Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Report: Inter to pull out of Arsenal friendly

According to Corriere dello Sport, Inter Milan have decided against travelling to the United States for the upcoming Florida Cup leaving Arsenal without an opponent for one of the two games planned to take place in Orlando.

Citing concerns about the spread of the Covid-19 Delta variant, the Serie A champions will instead continue their pre-season preparations in Italy.

Arsenal are set to fly to Florida on Wednesday and were supposed to play Inter on Sunday (18:00 local time / 23:00 UK time) at the 65,000-capacity Camping World Stadium before facing the winners of a clash between Everton and Colombian side Millonarios at the same venue on Wednesday 28th July.

The organisers of the Florida Cup are unlikely to want Sunday’s event, to which they’ve already sold thousands of tickets, to be scrapped altogether, so we wouldn’t be surprised if things are rejigged so that we face both Everton and Millonarios consecutively.

If Inter’s withdrawal is confirmed they are likely to have to pay a significant fine to the organisers.

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Kampala gooner

Paying fines is all good as long they are left with enough pocket change to make a worthwhile go at acquiring Hector.


Fear mongers and losers Delta varient is a cold. And existing vax protects one from it

Martin R

Moron 🙈🙈🙈

Johnny 4 Hats

Can I just say, before we all pile in on this, that I recently purchased Crunchy Nut Granola and it’s a real game changer.


@Johnny4Hats Did you get the cranberry raisin type ? Highly recommend with Fage Greek yogurt as a healthy snack


Mmmm fake yogurt 😁


Been in bed since Thursday with a manic fever, headaches, a cough that won’t stop- and I am lucky.

If you think this is a cold, I’d suggest you come round and have a go on my dirty hanky.


Hang in there, and speedy recovery mate!

Eric Blair

I first read that as ‘Fish mongers’, and thought that was rather unfair.


And this is exactly why I keep having to take care of covid patients at the hospital. If you’re lucky then for you it will be like a bad cold. Problem is the 72 year old lady who was in line behind you at the grocery… well now she’s hospitalized, maxed out on a heated high flow machine @ 50L o2 and still struggling to breathe. Meanwhile she can’t have visitors, so she’s scared and alone and has me holding her hand and trying to reassure her but I’m covered in a yellow gown, an n95 mask, and a face… Read more »


Thanks for everything you’ve doing🥰




You’d have to at least buy me a steak dinner first


Ahh another one of nature’s finest specimens, who’s never had to endure watching someone die of this “cold”. Good for you, mate. Good for you…


I am, but that isnt the point. Like any old guy I have seen lots of people die in my life for lots of reasons. That isn’t the point either. COVID is not that deadly for the overall population compared to other flu outbreaks over the last 100 years. What is fascinating about it s more deadly for older folks and those with certain conditions. Young people unless diabetic or obese are at very little risk. Practically 0 risk of death but you might get sick and that is part of life. the other part that is fascinating is how… Read more »

Wiltoooooooooord !!!

You sir have been reading the wrong articles. You should have a holistic view of the disease and it’s impacts all over the world. I am in my thirtees and I have seen my fellow “so called” healthy friends pass away in covid. Your attitude towards it is dangerous for you and the peope you are able to convince.
Thank the NHS and the medical community all over the world and stay safe


609,000 Americans dead. The only influenza that compares was the 1918 Spanish Flu in the US, and that was a massive catastrophe, with comparatively primitive medicine.

Coronavirus has been over 10x more deadly than any recent influenzas. State reporting shows It has killed more people than the last 10+ years of influenzas combined in the US.

Please save your misinformation for your social media clique.


What Mpls said, plus, you realize it’s not just about people dying from covid right? It’s about the idiots taking up space in the hospital beds and healthcare resources, leading to all the unnecessary deaths…

I’d love to continue a rational argument, but sometimes in life you just can’t argue with logic. Move on.

A Different George

Florida is currently seeing one of the worst outbreaks in the United States, with effectively no mitigation measures in place. Several high-profile American athletes–big baseball stars–have tested positive in the last several days.


For numbers: 20% of the US active new cases are in Florida. 1 in 5. And they have a true Florida Man for a ‘Governor’ who believes every crackpot conspiracy theory out there. Or perhaps doesn’t believe them but uses them as cynical tools to manipulate fools. At any rate, he actually intended to impose fines on cruise companies that might follow proposed US Centers for Disease Controls recommendations to require that workers and passengers be vaccinated. I hope the lads at the club are vaccinated. I’m vaccinated and I still wouldn’t go anywhere near Florida right now. For numbers:… Read more »

Tampa Jack

Selfishly I am disappointed. I was planning on taking my nephew to that game on Sunday night. However, if any of the arsenal players/coaches aren’t vaccinated, then I don’t think they should be traveling internationally to US/Florida (or going out at home in London for that matter). But if they are vaccinated I am not sure I would be that concerned about playing two games in Florida. I assume the players won’t be hanging out with crowds in Disney. From looking (unscientifically) at the Florida Covid Curve vs the UK Covid Curve– they both seem to be taking a similar… Read more »


Yes, I’ve seen similar stats – 99% of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are the unvaccinated.


Yeah, 20%. New cases from 7% of the population. Right. That is from the White House who is doing battle prep for de santis running from prez. It is never to early.


Exactly – 🙄


The number of new infections reported weekly by Florida’s health department has increased more than fourfold in a month, from 10,095 cases for the week ending June 17 to 45,449 on Friday. That’s 45,449 just new infections, over just one week, not totals. And it’s just the reported cases. It says nothing of unreported cases, or people who don’t know they have it. And yes, studies are showing 99-99.5% of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are among the unvaccinated. So Darwin is having his say with the tinfoil hats crowd. It’s too bad folks have to throw their lives away over… Read more »


Oh and what is an inactive new case and an active old case.


That’s Bollix 🙄


FL is a wild wonderful state and I love it. It’s also a swamp and any outside activity in FL during the dog days is hell. Add to that COVID and our shameful “rugged individualist” response to it… damn, I’m not envious of anyone going there right now.


Clearly they determined that playing us is too daunting a task…


Those goalposts in the picture of the stadium look like they have been installed for Thomas Partey’s shooting practice.


That’s funny. Imagine that?

Horse breath

Can see the players coming back and some having to isolate. Not wise to travel.


totally this…

Arsenal in their pursuit of dollar etc… Theres still plenty of time to cancel as well lets hope we see sense… pay the fine and be done


They are showing some common sense. Will we do the same? This US trip should never have been on the cards.


What is the uk equivalent to florida?
For us folks stateside, there are a ton of ridiculous news stories out of florida. Just Google “florida man” and you’ll see what I’m talking about

Teta's cult of personality

For me, it’s a three-way tie between Liverpool man, Glasgow man and London man. I don’t there is a single area that has a monopoly on ridiculousness in the UK.

Man Manny

Inter pulled out when they got wind of Lokonga signing. They don’t want to be the first team to have to dance to the Konga Partey.
£15m for Bellerin will be adequate compensation for the Arsenal.

Hulahoops Baptista

Good to see Inter doing their responsibilities re: protection. Still a bit worried as the pull out method isn’t meant to be effective, however friendly you are as you’re doing it.


For stats nerds out there: the pull-out method is effective 78% of the time, which is broadly in line the efficacy of certain vaccines against Covid.

On topic, we shouldn’t be surprised if these stateside sojourns become a regular fixture of Arsenal’s pre-season itinerary, given Kroenke’s interests. These games have always been about chasing dollars, rather optimising preparation.

This seems a bit short-sighted to me. I wonder if the team have some kind of insurance against the risk of catching Covid in Flordia.

Teta's cult of personality

Effective against STDs? Is that actually accurate?

Dr Zebra

Watch, somehow we still concede from a corner….


They’re just mad that we won’t let them take Hector 😂

Other than that, fair play to them, it’s just silly traveling that far considering everything. American owners or not… People just won’t learn, no matter what the cost.

Rafer Austin

Arsenal can have an A team vs a B team each position picked at random for the teams to play one another with different jerseys to entertain the Florida fans.

Teryima Adi

The Italian Connection- the way the cookies crumble.


Team bus is in florida now. So its definitely going ahead

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