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Arteta: team and fans building a connection

Following the 1-0 win over Burnley at definitely not The Hawthorns on Saturday, Arsenal players celebrated victory with the fans, shirts were handed to supporters, and after a hard-working performance, there was mutual appreciation for what each set had contributed during the 90 minutes.

It was nice to see after a fractious start to the season where results and performances were not good enough, but with a fresh look to side – the game on Saturday finished with all six summer signings on the pitch – there was something for supporters to get behind, and it’s something that Mikel Arteta is keen to cultivate.

Speaking ahead of the Gunners third round League Cup clash against AFC Wimbledon on Wednesday night, the Arsenal boss was pleased with the interaction, and believes it will help as the season goes on.

“I felt it,” he said.

“I felt there was some connection building and I think they realise what they have done, and the players have to show that appreciation and gratitude like that did.

“That only brings more cohesion, more connection and more relationships, closer relationships and that will strengthen the team for sure.”

The Spaniard was also delighted that almost 48,000 tickets for tomorrow’s game have been sold so far.

“I am really happy to hear that,” he said, “because the boys are really looking forward to playing at the Emirates again in the cup, winning that game is the only priority right now and then we can think about Spurs and how special that is as well.”

There’s likely to be heavy rotation ahead of the North London derby, with plenty of depth to come in and make sure that the so-called ‘first’ team is fresh for the weekend.

“I hope that I can put out the strongest team I can,” said Arteta.

“That means that the players have performed really well and then give a really strong performance and this is what we want to do.”

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If PEA starts, I’m going to lose my mind.


I knew I wasn’t popular, but man😔

Dierry Bernry

The internet eh? Don’t even know why you were downvoted, we need to rest Auba


Is Xhaka’s suspension over? If it is I hope he gets put in tomorrow so he’ll be on the bench on the weekend. The players that played against Burnley + Sambi deserve the chance over Xhaka.


No, it’s his last game.

I therefore have a nagging feeling he will start against Sp*rs because of ‘leadership’, ‘experience’, ‘fresh legs’, ‘he’s learnt his lessons’ and so on…


Xhaka is a sword that Arteta will fall on. Not necessarily against the Spuds, but it’s in the post.

Teryima Adi



Anyone else curious to see Nketiah on the right? He was having a good preseason playing there.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

He’s stalling on a new contract so I doubt he will be in Arteta’s plans.

Bleeding gums murphy

He’s not good enough and gutted we didn’t get 15 million from palace. I know a couple of Newcastle fans who cannot believe they paid 25 million for Willock. It was a little purple patch of scoring, many were lucky. They are now seeing his limitations and there are many. Nketia the same.


Chambers Holding Mari Tavares
Elneny Lokonga
Reiss Patino Martinelli


I’m not certain of many things Arsenal related but I am absolutely sure Reiss Nelson won’t be playing tomorrow night


Eh, you’re probably right and won’t get picked. I wish he would though. I’d like to see Saka/Pepe/ESR all get a breather. We need all 3 of them for most games this season…Wimbledon isn’t one of them. And Nelson should feature a bit to either secure him a loan for 2nd half of season or protect his value. Looks like he’ll leave the club at some point, if he’s a forgotten man then we’ll get nothing for him.


And oh yeah, Nelson is definitely on loan indeed. Nketiah then?


Yep, Eddie on the right sounds good. Could use another Eddie Eddie Eddie chant!


I wasn’t suggesting I was probably right. I am 100% right given he is on loan 😂

A Different George

Mavropanos and Saliba in defense and Guendouzi in the midfield.

Dierry Bernry

Runnarson between the sticks may work as well.

Man Manny

Elneny too.
Meanwhile, where is Kolasinac?

Hank Scorpio

Gearing up for another game in the centre of defence? Looking for armed carjackers to beat to a pulp?


I like your selection, but I’d play Leno in goal, as I want to see Ramsdale against Sp*rs, and you can’t just bench Bernd for the rest of the season.

Also, AMN in midfield, ’cause he needs to keep playing – and I want to save Sambi for this weekend.

And Balogun up top, with an early substitution maybe – he needs playing time, and we might need Laca off the bench in the NLD.


Good point, totally forgot AMN. Would enjoy seeing more of him in midfield. And wouldn’t mind Leno to boost his spirits a bit. I’m sure he’s frustrated right now. And forgot Balogun too! Fine with either Laca or Flo up top. Honestly should be Flo, we’ve invested in him, time to start seeing what he can do.

David C

Reiss is on loan injured.

Did you forget about Leno?

Luton Gooner

I’ll tell him.

Nelson went on loan to Feyenoord in the summer.


Reiss is in peices somewhere in a medical room in Rotterdam I suppose… it could be Rotterdam or anywhere, Liverpool or Rome, but he’ll certainly not be at the Emirates…


Reiss’s pieces, that made me chuckle

Viju Jacob

Reiss who is out injured in Feyenoord (on loan) is flying in to lay?😁😁

Sir No Goals

I dunno.
I would go:
Bellerin Saliba Socratis Kolasinac
Guendouzi Wilshere
Nelson Aouar Willian


I do have to say one thing as a supporter – the Visit Rwanda tag on our shirts should be removed.






Tapps, I’m not for mixing politics and sport, but the PL has decided to do so, with the kneeling before games. So by extension, Rwanda has a strongman leader who has done things not in line with what a democracy would do. Should Arsenal be comfortable being its worldwide supporter ?


Hey hashtag, the kneeling is not political. Arsenal censoring Ozil about its treatment of Uighurs is.


Sachin, Did Arsenal treat Uighurs differently, maybe you meant something else?

If you are referring to China, I actually think its OK for Arsenal to censor Ozil.. for very different reasons. My speaking up here is as a fan of the club. The relationship of an employee is different from a fan.
But the general sentiment is this, either the PL and Arsenal stay out of making political statements, or if they choose not to, be ready for dissenting political opinions around sponsorships etc.


Lots of sportswashing going on in the premiership…..Abramovich, Usmanov, Emirates, Ethiad……Listen to Phillipe Auclair sometime to find out.
So several authoritarian regimes represented and regimes that sponsor terror and repress opposition
Saying that Rwanda not great ……but difficult to critisize one without critisising a lot of the others.
US one of the highest levels of incarceration in the world….of course they are not political prisoners, although certain sections of society appear to be over represented!!!


This is “what-about-ism”. Its like saying, why should we play good football when Burnley, Norwich etc aren’t and are getting by in the PL?
I care about Arsenal, so I will speak about their conduct. What Petro-city or Chelski do are up to people that care and want/choose to speak about it.

Its nice to see Arsenal fans having a civilized conversation, even in disagreement, can’t be said for the wider world out there.

Reiss Neverseen vs the DicTeta

Politics and Sport have always been mixed for better or worse unfortunately. World Cups in authoritarian Italy, Argentina, and Qatar are proof of that. Israel being a UEFA nation is proof of that

Paul Kagame is not (currently) facing any political fallout because many governments and cooperations have decided that he is the figurehead they’ll hedge their bets on. As long as he is entrusted as the gatekeeper to Congolese coltan, cobalt etc, nothing else matters. It’s intentional.

Laca New Signing

How does a “visit a certain country” (A nice beautiful country at that) tag affect you as a supporter? If it’s so annoying you can remove it from your shirt)if you’ve actually purchased one).


I do not disagree with you about its beauty, and its positively pleasant throughout the year. Though, If the PL is going to support stamping out injustice, then its only appropriate that Arsenal do the same.


Yeah I get you. The Rwanda story takes another turn now Kagame is turning into a dictator. He was amazing for the country for many years tho. A Mugabe in the making?


Try reading the news.


continue the connection to the fans by winning matches and leaving xhaka out of the side- he’s too slow for the style of football we seem to be building towards.

Brady’s bunch

Think you may be seeing him in the derby unfortunately



“Building towards”….?

What, you mean one day Arteta’s LEGOball will emerge from its cocoon to be free-flowing Wengerball….?

Mate, check out the way Xhaka plays for his country – and then how he plays for us.

He doesn’t make that choice – his respective club manager and National manager do.

If Xhaka plays like a bag of shite for Arsenal – and he does, frequently – it’s because of Mikel Arteta and his cure for insomnia.

Cranky Colin

Martinelli in goals plse
And in defence somewhere
And in midfield
And up front

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Kolasinac will play right-back.
Kolasinac will play right centre-back.
Kolasinac will play left centre-back.
Kolasinac will play left-back.


Great Pricing for tickets for this game….whoops somebody _______out!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Wimbledon fans get 10% so they probably sold out their allocation.



Cedric/Chambers Holding Mari Tavares

Lokonga AMN

Pepe ESR Martinelli


Probably needs to have some recognised players in there to aid cohesion?

A Different George

I can’t imagine Pepe or Smith Rowe starting, though maybe part of a strong bench in case of emergency.

Laca New Signing

Eddie for Pepe surely no?


ESR shouldn’t play imo.
Laca in the 10 maybe, with Balo up top should be enough for the opposition. Or Charlie Patino getting a chance at least off the bench.


100% I’m psyched with the Patino hype.

If he can’t get a chance in this midfield now – with Mo and Granit out and Partey needing a rest, I don’t know how when he will


Beat Sp*rs and watch that connection blossom even more


Nuno’s face was made to front a tragedy. As was Kane’s. In fact’s Kane’s mug beautifully contrasts the naturally sunniness of Son as if saying ‘What are you so happy about Son? Your banging goals mean shit here.’

Sorry Spuds.


Lose to them and plug your ears…


Let’s go with a strong line up, including Martinelli and Patino put the Wombles to the sword and rest a few in the second half. 🏆🥇🥇🏆🏆 Let’s go on a run and put another trophy in the cabinet. We are the Arsenal!

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