Arsenal to kick-off new campaign on Friday night


The Premier League have confirmed that Arsenal’s trip to Brentford will kick off the new Premier League season on Friday 13 August.

Our visit to the Community Stadium will be broadcast in the UK by Sky Sports.

Our matches against Chelsea at the Emirates and Manchester City at the Etihad have also been selected for broadcast.

Brentford vs Arsenal
8pm, Friday, 13 August
Sky Sports

Arsenal vs Chelsea
4.30pm, Sunday 22 August
Sky Sports

Manchester City vs Arsenal
12.30pm, Saturday 28 August
BT Sport

Unlike last season where every Premier League match was available for broadcast in the UK via Sky Sports, BT Sport, Amazon and BBC, it’s expected that some games, in line with the return of fans to stadiums, won’t be available on TV.

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So, Friday the 13th then? What could possibly go wrong?

Kampala gooner 🤣



The way VAR is used in Euros and the way its used in Premier League, does show the tools fine just not the bellends using it. PGMOL should be checked for corruption.


Let’s hope it goes wrong for Brentford

Runcorn Gooner

Who said all our games will now be 3 PM Saturday?

Martin R



How wrong I was to assume no Europe would mean the end of playing on weird days

Vic Lin

I am in Singapore and Friday 8pm = our time Saturday 3am. 🙁

Teta's cult of personality

Any chance you can record the match and watch it later. Watching football at 3am is just agonising. If Arteta is still playing it boring and safe by then, our game will literally put you to sleep 😴.

I vaguely remember when we played in the ‘new’ Champions League for the first time – 1998/99 season – back when only the top 2 English clubs qualified for the competition. I was a poor student, couldn’t afford cable or satellite, and only had the 4 basic UK channels. For whatever reason, Arsenal and Man United played at the same time in all 6 group stage rounds. ITV showed the Man United game live every time, and then showed the full 90 minutes of the Arsenal game – delayed coverage – at around 2am. So I went to sleep around… Read more »


Yeah, I remember that.

Clyde Tilsley trying his damnest to be crowned United’s number one fan by screaming his stupid head off whenever they so much as got a throw in, never mind a goal. Paradoxically, he was always picking fault with The Arsenal, in spite of the fact we were every bit as good as United then, if not better on our day.

The twat.


Ah, you’ll know the score before you watch it 😉

Peter Ryan

Damn. I remember watching Arsenal V Spuds in Tokyo in 2018 around 9 pm in a pub. Great night.


On first look this is a pretty underwhelming pick for a season opener, but then I realized it’s the perfect set up for Sky to begin their “Arsenal in crisis” discussion right off the bat.


You mean glaring home truths that a section of this fan base can’t stomach?


Premier league are making all the ESL clubs lives difficult

Teta's cult of personality

I don’t think we can blame the Premier League for this one. Even after Premier League decides its fixtures, the broadcasters (Sky, BT, DAZN etc) get the final say. Our Brentford match would have originally occurred during a blackout period where live matches can’t be televised between 2:45pm and 5:15pm on Saturday in the UK. It’s an outdated law that’s almost 50 years old but it’s still observed for some reason. Here in the UK, Sky and BT are thinking more about maintaining their viewer ratings and ad revenue. So higher profile matches are going to be moved to a… Read more »

Teta's cult of personality

Meanwhile Sky, BT and Co. will butter you up with the usual rubbish 🗑 about “football for the fans”. If the Premier League wasn’t so short-sighted they’d create their own subscription platform and would be more in control of better scheduling. Cable TV is on a downward trend and has been for a while. The clubs are just following the money rainbow but it can’t last forever. What happens when the cable operators shrink their budgets for broadcasting rights and they can’t offer as much anymore? There’s going to be a bust eventually. On a more positive note, Happy Birthday… Read more »


We’ll be top of the league for the night, as long as we don’t lose. So probably then. Or maybe…


So much for every game being on Saturday at 3:00!!!!!!!!!

Viv The 🐐

4 different providers? And I’m already disgusted with the price for Sky outside of the UK.


It’s probably cheaper than inside the UK!


Even being out of the Europa League can’t buy us a Saturday fixture.


They should just televise the 3pm games. Why not? Because fans wont go to the actual game cos its on telly? Teams still sell out their 12.30 and 5.30 games that are on telly. They would probably sell more subscriptions if all the games were on the telly anyway!