Monday, May 23, 2022

Leicester 0-2 Arsenal – player ratings

Once again Arsenal began a game brightly, and reaped the rewards with a delicious three points to take back to North London after a 2-0 win over Leicester at the King Power stadium.

Gabriel headed the Gunners into the head in the 5th minute, before Emile Smith Rowe doubled the lead 13 minutes later. It wasn’t all plain sailing though, the home side came back into it and Mikel Arteta’s men had Aaron Ramsdale for keeping Leicester at bay, the summer signing making an incredible save just before the break to deny James Maddison’s free kick.

The Arsenal keeper kept it up in the second half too, with a string of important interventions, and that, coupled with real defensive commitment from everyone, secured a vital win away from home.

Read the Leicester 0-2 Arsenal match report and see the goals here

Leicester 0-2 Arsenal – Player Ratings

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Gabriel and Ramsdale both immense. But the rest were great too.


The Gabriel and White partnership looks promising as well. They both have concentration for days. Just have to see White stop giving away needless fouls.


Yup. Not to take away from the win but a minor niggle, I do love tomiyasu’s no nonsense defending but I do wish he’d be a bit more thoughtful with his touches sometimes. He runs headfirst into everything (great) but if he can refine his touch a little and nail the weight on his passes he’d be a menace of a defender. Too often I see an overhit pass or a heavy touch, even when he has space.
Also, he’s way quicker than people give him credit for. Quite a mobile backline we have I must say!


Gabriel has that nastiness about him as well. Always standing up for his teammates.

Cranky Colin

It was a statement.
I’m beginning to believe!
Genuinely thought Our Fearless Blogger wud go 10 for all and 12 for Aaron


I enjoyed the first 20 mins and last 45 the most. Ramsdale got better the more the home crowd tried to abuse him, he’s Jen’s Lehmann MK2! Love him


The bit when he joined in with the home fans chant after a goal kick was a personal highlight for me


Loved it!! ARD, here he fucking is!!

David C

Should be England’s keeper IMO. Top bloke. His foot work is incredible.

Guns Up

I’ve watched the twitter clip of it 50 times. So great.


Here it is. Top level trolling right there haha.

East Gooner

Magnificient win!
Ramsdale was a monster today. Incredible display and credit to Arteta for pushing his signing, especially when most of us were skeptical about why we were spending so much on him.
Gabriel and Benjamin are coming along nicely. That was a hell of a battle and they came out on top.
Also is it scandalous to suggest that on recent form Tavares should start over KT? Can’t say but he’s been electric, especially against Villa and Leicester.

Anyways 3 more points and praying for a car crash between Spurs and Man Utd



Credit to Arteta too for not leaving Ramsdale as the backup for half a season, making him our first choice goalie after a few weeks of settling in.


I just want Arteta to select who is going to help the team win the most, best in form and best tactically etc. Taveres and Tierney are both great players even though Tierney still is slightly ahead for me! This was a great performance.


Scandalous enough saying we really aren’t missing KT these past few games, which saying that at any point last season would’ve been unthinkable. KT at his best will take this team to the next level; let’s not forget we were carried by him at LB last season, which says as much about the team as it does about how immense he was. I just take comfort in knowing we aren’t an awkward fall on the shoulder away from playing Partey there or some madness. Hard to pinpoint our signing of the summer, but at the price we got Tavares, and… Read more »


Let’s just hope the cm pairing remains with Martin or Sambi . It seems Xhanka have to settle for the bench for now


The Man U-Spuds game could decide the winner of the Sack race.

Anthony McCabe

Ha ha, brilliant.

Merlin's Panini

I’m hoping for a violent, bloody draw there with lots of suspensions. The longer those two are in charge of their teams the better.


Sp*rs went there and got battered. Who could have predicted that?
Literally everywhere…


Watching it and it’s a bit like having to choose between Hitler and Stalin! But, much as I deeply loathe ’em both, it must always end up at Spuds…
Added bonus of Manure winning is that OGS may stay on a little longer to keep screwing them up….

Guns Up

Let’s just keep it purely positive and be grateful a little Tierney injury no longer means the team’s demise for the duration of said injury! More healthy competition.

Neál Martin

Loved the way White clattered Maddison a couple of times. I actually give White and Gabriel both 8.5’s. The joint picks of our outfielders for me. Very promising partnership.

Alan Sunderland

Agree, their both playing with their heads up and their chests puffed out the last few games something we’ve been missing for a while. It really bothers me when people complain about opposition players leaving a bit on late, like Evans and vardy today. It’s up to our team to give a bit back.

Heavy Gunner

Actually, Blogs, when you mentioned Spinal Tap, I actually had a custom made guitar amp many years ago on which the volume knob could be turned up to 12. ‘Twas a beast that provoked many nasty threats from the neighbours. Can’t remember what it was called, but for me today I’ll call ‘The Ramsdale Reactor’. What a wonderful day, and the wife’s birthday, too. What can go wrong??


But it went up to 11 in Spinal Tap.

Give youth a chance

Yeah but his one goes up to 12


Could only listen to the commentary but have just seen a video of Aaron Ramsdale’s save. David Seaman talked about the quickness of his feet. Look at his sideways movement before he dives. It’s the “split step” that tennis players use all the time to move sideways. What an athlete!


11/10 – Aaron Ramsdale. Turns out I can do it!

Fuckin’ excellent

Wrighty’s hats

I love us!


Tough game overall, thought we let Leicester into it a bit too much either side of the break. Credit to Arteta though, got the starting 11 and subs correct. We get a lot from Lacazette behind Auba, especially against 3 man defences, but when Leicester changed and started to dominate, Arteta reacted with Ødegaard and that settled us down a bit. Ramsdale easily MotM, but Gabriel, Lokonga, Tavares all worth mentioning as well. Immense performances defensively.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

“Genuinely can’t remember the last time a keeper got a 10/10”

Sp*ds game where you gave everyone a 10!

DB10 Forever

I am always happy with 3 points. Keep doing it for just 28 more times only and I will personally buy the overpriced T-shirt of the whole team from the Arsenal store. Hats off to Aaron Ramsdale, he saved my face here at the local Arsenal fan’s group of my workplace. While most of them were predicting him to be a transfer blunder, I compared his early goalkeeping education to be quite comparable to legend David Seaman. You wouldn’t believe how many nasty comments I got for the sacrilege of taking Ramsdale’s name in the same sentence as David Seaman… Read more »


They all made me happy. I’m so happy. 10 for everyone.


Love the bonus rating blogs, gave me a genuine laugh. I like this Arsenal winning thingy. 👏

Holdings New Merkin

Lovely job. Anyone not happy with this result is an idiot.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

At least five idiots have weighed in w downvotes.


Ramsdale, You made my weekend better. What a save, what a Goalie !!


That’s why you pay £24m for a goalkeeper. And that’s why Sheffield United wanted double the fee we paid them


Based on what he’s currently giving this team, they may have been right. Any player that emerges as an inspirational, high quality bargain inside a few weeks is always lovely.


I think Lacazette was taken off for the usual reason which is that he/his style doesn’t sustain for 90 minutes. Which I’m absolutely fine with as long as he gives us what he does.

63% pass completion rate should not be a criticism in that area – it can mean that the player is actually trying ambitious passes rather than protecting his percentages, which I would argue is backed by watching him play.


He loves criticising him, thorn tinted glasses


Wasn’t exactly a long time ago someone here was doubting Arteta could take the team any further … Has been a bit thorn tinted the last few weeks …


For what it’s worth, I wanted Arteta gone at the international break, and I don’t think I was mistaken. It’s not just the new signings, he seems to have introspected a bit and changed the style of play significantly after the break – forward and narrow, rather than forward and wide. While also being a little more “we’re all in this together” rather than “I am the decider”. I’m far more willing to watch the former, even if it produces draws against Palace, Burnley etc. And if I have to watch a young manager, I’d rather watch him evolving than… Read more »


Difficult to know where to begin with this self-aggrandising and condescendingly negative drivel…
Perhaps – just perhaps – Arteta had a plan all along, just needed to settle, acquire the players he knew he needed, achieve some sort of equilibrium in the shit-show he inherited…



All the condescension here is yours Goonshow. All I’m suggesting is an explanation for why we were so bad and now look better, that doesn’t require messianic/prophet-ahead-of-his-time type thinking.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Rationalizing projecting drivel. No need to decide things before they happen. The journey is the thing, not the destination. Learn from the journey.


10/10 for Kolasinac. Didn’t put a foot wrong 😀


Anything lower than 10 for Ramsdale today is a scandal! 😎

How will media spin this win? That we’re too reliant on Ramsdale’s monster saves?


Oh, I can hear it now:
‘well, it wasn’t in the corner, so he should have got there’ from some geordie bald twat on MOTD …

Give youth a chance

It was ‘only’ Leicester


Odegaard created the 3rd most chances in the game and was only on for 30 mins. Arguably could have got an assist.


Saka should’ve scored from the chances that Odegaard created.

Merlin's Panini

Well, I really didn’t think we would be as far up the table as we are now after the first three games. They’ve really applied themselves and things are looking up a bit. Ramsdale has been the gift that keeps on giving so far. That save was just incredible. ESR really must be on the cusp of an England call up now (although I’d rather he was kept fresh for us). His form cannot be ignored. He’s been so frequently involved in goals recently. The only small worry I have at the moment is that Arteta is not using all… Read more »


And still they blather on – sorry Mik, seems some people are just never satisfied.


“(D)istributed it brilliantly”
No, that’s utter nonsense.


Anything other than a 10 for Ramsdale and am coming for you.CYFG.


ARD done so so well, 99% of gooners thinking ’25mil for a keeper with two relegations?? Naahhhh’ And he’s shut 98% us up (they’ll always be some…) He must have been aware of the feeling about him, and need just come in and been brilliant. Aside from him joining in the chant, which was fab, I loved how they kept pressing him with three men, and he just kept calmly PASSING it long over there heads. And now the team is competing, not winning the first header not such an issue because we’re winning so many of the second balls.… Read more »

Matthew King

Great performance all around, hope this is the start of some strong away form. Unbelievable that calamity Evans wasn’t sent off between the ramsdale kick and Auba OGO foul. Just have to look to the Laporte red card vs palace today to see that he had no business being on the pitch the entire game


Can’t believe Evans got away with a Blatant Red when Laporte got one for the same foul against palace today.

Tommy Coakley

Xhaka anywhere, McCarthy on Saka, now Evans getting away with yellow. Do I detect a theme here?


For once all our summer signings work out pretty well. Young and hungry. No more agent recommendations or players past their prime.

A Different George

We looked like a very good team today, 0-2 away against a good side. In that sense more impressive than Villa (home against a hugely overrated team, much more dependent on Grealish than anyone admitted) or Spurs (I could make the usual jokes about not beating a big club, but we’ll just say it was at home). Bodes very well for the rest of the season, with the understanding that inconsistency is normal for such a young team.

Der Kaiser

Where are the Arteta / Edu critics / doubters now? Age profile of squad must be youngest in Premiership now, real leaders emerging & some homegrown players. Loving the rebuilding and watching a new team emerge. Patience is a virtue and it is so much sweeter when you have watched a team develop and be coached as opposed to merely buying success. Love this team!


Hear hear…. oh ye of little faith!

Santi’s Thigh Grab

The Arteta out brigade always very quiet after a win on Arseblog comments. Very enjoyable indeed.

Guns Up

It is, in fact, the youngest team and manager in the PL.


Boding well for the third episode of our “All or Nothing” series…Might skip the first one!


I love eating humble pie. Well deserved Aaron Ramsdale!


More than the saves I liked how ramsdale celebrated a good pass after getting stick for a poor clearance from the Leicester fans


These bloggers really find reasons to hate on Lacazette.


Havent seen a defender fit in so well since Monreal, great to see Tomi deservedly inheriting the Super Tom chant. His physicality makes me reminisce the steely backline we used to possess ages ago. Will be the signing of the season if he remains consistent for the rest of it. COYG.

Matt P

Credit to Arteta, I have been a critic, but it’s starting to turn around. Hope he succeeds and continues to build on this.

Fireman Sam

Jonny Evans is a twunt.

Well played boys. Good to see ESR confidence building further.


To the relentless nay-sayers who seem to find the negative in anything and everything to do with Mikel Arteta and his tenure at our club:


Exit the Lemming

Arsenal was a coup for Arteta. Arteta was not a coup for Arsenal


Seems we’ve finally got a defensive line that
(a) is vocal and communicates constantly
(b) loves a scrap and stands fast together against pricks like Vardy, Maupay et al
(c) is well capable of some decent shit-housery when needed.

We’ll see just how much when we come up against the Scouse-machine…

Bring it on!


Tommy T is the only silent guy of the bunch tho. XD


I suspect he’s got a bit of maniac in there somewhere… just needs to settle a bit more. Possibly the legendary Japanese politeness and good manners at work!


The away fans today were singing all game, made me laugh for 95 minutes. Home support was so old hat, great fun when Ramsdale responded to them. I loved how he picked out the kid wearing the goalie top, hope someone buys him some boots for next Saturday,


Ramsdale saved Maddisons freekick. Our boys were all ball wattching when one fox came charging.Fortunately Partlet kicked the ball to safety,
Tbh, I have no complaints about the refereeing except in the CP game.
MC defender was sent off for the Saha incident .
MacArthur kicked Saka and shd have sent off.
No consistency


I know we all love him but TBH Saka played a really poor game

Santi’s Thigh Grab

There’s always one.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

His shooting was off, but he caused a lot of problems


A “really poor game” would have cost his team.

He didn’t.

Exit the Lemming

He presented a threat to Leicester’s left hand side the whole game and he has had better games but if only he could finish….


This was a great team performance by pretty much everyone.
Ramsdale has been better than I’ve ever expected an Arsenal goalkeeper to be.
All the new signings have looked very bright.
It seems like the horseshoe has finally been abandoned.
We score goals (plural), we keep goals out.
I like.


I would have to give Ramsdale a 12/10. Extra 1 again for that turn around and punch the air after a goal kick. He is too intense and he just loves it. Leicester fans were singing to him that he will never play for England. They know now, he lives off all the vibes in the stadium. I wasnt one of those against signing him, though I did think 30m was too much, but my word, noone was expecting this kind of impact. What a player! What a fan!

Exit the Lemming

We were brilliant for 20 minutes, had to be resilient for about an hour but finished strongly by threatening a third. Can’t help but wonder what the score would have been without Ramsdale in goal and if Saka could finish: 4 v 4? I know he created a couple of great chances but Odegaard gave the ball away constantly during his 30 minutes on the pitch and yes, he has eye-candy technique, but just seems too lightweight for the EPL. Lokonga’s passing got a bit ragged towards the end and infuriated some of his teammates but otherwise, he’s impressed me… Read more »


Haven’t seen the game before today. Excellent team performance and good energy. Man of the match; Ramsdale for sure with Gabriel as a close second. C*nt og of the match has to be Evans.


-10/10 the refs not giving a clear red card and then giving one for a less severe version of the same thing in the City game


The City ref probably so ours and thought “straight red”, I’ll show Oliver how it’s done.


Michael Oliver is, I think, the most competent referee in the Premier League. He made a glaring mistake in not sending off Jonny Evans – maybe it was his angle of view – but if I could choose any referee for an Arsenal game it would be Michael Oliver. I think VAR would have upheld a red card decision but felt it was too debatable to recommend an upgrade on the yellow or ask him to look again.


Some positive performances. We are still not in control enough and beholden particularly to Ramsdale for the win and clean sheet. Whether we can continue without slipping down again, still an unknown. As I said, we need to demonstrate 3 or 4 more wins back to back before we can say we are solidly coming together. 1) Ramsdale – Superb signing. I mentioned before last summer we should be looking at him bc he has had plenty of practise at relegation Sheffield and simply took no chances being used to defending pretty much by hoisown. Distribution was good for most… Read more »

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