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Lacazette: When everyone is focused we do good things

Alex Lacazette admits he was pleased to find the net against Sheffield United having missed a couple of sitters on Thursday night in the Europa League.

The Frenchman helped himself to a brace as the Gunners cruised to a 3-0 win at Bramall Lane and in the process became only the tenth Arsenal player to hit 50 goals in the Premier League.

Facing the BT Sport cameras, the striker reflected on a good night at the office.

On the performance…

I think it was really important to win after the last few games where we were sad about the results and the way we played. Tonight was a great game for us, we won 3-0 and also the way we played was good. It was a great day for us.

On his goals…

Always good. I missed an easy chance on Thursday so today obviously I wanted to score. I had a good one-v-one today to give back the confidence which is good for me and the team…

On the first goal being a sign the Gunners were enjoying themselves…

This is the kind of goal we have to score more against compact defending like this. Obviously, we want to play together, we want to score and tonight it was a good goal.

On whether the team has lacked confidence…

Yeah, a little bit. We know we have the quality, we know when everyone is focused we can do some good things but sometimes we miss [this] in both parts of the pitch. Today, we were really efficient in both parts so we are happy.

On Saka getting injured…

This is the same for every team, I think. The schedule is really hard for the players, we didn’t have a lot of holidays. This is part of football, we have to deal with it and there is a lot of players in the team. I hope he [Saka] is not so bad and he will come back quick.

On a big night ahead on Thursday…

Yeah, it’s a really decisive night for us. We have now to stay focused, to have a good recovery and then go again on Thursday.

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Means nothing if we can’t do it Thursday


Seriously, we beat an virtually already relegated SU. This is such an Arsenal win, no pressure and we look like we could win the title. Pressure goes on and these guys (Laca most definitely included) fold like origami. Rinse and repeat, year after year.


Indeed. Get focused Laca and layoff the YumYums


Alex Lacazette can be a good player, but as James crucially voiced in the latest segment of the excellent On the whistle, HE HAS TO BE USED RIGHTLY!


Ditto Auba. In fact, ditto the whole squad.


He is good when he gets time even in tight spaces – he has the technical ability. But PL is played at one notch higher pace than what he is comfortable with, hence the limited success and quick exhaustion. I’m sure he’ll do better in other leagues. You feel the pain just watching him sprint to try to get into the box. He runs like an old man with piles! If we can build a strong midfield that doesn’t require any support from him and if he can be confined to the final 3rd then he is a good option.… Read more »

Danger Mouse

I have devised a cunning three part plan for Thursdays game : Here it is.
1. Don’t be shit.
2. Don’t be rubbish in both boxes.
3. Don’t be crap in the middle of the pitch either.

The End.




You are simply the Best Laca


It’s Sheffield United. I expected no less than a victory.


One the other hand this is The Arsenal…


Good to read someone is using “The” Arsenal. That goes way back to the first glory days in the 1930s and, for obvious reasons, doesn’t tend to get used vey much nowadays.


Yes, unfortunately some of us were getting a little carried away yesterday judging by some of the posts. It was a good, competent, performance but against the worst team in the league by a fair distance and one that will be relegated if they lose next week I think. If we came away with less than the three points we’d be pretty close to rock bottom.


You’re not kidding. 40% of our league points have come in our 6 games against the Premier league’s bottom 5 teams. Let that sink in…This team is so average it is frightening.


And therein lies the problem.

For ‘When everyone is focused’ read ‘When everyone can actually be bothered, which is quite the rarity.’

And that is down to the manager.

Play like we did last night on a regular basis and I will revise my opinion.

But for the moment, as great as last night was, it could yet prove to be yet another false dawn. I’m still far from convinced.


In “fairness” this has been the problem of our last 3 managers. Which is basically “everyone since Graham”. It’s been a recurring problem for a decade – it feels to me watching on telly like people aren’t always working their butts off, and that’s hard to stomach. You don’t need to be a genius with a ball, but you DO have to work hard. No matter who you are, or where you play. This is an Arteta problem, but it’s not like it wasn’t a problem during the latter Wenger years, and certainly under Emery as well.


We won that League and Cup double in 1971 with only a couple of players that might be deemed skilful. Charlie George, Geordie Armstrong and George Graham (although John Radford was clinical in the air and could plant a header from any angle – quite a skill in itself when you think about it). The point I’m making is that the rest of the squad were bread and butter players, but my God, they played out of their skins for each other – week in week out. Yes, the game has changed considerably – but the hunger shouldn’t. We now… Read more »

Pastor Simon

The question is

Can the same feat be repeated on Thursday night?

We always do things the most complex and unusual way.

Well, I think that was what makes us different from other teams. We are the Arsenal


I wish we weren’t different though. I don’t think beating the worst team in the league is much of a feat so I wouldn’t really equate Sheffield with Slavia. Several Gooners on this site suggested we’d beat them fairly easily in the first leg and we know what happened.

I hope we can get through against Slavia and, on balance, I think we probably will – but I don’t think yesterday’s win can be used as much of an indicator for Thursday.

Sell Auba Saliba

He is been one of mur best player this year. Bringing the best from the young talents and linking excellently with the team in various roles. We need to keep him and sell Auba if we need fund for other positions. The call to sell him is misguided by previous bad business from the club. Laca is a leader on and off the pitch. Unlike Auba he has class.


That says it all really. Laca has had a pretty mediocre year and he’s been one of our best. You summed up arsenal perfectly.


“When” is the hardest word …


Likely to be sold this summer IMO. frankly I mention last summer we should have sold on Auba at high price and extended on Lacazette. One reason is whilst Auba was scoring heaps last season, his game is based on pace and space. Laca plays a pivotal role for the squad in congestion. Much of Auba’s goals were from left side cutting in. Without Laca, we would be less competitive up top where as for Auba, we had martinelli capable of stepping up. but this summer, I’m not sure if we will/should extend on Laca. age for both players is… Read more »


In hindsight you are 100% right, but I give more credit to Auba then Arteta for his struggles this season, he is not looking up for it, I don’t see hunger, reactions, I see a passenger with a great trick or two up his sleeve but not the leader he was last year. Reminds me of Adebayour, who also dropped in performance dramatically after being in his best form ever year before. Had we sold Auba after last years heroics, arteta and management would have been bombarded by fans and pundits alike for total lack of sporting ambition.


He is a key player, I like his responses to the questions, he is also someone our youngsters look up towards. We need senior players to both in practice and appearance lead our young team, coming late repeatedly is not the way. Scoring goals and working your socks of is, hats off to a solid performance Laca, next time let’s show the confidence and maturity to finish the game off quicker


Well focus then you bunch of nobs! It’s football not surgery.

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