenkes are planning a war chest

September 30 – deadline day – Denis Suarez on loan and Kolasinac signs a 3 year contract, like a new signing.


Dennis Suarez deserves a second chance
Tierney could learn a thing or two from Kolasinac


Every company is always for sale at the right price, If Ek makes KSE and offer that they can’t refuse then they’ll sell, if not then they won’t.

Partey in the back

To me his offer sounds far fetched. Does anyone think he may have an alternative motive? Certainly an opportunity for free publicity.

Johan Djourou

Of course, he’s a billionaire cunt, but as billionaires go I wouldn’t mind him being ‘our cunt’.

Eazy Deezy

I’m not a billionaire (yet), but I’m pretty sure the tactic of going public before putting in a bid, to try to apply fan pressure, is just going to piss of the Kroenkes. Like Arsene said, successful deals are discussed in private first.

Having said that, maybe KSE might want to sell in a few years, if we drop out of Europe and revenues are down, and they’re not able to turn it round. Bit of a catch 22 that one…


Well I for one welcome our new Swedish overlords. I’d like to remind them that as a trusted commenter, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground meatball and flat pack furniture caves.


Well I look at it this way. You don’t hear ABBA moaning about him, do you?

Useless info fact: Only three of the former members of ABBA are Swedish. The brunette (Frida) is Norwegian.


Err, you know Frida’s dad was German, right? That’s the reason she was sent to Sweden. Because life for a “tyskunge” in post war Norway was not a good one.


Yes, I did know that. I believe her father was a Nazi soldier. She was brought up mainly by her maternal Grandmother in Sweden, by all accounts.

It’s funny, all the lads at my primary school during the mid 70’s liked Anna, the blonde – but I always preferred Frida. She was very attractive, well both those girls were.

I do know this for a fact – Benny is and always has been a mad Gooner…!! It’s a wonder Ek doesn’t get him on board….


If I’m not mistaken, his personal wealth is not connected to the current share price of his company. Spotify could disappear tomorrow, and he’ll still have 3 and a half billion kicking around.

The way forward is for the FANS to make life unbearable for the owner. It’s worked at Grimsby Town, it looks like it’s working at Man Utd, so why can’t we make it work at Arsenal?

Eazy Deezy

I don’t think KSE cares enough what the fans think if them. And for all the talk of boycotting, we are never getting enough of us to do that to make an impact on their bottom line. Particularly since season ticket holders who don’t turn up still pay for their empty seat.


Should they accept his offer, which they won’t, but let’s just say they would then he’ll have a fortune left to the tune of about half a billion or less. I don’t predict massive spending off the back of that. But hey, keep dreaming and let Grimsby Town lead the way.


Not only does he look like a moron, he speaks like one. And you know what they say, if it looks like one and sounds like one then it probably is one.


But Stan doesn’t speak.

Viva la prof

I want this to be true, I mean I’ve literally just heard more from the Spotify dude than I’ve ever heard out of Stan Kronke, but as has been pointed out football clubs don’t tend to be bought and sold over Twitter I still believe in the Poo o meter this one looks like a big steaming 11 turds. I want to be wrong though

Bossman Bill

To me, he looks/sounds like any other billionaire c*nt, but because he’ll probably buy us a centre mid, everyone’s gonna get on their knees and suck him off.

Short of him rebuilding Highbury, there’s not much he can do to convince me he’s different to the shower of twats we currently have.

People seem to be blown away because he wears a t-shirt instead of a suit.

*wanker gesture*


I wonder what it is the average Arsenal fan actually wants from the owners? My view is that ultimately we want success, and most fans see the way to that being heavy investment directly from the pocket of the owners. I think the engagement debate is a convenient stick to beat the owners with when the above isn’t happening. Realistically even if Ek succeeds, we’re not going to see the level of investment a lot of people want. Everyone wants a billionaire owner, most just want a better billionaire than they’ve currently got… (I’d still love to see the back… Read more »

Chris AJ

In my opinion, it’s free advertising/public stunt to promote Spotify as you’ll read and hear everywhere its name associated with Ek. It doesn’t cost him anything to submit this offer and by doing some buzz it’s free publicity!


The Kroenke’s were and probably still are banking on the lucrative ESL payout. They’re not going to walk away from the value of Arsenal doubling overnight even if they have to wait a few more years for it…It’s shit but they’ll try again and again to get us into the ESL to reduce the corporate competition of the club and maximise worldwide TV rights. That’s why he bought the club in the first place. Ek is just trying to use this as an oppurtunity knowing full well there’s very little chance of it happening. Having said that id be delighted… Read more »


If Kroenke hangs around it will be for spite as well as the ESL rearing it’s ugly head. If Arsene throws his lot in with Kroenke out that will piss the Yank off even more. Also if Kroneke does sell it’s the end for Arteta, Edu, Vinai etc


My two main passions are Arsenal and music. Now faced with the prospect of the club being owned by the man who ruined Arsenal vs the man who ruined music.


Between the two it’s the Kroenkbastard for me.

Bobby Falck

I don’t think you guys understand that Daniel Ek is one of Sweden’s top intellectual tech guys and he has done his journey to become a billionaire quite fast in comparison to the old money Kronke has. I could def see him revolutionize the football industry the same way he did with the music industry. Remember he disrupted the music industry big time. Like no one before. Not even Napster. It would be fun to again see some Swedish influence at the club. One thing is for sure most of you don’t have a clue of what this could be… Read more »


If all it takes to be deemed a top intellectual is to impoverish an entire industry then I dread what he’d be labeled as had he the chance to fuck up football.

“Top intellectual”, Christ on a bike!


When you say ‘disrupted’ the music industry what you mean is he’s put in a model where you rent your music off Spotify and you own nothing. He’s a middle man and he doesn’t give a fuck about you, me or anyone making music. You can believe his bullshit if you want, that’s up to you. But is this really what the fan protests were about? I think it’s way more existential than just a breakaway super league. It’s about fans having zero say whatsoever. What evidence is there that Ek would give the fans this apart from a nice… Read more »


What Spotify did is not something that both Apple Music and Tidal have succeeded with and they have big loads of cash in comparison. If it was that easy why didn’t no one else do it 😂 many tried and many failed because the couldn’t pivot and improve their tech?


I didn’t say it was easy. I’m just saying he’s a cunt.


Any new owner has to be taken on trust. We didn’t know what Stan would do and, indeed, he got quite a lot of support in those very early days – although we’d probably like to forget that now. If Arsenal changed owner, we wouldn’t have any more idea of how he/they would actually turn out (as opposed to what they might say) than we did then. Should an Ek-type bid succeed, which I doubt, it could herald a new “golden age” for the club or it could be “out of the frying pan into the fire” or something in… Read more »


Isn’t this the time to change something fundamentally? Rather than just being completely selfish and hoping we get the ‘right kind’ of billionaire to buy us success? Would you be happy with the setup at Chelsea or Man City? Fuck all that. The real reason for the protests wasn’t some bullshit super league. It’s an existential question about our club and our relationship with it, whether people realise that or not. What IS Arsenal, and how do we relate to it? The protests happened because of the sheer feeling of powerlessness and alienation from our club. It wasn’t because of… Read more »


I’d rather have the Kroenkbastard over a moron like the Spotify chancer.

Frank Bascombe

To answer your question, I’m very serious. You know, I have secured the funds for it. 

Think about it for a second eh?


Exactly, huge debts financed by the club, why the fuck would anyone want that?


He is speaking too much frankly


More than a little convinced this is all just self promotion and image management


Kroenke is going to be unwilling to negotiate he will put down how much money he wants and ek will have to accept or decline. The man has dealed with billionaires trying to take ownership before, and like it or not the man is an expert in the matter

GG Gunners

Maybe its a public act to get his spotify user back up and active. Either way, I’m never un subscribing mine now that I know he is a fan.


“Arsenal Fan’ good enough for me. At least some heart in it. Kroenkes have far too many fingers in too many pies. If he can bring onboard minor share holdership with some ex players (or Wenger! Better! And maybe open some up to the fans as well. At very least there will be an honest dialogue. If I were Kroenkes I’d consider selling particularly with ‘post covid’ and fan unrest and their many other concerns prob could do with cash. but I suspect they will wait to see if we win the Europa. The irony is dismal failure this season… Read more »

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