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Arsenal accept fine for failing to control players

Arsenal have accepted a £20,000 fine from The FA after our players failed to act in an ‘orderly fashion’ following Gabriel’s 59th-minute red card against Manchester City.

The Brazil international was sent for an early bath after receiving two yellow cards in the space of two minutes as tensions ran high following the controversial awarding of a penalty to the visitors.

Initially booked for dissent following VAR’s intervention, the centre back then ploughed into the back of Gabriel Jesus giving referee Stuart Atwell all the ammunition he needed to further incense the angry crowd.

Reacting to the sending off, Thomas Partey, Granit Xhaka, Alex Lacazette, Martin Odegaard, Kieran Tierney and Takehiro Tomiyasu all had a bit of a moan. Gabriel was also a tad hot-tempered.

The nature of the punishment is hardly going to cause anyone at the Emirates a headache, which is probably why we accepted it, but it’s the type of incident that regularly goes unpunished by the authorities, so you can question, why us? And why this time? And will this be happening to other sides going forward?

On a separate note, Gabriel is set to serve his ban on Sunday meaning he’ll miss the FA Cup clash with Nottingham Forest.

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I’d have Arsenal didn’t say anything, and simply responded by posting a compilation video of all other clubs actions after referees issued red cards.

Johnny 4 Hats

In 1990 Arsenal players got into a punch up with Man United that was literally that. A brawl on the field with actual punches landed.

Arsenal were fined and players were banned and it was given a very negative light by the media.

But George Graham, off the record of course, praised this team and was proud that they stood up for each other.

This feels very much like a 21st century version of that. In public I’m sure Arteta will say the right things. But this is exactly what he wants from his players.


They were also deducted points and Mr Arsenal spent a spell in prison mid-season. Still won the league only losing once (at Ch£lsea – though Chelsea in those days – and that because we were down to 10 men, Winterburn sent off).


Nice. And maybe a gif of Tomi getting his face stamped on.

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

Or Saka nearly losing a leg


Yep, I recon the club give FA about what they think

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

Arsenal have been treated unfairly, ever since Wenger signed mostly foreigners and looked like breaking Fergie’s dominance


That’s exactly what crossed my mind when I saw that the club was being charged. Half expected Xhaka to get a retrospective red into the bargain, just for good measure.

Cranky Colin

I didn’t think the lads were doing an awful lot wrong after the second yellow was handed out. But the FA in their wisdom see it differently.
In terms of incendiary type action, I would rate Rodri’s celebration as much more dangerous and should have been punished by the FA. But, no, apparently it doesn’t work that way.
What exactly are the FA actually doing here?


Not a fucking lot.

I was thinking about this the other day. I can’t help feeling that so many ‘companies’ as it were seem to be running with people in high places who know less and less about what they’re actually doing and this seems to be the case with the FA.

I appreciate this might not be a popular post but it’s from own personal and friends experience and it’s far from ideal. No consistency.

Billy bob

In the smelting process the crap rises to the top!!!


Sadly, yup…


What are they doing? They’re imposing their control and protecting a corrupt system.


The FA are corrupt, as are the PGMOL. They disguise the corruption better than the Italian league.

But much in the same way that it is “understood” that superstars get different treatment in the NBA, it is understood in the EPL that higher “investment” will result in more favourable treatment, especially where the rules allow discretion.


The difference with the NBA is (although I fully agree – totally corrupted by money and they have a very clear example: Tim Donaghy they used as the scapegoat fall guy ref instead of it being exposed as a systemic problem that is was/is), there aren’t 100+ year old grudges that still weirdly influence things based on these guys’ great grandparents using the desert spoon for soup or farting at another one’s dinner party in 1879.


Why do we consistently fail to stand up for ourselves?

It’s plain to see the PGMOL are bullies, accountable to nobody. They’re punishing us for the worldwide reaction to their shambolic display on Saturday.


I think you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. What is there to gain from dragging this out? Making ourselves even more visible to the PGMOL and potentially liable to more injustice out of spite (not that the PGMOL would ever act in such a way………..)? We made our point, and for once the media seemed (mostly, apart from the BS that MOTD spouted in their analysis) on our side. The sooner there is reform within PGMOL the better, that much is clear. In the meantime, I think the greater good (Arsenal being on the right side of… Read more »


Everybody in the world over moaned.
The FA are a bunch of incompetent and corrupt poor souls


I thought that Lacazette handled it really well. Kept Gabriel away from the referee, argued the case on behalf of the team and remained calm.
Technically there are probably too many players around the ref, but hell a lot worse goes on every week without any sanction. It’s BS, but Lacazette showed good leadership at a difficult moment.


100% this.

Billy bob

Need to take a leaf out of the way they run things in rugby – only the captain is allowed to discuss things with the ref, so stops a crowd of players bullying him into making a favourable decision (as ManUre used to do all too often).

Group Captain Madrake

I was under the impression that it is supposed to be only the captain talking to the ref in soccer already. I could be wrong though. If that is the case, they just haven’t bothered enforcing it.

Woolwich Tiern time

It was undermined by united players and once the autjorities were witnessed as toothless they couldnt then put the genie back in the bottle.

A great feature in rugby is the ref being miked up but i suspect in footnbll Riley and his clique dont wish to be exposed further as the utter clounsthey are.

A Different George

I don’t understand what the FA is doing from their (and PGMOL’s) point of view. (Please–I don’t agree with their point of view, just trying to figure it out.) This simply brings more attention to the immense inconsistency between matches and makes the officials look worse to supporters of other teams. The most egregious example of in-game inconsistency–plain to everyone except, perhaps, the most die-hard Spurs fans–was Kane’s tackle on Robertson followed by Robertson’s justified sending-off for a clearly less dangerous foul shortly thereafter. No one who watched that could believe the referee was competent.

Brady’s bunch

That should have read Fa fined for failing to control their refs

Fireman Sam


Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

The FA is run by morons


Disappointed by Arsenal.
Why didn’t they object?
I know it’s practically peanuts but there’s a bigger power play here from the FA.

Let’s not forget that they were quick to object when Ozil showed personal support for the Uhgyur people.

It’s very clear how corrupt our management is.
They obviously aren’t principled.
They just take whatever action that gives us the best strategic outcome.


Bringing up Ozil? Thought we’d moved past that can of worms. And not really relevant to this incident in anyway.

Giovanni Hovno

you think taking the action with the best outcome is a criticism?


So would you rather the club kick up a fuss, firstly over the red card, which we can hardly argue with, he showed dissent by scuffing up the turf, which didn’t make much of a difference, and then committed a foul – Both incidents the referee felt worthy of a yellow, so we can’t appeal it anyway. And then, with a group of players crowding the referee. Sure Laca is doing his best to stop it happening, but the FA wont look at that, just that there was a set of players crowding the referee. The FA wont also take… Read more »

Pat Morris

Assuming here that all officials involved both on pitch and at VAR level are continually monitored fir any signs of corruption etc. The whole lack of consistency here is bizzare so questions need to be asked


PGMOL have no oversight and have consistently resisted attempts to set up structure around them that would provide it. Frankly, at this point and not just using the City game as evidence, they are clearly a broken, corrupt and unfit for purpose organisation that needs to be scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up.

Crash Fistfight

Any updates on the Nottingham Forrest match? I’d heard if might’ve been in doubt due to Covid in the Forrest camp.


If by us accepting this fine helps Arteta amp up the siege mentality in our players which drives us into a top four spot this season, then that would be 20k well spent.

We should pay the entire £20,000 fine in 1p coins.


Or pay 20,001 quid?


I’m seriously starting to doubt the refs partiality when it come to Arsenal. I understand refs makes mistakes we all do what I don’t understand is everytime they do we never seem to benefit ot is always against us! fade up!


Only just starting to? Have you only just started watching football? haha just kidding mate. 🙂 Admittedly it’s really ramped up this season, like in a big and very obvious way.


Fuck the cunts behind this.


Penalise Arsenal inconsistently for complaining about being penalised inconsistently… level trolling

I'll be Sam-Bert Lokonga

Well observed!


This is fucking stupid.

The Farmer

I think there should be a parrallel body who could fine the PGMOL for turning the whole thing into a shit show in the first place!

I also think it’s a matter of “hey everybody…look over there at the unruly Arsenal mob again” whilst deflecting attention from their woeful officiating.



Pay them in nickels.
(I would add “in socks. That we swing firmly at their heads.” But that might be pie-in-the-sky.)

Steve Vallins

A PIGMOL referees report to the FA gets Arsenal a 20k fine , are we the most harshly treated and punished club ? Refereeing decisions and points deducted plus other so called made up offences over the years , are we the whipping boys , an example to the rest if you step out of line this what happens , I just wish it was the case because too many clubs get away with far more indiscretions to what has Arsenal done to get treated this badly like this over so many years .


Little doubt (for me) the FA disciplinary action against Arsenal has more to do with players questioning inconsistent (biased) refereeing decisions than what happened on the field.


100% this


Arsenal players: Gathers around the ref and asks him what the hell is going on?

FA: 20 000 £ fine

Rodri: takes off his shirt (yellow card offense) runs over to incite the fans (yellow card offense)

FA: So anyway…

A Different George

Get off the Rodri thing, which is irrelevant. Compare this charge with similar incidents in other matches after a sending-off. I would say something at least this serious happens almost every time a player is sent off.

And, by the way, if an Arsenal player scored the winning goal in added time, took off his shirt, ran to the nearest touchline and celebrated, would you really want him sent off? (In fact, that automatic yellow for taking off your shirt ought to be done away with too.)


Nobody wants their own player sent off be real.

We are discussing players getting yellow cards as by the book refs go by. And in this instance if one player gets two by the book yellows then so should other offending players.

A better question than would you WANT an arsenal player to get sent off in those circumstances is asking if you think an arsenal player would. And I certainly think so, with pundits and commentators not giving us any sympathy because each act is easy to choose to avoid.


Just more money going into the deep pockets of fa officials


Wire them £1 every minute for 20,000 minutes (or 5½ hours) and email them proof of payment so that their mail server falls over from all the traffic. Heh

Viju Jacob

Your math is horrible mate. 5½ hours is 330mins


It would be 333.333333333 hours…

They’d probably give us another fine 😂


330mins x 60s/min = 19800s, pr approximately 20,000s which is probably what they meany


The amount of the fine was never going to be a serious issue, more worried about points deductions. But if our players were “out of control”, I’m sure that they would have done far worse than forcefully, but non-violently, lobby the referee in a vain attempt to change his mind. Another thing that was noted was that Arsenal became the first premier league side to reach 100 red cards. I’m hardly surprised though, as we’ve never been out of the premier league since its inception, and in the early days under Wenger, we were on the wrong end of a… Read more »


I should add, I seem to remember seeing Petit sent off after he said nothing and was nowhere near the ref, but raised his hands in the air and sarcastically applauded a decision!


Where does the money from this kind of punitive nonsense actually go?

Viju Jacob

This is adding insult to injury, the injury being dodgy decisions against us.

Walter White

Can someone fine the PGMOL for making bad decisions? Would bring in more money than TV-deals

Woolwich Tiern time

Why us at this time? Classic deflection. Authorities know the referee team embarresed them on Saturday so are doing everything in their power to convince perhaps mostly themselves that it was Arsenal which had behaved particularly eggregiously and was entirely at blame.


This might be a stupid question, but is the EPL forced to use FA/PGMOL referees? They broke away from the Football League, can they not break away from the FA/PGMOL and tell the referees to stick it and bring it some higher calibre imports from the continent? I always thought that the club ran the league, not the FA?


Maybe Novak got his ‘exemption’ cert issued by the FA?

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