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Report: Rangers 2-2 Arsenal

Result: Rangers 2-2 Arsenal
Competition: Friendly
Date: 17 July 2021
Venue: Ibrox

Arsenal lineup: Okonkwo (Hein, 46), Cedric (Bellerin, 46), Holding (Kolasinac, 62), Pablo Mari (Chambers, 46), Tavares (Tierney, 46), Elneny (Willock, 62), Partey (Maitland-Niles, 62), Smith Rowe (Willian, 62), Pepe (Nelson, 62), Balogun (Lacazette, 46), Aubameyang (Nketiah, 62)


Eddie Nketiah scored a late equaliser as Arsenal drew 2-2 with Rangers at Ibrox on an afternoon when debutant Nuno Tavares was also on the scoresheet.

First Half

Arsenal picked up where they left off at Easter Road on Tuesday by conceding a sloppy goal and missing a host of chances. The difference this time was that recently recruited Nuno Tavares ensured we were level at the break.

The Gunners fell behind on 14 minutes when Leon Balogun, no relation to our striker, climbed high in the box after escaping marker Elneny to head past Okonkwo. It was the only chance of note the home side created in the opening 45 minutes and they took it.

After that, Arsenal dominated and really should have bagged a few goals.

If we’re hoping for a sharper Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the upcoming season, this wasn’t a great audition. The captain missed a hat-trick of golden opportunities in the first half.

First, he curled over after pouncing on a loose ball by keeper McGregor, then he headed a Cedric cross wide. Finally, after Emile Smith Rowe had his shot blocked, the striker failed to convert from three yards as his tap-in was cleared off the line.

Other opportunities fell to Pepe, who curled over with his left foot, and Balogun, who had a toe-poked effort saved at close quarters.

At least Tavares had his wits about him in the box. Chasing down a long diagonal ball, the left-back took advantage of a bad touch by Tavernier before finding the bottom corner with a smart right-foot finish. There was a hint of handball in the build-up but with no VAR in action, the goal stood.

Second half

As expected, Arteta made a host of changes at the break and then a second raft just past the hour mark.

In between, Partey tested McGregor with a stinging effort from the edge of the box, and the veteran keeper, a former teammate of Arteta’s, also denied Smith Rowe with a fantastic stop at full stretch as the midfielder tried a curler.

Despite long periods of possession, Arteta’s boys didn’t have it all their own way. Lundstrom failed to keep a header down following another dangerous Tavernier set-piece and Bassey hit over after cutting in from the left flank.

The Gunners didn’t heed the warning and with 15 minutes remaining Rangers scored their second from another corner. This time Itten climbed highest to plant the ball in the net.

Had Hein not made a decent stop to deny Kelly moments later, it might have been even worse. The Estonian’s save served as a kick up the arse for the Gunners and not long after Nketiah made a goal for himself by stealing the ball in the box before arrowing home with his left foot.

Bellerin, Kolasinac and Willian all had chances to grab a late winner but their finishing was in keeping with the theme of the match.

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Anders Limpar

Auba has always missed chances. Even when he was smashing the goals in he was missing some big chances. I’m sure someone has stats that say he is no worse than most other strikers. But he seems to miss the ones that you really notice, the tap ins and the really easy looking ones, or the clinch the victory ones.


I completely appreciate this is still preseason, and we shouldn’t look to far into things, however… that performance and result did really concern me. One of the biggest excuses Mikel used for himself, and a few journalists in his favour used it for him too. Was a lack of a preseason being one of the main contributing factors behind our disastrous league campaign last season. With that being said — watching the game this afternoon — I really do fail to see any major changes in the way we set up or play. Everything I saw us do was near… Read more »


Don’t be ridiculous. It will be in 4K





Hank Scorpio

I don’t think we can buy our way out of this because the fundamental problem is the way that we are set up to play treacle-paced horseshoe-ball. Having said that if there are any learnings applied as Arteta has claimed and changes are being made, we’ve barely been back in preseason for a couple of weeks so I don’t expect to see massive changes to the way we play yet.


No sure, but I think you’d have seen like some sparks of something? I wasnt ever expecting us to absolutely lay waste to Rangers.. but we didnt really create anything clear cut other than a fucking header which Pierre duffed wide.


Yes, he’s always missed chances, but he wasn’t feeble, he used to get stuck in and make those chances. For most of last season and so far in these pre-season games he’s been feeble, tip- toeing about like he’s scared or half asleep. I’m really worried that he’s turned into another Ozil.


The problem is Arteta himself indirectly taking a dig at auba finishing this time, that made you think this shouldnt happen to a player his caliber…


He needs to stand up and be counted, he looks half-arsed. He’s club captain and earning a small fortune, he should at least be putting an effort in, he looks like Willian, the two of them coasting along eating up half a million a week. I like Auba but I’m not impressed with him lately. Mikel is right to call him out if he doesn’t think he’s focussed.


Seeing the same old wastemen. Sad.
Tavares made me happy. Seems a really good signing! Hopefully we will add some more quality.

Auba needs to get all of these horrible misses out preseason… He just looks bad atm. Smith Rowe again.. Wondeful player. Gives you hope. Now can we replace elneny next to Partey

Mayor McCheese

I started watching late and when I saw the goal scorers I was genuinely confused as to how Balogun scored for Rangers without it being listed as an own goal.

Mayor McCheese

Thought the new kit looked pretty sharp, actually.


God almighty what is it with Arsenal fans and kits?. They seem more concerned with the kit we wear than the rubbish on the pitch

Mayor McCheese

Well, Hasty, probably has to do with perspective. It’s a pre-season game. Players wearing the new kit for the first time. You’ll understand in time, Hasty.

Hakuna Matata

You’ll understand in time, Hasty.
U couldn’t resist the dig, could u?


Love the stripey socks.

Teta's cult of personality

Balogun roughly translates to warchief in English. I’ve also heard his name pronounced as ba-la-gun and ba-low-goon(more correct). If this kid makes it at Arsenal, the wordplay opportunities will be endless.


Yes means Warchief in Yoruba language.


Literally just discovered Balogun as a surname and it turns out there’s a whole clan. Why are we not signing all available Baloguns?

Mayor McCheese

It’s the name you get if you’re a baller and a Gunner at the same time. Balotelli would have been a Balogun had he signed for us.


Sir, you just won the internet today


Balogun is a title bestowed on the chief warrior of any Yoruba kindom in Nigeria who always have a seat among the king’s highest cabinets. In the past half a century or so, it’s been imbibed as a surname in some families. Either as a chieftain title or a name, the meaning of the name still remains warlord. I’m reminded of when Leon Balogun first emerged in the heart of Nigeria national team defense with impeccable perfomances, he was heralded as “The Balogun of defense” Sadly our blaogun of defense has lost his mojo, and he’s not even considered for… Read more »


Obligatory ‘it’s per season don’t get too wound up’ post.



Although Per season doesn’t sound like a bad thing.


Per shaped commenting

Gunner J

Things that I noticed:
1)Tavares looks a capable deputy.
2)Auba needs to get his oil coz boy is he rusty, same applies for Pepe.
3)Smith Rowe is awesome, give him “that” jersey number already.
4) Rob is bold.


Given Tierney’s injury record – can’t underestimate the importance of Tavares addition. I keep getting flashbacks to Xhaka’s left back performance against Villareal

Mayor McCheese

I see Rob lost his battle with the receding hairline. Shaved head is a solid move.

When I started losing my hair I just swapped my head out for a cheeseburger, but I know this isn’t everyone’s preferred option. Each his own, etc.

Teta's cult of personality

Didn’t even recognise it was Rob at first. For a split second, I genuinely thought it was Daniel Ek.


He couldn’t buy Arsenal. He decided Arsenal buy him.

Teta's cult of personality


GG Gunners

I thought it was Senderos in defence.

Hakuna Matata

It’s senderosy

Call Me Pepe

Rob is Bald


Liking the look of that Pepe, Balogun, The Smith and Saka attacking force. Pace, power an silkiness.


Don’t forget a certain… Martinelli. 🔥🔥🔥


PSG drew against a League 2 side called Chambly. Ever heard of Chambly FC!
There’s no need to worry about the pre- season results. But, what’s worrying is Auba’s finishing and watching Willian getting his umpteenth chance to revive.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Ben White is going on loan to Chambly.


True story, his signing video is going to be like Kos’ reveal at Bordeux, all the new kit haters will be so conflicted.

Lord Bendnter

I know we shouldn’t be looking too much into preseason games, BUT Given how our previous season went, you would think this team would try to prove their quality and win at least one preseason game. Instead, what I see is the same football carrying on from last season. It’s not fair to compare our performances to that of PSG. Think of how many of their first team players are international footballers and are on holiday still. And, it’s PSG, they have more than enough quality to step up their game whenever they will. We don’t have that quality… So,… Read more »


Man just shut the fuck up

Lord Bendnter


Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Dave, hope you too shut the fuck up after the first two defeats in the season.


Heh, it’s all love and peace and democracy on this page.

Dave, for your information mate, LB has just as much right to an opinion as you have pal.

Mayor McCheese

That preseason momentum idea is a myth. There are countless examples of teams, including Arsenal, who crush it in pre-season and struggle when it matters, and vice versa.

Hibs and Rangers are further along in their pre-season, these are fitness exercises, etc., etc. Try not to project pre-season onto league form. Remember in 2013 when we scored 30 goals in our pre-season games and then promptly went on to lose to Aston Villa 3-1 on the opening day of the Premier League? Momentum!


In fairness, that 1-3 defeat was due to one of the most eccentric refereeing performances I have ever seen, and that’s saying something as an arsenal fan.

Tony 2

Anthony Taylor from the Midlands and 1st ever prem match. Nuff said


We have a bad habit of being the team upcoming strikers have their breakthrough against, this game it was Benteke

Teryima Adi

Take it easy, Bro.


At least your first sentence was lucid…. you shoulda quit while ahead.

A Voice in the Noise

Get Jover started immeadiately working the defending from set-pieces! Wow are we bad at them all of a sudden.
Otherwise another sort-of disappointment. We create chances, but we really are wasteful.


Fair points. But let’s not joverreact to one preseason result.

Datguy Lauren

We keep saying it’s only pre season. It’s football and it’s a competition at the end of the day. Players always say they want to win a match irrespective of what’s on the line. Let’s stop trivialising games. Inter Milan on Monday… bring em’ on

Inter Milan is on Sunday July 25th.


i’ve been impressed by AMN work in the centre of the pitch.

looks a more positive option to partner partey than elneny.

Glen Helders Left Foot

Arteta says no, but he’s not a great manager in fairness


Jeez, give the man a chance will ya?


In all fairness, we played against a team competing in Europe.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Who have a manager who has won the Champions League.

It’s good that we can organise friendlies against the top European clubs.

Paul wright

It’s early days as yo know Andrew, let’s be fair this isn’t anyway near our starting team, but particularly in defence, Aubas form may be a worry but at the end of the day it’s a glorified training session.

Naked Cygan

My Crystal balls tell me we will be out of the Leauge Cup by December, sitting in at a cushy 9th with Man City drawn in the FA Cup. Let the Arteta era continue….he sat next to Pep, we are in safe hands. lol

Mayor McCheese

You have crystal balls? I owned crystal once, and they made a lovely sound when you rubbed the rim. Do your balls make this sound? When you rub your rim?


You dirty burger

Hakuna Matata

What do u expect when a naked cygan claims 2 have crystal balls?


You’re supposed to use lol after you say something funny. Hope that help.


12 months ago we knocked Man City out of the FA en route to winning it. Since Christmas Arsenal were 3rd in the league, there was clear improvement during the course of last season. The club are investing heavily and for once strategically and sustainably in future profiled players. No we won’t be in Europe next season but I for one am glad the club isn’t shrinking into that mid-table mentality, we’ll bounce back this season, don’t worry.


Would love some more fat pics of Willian.

Mayor McCheese

It was a weight vest, apparently. That’s also what I tell my wife.

Hey, does anyone else get Mr. Burn’s “see my vest” song stuck in their head whenever someone says ‘vest’?

Made from real gorilla chest!


Oooh won’t you see myyy veeesttt!!!

In answer to your comment, yes I do. And damn you for saying vest.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

BBW – Big Brazilian Willian.


Bellerin, Kolasinac and Willian…Oh dear! Tough season ahead.


I think there’s some improvement from last game. New boy did well although some players still look rusty but more games and more training should sort that out. It’s also becoming glaringly clear that it’s time to end Willian experiment and call it a 100% bust and move on. The sooner the better.

Mayor McCheese

To be fair, it was glaringly clear all of last season. Except for that Fulham game. lol. Not lol.


The club should leave Willian, Kolasinac and Cedric behind when they go to Florida and tell them to find new homes. Free to good homes.


I actually thought Cedric played pretty well, put in one fantastic cross. He looks a better all round right back than Bellerin based on last season, imho


He plays really well for about ten minutes then gets sloppy and plays stupid passes. He doesn’t seem to be able to concentrate, where’s he supposed to play, he’s going to be third choice right back in a season when we’re out of Europe. If we can find anyone to take him he should go.


Add Elneny to that list.


We keep saying its only pre season but we are still making the same mistakes as last season. And why are Bellerin Kolasinac Elneny and Willian still playing when they are leaving? Still lacking a great creative midfielder


It’s ‘wish for’ football with no organization and plan. No hope for new season if nothing change. Btw, £100 or so new kit looks cheap


We have one of the most fickle fan bases in football. It’s just a pre-season game. I remember a couple of seasons ago Lucas Perez looked BALLER in pre-season, Arsenal sold him soon after. Unless you are at the training ground everyday lets try not to make quick judgements.


Already counting the days until Brentford – so that this annoying ‘it’s only a pre season game’ bullshit finally gets binned – with all the other lame excuses for crap performances.


The winless streak continues.

Master Floda

I like Holding’s new hair. Reminds me of Bouldy.

Tony Adams

It is just pre season. We created a lot of chances against a team who is playing Champions league next year, a bit of work on set pieces and finishing, a couple new players and we will be pressing for top 4 next year. I think we will just fall short but there is a lot to look forward to.

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