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#KroenkeOut protest set for Sunday as fans return to the Emirates

A protest against Arsenal’s KSE ownership will take place on Sunday as various supporters groups use the occasion of fans returning to the Emirates to amplify their anger at the way the club is being run and football is being governed.

10,000 fans will be allowed into the stadium for Arsenal’s final home game of the season against Brighton – the largest crowd to partake in a home matchday since March last year – and many are expected to make their voices heard before, during and after the occasion.

The Arsenal Supporters’ Trust (AST) emailed its members last night to outline how they will facilitate the protests and why they are calling for change.

The four-point manifesto, which can be read in full here, calls for supporters to have the right to buy shares in the club, a greater say for supporters in how the club is run, supporter representation on the board and direct engagement from the club’s owners and board with supporters.

The AST also welcomes the government’s fan-led review of football ownership which is set to assess:

  • Existing scrutiny of club finances and administrative reporting
  • Financial flows through the whole football pyramid
  • Geographical, historical and identity protections for clubs
  • Club interests and league systems and how these interact within the pyramid

In addition to using the hashtags #KroenkeOut #FansIn on social media, the AST will also be outside the stadium handing out banners and t-shirts for ticket-holders.

If you’re heading to the Emirates to take part, you’re urged to make your voices heard loud and clear but to do so peacefully and with respect to the stewards and police in attendance.

If you’re lucky enough to be one of the 10,000 ticket-holders, we hope the team gets your full backing.

Who knows, we might just have St Totteringham’s Day to celebrate.

At his press conference this morning, ahead of Sunday’s final game of the season against Brighton, Mikel Arteta was asked about KSE rejecting the reported bid from Daniel Ek, and whether this meant he could just focus on the work that lies ahead this summer.

“I hope so,” said the manager.

“I think it’s very clear where the owners are standing, I’ve been clear to give my own view on the situation.

“And just for the benefit of the club, which I think is the only interest that everybody supports should be aiming for, is to get the unity and togetherness than we need to be back where we want.

“That’s all.”

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I wish am in London to support the KROENKE OUT.


This isn’t going away until they do.

Keep the faith mate. 👍🍺


Johnny 4 Hats

Makes me think that Arteta feels he has got Bergkamp, Viera and Henry in his rear view mirror and is now very much Kroenke In.


Really? I don’t think there’s evidence that Arteta was ever “Kroenke Out”. Mr Ek and colleagues still have to come up with an acceptable offer, regardless of any “old boys” supporting him from the sidelines.


He should. He should realised he’s under enormous amounts of pressure and on a knife’s edge going into next season, but at KSE’s Arsenal that’s not the case. There isn’t even a peep from Arsenal about the safety of Mikel’s position, not even the kiss of death “we’re fully behind Mikel”. Kroenke’s doing what they always do, owning through minimal effort and a lack of understanding and accountability.


I’m sure Arteta realises that next season is almost certainly make or break for him. No “vote of confidence” from the owner is therefore probably a relief. It will be interesting to see what form the protest takes at the last game (peaceful, hopefully) and, more importantly, how effective any boycott of season tickets or merchandise is over the summer. The Government’s “fan-led review” will also be an ingredient in this increasingly heady mix, although what, if anything, comes out of that remains to be seen. The old adage, “If there’s a problem hold a review” comes to mind. We’ll… Read more »

SB Still

Ofcourse, Arteta is the manager, working for the Kroenkes. He can’t be Kroenke out.

If anything Kroenkes have let Arteta (& Edu) decide, be it funding Partey or having a bloated squad that we couldn’t register some players in the squad. Or even for that matter not firing either Arteta or Edu, which would have likely happened in some of the other clubs.

From Arteta’s perspective, it’s perfect isn’t it? No pressure from the top, a decent level of support in the transfer windows (for a rookie manager).


For me, I think it was just as easy for Arteta to say nothing, than to say what he said really. He had no problem dodging Mesut Ozil questions, but feels obliged to stick his neck above the parapet to defend the owners who are basically solely responsible for this utter mess we find ourselves in.

So he needs to be careful I think, not for his job, but for siding with KSE so openly in public, fans wont forget that in a hurry. He’s making his position far more untenable if the results are poor next season.


My thoughts exactly mate.

SB Still

#KroenkeOut #FansIn


Unity? With that cunt for a majority shareholder?

Sorry Mikel, no can do.



I’m not even sure this is harsh enough. Fuck off Kroenkes!


Second in the league on points per game sicen Christmas (fact) and could have been even better. Still a rubbish league position now and dire results before Christmas.

I’ll judge based on what has been learnt – consulting the fans before going for the ESL, no more pensioners on large contracts, strengthening the midfield and having enough back-ups, say at full-back etc etc


Don’t hold your breath with KSE and Arteta. You’ll be waiting forever…..


This is no joke … nor sycophancy … but … Point 5 … Arseblog on the board.

I’ve yet to encounter anyone in the last two decades who could do a better job.


Arsene Wenger would give him a run for his money


We’ve had years of “Wenger out!” in the stadium and it does the team no favours at all. If people want to protest against the Kronkes they should keep it outside the stadium and try supporting the team once they’re inside. I’m sick of all this toxic shit and it would be nice to get some support for the team. Fans happy to be back all across the league, I don’t want to see Arsenal fans making idiots of themselves and the club.


You’re sick of this ‘toxic shit’…?

I’m sick of seeing my football club stagnate. This isn’t on the fans. We’re not fucking cheerleaders. We deserve better much better. And we have a right to protest.

If anything is toxic, it’s Kroenke apologists like you, prepared to put up with anything, no matter what.



Well said mate. Some fans have their head buried in sand out of fear of change. Things need to get ugly and right in full glare of TV cameras go make the Kroenke’s even sit up and take notice. By all means avoid violence or confrontation but never be silent until the club is rid of that leech and his spawn.

John C

Why are you starting now?

Between 2008-2012 our profits were £36.7m, £45.5m, £56m, £14.8m and £36.6m and buying the likes of Squillaci and Chamakh because there was no “value in the market” and most of that was before Kroenke was majority shareholder.

If you were happy then with how the club was investing in the squad then whilst making those profits you’re the reason we’re in this position.


I repeat. This has got to do with more than just money. People like you know the price of everything – and the value of nothing. Between 2008 – 2012, may I remind you that we were a top four club, still playing in the European Champions League and still pitting our wits against Europe’s best. Barca at home – remember that? Now, post Wenger, thanks to your hero Kroenke employing a mixed bag of wide boys, village idiots and James Bond villains to masquerade as the clubs technical staff, we are now firmly entrenched in mid table and not… Read more »


Bravo 👏


Bravo great comment.( Arseblog/arsecunt if to wouldn’t mind not deleting any comment that has bad words about your overlord the kronke family it would be appreciated


Maybe if fans actually supported the team they’d play better, we’ve got worse every season sInce the “Wenger Out!” and aftv negativity started in the stadium. Maybe it’s not all on the Kronkes and a lot of it has to do with some of our fanbase? I guess I don’t believe that destroying something is the way to improve it. You have a right to do whatever you want within the law, I don’t have to agree with you. I see progress being made and I’m prepared to give it some time. I’m also not impressed by a very public… Read more »


You ‘see progress being made.’

I rest my case……


Arsenal fans most definitely are not cheerleaders. We’ve got a very different reputation, as Noel Gallagher’s prediction of our match against Brighton indicates: “If Brighton play half as well as they did against us on Tuesday, and score first, they will win – because those Arsenal fans will be gagging to boo that team off the pitch. I’m going for Brighton to win easily, if only to make AFTV a must-watch the next day. 0-3″!!! What a jackass! Protest outside, peacefully, but please pump it up for the team inside. No win is meaningless, especially the last day of the… Read more »


Noel Gallagher. A man who somehow made himself a fortune from tacky shite Beatles impersonations.

Blur were always streets ahead of Oasis……

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

It’s all those lacklustre performances and playing below their capability that have fans feeling the way they do.
I’m looking forward to Brentford v Bournemouth tomorrow, more than the Arsenal v Brighton match. For me that’s unheard of.


He may be a jackass but that’s how many thousands of people see this club and this fanbase, a huge joke and good for a laugh when the fans destroy their own team. It’s embarrassing and very sad.


Ahem – the joke, make no mistake, is very firmly with you Kroenke/Arteta fan boys.

It’s the likes of you that fans of City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Leicester and United are spewing their tea with – as they win the big pots and qualify for next season’s ECL, you’re totting up our points tally ‘Since Christmas.’

You couldn’t write comedy like it…..

Peter Story Teller

I’m sure KSE already know what the fans think and they are not bothered. They are businessmen and their skin is very thick. All they are concerned about is how much their investment is worth and by buying a ticket and turning up to watch the game you have already lined KSE’s pockets so that is job done for them!

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Protestors wearing next seasons kit and Armoury bags in their hand


I’m going with a Tesco bag,


Same Arsenal fans that are barely audible during a game.

200M squad-building funds and all this will go away.



I don’t know which bit of your post is funnier – your thinking that Stan will cough up £200m or the notion that we’ll all forgive and forget and go back to being good little KSE customers.

Either way, you seem to have the Emirates faithful down as some sort of ice cream. Wrong.



I’ve never read anything positive from you on this site about this team.

Win, lose, draw… You always complain.

It’s not funny – it never was!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Sign Harry Kane and all this goes away!


I don’t have a problem with KSE’s business model, it’s their incompetence that bothers me If they’d employ competent people to run the club, the issues around their ownership will largely disappear Kroenke is worth €10 billion, and his wife is from one of the richest families in the world, that brings a certain amount of security Can’t say I’d be keen on Ek taking over and bringing in Henry, Bergkamp and Vieira Brilliant players, but nothing they’ve done since suggest they’d be any better at running Arsenal I’d rather KSE went and got us a competent director of football,… Read more »

Martin R

We have Richard Garlick coming in as director of football.


I couldn’t care less if you had Garlick Bread coming in as a Director of Football.

With Kroenke and Arteta at the helm, we’re still a car crash in slow motion.

Martin R

I was replying to Rich who suggested a new director of football.

Martin R

I’ve stated a fact in reply to Rich who wanted a competent director of football. I state a fact the one is coming and I get down votes. Very odd


While I’m not making excuses
Arteta is on the payroll he couldn’t really say anything otherwise



Maybe wait for next season ?
The team could use some positive vibes from the fans!


I think the ‘vibes’ you’ll get next season will be largely of the booing variety.

Not necessarily aimed at the team, I hasten to add….

Akotoh Charles

Kronk out #Ek# in

El Mintero

Kroenkes OUT NOW. Boycott the season ticket sales. Drive these clowns out of our club.


It would probably be a huge benefit for the club and the team if some of you miseries did boycott the stadium, if you even have tickets in the first place. There are thousands of people to take your place who actually want to be there and support the team.


You have the legends of this football club now weighing in on the debate, trying to make a change. And yet there are people (fans apparently) trying to defend those at the top. This is why we are in the position we are in. All out protest and all out disruption is needed until change occurs. Because granted we could all get behind the team and be quiet, but that will only serve to further support our steady decline. We are fast heading into a deacade and a half since we have really mounted and form of a challenged for… Read more »


Out of work legends who’ve never helped the club since they left and are now jumping on a bandwagon for a fat payday. Where were they when it all started going downhill? Henry was busy in the TV studio sticking the knife in. None of them have any successful experience of running a football club or managing a team. We have the most divided fanbase in the league and it’s been like this for years. How is actually supporting the team and the players supporting a steady decline? I honestly think people like you are more invested in drama and… Read more »


Support the club, of course, not supporting was not the intention of my point. My comments are against being quiet pal. If you are not unhappy with the way things have gone then IMO you are supporting a steady decline. Haven’t once criticised Arteta or the players. I’ll tell you something mate, as a season ticket holder in block 6 from 2006 and the clockend before that, this club is unrecognisable most games. You think I’m more interested in drama and self impprtance, you don’t have the first clue mate. You keep walking round with your eyes closed, you are… Read more »

It was Martin Taylor that assaulted Eduardo. I remember because that was around the time I became a supporter. Shawcross was the one that broke Ramsey’s leg. Both ingrates nonetheless. God I hated Birmingham City so much after that day. Their club didn’t even issue a proper apology. That hatred got even worse after the League Cup final😞. One of the worst injuries ever to occur in modern football. The useless FA didn’t even rejected an appeal to increase the severity of his ban. You break someone’s leg like that on the street, either you’re paying a fine or getting… Read more »


My bad! Im getting old mate! 😪


Arteta out


I hope they raise hell and get the game postponed.

Fuck the Kroenkes with their plans to ditch the league and fuck the league for allowing these cunts to own our club.

Keep the momentum going and push the bastards in government towards regulating football.

They want us to hold up the placards and go quietly watch the game so we can be ignored.
Fuck them. Make it hard to ignore us.

Naija Gooner

I genuinely believe the Kroenke’s have not done that bad in recent years people are making it out to seem. And I am definitely not in support of a protest on the first time the players will b having the fans back since last year, I really hope the fans spend the 90 mins cheering the players and after protest

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