Arsenal Women have qualified for the Champions League group stages….what next?


Arsenal Women confirmed their passage to the Champions League group stages after a lengthy summer qualification process. They defeated Kazakhstani side Okzhetpes 4-0 in Moscow before beating PSV Eindoven 3-1 at the same venue three days later. Then they defeated Slavia Praha 7-0 on aggregate to confirm their passage to the group stage.

When is the draw for the group stages?
The draw will take place on Monday at 12noon UK time.

Who can Arsenal draw?
Arsenal are in Pot 2. They will draw one team from Pot 1, one from Pot 3 and one from Pot 4. Teams from the same association cannot be drawn together in the group stages, so Arsenal cannot be drawn to play Chelsea from Pot 1.

Pot 1
Paris Saint Germain
Bayern Munich

Pot 2

Pot 3
BK Hacken
Real Madrid

Pot 4
FC Kharkiv
HB Koge

When are the games?
Matchday 1: 5/6 October
Matchday 2: 13/14 October
Matchday 3: 9/10 November
Matchday 4: 17/18 November
Matchday 5: 8/9 December
Matchday 6: 15/16 December

How can I watch the games?
All of the matches will be shown free to air on DAZN’s YouTube channel.

What about the Conti Cup group stages?
Arsenal will now not participate in the Conti Cup group stages during the winter, they and Chelsea have been given a bye to the quarter-final.

Who is the only British team to have won the Women’s Champions League?
The Arsenal Football Club.

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I see what you do there by saying that Arsenal is the only British team to win CL but this injury are piling up now. Pls write something on it so we know situation of things. Thanks Tim

Maul Person

What’s the correlation between Arsenal being the only team to have won the WCL and an injury situation?


I don’t understand why y’all misunderstood what I wrote there but is Ok


Surprised to see Man City couldn’t complete the job at home.

Wouldn’t be surprised if we get Juventus, though.

Merlin’s Panini

Well done to Arsenal Women. Always a shining example.


I would prefer us not to play Barca yet, don’t mind either PSG or Bayern. Tough game anyway, but would like Jonas to have more time to work with this team before Barca rolls to town. And also I would really really like us to get Juve from 3d group.


To see how we measure up against Barca, PSG, or Bayern will be interesting and exciting. I cannot wait for the group stage to start!


Yeah I’d also like for us to draw Juventus! Also, quite nice that we avoid Chelsea, Lyon and Wolfsburg in the group stage.

I agree that Barcelona is probably the team to beat. Maybe an advantage to play them twice in the group stage and learn how they play? I assume 2nd place in group progresses also to knockouts? Or maybe a disadvantage psychologically to be beaten by them twice in the group stage?


Also I feel like we have a bill to settle with PSG… so I think I hope we draw them


To the be the best, we have to beat the best. Bring on any of them !!!

Matty T

Love the last question and answer. F**k you and your dodgy money Chelsea and Man City.

Érlick Badu


Érlick Badu



I love that last line ❤💋


Really hope we draw Servette, then I can maybe catch them live here in Switzerland!

Viv The 🐐

Will the first two in every group go on in the tournament?
Will be interesting how we fare against the champs from the other leagues. Also, by then we will hopefully have had more time to get into a groove and to settle with Jonas’s strategies and tactics.
I’m pumped to say the least.

President Eckener

Good that being in pot 2 means we avoid Lyon, Wolfsburg, and (apparently!) Icelandic giants Breiðablik!