Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Report: Partey to miss the start of the season

Although Arsenal have yet to clarify the extent of the injury picked up by Thomas Partey against Chelsea on Sunday, various reports suggest that the midfielder will miss the start of the season.

For goal.com, Charles Watts says the 28 year old will visit a specialist, but there’s a belief that the injury isn’t as severe as first feared.

It’s a real blow for Mikel Arteta who had seen the Ghanaian international enjoy a very positive pre-season. After an injury hit debut campaign with the club, it was hoped he could hit the ground running for the new campaign, so this is a bit of a setback.

The manager is not short of midfield options, with Granit Xhaka, Mohamed Elneny, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Joe Willock and new signing Albert Sambi Lokonga all available to him, but losing a player of Partey’s quality is a blow.

Lucas Torreira remains absent, with no date yet set for his return to England after his loan spell in Spain last season, and Copa America duty during the summer.

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Like a new Diaby.



Walter White

Can’t figure out whether it’s good or bad we play City and chelsea so early in the season. It’s two games we expect to lose with or without Partey.
But a Partey in the team at least gives you a fair shot at getting something from the game.


We really need to be pushing for top 4 this year, especially as we only will have 1 game a week pretty much all season. Games like Chelsea & city really are games we need to start taking points from.


Pushing – yes. But really, do you honestly believe that we’ll be higher than mugsmashers, champs, CL holders or devils that bought a lot of good stuff? It’s the first time in years I just don’t know…


Our primary issue under Arteta isn’t our performance against top teams so much as we routinely drop points against teams we should be expected to beat. That’s largely down to how slow the team plays, at least partially as a result of building our team around Xhaka. Something has to change in that regard this year or we won’t materially improve on the past 2 seasons IMO. BUT with the squad we have & the schedule, anything less than a proper challenge for the top 4 should likely mean a new manager


Pushing for top four. I hope so.
If not it will be adios Arteta…


It seems all Arteta needs to do is push for Europa. That’s enough for our “ambitious” owners.


Top 4 is pie in the sky


We will never get top four with Arteta and the Kroenkes at the helm.



We took all 6 from Chelsea last season, 4 from Man utd, 3 from Leicester! So we already started this last season

Once a gunner

With a worst team we beat them in the FA cup with believe we can do the same this season

Martin R

We did the double over Chelsea last season, so why be so pessimistic. We didn’t really lose to them in the friendly if that Gaia’s has been allowed.

Walter White

This was an attempt to look at a bad situation in a positive way. Of course you always have chance against the best teams, but as Johnny 4 points out; these fixtures may serve us better than those against AV or leicester.

Martin R

Goal I meant of course

Johnny 4 Hats

Exactly my thoughts! I think I’d rather have him missing against City and Chelsea than Leicester and Villa. And I’m thinking we’ll have enough to beat Brentford, even though it’s a tough little fixture.

I think we have to look at the positives, especially given the season hasn’t started yet! I just hope Mikel takes a risk on Lokonga. When you’re ready, you’re ready.


We’ve strengthened our defence this season. Perhaps parking the bus against those two is an option. Uninspiring though it may be.

Hakuna Matata

We beat chelsea home n away… Remember? Don’t c y we can repeat that feat


Because Chelsea is improving and has gained a lot of confidence since then. They might have Haaland or Lukaku leading the line by the time we play them.

Just realised that with Jose, Cashley, Lampard and Terry all long gone I’m realising that I don’t hate them as much as I used to – I still hate them but I hate Spurs and Man Utd more now.

This season I want a bone-crunching double over Villa, Everton, West Ham and Leicester. Like wipe the floor with them.

Brady’s bunch

Honestly I think we’re fooling ourselves if we think we’ll be better this season without adding serious talent into our midfield


My point is that by us possibly not strengthening our midfield this season, what are the options against the Chelsea’s and Man City’s of the world? Come out and play and probably get wiped out or, seeing as it’s the only position we’ve strengthened in, go defensive?


We can’t match Chelsea or Man City in one or two transfer seasons. Teams that finish 8th don’t benchmark against the champions. Leicester and Villa have signed better than us so far – we should first overcome them two


So we park the bus or we go at them? Parking the bus and getting a draw seems the most realistic option to me.


In Willock and Sambi we have players capable of stepping up. I don’t know if this Zakaria chap or Ruben Neves will be any improvements over Xhaka.

We will be better once we know to trust our players more and find a better way to play than what we are doing currently. Remember Saka, ESR and Pepe are all in good form, young and very hungry.


And cue the stampede for season ticket renewals…..

Hakuna Matata

It’s the best time 2 face the big teams when they are also not settled


We beat Chelsea twice last season, and on our day we could do the same again. As for Man City we couldn’t touch them. Realistically our aim needs to be to take points in EVERY match. Regardless of when we play, that has to be the ambition.


Yes, that hunger and will to win at all costs has been missing ever since we let Van Persie (and then to a smaller extent Sanchez) go.

A Voice in the Noise

Gutted for him, he’s looked very good during pre-season! Hopefully he’ll be back soon, but based on last year’s experiences we should be careful to rush him back, even for the big games in GW 2 + 3.
Hope to see Sambi step up in his place. A midfield pairing of Xhaka and Elneny will not do us any good this season.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

From Vieira/Petit, Vieira/Gilberto, Fabregas/Flamini, Arteta/Ramsey, to Xhaka/Elneny lol😃

Tomaury Bischfeld

Don’t leave Coqzorla out of there.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Santiago Cazorla, I apologise


That Wenger paired Coqzorla together was such a genius thing.

Emilokonga anyone?


If that ain’t salt in the post Wenger wound, I don’t know what is.

Hakuna Matata

How many times have I seen elneny praises here. The consensus over the last few yrs is that he is the ultimate professional n mr reliable. Didn’t we beat man u with him in the team? Y the negativity now while no ball has yet been kicked in anger?


Because we know when that ball is kicked, its going to be a backwards pass.


He plays to his strengths. He gives the ball to players who can make a difference and runs himself to the ground so that they can shine. Only when players ahead of him do nothing, he looks pedestrian.

A Voice in the Noise

He is a modern professional, I’ll give you that. He never complains and he always seems to give it his all on the pitch. But his game is so limited and he almost always goes for the safe pass backwards, which is inhibiting our attacking play. And playing him next to Xhaka doesn’t help that.
I dont we’ll, realistically, achieve more than 8th this season, if our midfield pairing is going to be Xhaka and Elneny, which was my point.
But Elneny is a very fine squad player, could still play a role in the early cup games.

Merlin’s Panini

Fingers crossed for him it’s not too bad. Judging by his dominance against Chelsea he has a massive part to play this season if he can get, and stay, fit.

Old Bloke.

Having attended the game there is no doubting that Chelski did not treat it as a “friendly” and put in some dubious challenges during the game. Ok we all knew it was never goung to be that friendly but surely fellow pros should have more respect for each other given the circumstances. That club has gone even further down in my estimation if that was possible, loathsome team.


Everyone’s a victim in 2021. Chelsea tried too hard to win without considering Arsenal’s feelings, how dare they?

Old Bloke.

Do you not understand the concept of a charity game? Supposed to be a run out to raise money for a good cause not an excuse to injure players for the new season!

Heavenly Chapecoense

Ou players can make as many defensive errors as they can, it is a charity game.


This Chelsea team is set up to be a winning machine. We ought to learn to do what they do rather than whine.


Yes goonerrah Parteys snowflake ankle getting triggered by Chelsea just expressing their freedom. Spot on.
If you think it’s victim complex that is causing Partey and Nobbs to miss a chunk of the season, what are your views on Eduardo or Diaby then?


How dare you speak the truth.Go take the vax


Take the vax anyway

Heavenly Chapecoense

Is it too different if the injury occurs in the first five minutes of the first game? Can happen any time.


It is different. We do still use the term ‘friendly’ after all. That doesn’t mean tea and crumpets, but it also doesn’t mean heavy challenges. But leave it to Chelsea to use it as an opportunity to weaken an opponent by kicking them off the pitch.


Honestly, I fell in love with Arsenal when they could really bruise an opponent as easily as they could outplay them. Somewhere down the line during peak Cesc era we became a team that could be thrown off by a few fouls.

Gimme my team of Bergkamp, Vieira, Lauren back.


Adams, Bould, Winterburn, Richardson, Rocastle and Thomas.

All capable of having a row.

And winning the title.


The players who took the heaviest challenges were Partey, Tierney and Smith-Rowe. If you wanted to weaken Arsenal before a new season which players would you take out?


Typical….pls play Lokonga and not Elneny instead

Man Manny

The Arteta I know will go with “experience” until things go completely out of hand.


You never know….it is Brentford first game

Man Manny

Partey won’t miss only one game.


yeah I know, but if he gets a start and can prove he belongs, he might stay……I bet Elneny starts though 🙄


Please tell me that we’re Not paying ‘Torreira’ for his never ending vacation!


The guy has been in therapy from what I read. Stop being a mean fucker.


His mother died.


He’s a darn sight better than Granit sodding Xhaka.

And the lad is grieving the loss of his mother. Show some respect.

Man Manny

Elneny will defo start.
“He knows the league…” bla bla bla, until Brentford take the ball off him and put it past a hapless Leno!


You can tell us I told you so then.


Elneny is an international who has played in the EPL before. Lokonga is not the new Messi – gimme and Sambi both a break. Let the kid settle in.


I hope it’s not as bad as feared, because without wanting to sound melodramatic, the club seriously can’t afford another season hit by a poor injury record. Everyone knows the silver-lining of being without European competition this year. But another season of fitness issues for the likes of Partey and Tierney, and there’s a good chance we’re back to awkward squad rotation and the same disjointed football we saw in the first half of last season. This despite the fact we should be taking advantage of playing one game a week. Oh dear, pessimism must be hard-wired into me at… Read more »


At least we have a quite promising Back Up for KT now


Hopefully this makes for Sambo’s Cesc moment


You meant Sambi


Yes, exactly. Granted the “i” and the “o” keys are adjacent but take care.

Arsene's Champagne Football

no pressure then 😀


It’s not a time to get too down on this injury, but I can’t help thinking Edu and Arteta are messing up another window.

Prioritising defence over central midfield and simply not shifting the mountain of players not needed might just blow up in their faces.

You wouldn’t believe we have spent £75m and the only guaranteed change to the first team will be in what was the strangest area of the pitch last year.

El Mintero

Unfortunately you make a very good point. This injury shows where the main weakness in the team is and should be prioritized over chasing a Madison or an Odegaard. Oh and same situation is just waiting to happen with Leno.

Man Manny

Ben White can start is Arsenal career in DM.

Hank Scorpio

I have little confidence in them but look around at how many players are being moved on across the league.

Hakuna Matata

While it’s bad Partey is injured 4 the start of the season, some perspective is needed. Unless we sell some midfielders, I don’t see any incomings at CM. let’s get behind the team as there are real positives considering how we finished last season n the age profile of our core team….
Just a by the way, do u guys know that anger is addictive? Check urself if u r purposely on here to complain without acknowledging the positives
Ni nayo tu


Cheers Josh.

Hank Scorpio

Oh I’m thrilled and optimistic….especially at reports Xhaka has signed a 4 year deal


Son, until you reach the age where you realize how moronic it looks when you write letters instead of words, no adult is going to take you seriously.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

That’s OK. We’ve got Xhaka back, it’s like a new signing. -sigh-


Why doesn’t anyone find it criminal that we are facing two local rivals in the first five games of the season but also playing the pre-season when they have a chance to nibble their ankles and banjax them for said games?


Why doesn’t anyone find it criminal that we are facing two local rivals in the first five games of the season but also playing them in pre-season when these rivals have a chance to nibble ankles and banjax key players for a few weeks? If the same happens against Spurs then honestly Mikel shouldn’t be manager. He should just be a coach again. And Edu should not have allowed it. He isn’t performing his duty as a sporting director. They are the golden boys of our revival but they have clearly made some mistakes. And worse they stick by them.… Read more »

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