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Arteta: Our purpose and rhythm was much better in the second half

Mikel Arteta spoke to BT Sport after his side’s 2-0 win over Newcastle in the Premier League this afternoon.

Here’s what he had to say.

Second half was what you wanted, you were waiting for a spark. 

Yeah, in the first half we took the game where we wanted but without being a real threat and understanding how we needed to attack that [defensive] block. We lacked some composure in the final third, we could have played the final ball better, the shooting – I don’t know how many time we shot without hitting the target at all!

In the second half we changed a few things. Our rhythm, our purpose was much better and we started to generate chances. We managed to score two and obviously the game was in control.

On Saka swapping flanks and scoring the goal

It was great, and that’s what you need. Some creativity, some spark in that final third against a really low block, and once that happened the spaces were different and we could score the second one as well.

A clever substitution – Martinelli

It’s not clever, it’s what he deserves. Gabi is a joy to work with, the way he trains, whether he’s playing or not, he deserves a chance, and he’s a goal threat. And what he’s done today is not an easy goal!

First half – you were urging them to lift the tempo

It was too slow. Our first phases with our centre-backs was too slow, we didn’t have enough threat in behind and we didn’t occupy certain spaces which they defended well. Once we interpreted that better, we attacked much better.

On Arsene Wenger, and wanting him back

I think everyone who works here and me personally what is felt towards Arsene Wenger is gratitude. Me, the first one because without him I wouldn’t be here. So what I’m saying is, that I think he would enjoy being around. I know he needed his space, but being around and having the feeling that people love him would be great for him, and the rest I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Time will tell.

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We have now scored as many goals as Newcastle in the PL this season!

Well done to Mikel and the team.


You must be fun


And as many points as West Ham.

Alan Sunderland

We’re in a league to finish 4th 5th or 6th with west ham Leicester and utd. The number of points we have compared to them is all that counts. I’d have no problem with a 0 goal difference and 4th place.


I don’t agree with your irony, but I acknowledge the numbers are baffling: 12th attack, 11th defence, and yet level at 4th with West Ham. We win narrow and lose large for sure!

The Beast

I mean, as long as we score more than whoever we’re playing, I couldn’t give a flying fuck

Guns Up

Lucky thing table is based on points won instead of goals scored then, huh?


Play to the criteria …no extra points for more goals…adds to the entertainment though which is something I love but not fussed if we win enough


Weird that anyone could see this as anything other than an attempt at humour!

We beat them easily, so impossible to think that there is a comparison being made, and we are doing a lot better than we have before, so impoosible not to be happy about that. Even though the above is a fact.


I thumbed you up for the attempted humour. They say some jokes can be misinterpreted in text, now I know they’re right.

Wrighty’s hats

I gotcha CB 🙂


Gabi made my day. I hope he get more opportunity to showcase his talent.


I really like Arteta. His answers is isually to the point. I hope he succeed as manager for The Arsenal.

Jeremy DG

There are some miserable fans around who forgot we were bottom of the table after 3 games with no goals scored. We are now equal with 4th on points, beating a side desperate for points and on a new manager bounce and scoring some lovely goals with a clean sheet. There will be plenty of non vintage games like this over a season.

The Beast

Thought we played some good stuff today. Don’t really understand some of the criticism. Controlled the game from begining to end, clean sheet, created a decent amount of chances & scored 2 lovey goals.

Can’t please all the ppl all of the time & when losses are few & far between guess you’ve gotta find something to moan about.


Arteta should not keep experimenting with his line up. Looks like he doesn’t know his line up. Smith Rowe is an excellent player, but watching him play on the left side was something else.

The Beast


We’ve basically been playing the same line-up & formation since after the Palace match. ESR’s been playing out on the left since we’ve shifted to a 4-4-1-1.


You should not keep experimenting with drugs
your optician.

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