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Arsenal to star in Amazon’s “All or Nothing” series

Deadline have revealed that Arsenal will be the focus of the latest installment of Amazon’s popular ‘All or Nothing’ series with the cameras set to start rolling behind the scenes this pre-season.

The fly-on-the-wall documentary series debuted Stateside in 2016 and focused on NFL franchise the Arizona Cardinals. Since then, it has covered the likes of the Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams (also owned by Stan Kroenke), the All Blacks, Juventus, Manchester City and Sp*rs.

For those who tuned into the latter, Jose Mourinho’s excruciating chats with Daniel Levy, Harry Kane’s winsome team talks and a lot of mundane player banter earned plenty of column inches. In fairness, it was pretty entertaining viewing, especially as Sp*rs were crap, but it was mostly funny because it was someone else’s club. Pulling back the curtain on Arsenal, especially right now, seems like something of a risk. Then again, money talks…right?

On the decision to get into bed with Amazon, Arsenal’s media and comms director Mark Gonnella said: “We are looking forward to giving our fans around the world a unique insight into how we work day to day. We have one of the biggest global followings in the game and one consistent thing we hear from fans is their desire to see more about what happens behind closed doors at the club. All or Nothing will give our fans and sport lovers an opportunity to learn more about what makes Arsenal such a special club, our trophy laden history and our ambitions for future success.”

Dan Grabinar, Amazon’s Head of UK Originals, added: “Arsenal is a historic club going through a fascinating period, and we can’t wait to take viewers behind-the-scenes on the journey of this crucial season. All or Nothing is about intimate access to the passion and commitment behind elite sport, and in Arsenal we have the perfect subject for the next chapter. We are looking forward to Prime members around the world experiencing another Premier League season with a new club, through All or Nothing’s signature quality storytelling and access.”

It’s not the first time Mikel Arteta has experienced life with a camera crew in tow. The Spaniard was at Manchester City when they were in the Etihad dressing room. All the same, the stakes are much higher for him this time. We’re intrigued to know what he makes of the decision.

The first episodes of All or Nothing: Arsenal are due to drop in 2022. Eek.

UpdateArsenal have confirmed the news

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The first episodes of All or Nothing: Arsenal are due to drop in 2022. When Mikel will be looking for his new job hopefully so no one will give a damn.

If we spend 50mil on ben white and don’t let saliba have a look in then it will prove that the problem is arteta does not have the experience or know how to deal with personalities and thus should be removed or will be sacked.


“fascinating period” indeed…

Non flying dutchman

May you live in jnteresting times

Hakuna Matata

Haven’t we already moved from this saliba-white debate?


No, and we wont.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

I’m not happy with Ben White’s price tag but Luiz absolutely needs to be replaced (Holding/Gabriel as the main CB pairing will not get us top 4) and I can’t see Arteta passing Luiz’s mantle onto a 20 year old. If he was to be in the squad for this season, instead of signing Ben White, he would start 4th choice behind Holding, Gabriel, Mari, and – with no European football – get very little game time. I get it, we’re all impatient, but perhaps one more season out on loan where he plays 40 games is the best for… Read more »


Luiz’s mantle? He’s been average, on average. Many brain farts, a good game here and there, but when it mattered he was mostly bad or injured.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

He has still been our best CB the past 2 seasons.


Forget Ben White, this article is about the ‘series’. And let me be clear, it is an absolutely horrific idea. One step up from love island, we really have sunk this low. Whatever reality you see is edited to within an inch of its life. Fully selling ourselves out under the guise of ‘more access’. It is crass, it is cheap. This is equivalent of self-incarcerating yourself in a zoo, a performing monkey for all others to take hits at, to have a laugh. This season above all else, the club should be solely focussing on the games in hand.… Read more »


Well said sir, bravo.


White isn’t worth more than £25m. Time we stopped overpaying.

Daz Pants

If things are not going well, this is only going to add more amunition for people looking to pile on whatever their agenda is – both Arsenal fans and opposition fans.

I’m not sure this is the best thing for Arteta in terms of additional pressure, considering how much pressure he is already going to be under at the start of this season.


Nah something like this can never backfire.


“Ooon the river where they uuused to build the guns…”


Whether things are going well or not the British tabloids will spin it to make Arsenal look like a laughing stock. This idea is nothing short of retarded and a total reflection on the clueless and inept idiot decision- makers that own and run the club

Tomaury Bischfeld

Benefits – money, small potential of expanding the fan base

Negatives – puts pressure on the players and manager at an absolutely crucial time in the club’s history, a team with plenty of new players who will have teething problems. Our ability to focus on the primary goal of performance will determine how much revenue we will have this season, the season after that. This will outweigh any money Netflix can give us.

Stupid. Shortsighted.



Mayor McCheese

Meh, I’m looking forward to it. Besides, these days players are used to the public spotlight what with social media, obligatory interviews, etc. I hardly think this will derail the season. We’re Arsenal. We can derail our seasons just fine on our own, thank you very much!


Yes we can, internal combustion is the name of our game! 🙂

Red Cannon

A very balanced look at the pros & cons of the situation. And even though it sounds like I’m being sarcastic, I am not. I think you’ve summed up all of the benefits that we could possibly accrue from doing this.


The media don’t have to spin how sh1t we’ve been nor the idiotic behaviour of those at the top of the Club.


Arteta: “Stan I’m going to need you to make funds available for the purchase of Houssem Aouar”

[Pans to Kroenke’s empty desk chair… silence]

Arteta: “I’ll take that as a tentative ‘yes’ ”

Kroenke’s chair:  ………..

Arteta: “Excellent. Good talk, Stan”

Teta's cult of personality

Serious question. Does anyone actually know what Stan Kroenke sounds like?

A Different George

Didn’t he say “Josh, I am your father.”

Mayor McCheese

I always imagined he would sound like Sam Elliot (he might be Sam Elliot, now that I think about it), but probably he sounds like a Charlie Brown adult.


Maybe a bit like James Earl Jones when JEJ plays a Senior Military Officer…

Teta's cult of personality

I’m genuinely even more terrified for the outcome of this season because of this. If we were worried about AFTV producing too much meme moments about the club, this could br even worse.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but like with AFTV, large numbers of rivals often tune in to Arsenal-centric content for comedic entertainment. At least half of the accounts that regularly comment on AFTV and Arsenal’s YouTube page aren’t even Arsenal fans. It’s a very strange phenomenon.


Well I guess.. we’ve got to pay for that Ben White cheque some how


I don’t know how to feel about this … Not in a bad way, I just genuinely don’t know…


That being said, I am thoroughly intrigued to watch the relationships between players and staff and the players and the manager. I mean, I love this club so getting an inside look is always some kind of fun, I suppose.

Daz Pants

That’s all very true, it’s just the balance of whether there is a negative impact which outweighs this insight and enjoyment we could get. And at the moment with the numerous issues that we have, I fear that the scales may be tipped towards the deficit side!

If we tear up the league this season and get this additional coverage, then happy days! But why do I not feel that optimistic?!


Plus, we might finally see what Arteta is really like, how he communicates, as the version we get in press conferences and interviews is a highly sanitised and tight lipped individual – for valid reasons of course.


Yes, cos if there is one thing we have learned from ‘reality TV’ it’s that you definitely get to see what people are ‘really like’ 😂


I don’t know if this format is reality TV. It’s a docu series with a lot of pizzazz IMO.


And do you think when the cameras are rolling, what you see is what you get?


He starts every meeting behind closed doors with “good ebening” since he got PTSP from our previous flop manager, Mr. Unaiii..


Agree. My initial thought was that we don’t need this distraction in a season when the team needs laser focus on improving and getting results. But then maybe the money Arsenal gets from this is what made Arteta seem so confident that they would be able to buy players this summer. Then I also think that we all want to know what’s going on behind the scenes and maybe this is a way to give us a glimpse. I’m only sorry that some of our more colorful characters have recently left the club – would have been interesting to watch… Read more »


They’ll still filter the most important information and just act while cameras are around. All reality TV is really a bunch of BS.

Mayor McCheese

I don’t get the negative reaction here. We all love watching Arsenal. This is more Arsenal to watch. Have you ever watched a training video? Tunnel cams? Just because? I don’t think we’ll be complaining when we start watching this, plus it’s extra exposure, extra publicity, extra inside views of the club. I’m just not bothered to be a downer about it.

Timorous Me

Ohh boy. I’m equal parts excited and scared. I can’t help but worry that this will somehow end up being embarrassing for us. Or maybe I should say, Is there any way this won’t end up being embarrassing for us?


As a content-starved arseblog-stalking lifelong arsenal fan I’m happy to have something else Arsenal related to consume.

Teta's cult of personality

The Arsenal Twitter announcement reads:

“You asked. We heard you.


Coming to @primevideosport in 2022 ⏳”

Was it you who asked Sachin?😁


They should’ve added: “watch as we derail one more season and end in tenth, trust in us, we can do it!”


Spoiler alert: A disappointing league campaign is salvaged by another majestic FA Cup victory in which arsenal beat city in the quarters, Chelsea in the semis and 1970s Brazil in the final


Mmmm… really enjoyed the City and Spuds shows as it’s a fascinating insite into the world of football but I was saying to myself “I’m glad it’s not us” even though I’m obviously hugely interested.

Let’s see how it goes I suppose


I have to say it pains me to see my club associated with such a disgusting company (on all fronts: employee working conditions, environmental impact, megalomania of its founder…)


Are you talking about KSE or Amazon?




Don’t like Amazon either, but weren’t we a “company” that made some 50 people redundant during one of the most challenging times in recent history.

We aren’ t a prettier sight than AZ for sure

Tomaury Bischfeld

Guaranteed Josh Kroenke will feature in this documentary “I really care about Arsenal and the fans” “Arsenal DNA” “look at me being pally with the players” “I spend a lot of time here” “I know the names of the canteen staff” “we are all one big happy family, forget about the superleague and the fact we’re a shitshow”



Giuseppe Hovno

my god yes i could never imagine Arsenal [cough adidas not paying living wages] to be associated with such disgusting practices [cough nike sweatshops cough] i will never watch another game if this goes ahead [cough fly emirates cough]


For sure we were far from clean so far (you forgot the endless plane travels, the half-voiced support to the Chinese government and Israeli occupation of Palestine), I know KSE is plain shit, but we won’t come out of this any cleaner for sure.

It’s just the next step of a worrying trend, you can make fun about this but it still saddens me.


Visit Rwanda…

Teta's cult of personality

A valid stance given the points made. Though it’s not like Arsenal/ KSE are any better. Our owner has quite a terrible rap sheet of his own too. Just from on Arsenal perspective alone, the board essentially lied to its players and supporters about preventing job losses. Many clubs with smaller budget than Arsenal didn’t even make as many redundacies as we did. The media had a field day.

I suppose water seeks its own level.

A Different George

I was pleased to learn that Jeff Bezos is going into space. It was spoiled when I learned he was coming back.


The Some Kind of Monster movie springs to mind. Although a fascinating watch it’s not something anyone should ever allow into their day to day running of things. Whatever it may be.

Nearly 20 years later and Metallica still have that documentary and it’s revelations hanging around them like a bad smell.

A Different George

Sure, but Spinal Tap came through it looking better than ever.


I just want to watch football and kick ass


This can only end in tears…


Like our last season…? C’mon you guys sound like those who never post pictures of Instagram lest they get trolled for having triple chins.

It’s your chin(s). Learn to love it


Great news unlike the other North London club who won nothing except the title as “North London Laughing Stocks” when they were on it.
I hope we win it all .

Or something.


It’s a sequel


I can’t ££ imagine why ££ the club think ££ there is anything ££ positive to be gained ££ by signing up for this ££

Scott P

Very curious how much Amazon is paying Arsenal for their involvement in this. Wondering if it’s really enough to make a difference to our budget when we’re expected to spend tens of millions this summer.


We need to make a needless white transfer or add a willian-like signing with a chelski reject, azpilicueta comes to mind…


Oh dear 😐

*Cue ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ theme*


Love this comment.


Or Seinfeld…

Hulahoops Baptista

As if we weren’t becoming a meme club already. Have these docu-dramas ever helped a club?

“fascinating period” = going through shit.
“behind-the-scenes on the journey of this crucial season”= we’re hoping you can watch it all fall apart.
“intimate access to the passion and commitment” = Watch every dressing room arguement, choose a camp and fight on social media about it.

If we had any “custodians” on the board, this idea would not have made it past the door.

Obligatory fuck Jeff Bezos- Amazon don’t give a shit about us.


Hahaha so Bezos have to give a shit about us for us to do this? What a solipsistic POV!


Will be just like AFTV, fans of other clubs watching just to laugh at us. I’ll pass on this i think


At least Tom Baritone Hardy or whoever will be doing the VO won’t pretend to be an Arsenal Fan like those fucking chumps of AFTV.


Maybe they’ll get Brian Blessed to do the voice over.



Hahahaha, I’d watch it then


It would of been much more interesting last season


Guendouzi picking a fight with Socratis would have been good for a laugh.


Or ozil playing fortnite all the time


Hopefully we have a banging season because if I get to see us be crap from two different angles, that will be a bad year, even by our recent standards, haha.


You mean Ek!!! not eeK. This really bad time to film the chaos that is Arsenal right now. This would have been wonderful with Wenger era but Arteta likely to be sacked by Xmas if we are not in the top 6. Money talks! and we need it 🙁 sad times


Wenger would not have allowed this to happen


Shows how deluded our owners and management are… Should put their heads down, stfu and work.


Can’t help but wonder if this would have been more entertaining when we had players like Wilshere, Podolski and Szczęsny arsing about in the dressing room


I think Auba will be a treat to watch. I’m keen to see Bellerin do some spoken word (if he’s around), Saka remind everyone of his Euro Cup exploits, Xhaka tear down the Jose poster in his locker, ESR getting ribbed about Aston Villa, Saliba and Mikel stare each other down and Tierney give the team talks.

Olivia Landry

Shouldn’t that be “Ek” at the end of the piece?!


We will finally get to know the reason why Willian is Willian.



Kia Joorabchian as the Director of Football


I’m just excited to see the players behind the scenes, whether it’s a good year or bad it’ll still be interesting to see.


I don’t use Amazon so I will have to pass on this. I am also not sure it’s a good idea to have cameras at training, match days and in the dressing room when it is such an important season for the manager and players. It could be a distraction from what really matters. Oh, what really matters is making money for Kroenke Sports & Entertainment and Amazon. As if these abominable businessmen don’t have enough money.

I wonder if they’ll catch Saliba at it in the dressing room.


Just what Arsenal needs – more “banter”.

Arsenal fans clearly aren’t engaged enough already.

And for the neutral, I’m sure a midtable team trying to move from 8th to 6th is going to make for great television.

I wonder who gets the Dele Alli part.


I think I’ll stick with the White Harts on Athletico Mince, far more entertaining.


His name is Saliba.

Teta's cult of personality

He’d have to be getting gametime to be a Dele Alli.

Maybe a better equivalent is Pepe?

prince onyuylo

Selling our soul


that particular horse has long since bolted, I think

prince onyuylo

Indeed, could not agree more Bro

Mark Palfreman

Oh goodie, can’t wait for the shit show to be laid bare for all the world to see 🤦🏼‍♂️


This is a massive mistake.

A rookie manager like Arteta doesn’t need the added pressure applied by the intense scrutiny of this programme. I wonder if he had a say in the decision? If he did he should have said “no”.

I get the feeling that this show will chronicle his demise at the club. It’s going to be sad to watch it.


If you saw the Tottenham one, you’d know how edited and scripted this thing is. Everything will be controlled by the Arsenal PR guys, don’t worry about it.

Teta's cult of personality

I feel the same way. There’s probably more chance of it being a disaster than a success story. It’s either this “documentary” will be never be watched again by most gooners or it will be an artifact that we can always come back to rekindle good memories.

Fingers crossed. The club doesn’t need any more circus shows. I wonder how much Arsenal are being paid for this.


Episode 1… This is our tunnel area


No thanks, I’ll watch it as I will consume any Arsenal content. But it isn’t requested.

I also hope the towie style dramatic scripting isn’t involved like it was with the Spurs one (execs made son and loris clash at HT for cameras)


Ok Devils advocate- we get the players Mikel wants for his system, everyone finds form, his system smashes the league with no Europe.

This will be the best ‘all or nothing’ of them all.


All or Nothing?

Probably the latter.

Baichung Bhutia

They should at least change the title – All or nothing or somewhere in between.
That being said, I will definitely watch this. Always wanted to know what goes on inside Arsenal, hopefully we don’t embarrass ourselves on the pitch.


I bet Josh & Co (Stan probably doesn’t even know yet) thought of this as an opportunity to show how much they work for Arsenal behind the scenes and how excited we should really be about them owning the club. Expect to see a lot of Vinai and Edu pretending to be implementing strategy and Arteta doing his Pep impression without any of the charm.


I for one don’t believe that everything at the club is as bad as some would like to make out, so this could be an interesting series if it’s done in a good way. I’m sure Arsenal will have a certain amount of control over the access and hopefully it can offset some of the baseless negativity around the club. We’re not where we want to be results wise, but I still think there’s something good brewing and we’re going to be a lot better next season.

Teta's cult of personality

Hopefully you are right. This will be very gut-wrenching if things don’t go as planned.

Disarmed Gunner

Has anyone else seen the promo posters for this? Arteta’s mug takes about 80% of the space up. You’d hardly know it’s gonna be about Arsenal at all. We’re not only a social experiment but now a reality show.

Funny thing is, by 2022 when this is released Arteta is likely to have been sacked. So I’m curious how this will play out. As it’s Arsenal we can be sure it’ll be nothing but a burning train wreck that we can’t look away from.


A doc about a mid table team that once upon a time was winning the league and had top top players.


“Watch us reach new lows, sorry, heights”


“ We’re intrigued to know what he makes of the decision.”

I mean, will we ever know? He gains nothing by it, and it gives him extra bullshit to think about in what is already a fraught and demanding job. But of course he can’t say that, because the decision would’ve been taken above him at a time when trad revenue has taken a significant hit.


He’s probably happy he still has a job because hopefully on some level he knows he’s lucky to be in a club where mediocrity is the norm. Lampard, a real legend of disgusting chelski was sacked for far less. Hurts to see how far we are in mentality from that lot.


Face Meet Palm. Not for me, thanks.

Josh Kroenke

All information will be redacted. Expect to see black bars and blurred faces and one long beep to sensor all the dialect.


Hope Saliba’s not involved!


“Meanwhile, in the changing room….”

Merlin’s Panini

Not sure this is a good decision letting people behind the scenes, particularly when the manager is supposedly so meticulous.
Can only assume there’s a huge chunk of money in it for the club.


Him being meticulous didn’t bring us results, did it though… Better if he was meticulous somewhere else.


Hehe.. all or nothing.. would be an apt name for a show about our super league escapade.


Nothing would be the best name, cause that’s what we are at the moment


every one of these sports documentary series makes the people involved at every level look incompetent. poor decision to allow cameras into the club in this manner.



I can’t say I’m into football documentaries at all but it’ll be scripted and edited like all ‘reality’ TV shows and go through the PR department before it hits the airwaves. I would also assume the camera crew will only be allowed in the dressing room on occasions when Arteta gives them the thumbs up.

Man City got £10 million for their documentary so this is clearly just a bit of business.

If it was Arsenal Love Island with a select few from the men’s and women’s squad, that would peak my interest.


Exactly that, nothing natural or authentic about it.


Is there anything you lot won’t moan about?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

We’re Arsenal fans, it comes with the territory.


Pizza’s quite good.


Is there anything that you won’t moan about us moaning?

Hakuna Matata

After reading today’s blog I’m kinda lost. Isn’t football just entertainment? So one form of entertainment encroaching on the other shouldn’t really b an issue. The fanatism behind football sometimes blurs the lines between reality and entertainment. Football is very much the latter however much ur livelihood depends on it. Get ur pitchforks out!



Dear world, this is us with our pants down. This is the rudderless, uninspired, tepid, mid table Kroenke and Arteta shit show that Arsenal Football Club have truly become.

And now listen to us telling you that it’s part of the master plan and that we have a Process in place

Comedy Gold.

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