Thursday, July 18, 2024

Confirmed: Sead Kolasinac joins Marseille

Marseille have confirmed the permanent signing of Sead Kolasinac until 2023 after the left-back had his Arsenal contract terminated by mutual consent.

The Bosnia and Herzegovina had less than 6 months left on his current deal at the Emirates.

Kolasinac joined the Gunners on a free transfer from Schalke, beginning life as a rampaging wing-back, scoring on his debut in the Community Shield against Chelsea.

However, a combination of injuries and not being quite at the level required meant he fell down the pecking order, and spent the second half of last season with his former club, unable to save them from relegation from the Bundesliga.

He has made five appearances this season, starting just once in the Premier League, away to Man City in August when the Gunners went down 5-0. In total he made 118 appearances for the club, scoring five times and creating 15 assists.

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Seadya later, goodluck with Marseille

God is a Gooner

South of France?! He’s landed on his feet there. Fair play, when all is sead and done, he did his best.


Since when have Marsaille been run by a 15 year old kid? Nice to see they’re not ageist in their employment criteria.


Looks a bit like he could be Charlie Patino’s you get brother


* younger FFS

Heavenly Chapecoense

Don’t know why they voted you down. Longoria has a baby face.




Never quite at the level, but how many players were from that era. After a storming debut month it was all downhill.
We are finally cleaning the decks – Elneny and Xhaka next overboard!


Honestly if Elneny is happy I’d probably keep him around. Fully aware of his limitations but how easy it is to find a back-up who’s never shocking (even if he’s very rarely good/ great). As number 6/7 in the pecking order for central midfield, he’d be fine. He’s just worryingly more like 4 right now.
I don’t see Xhaka being content as back-up so he’s gotta go.


I don’t know where this narrative about Elneny has come from. Have you ever seen his advanced stats?

Reality check

The Tank. May not be very successful but have many good memories. Leaving with integrity, respect.


Yup. Didn’t quite make the grade but certainly had the right attitude.

Will always have a place in arsenal folklore for single handedly fighting off armed muggers while Olive Oz-oil sped off in his Range Rover.


Indeed. But the move was long overdue, as he was way too expensive for a player who was the back-up’s back-up for most of his time here.

Our wage bill keeps improving, bodes well for the summer and the years to come.

A Different George

He isn’t quite as bad as he was made out to be, with genuine value in some formations and some playing styles. But clearly very limited. Never had a problem with his effort or commitment, even when it was obvious he wasn’t wanted. Good luck to him.


2019/20 1goal 1assist 993min. = ~990min./goal
2020/21 1g 3a 2302min. = 2300min./g, 767min./a

2017/18 2g 4a 2152min. = 1076min/g, 538min./a
2018/19 0g 5a 1891min. = 378min./a

Stats don’t mean everything, but Kolasinac produced in his first two seasons. He was not nearly as bad as some are making him out to be.


He certainly didn’t lack in offense end product, especially when during those 2 seasons our attack was heavily left flank biased. but his main job is to defend and he wasn’t a standout in that department.


Least we’ll always have that debut goal against Chelsea. Never quite the same player after that failed mugging which is understandable

Nick J

I’m not so sure that made a massive difference. We signed Tierney for a reason and Monreal was the one Emery wanted to keep at the time. Emery clearly viewed him as third choice at the time the mugging occurred.


The only mugging was his 150k a week!


Best of luck to Kola! Maybe he can help Marseille with crowd control while he’s at it.

It Is What It Is

The Ultras have already crowned him.


Best of luck at Marseille, Sead. Can’t help noticing there’s a mini Arsenal there.

Ryan Phillips

Seeing the accent marks on his jersey makes me a bit embarrassed for having mispronounced his name all these years. Not so much ‘Kolasinack’ as it looks to be ‘Kolashinats’ Sorry hulk–good luck in France!


Assists from left back in the League for Arsenal

*Winterburn 33 (440 games)
Monreal 13 (187 games)
Cole 12 (156 games)
Kolasinac 11 (80 games)
Gibbs 8 (137 games)
Clichy 8 (187 games) per Orbinho on Twitter (recommended you have a look)

Plus obviously had a dominating presence (see the defence of Ozil when being attacked).

So surprised he wasn’t more of a success.

Good luck to him.

Cliff Bastin

Was in the bundesliga team of the year. Probably needs a back 3 system to let him bomb forward.


It was the defending part he wasn’t very good at

Morrisey fan #1

Exactly, and everyone else on the list were better defenders. A victim of change or management and tactics over the last few years I think.


Looked good before we signed him…..on YouTube. Was utter dross in reality. Doing some good work getting the last of dregs of the wage bill… down vote away.


Well, ‘utter dross’ is a bit harsh….

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Who doesn’t look good on YouTube?

Gunner J



They get battered even on YouTube

Martin R

You are wrong. When we signed him on a free transfer he had been voted the best left back in the Bundesliga the previous season. People have very short memories.


….and he arrived and was crap but we were stuck with him because of said free transfer meant he was stupid wages. Nope nothing wrong with my memory.


But in his defence, he was handy in a mugging situation.

Brady’s bunch

I thought he looked like a beast when he first arrived then reality sunk in .

Nick J

Best of luck to him. Setting aside the fact he wasn’t at the level we required he remained professional and did his best throughout, and didn’t go public if he had any grievances.

Good work done in terms of outgoings so far but we need to get motoring in terms of bringing a few players in – big opportunity to finish 4th now, would be a shame to lose out on account of the squad being too thin.


Pepe can play as a LB

Bai Blagoi

Good luck Seo!
English commentators will be relieved, seems pronouncing his name was a big problem for them.


Arsenal quietly making space on the pitch and the wage bill for new signings

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Hopefully Ghana lose tonight and Partey is back in time for Burnley on Sunday. In which case I think we would leave a midfielder signing until the summer.


They’re currently in 1-0 down so looking fairly likely.


And down to 10 men


And Morocco currently leads the other game in the group and would qualify ahead of Ghana even if they win.


Sorry, I mean Gabon, who only need a draw to be sure to knock Ghana out. And Ghana just went 2-0 down.

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

2 nil down

You got your wish!!

I forgot we have Liverpool on Thursday. Let’s get Partey on the first flight back to Heathrow immediately.

Billy bob

Yup partey is heading back


Good luck Sead! Always wanted him to do better than he did, pity he never hit the expectations.


I can second that completely. Good luck for the rest of his career, hope he can somehow resurrect it, he never did anything (obviously) wrong. Looked like a sensible buy after his time at Schalke, never quite worked out with us. Why that was the case, I am unable to judge, but fact is that he was given few chances after Unay left and when he had his chance, he didn’t really convince in a way to give him more chances.


Good luck 🤞


Farewell my love ❤


Wish him the best.

I quite liked him as a character, but he was one of the most “meh” players we’ve had.

At least Cedric is still with us.



Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

Just need to get rid of Cedric, Mari, Auba, Elneny, Holding, and the liability


Does the Bosnian leaving in a haste imply advances on the Serbian front?

One love ❤️ Best of luck Kola

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Mitrovic is having a brilliant season for Fulham.


Good Luck to Sead.. Nice guy though he didn’t work out for us..


It’s made Sam Matterface lose his s*** so this is good news all round. Good luck Sead

Daz Righ

All the more puzzling as to why he subbed kola on at the end of the Forrest game. I mean, mind boggling anyway when chasing a goal but with this on the cards too…… Seems very odd. Anyway, good luck to you ya big koala 😁

Teryima Adi

Here’s wishing you all the best, Sead. Soar to greater heights.

“The Bosnia and Herzegovina had less than 6 months left on his current contract. . .”
Kind of weird that we signed an entire nation and they still couldn’t cut it here. Just tells you how tough the Premier League can be.


Casper the friendly tie.

Man Manny

Thomas Partey should be back in London by tomorrow or next: Ghana on their way out of AFCON.
64 minutes gone, they are 1-2 down and a man down too.


My favourite was his Cruyff turn.


That was one long video to announce him…


He was never, ever good enough and should have gone at least two years ago. He’ll be remembered in the list of worst-ever Arsenal players.

Now let’s spend his wages on somebody who can actually play.


Naaa I think this list is reserved for very special bad players like Willian, Cygan, Stephanov, Silvestre, etc. He goes in the ‘likeable cult hero, always welcome back, had his moments but not quite up to everyone’s high expectations on a consistent basis list.’ Along with the likes of Lord Bendtner, Eboue, Arshavin, etc.

Brady’s bunch

Hard to believe Eboue made the champions league final team.

Ellis McPickle

Eboue was fantastic in his first season though and looked like a he was gonna hold down that RB position for years. Next season we got Sagna, who was a better balance defensively. I always wondered what sort of player Eboue could’ve been given more time at RB instead of being repurposed as a winger.

Made the Bundesliga Team of The Season just before he joined us. What on earth did we do to him?


Played him in a back four not five

Dark Hei

His technique was deficient. Can’t seem to trap the ball properly and passing angles are limited.

Seem to have very fast feet when on the offensive. A very puzzling player. I think he needs a team that fits him in a very specific way.


I would’ve loved to see him get up to full speed and trample right through Harry Kane before he left. Other than that, no regrets.

Kind of unrelated, but Ghana officially out of AFCON. For some reason that I can’t seem to place my finger on, I don’t exactly feel like doing sack cloth and ashes.

Viv the 🐐

So glad this day has happened. Was much needed. Now there is very little dead weight left.

Steve Dracula

Shocking StatDNA signing by Gazidis.

Wenger never wanted him, dropped him after a month.

Never good enough for us.


Wenger definitely did want him


Looks like Arsenal are going all in for Artur Melo. Classic Arteta player. Massive ball security. Needs a rebuild. Arteta can obviously see him at LM, Odergaard at RM and Partey / Lokonga at pivot. Press them if you dare! Maybe we buy Tielemans over the summer. Doesn’t look like Arteta rates Guimiares because he seems to be available and Arsenal aren’t even sniffing. Big problem for Juve is that they “bought” Melo for 83 million euro. If they sell him for say 20 million do they have to book a huge capital loss? I assume so. That may be… Read more »

Andrew G

I rmb he was in the Bundesliga team of the year when we sign him. He was super strong naturally as Wenger said, no need to go gym much. Players just bought bounced off him when they clashed and fought for the ball! There is a video of him doing 18 pull ups at one go!

Unfortunately he was more suited to attacking right wing back under a 5 defender system and not a back 4. There was a time under Emery when he was our only attacking outlet.

Good luck Sead and all the best!


I was happy when we got him. I am happier now we …un got him.


My neighbor says that when it came to his boat, his two favorite days were the day he bought it and the day he sold it


I strongly suspect that Vlahovic wasn’t waving farewell to Florentina fans. He was coseying up to them in anticipation of the backlash that is coming from the club and owner when everyone finds out that he has not accepted Arsenal’s offer and is running down his contract so he can go to Juventus for a lot less money than Arsenal is offering.
The big questions are: will the club bench him? How will the supporters react?

Billy bob

Seems like he’s a mercenary and we are better off without!!!

Arteta-tinted Glasses

We will always have the Charity Shield goal and also the brief time when he was the only avenue of forward play for Emery.

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