According to various sources – David Ornstein, Sam Dean & Chris Wheatley included – Kieran Tierney is on the verge of signing a new five-year contract at Arsenal.

The deal won’t be inked until Scotland’s involvement in the European Championships is over but it sounds as though the terms of a sizable pay increase – he’ll earn around £110,000 a week – have all but been agreed.

Tierney signed for the Gunners from Celtic for £25 million two years ago and, despite a number of fitness issues, he’s established himself as a key component of Mikel Arteta’s squad and a potential future captain.

The left-back has made 62 appearances, scoring three goals and making nine assists.

In addition to tying down Tierney, Arsenal are understood to be looking for reinforcement in his position. Sead Kolasinac, who spent the second half of last season at Schalke, is expected to leave permanently this summer.

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Could we have the contract run over 2.5 years, so we have two Kieran Tierneys during that time?

Johnny 4 Hats

We might only get two and a half years out of Kieran if his injuries persist. Crossing everything they don’t.

Boy needs a rest and a preseason. Here’s hoping Scotland crash out tonight.

Mr Glass Half Full

As an Arsenal fan and a fan of Scotland, this sort of pessimism is grim. Seeing your national team transformed with a fit KT making a significant difference should always be re-asurring, and most of us Scotland fans felt he was the most significant difference in last night’s game.

But never mind all that, he needs to forego our first international tournament in decades for the sake of a rest. Crash and burn lads, crash and burn.

Teta's cult of personality

Yeah, I cringe a bit whenever I see that type of stuff. I get that we don’t want our players on the treatment table but why wouldn’t we want our players to do well? I’m sure Lacazette is probably gutted he didn’t make the final squad in 2018 even though there were probably some Gooners who were happy he didn’t go because of his injury issues that year. I have a feeling that international tournaments are probably when footballers are at their happiest. As for Kieran, he kept Kane quiet last night, which is always a bonus. Shame we couldn’t… Read more »

Johnny 4 Hats

Ok. Not really pessimism. As an England fan I’m allowed to not want Scotland to go through. And I’d much rather Tierney didn’t have to play football for the next three weeks given his fragile physical state this season. I’ve already got huge reservations about the pimping out of football players by UEFA and I’d be only too happy for Saka to sit on the bench for the entire tournament too. But sure, take a post expressing concerns for Tierney’s physical health (which is a factual problem) and turn it into some sort of bad faith argument which needs calling… Read more »

Mr Glass Half Full

You are allowed to want to see Scotland out for whichever reason you see fit.

Posting a comment on what should be a positive story (5 year contract for an anchor of the team) and a positive comment (availability of 2 KT’s) is undoubtedly pessimism however. Take the good news and dilute it down with concern, bravo.


He’s a sick player. Just so dynamic. He’s such a threat against England whenever he gets involved in this game going forward and has been solid as a rock at the back. Just fucking love this guy. Next captain for sure!


After the England game id not object to one Tierney and one Gilmour. He may as well come, I doubt he will get much playing time at Chelsea


Yeah but you know, us and former Chelsea players…


Yes sir, I can boogie. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Boogie woogie

Non flying dutchman

BUT you need a certain Song…. Problem is he is Camerooneon not Scottish, and probably well past his best




Just kidding off course , great move by club tying down the core. Now announce ESR.

Johnny 4 Hats

But Azpilicueta’s contract doesn’t run out until next summer.


Then we should make do with Ryan Bertrand or Patrick Van Aanholt…Chelsea or Ex-Chelsea, we own the retirement home.

Johnny 4 Hats

Josh misread the memo when Arteta asked for players who are bold, dribble a lot and have proved they are willing to go to war.

Murphy was an Arsenal fan

Nah. He was looking for washed up veterans.


be excited… be very excited… come on you gooners


And well deserved. He could be our future club captain.


He should be captaining the side next season.

He should. Whether he actually will or not is another thing entirely…..


Yes true and If I were at his place would have demanded at least 220k in par with our worst player Willian.


I thought he was already???


Tierney new contract
ESR new contract

CB to buy
RB to buy
LB to buy
CM 1 to buy
CM 2 to buy
AM to buy
Potential CF to buy (depending on sales)

who knows how many players to sell.

This is gonna turn into a very busy summer for Edu and Garlick. Let’s hope they’re up to it and don’t forget to fax any paperwork on time…

Martin R

Why a CB? We have Gabriel, Saliba, Holding, Mari and Holding.


Quite a few Holdings there. Ah, so we are christening Chambers


It appears that Arteta and/or Edu feel we need a new RCB. Thus the possible (probable?) signing of Ben White. I don’t think it’s the worst decision, I don’t think Holding is remarkable (he’s good, he’s not great) and so eventually we need a partner for Gabriel. With Saliba and Mari and holding (one of them is likely to go) offering competition that seems like some properly solid defensive options. And whoever our RCB is, if they’re good at ball playing perhaps we’ll be much better at moving the ball from DEF to midfield which we’ve been doing very riskily… Read more »

Nainsley Aitland Miles

We have quantity, not quality. Our best CB Luiz has left and needs to be replaced. Arteta won’t risk his job on Saliba. Gabriel looks like he’s going to the Olympics.

Giovanni Hovno

can’t argue with that

Hulahoops Baptista

Everyone liked this.


How many gooners going for Tierney over England today?


Me, but I’m also Scottish…


We’re half way through it mate. Just another 45 mins to eternal glory


How’s this young kid that we’re interested in from hibs? Doig? What’s with all the quality LBs coming out of the North?


There is also highly rated LB Liam Smith who signed with Man City.


Yep. Can’t bring myself to support any team that kane plays for. Might’ve been a harder decision if Saka was playing, mind.


I’m mean it’s easy for me not being English, but kane was awful (again). He’s such a ball hog, and he has near zero work rate on defense and is useless in the press. I was laughing hard watching him jog or walk around whenever Scotland had the ball. Seriously if England want to do anything in this tournament they need to drop him for rashford. A forward line of foden, rashford and sterling (or sancho in for one) is full of goals. Kane is about kane, not the team. Any team dropping 100M quid on him is going to… Read more »


let’s keep the chat about S***s players to a minimum boys

Hope Tierney scores in a 1-0 win for Scotland.

Non flying dutchman

Well second half was screaming out for Saka so Southgate really did himself a diservice not even allowing him to be an option

Merlin’s Panini

Good, and well deserved too. Love KT.


We need to get Smith-Rowe + Saka tied down as well

Saka will be down to his last 24months next summer, and that’s not a healthy place to be with one of football’s best young talents

The vultures will be circling

There’s not too many of our current squad I’d be sad to see leave, but Saka leaving would be devastating

The Beast

Could be wrong but didn’t saka sign a new contract at the end of last season?


Yes a 4yr deal

Granted I’m no mathematician. but by my calculation, that means next summer, he’ll only have 2 years remaining….

I’d much rather that next summer, he’s got 4 years remaining, rather than 2

The Beast

Ah, fair enough. Didn’t realise it was only a 4 year deal.

Spanish Gooner

I don’t think Saka is going to be easy at all and it wouldn’t surprise me if we had to make a difficult decision soon. He signed a 4-year deal for a reason and when those years are up he’ll be 22 and good enough to start for any team in the world


Sell him and you can forget about top four. We cannot afford to lose him – or ESR.


I said this a few months ago – and (for the record) was downvoted by a fair number. Not that down votes bother me, but I can’t for the life of me understand why your post here has (at the time of writing) 11 thumbs down – keeping our best players tied down is vital to this club’s future.

Saka and ESR were our (Arteta’s) Get Out Of Jail card when we were staring down the barrel of a potential relegation dogfight.

Sell those and we are in trouble, both on the pitch and off it.


People downvote me, just because they don’t like me Not always because they think I’m wrong Sometimes the truth is ugly, and it’s easier to believe a kind lie, than it is to believe a harsh truth, being ahead of the curve, is a bad for your popularity I was right about Ozil, Aubameyang, Emery, the state of our unbalanced, incoherent and bloated squad I was broadly right about where we’d finish this season, and how it’d play out overall I’ll be right about Saka as well, if we don’t pay him this summer, then it’ll either cost us even… Read more »


Need good left back and right back cover, potentially a new first choice right back as well. A lot of work this summer.

Neil Bamford

Amazing news


Make it happen Arsenal – and then make him Captain.


Great news. Saw him in one on one with Kane tonight, and despite supporting England my Arsenal head kicked in and I was willing Tierney to take him out. Class player


Now make him captain


Do Tesco sell branded brief-cases?

Coz that  £110,000 a week ain’t fitting in a carrier bag…

Seriously though, this is great news!!

prince onyuylo

Imagine if he was our captain and we sign Maddison (proud owner of £6,500 backback) he would have to have a word with him.


Buy Alexander isak now!


Came here to say the same. Amazing player! Renew ESR, sell Laca. Imagine a front 3 of Saka, Isak, and Saka with ESR right behind. A man can dream


Saka/Isak/Pepe I meant

Martenneli Mammoth

Great way to start off the summer let’s hope the rest of the off-season is this good!


Get this deal done before city make an approach please Arsenal


If true, this would be a well earned new contract. Make KT our new captain to fire up the boys. Supporting 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 in the Euros.


Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love KT. He’s a future captain for sure.

But there is one thing about his game which I hate: At times he is very soft in challenges. Not that he is not good in them, but how many times has he been touched at his shoulder and got down screaming holding his face or head?
Sometimes it seems systematic because of the gained sensibility of head injuries.


I have seen that yes a bit annoying. Id be interested to see his foul won stats though


Not complaining to be honest. Drawing a tactical foul is a dark art and as one wise old man once said “football is an art”.


Love KT. Make him the captain now, he’s got all the right attributes to kick on and take Arteta’s Arsenal forward.


Superb signing, but I really hope we find a good level of specialised backup to Kieran in our transfer funds.


This is the one case where it makes perfect sense to look at a player of Bertrands age. Just need someone capable to fill in who’s content being a backup for a cpl of years. Or if there’s a clear cut 2nd choice youngster who could develop.


The issue with that is that we didn’t sign Bertrand in January specifically because we wanted somebody younger.

And guess what, or lack of a back-up LB was one of the reasons we went out to Villareal.

Either they have a plan or they don’t.




Best signing of the summer.


Dream transfer window
Leno (he’s fine for now)
Hector (he’ll be good again) white gabriel tierney
Partey Lokonga
Pepe Isak/auba Saka/gabi


Get in! Love this guy. May he have a healthy season ahead and show us how good he can be. I still think he has another level if he can stay fit. No doubt a worthy future captain.

prince onyuylo

Build the team around him.