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Tierney: I’m so happy for Laca

Kieran Tierney has paid tribute to Alex Lacazette’s influence at Arsenal and says the Frenchman works hard for his team both on and off the pitch.

Recently appointed club captain by manager Mikel Arteta, the 30-year-old is clearly a popular member of the squad and when his last-gasp strike against Wolves hit the back of the net, they were quick to show him the love with joyous celebrations.

“He deserves that [goal] more than anyone tonight,” said Tierney. 

“The work that he puts in, that people don’t see, people don’t recognise away from the football club, is massive.

“It helps all the young boys, it helps everyone in the team. You can trust him. He’s the captain and he’s just an amazing guy as well. I am so, so happy for him tonight.”

It’s been a while since Arsenal came from behind to snatch a stoppage-time win at Emirates Stadium and the nature of the victory has added to the optimism that the club could end a five-year wait for Champions League football.

“It was a great result for us, a massive three points and a great performance as well,” said Tierney.

“Of course, we went 1-0 down but we never gave up, we never stopped playing.

“We kept trying to play the right way and we knew and believed we’d get the chance to win the game.

“We need to aim as high as possible. That’s what we are doing. Results like this build momentum, they build team mentality and that’s what you want. We never stopped playing. We kept trying.”

The players weren’t there only ones who never gave up. On the terraces, the supporters were in full voice throughout the second half creating a febrile atmosphere that definitely helped the home side over the line.

“We were 1-0 down but the fans understood that we were pushing, and trying, and really going for it,” said right-back Cedric. “I heard the whole stadium behind us.

“There were a few moments I really remember, because most of the time you are focused on the game. But during the game when maybe the action stopped for a bit, I really felt that the stadium were completely behind us. It was massive. I believed we could turn it around, and in the end we made it happen together.”

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Johnny 4 Hats

I love how much is spoken about the fans. It’s always been an Achilles heal when I argue with other supporters. I’ve got a few Liverpool fans in my friendship group but they live in London so go to the occasional Arsenal game in the corporate seats. And they don’t fucking shut up about how shit and quiet it is and how Anfield is a thousand times better. It turns out we aren’t shit fans, or lacking passion, or complacent, or moaners. We just needed something to believe in. And this group of extremely likeable and endlessly talented lads is… Read more »


Comparing any stadium to anfield is silly tbh. Scousers are known for their loudness in general so box a few thousand together and of course it’s going to be loud.

Do they mention the away game this season? When arsenal away fans drowned out the mugsmashera song?


Don’t mention Achilles – I’ve torn mine!!

Johnny 4 Hats

Ouch. Sorry fella. Get well soon.


Cheers J4H


I think that ‘heel’ is now well and truly ‘healed’, Mr Hats.


I have spoken about this with some old school fans in the stadium and I was told by this geezer ‘”son, we were called the Highbury library long before Emirates came along”

Man Manny

I am one of those who wanted Lacazette gone in the summer, but I have changed my mind.
The club should offer him a two year contract with an option for a third.
That way, we can sign only one striker this summer – preferably someone between 22 and 25.
If Nketiah leaves, we’lll have ?, Laca and Balogun.


I love Laca. Always did, even more then Auba (who I also loved). I just buy into the guy. His personality, the sheer work he puts in (even when out of form and it would be easier to sulk), his flute celebration and the guy has scored some pretty important goals. Do we need a more clinical goalscorer? Sure. But regardless of who we get, if the terms are right I’d take Laca on a 1 or 2 year deal in a heartbeat. He is mega. I love having him in the squad and I get the impression he loves… Read more »


Pretty sure he’s just 30 until he turns 31, because that’s how it works or summat


Every goal that Auba scores for Barca is a pain in the arse.

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

Unless he wants to return to France, maybe a one year contract makes sense if we got a more elite striker, and Laca could take the role that Nketiah is basically doing now. Either way while he was never the top tier no 9 I had hoped he might be he’s been a professional and not whiney guy who I like and deserves respect even if doesn’t count as an arsenal great.


Whoever we bring in in the summer will need time to adjust, especially if he is from outside Premier league. It would be a shame to lose a good start to next season because the new striker had a slow start


The more I think of it; if we get champions league I think he will stay. Hard games will come very quickly. If we get Europa I think he says his farewells and we go our separate ways


Not seen anyone praise Pepe for being so quick to get ball back for the kick off after his goal when he could have been forgiven for a long celebration.


showed that he wanted the win more than the draw, and that’s precisely what we got


Seems kind of like a very minor thing to praise him for. 1) it is quite standard for a player who scores to equalize a game late which they are eager to win to immediately grab the ball and rush the restart of play and 2) he has plenty of much more praise worthy contributions last night to mention this.


Please give your Missus my profoundest sympathies… it must be really tough for her.


Remember Giroud at Bournemouth? Too busy celebrating the equaliser to get back to go for a winner!

Man Manny

You seem to have forgotten Giroud’s antics after scoring the equaliser against Bournemouth in Arsene’s last season.
Yes, we were 3 goals down at a point, and we fought our way back, but I remember pundits laying into him for his elaborate display when he should be taking the ball back.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Good shout. When Laca equalised late against Palace to make it 2-2, the players were all celebrating instead of trying to restart quickly for a winner.

Man Manny

That was basically the last minute of added time.
Not even a team of 10 Messis could get another goal in the few seconds left.


Except a team of spuds did it away to Leicester a few weeks ago. They certainly have no messi in london. Anything can happen in football, this is why we like it.


Buggers did it at Citeh too!!!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

The players weren’t to know that. For all they knew, the ref could have added on another 60 seconds.

Cranky Colin

Substitution……. Ed 4Ced…… worked loverly

Nainsley Aitland Miles

I loved that substitution. 15 minutes to go and you’re losing, take off your right-back and stick on a striker.

Hwang was decent for them I thought, so we were fortunate that he came off around the same time that we took off our right-back, as he could have hurt us on the counter.


Yeah – he looks a decent player, that lad.


He definitely is, watches him at salzburg a lot. Would love we pay a little more attention at them as all there ex players are doin great in pl, mane, keita, daka…

Anders Limpar

Respect to Laca but KT is captain in waiting.

Teryima Adi



I think it’s going to go to MØ.

I suspect Odegaard. He’s more vocal, pulls more strings, and seems to be on call for a lot of press interviews.

I’m quite content just sticking it on Partey though and not have the burden on a younger player.


Martin Odegaard – at the risk of becoming a stuck LP – will be the next great Arsenal captain (and God knows we need one) and, ultimately, the next Arse legend.

Watch this space…

Santi's Thigh Grab

Hence the article from Arsenal. They are going to spend the rest of the season demonstrating that KT has leadership potential (praising Laca toiling away for example) setting the stage for him to be Captain next season. Really see KT and MO as the obvious choices. As blogs would say, just a little P Or.


You gotta love the French fella wrapped up in sweatshirt, bib and beanie, and the Scot cruising it in his T-shirt!


You have to remember that, at Celtic, winter training is still shirts v skins.


First time Emirates gave me the feeling of the old Highbury since we moved! The fans were loud again!!! Yeah!!!!


Can’t get to many games any more (cos I live in Oz) but I used to wince at the amount of booing at our players. Maybe some of it was deserved but I thought who would want to play home games in a hostile atmosphere like that? It seems we are now turning a corner, and even though I only watched the Wolves game on tv you could feel the passion in the stadium even though we were behind for most of the game. That winner was for the fans. Long may that continue.

Mesut Ö’Neill

It was great to hear the fans actually cheering the team on , even when we were 1-0 down.


Yeah there was one point where it seemed like the whole stadium in unison started singing Arsssenal, Arsssenallll FC, we’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seen. Really felt powerful and I’m sure in some small way it helped the lads on the pitch to keep the intensity up til the last.

Der Kaiser

When we next play Chelski, hopefully we can adorn
the stadium with Ukrainian flags – to show support for Ukraine and disgust for the Russian “ dirty money”!


Funny how a some supporters were up for Usmanov’s take over with his ‘dirty money’ when tings were starting to go south, coz chelski were overtaking us some had the view of if you can’t beat them join them, lets be honest if Abramovich was our owner and we had the success chelski have had over last 10 years would we want him out now ? i don’t think so, interesting to see if chelski’s financial situation will be affected, i doubt it as Abramovich is now an Israeli citizen and has the wealth to have the best Lawyers in… Read more »

Swedish Tim

Just wanted to say: congratulations to Arseblo! 20 years that’s amazing!! Well done Andrew & all thr Arseblog team. You do a fantastic job!! Thank you for making the ups & downs of Arsenal fc more tolerable and much more fun & interesting. Your pod casts are always a highlight of each week 😃🤘


Of course you mean Arseblog 😀

Santi's Thigh Grab


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