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Arsenal investigating possibility of safe standing

Arsenal remain open to introducing safe standing at Emirates Stadium but a full assessment of the practicalities of installing rail seats needs to be undertaken by a third party before any trial takes place.

On Monday, sports minister Nigel Huddleston confirmed that Premier League quartet Chelsea, Sp*rs, Manchester United and Manchester City, and Championship side Cardiff, have all secured a license to host standing fans from 1 January 2022, thereby ending a 25-year blanket ban imposed on English football’s top two divisions.

Terraces were banned following the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 and all-seater stadia became compulsory in 1994 for all top-flight sides. The enforced changes have been credited for the increased number of women and children attending matches and for a marked drop in hooliganism.

Recent calls for the return of standing have predominantly focused on improving matchday atmospheres and the possibility of introducing a cheaper band of tickets.

While the issue has been on Arsenal’s radar for over a decade – former CEO Ivan Gazidis told The AST in 2011 that “it is something that I have always been open to” – the club clearly haven’t viewed it as a priority or a consultation would already have taken place.

Given the number of people who choose to stand anyway (against the club’s wishes), it’s good to hear that, after considerable pressure from fan groups, proper analysis is now taking place.

An Arsenal spokesperson told the Islington Gazette: “We fully understand the view of some fans regarding safe standing and we have commissioned an external company who have been investigating the possibilities at Emirates Stadium.

“Installing rail seating at Emirates Stadium will be a significant undertaking which needs further analysis and discussion with our supporters.”

Having opened in 2006, our home is starting to look pretty tired in areas and improvements have been earmarked.

Whether rail seats make the list any time soon will likely depend on the cost. The rake of the lower tier has previously been highlighted as a potential sticking point.

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Unless there’s more money in it the club won’t care.
Also on the stadium looking tired, how is it that we’ve been there 15 years and it still has absolutely no “feel”. The outside looks nice, But the concourses and everything inside has about as much personality as Keir Starmer


Everyone stands where I go and there’s no room to comfortably fit more fans into the area we’re in anyway so I’m not sure it’s really necessary or cost effective. The stewards used to ask us to sit down in the old Clock End and then some wag would start up the ‘Stand up, if you hate Tottenham’ song – now the stewards don’t bother and that fine.

A Different George

Well, he is an Arsenal supporter. Not as dedicated or informed as Corbyn, but an Arsenal supporter nonetheless.


Safe standing in its proposed form is a total sham and a waste of time.

It won’t increase capacity. It won’t help people stand with their mates. All it’ll do is create more segregation and increase heavy-handed stewarding.

We can already stand up at the Emirates, I would guess nearly 10,000 do each game if you include away fans. It’s completely safe as it’s practically impossible to fall over our massive seats.

I do not want it.


If I was in charge, I’d give it a year or two to evaluate how it performs for the other clubs. Then use the information to better mine.

But I’m not, so… 🤷


Who wants safe standing? Up for yes or down for no this message.quick straw poll

Cranky Colin

When the Emirates opened , I seem to remember bully boy Ferguson’s words……….“they’ll never fill it”.
Wrong again Dickbrain.

Tommy Gunner

Re the final sentence of the article, the rake of the lower tier has always been a huge bug bear for me, regardless of its impact on safe standing. It is far too shallow. I do occasionally regret that we missed a genuinely once in a lifetime opportunity to construct a unique, bespoke stadium but instead decided that the blueprints for Benfica’s stadium would do. Hate to say it, but Spurs’ stadium shows you can have a wrap-around stadium whilst still maintaining a “stand” feel

Billy bob

The stadium is looking tired after 15 years, seriously!!!


I really noticed that this season, and a lot of the banners are really faded. They do have plans to refurbish it though, and have started on the players change rooms and stuff. Hopefully they do something with the outside soon.


For me I would have loved the Emirates to have retained a little more of the feel and atmosphere of Highbury with a marble Hall entrance and a nod to the Art Deco styling of Highbury- the class of the club hit all who entered those famous doors. Even Rio Ferdinand (yes even a broken clock is right twice a day!) recently commented on the effect it had on visitors ” “Arsenal I’ve got a soft spot for and I don’t know why,” Ferdinand said. “It’s the old marble walls! When you used to walk in [at Highbury], it used… Read more »

Old bloke

Yes the new stadium does seem a bit soulless compared to Highbury,would have been nice to try and recreate some of the art deco style.

Leitch ARCHIE 3:16

I hate the Emirates stadium. Yes I said it. I yearn for Highbury like a lost relative. I’m consumed with nostalgia when I walk past it, when I watch old highlights. I honestly wish we were still at Highbury, yes 38,500 of us all.

Brady’s bunch

I’m reminded of a Friday night game at highbury against Leeds I was at where Henry scored 4 and we went on to win 5-0 the year Leeds went down , still my favorite highbury atmosphere 😊

President Eckener

Modern McStadiums are invariably built to maximize ROI rather than stir the soul. I really wish they had stayed at Highbury and made the most of it. With hindsight I am sure that’s what the club should have done instead.

Brady’s bunch

Kinda getting to the age where I like a seat these days (sorry not sorry)

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