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Report: Betis eyeing Bellerin swoop

According to ABC de Sevilla, Real Betis are keen on signing Hector Bellerin this summer.

The 26-year-old is under contract at Arsenal until 2023 but is said to be keen on starting a new chapter in his career.

The Spaniard has been at Arsenal for a decade since signing for the club’s academy from Barcelona and has been our first-choice right-back for the best part of six seasons. He also holds one of the vice-captain positions.

Last summer, there were rumours that PSG were interested in signing Bellerin but he was persuaded to stay after talks with Mikel Arteta. Having played alongside each other, the two are close friends but that didn’t stop Hector from falling out of favour towards the end of this season.

Real Betis certainly represents an interesting opportunity. The report highlights the player’s dad supports the club and that he could be tempted by the chance to test himself on home soil.

Betis have had Emerson on loan from Barcelona for a couple of seasons but are set to lose the Brazilian full-back this summer, hence their hunt for a replacement.

Talk of a loan deal seems a bit far-fetched. If they want us to pick up the phone they are going to have to cough up a decent wad of cash and they have to find a way to cover Hector’s wages.

Could be tough…but one to watch.

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Have mixed feelings about this.

8th-the new normal is not normal

I have a very clear mind on this one. Has to go for plenty of reasons.

SB Still

There has been a stark difference between his pre and post injury form. However, I think that’s just part of the problem.

I don’t think Bellerin got the same kind of opportunities as Willian to find form or the support off-field. It’s said Bellerin was one of the players who supported Arteta in getting the pay-cut through. He also agreed to Arteta’s request to stay a year longer to help Arteta stabilise this team. However, towards the end Bellerin was unceremoniously benched.

Ofcourse, I’m speculating here but Arteta’s man management ways seem very different to Wenger’s.


TBF Willian was benched too.

Unceremoniously benched is a bit harsh. IMO both Chambers and Cedric were better than Bellerin at RB last season . I mean how long does the guy get playing at a mediocre-to-solid level before he gets “ceremoniously” benched?

Hector is a fine example of a guy we all like a bit too much (personality, long tenure at the club), but in reality he’s plateaued, hasn’t had enough games of real quality, and it’s time to upgrade.

[The “unceremonious” dumping of Cedric is stranger to me as when he played RB he was good].

santi's thigh grab

Cedric wasn’t unceremoniously dumped, he turned the ball over a weak sauce pass to (insert player name here) and the other team scored. Hasn’t gotten off the bench since. This was the second time he did this in two weeks.


He was playing LB, he made a couple of decent games there, but it’s clear he isn’t a LB and is better on his right foot. At right back he was bloody good. I don’t really understand that. Xhaka wasn’t great at LB either, but didn’t get dumped for being played out of position. It was a pretty strange freeze.

SB Still

Did Willian’s form, effort, attitude, including the trip abroad deserve any better?

It was for Willian that Arteta put his hand up and say its his fault that Willian wasn’t performing to his best.

In my mind Bellerin deserved better than Willian. Willian had to be on the bench, while a word of support, while on the bench, would have made it ceremonious!


Where did I say Willian didn’t deserve to get benched? This is pure strawman stuff. You said Bellerin didn’t get the chances of Willian. Willian played 1892 minutes last season. Bellerin 2775. Your argument doesn’t stand up. Willian was rubbish and got overplayed. But this has nothing to do with Bellerin being luke-warm and arguably also being overplayed. Bellerin had plenty of opportunity last season and he’s had as much as anyone over his career at Arsenal. He wasn’t good enough last season and hasn’t been since his injury. He doesn’t justify the indispensable tag you are suggesting he deserves… Read more »

SB Still

Strawman stuff, you say? How did you reach the conclusion that I was suggesting Bellerin was indispensable? I said Arteta was more supportive of Willian as compared to Bellerin.

Easy tiger

Ok ladies. Relax.


What…. if….. we turned him into a defensive midfielder……..??

Dr Bass

The ‘Lahm Effect’.


this was a big part of the problem. He became one dimensional–cutting indide in central midfield and trying to run into the box. he’s a decent enough shooter, but it collapses your width and leaves you suceptible to counters. I still wonder if this was on bellerin or something arteta was tinkering with….i like hector, i’m sure he’s just as nice ofa persona as luiz, but like luiz his time to move on has come.


Only one reason for me. He’s not quite hitting his mark. Other than that I love him. Think he will improve with a new start. Wish him the best. Proud he is one of us.

Johnny 4 Hats

I think when Bellerin realises the stock of the interested clubs, he may decide to stay. Like so many of our players, expectations are managed when clubs like Betis come in for them.

I suppose Hector has enough time to take a step down to take a step up. But the dizzying PSG rumours are now replaced with mediocre European teams.

Such a shame. He could have really been one of the best. A 2018 Bellerin with a 2021 Tierney would have really been something.


He’s probably much better off though going to a club like Betis in a less physical league that probably better suits his strengths at this point. If he goes there and plays well, he’ll likely get his move to Barcelona etc.

I love Arsenal but staying as a potential back up in a year where we aren’t going to need to rotate at all shouldn’t be a remotely attractive proposition for almost anyone.

Johnny 4 Hats

There were periods this season when he was behind Cedric, Chambers and even Saka towards the end of the campaign.

That pretty much tells you all you need to know.

Steve Dracula

Betis are in Europe next season. We´re not.

This is a step up for him.

Johnny 4 Hats

By that logic Αnorthosis Famagusta FC would be a step up for him.

Crash Fistfight

Shut up Anorthosis!

(gold star for anyone that can get that reference)

Mayor McCheese

That’s weird. I’ve been saying “Famagusta!” randomly as a nonsense word for years now. Turns out it’s not nonsense.

Another Paul

I think that Hectors best times were when Ozil was pushing perfectly weighted balls through forcing Hector to get in behind defences. Since that finished is there anything left that Hector does really well ?

A Different George

I just find these comments very odd. I do like Hector a lot, and have tried to watch his performances realizing that I am likely to give him the benefit of the doubt. But, even accounting for that, I don’t understand the extreme negativity about his performance. I think there have been stretches where he has clearly been very good indeed, an attacking force who can cut into the middle and make things happen. Yes, he was good with Ozil (as was Alexis and many others)–and I think he meshes well with a player like Odegaard or Smith Rowe as… Read more »

Toure Motors

What benefit would a loan be to us? Its not as if he’s going to come back after one year as a completely different and improved player. If he’s going to leave we need to sell and reinvest. Can’t see betis being able to afford him in all honesty.

Var Will Solve The Problem

7 out of 11 on 💩 meter?

Crash Fistfight

If they can afford him, that’s the worst part of this as a potential transfer for me :’-(

Vaibhav Pandey

Let’s give them an easy EMI option by involving an intermediary. We get full cash, they pay easy installments to financial intermediary 😉


Very good ebening from the king of Europa!

That’s all.

SB Still

I was pleased for him, after all ridicule he faced. He has shown to be a good manager, may not be elite.

However, I enjoyed ManU faltering more. Maybe cheep but hey got to enjoy the little things where one can in this depressing times. After all this is an Arsenal forum 🙂

A Different George

It was a classic Emery performance. Man United played with no spark, no creativity. (Bruno Fernandes is a good player, but nothing like as good as his reputation.) I did enjoy Coquelin’s penalty–as good as it gets.


He’s good in Spain. He’s been mediocre to shite outside of Spain.
He should stick to Spain, any club outside Barca and the Madrids.


Could be…..?

And whilst I am about it, it would be remiss of me not to commend Villa Real and Unai Emery in particular, after last night.

|I have seen 8 -7 in a pen’ shoot out and – I think – a 9 – 8. But I have never known it go into double figures, before now. There is, sadly, a type of Arsenal fan dismissive of Emery. It didn’t work out for him here. But it clearly does in Spain and that was some achievement.

👏👏👏 for him !


We’ve been in a few
03/04 Arsenal 10:9 Rotheram Carling Cup
19/20 Arsenal 9:10 Liverpool Carabao Cup


We have just had a giant, and painful, wedgie from a guy we dismissed so we could finish 8th and out of Europe.


I just came here to laugh at united.
No subs from solskjaer until the 110th minute? What a clown. Sat on his hands and froze. The longer he stays there the better

Heavenly Chapecoense

The laugh is on your golden-boy manager buddy. Supposed to improve on Emery who eliminated his team to win the prize he couldn’t win and CL for next season.

Did you see their bench though? Nobody I would say is a game changer. Even our bench lately has had Martinelli and Lacazette.


Mata, James and the ghost of van de Beek were there
That’s not exactly scraps is it

Exactly. James, Mata, and Dawson’s Creek. They’re supposed to be the third richest club in the world and they had nobody on the bench to come on and change the game for them. Ole would have loved to have a Martinelli and Lacazette warming his bench.

Var Will Solve The Problem

“Harry Maguire’s only silverware since leaving Leicester is a pair of handcuffs.”

-posted by a Leicester city fan on Guardian after yesterday’s match report. It made me laugh so hard!


At least he got to the final. Better than us.

Heavenly Chapecoense

We brought Arteta to improve on Emery. It is like bringing Nketiah to improve on Auba. Pierre Emeryck had a bad season but would you replace him with Nketiah?

Var Will Solve The Problem

I am super happy for Unai Emery. But to be honest though i have no regrets. Emery proved nothing that we didn’t already know. He is a very good Europa cup manager for a mid-level team that doesnt have too much expectation. He can’t manage big clubs with superstar players with big egos and personalities and a fan base with unrealistic expectationss. His PSG teams always managed to under perform…and he lost the dressing room in his second year at Arsenal. Tactically MA is far more inferior to UE… but that will only come with time and by making mistakes… Read more »


Arteta has a lot easier job though in a lot of ways than Emery did. If you look at organizations where a long term founder type person is in charge, the person who succeeds them rarely succeeds. Think about how much the fan base expectations have reset over the past couple of years. Emery finished 5th and lost in the Europa League & fans were already calling for his head prior to the fall form. Arteta has performed much worse than Emery has with arguably a much better squad & a huge section of the fanbase keeps talking about how… Read more »

Santi's Little Helper

Why is it that we only look at the full season when assessing Emery? The second half of that season was truly awful, we got embarrassed by Chelski and started the next one right where we left off. We were getting out shot by nearly every team in the league (that Watford game 😱). Not a referendum on Mike at all but he was toast. Was rooting for him last night though!!!


Huh? Arteta took over midseason, inherited a bloated squad with leaks and rotten apples, coached 14 of his 18 months without fans during a pandemic and amid crazy restrictions on all elements of life and interaction, took on much more responsibility with rebuilding the club and not just coaching its results, and in the last few months has the added pressure of fan-led protests against the ownership while former legends add their sweet voices to a takeover bid all the while stating that the club has lost its identity. That does sound like a pretty easy job for a rookie.… Read more »


Every single manager in the PL went through covid. It’s not like Arteta is unique. The fact is Arteta had a much worse record than Emery did in his time here with arguably a much better squad. Those “rotten apples” – Emery had to deal with them as well


I would add that expectations have fallen so low at this point that to a lot of fans, finishing completely outside of Europe is just viewed as “part of the process”. Whoever followed Wenger was expected to take a much worse squad back to the CL immediately.


Emery wasn’t fired because he failed in his first full season. He was fired because he was heading nowhere in his second, and he lost the dressing room.

Expectations of Arteta are very high, and if he doesn’t show signs of being able to reach those targets early next season, he’ll be fired.


Nah, Emery didn’t go through the covid phenomenon with Arsenal. There is a difference. Emery was just the wrong fit for us.


Emery as the managerial equivalent of Aubamayang?
Maybe this season, sure.


I once played in a final and we won 15-14 on pens, but it took 22 shots each.

A Different George

So you got two? How many did you make?


I was playing without an ACL at that point (bad misdiagnosis) and only made it to half time. I was a spectator on the bench. Bloody great when we won.


A loan makes no sense. I’d wait for PSG, as their RB situation is catastrophic right now.


I’d be sad to see him go, even if I think we can certainly get an upgrade on him. Do think he should have played more this season…I’m not a huge Chambers-on-the-right fan. In fact I’m not a huge fan of playing non-fullbacks as fullbacks in general. Is Betis really somewhere he’d want to reignite his career? I think he could rightly expect to look a higher.

Crash Fistfight

You’ve forgotten that right-back is Chambers’ “natural position”.


I thought that was defensive mid? I say play Xhaka right back, Calumn in midfield and MN in defense.


Sarcasm is hard to catch on the internet, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.


At least 20m surely. In a world where Harry Maguire is 80m

Tanned arse

I don’t see how we’ll even get £10M. He’s been utterly exposed and there will be plenty of other options for all these clubs with tiny budgets.


So we just need a world in which ManUre really want him, are happy to pay over the odds and have a humungous sack of cash they desperately need to get rid of.


Glad that we’ve had Bellerin as a player and hope he shows the world how good he is once again – will always have fond memories and whilst it makes sense if he were to move – His story would’ve been so different if he didn’t get those injuries.


Bellerin was on the slide before his injury Easily a £50 million right back a few years back, now looks like a player in decline in his mid twenties, when he should be coming into his peak years Not sure what’s happened to him, but having watched him play, I find the links with PSG, Juventus, and Bayern, completely bizarre We’ll be lucky to get £12-£20 in this market, that’s if we can find any buyers at all We’d also need to dispose of Cedric + Niles before we signed another right back Chambers + 1 is numerically plenty with… Read more »

Eric Blair

£12-£20? Covers farewell cards for all the other outgoings this summer.


If he goes too, the team will be dangerously short of experience, leadership and players who have actually won trophies. I am a huge fan of Hec, I certainly wouldn’t sell and he’d be my no.1 choice at RB.

Oh well, none of this is relevant as long as Kroenke still owns the club anyway.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Go ask Inter Milan fans if they would like to have Stan as their club owner.


Is this a troll post?

Hank Scorpio

He’s been a good player for us but it’s time to move on for Hector. He’s stayed a season too long I feel and it’s impacted his value. Hopefully we can get a decent fee.


Well Mr Scorpio this house is making proper transfer dealings are almost too good for us.

We are Arsenal afterall.

Non flying dutchman

What’s your least favorite country Italy or France?


I love a swoop. So dynamic.

Eric Blair

Like an eagle preying on a docile dandelion munching bunny.


Not been the same since his injury, as sad as it is, as he’s been here for a long time, it’s time to go.

Let’s not sell him until we have already signed an adequate replacement.

If we sell him first, then other clubs know we need a new right-back and will increase their selling price.


Conversely, if we buy a new right-back first clubs know we need to sell and we can’t play hardball on selling price. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t


Buy a replacement but don’t announce it till Hec leaves?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

True but the cards would be in our hands as presumably there would be several interested suitors for Bellerin across the continent so any club playing hardball would be outbid by another club.


Get him out, not on loan, out permanently – and take the rest of the fullbacks with him Three right backs that we either don’t use or judge to be not good enough: OUT: Maitland Niles £10M Bellerin £10M Chambers £10M IN: James Justin from Leicester City £30M (they’ve got Pereira and Castagne that can play in that position anyway, so much so that Justin is often deployed on the left flank – worth a punt to see if he would be open to a first choice role in his favoured position at Arsenal) A reserve left back nobody wants: Out:… Read more »

Merlin’s Panini

I like Hector but think it’s probably for the best he moves on. He’s a saleable asset and has probably reached his ceiling. I’ve seen £35 million bandied around. Not sure Betis will have that. It’s a shame as he looked like being worth considerably more before that big injury a couple of years back.


I would bite your hand off if we were offered 35M, I can’t see us getting more than 15M unfortunately


Lovely bloke and works very hard and the odd great cross but has zero first touch
Cannot possibly play out from the back with him at RB
Heart in mouth whenever he receives the ball under pressure – usually a turnover and everyone scrambles back – five times a game
Thanks for the great service
Time for the spanish archer


I think it would be a good deal for everybody involved. We’d probably be lucky to get 20-25 millions for him now. If we could get 15-20 millions for Chambers we could effectively trade two decent right backs for one superior right back.

Billy bob

We all cheered the yellow submarines, the yellow submarines, the yellow submarines


I still feel that Hector is the best natural right back we have and selling him (if an offer actually comes in) is a risk when you consider how transfers have gone at the club of late. Open to him moving, obviously not on loan, but only if a better player is 100% going to replace him; not the RB equivilent of Willian. On that note, I have no faith that we’ve got the pulling power for said player at present when you consider the club is a mess and we have no european football. Much more likely that if… Read more »


I don’t expect him stay forever,do you?


Good Ebening.

Number four. Could not do it with Arsenal. But with a far more frugal Villareal squad PL rejects – Coquelin, Capoue, Moreno…yeah Number 4 and CL.

Meanwhile Arsenal have a grade up with Arteta. Good luck Amigos.


With regard Bellerin and on more serious note, should not be selling him or Laca for any less than 25m

But since we are a club with ambition and prefer to persist with Edu…


We should not waste our time and precious resource on another Rback if Bellerin gets sold. Chambers looks like he has stepped up back finally in his natural position. Cedric good for cover one more season. Meanwhile Lback more pressing. We should be loading on at least 2 Quality players in midfield and then an attacker and a back up keeper. Likely though, Edu/Arteta will be over ambitious, not understand their priorities and over reach (without sufficient funds) which means compromise on quality coming in. Too many fans like to wank off to the latest rumoured players. For me No… Read more »


Glad to see your still playing FIFA manager. I would say with players like Ramsdale Edoauard and orsic in your team good results would be at a premium.We have regressed enough without adding bang average players like this trio.


What’s wrong with a loan deal again?

Hector clearly wasn’t good enough last season, but he’d been returning from multiple injuries.

He might play his way into shape at Betis and come back (or increase his value).

Either way, I don’t see him commanding much of a transfer price – his Arsenal Salary™ will make sure of that.

A loan is a way to reduce the size of the squad while not having to sell when his price is at an all-time low.


That does make sense the way you put it. I wonder if Bellerin just wants something new, a clean break, as perhaps Xhaka does, too.

It would be logical for them to go someplace where they are actually wanted.

Teta's cult of personality ●█▀█▄

Good point. Hopefully a good deal can be reached either way.

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