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Arteta on fans singing his name: Let’s be humble and keep improving

Arsenal’s 1-0 win over Aston Villa today sparked fantastic celebrations between the fans and the team, and the away support sang the manager’s name as we made it six wins from our last seven Premier League games.

It hasn’t happened often during Mikel Arteta’s tenure, but it was a illustration of how a togetherness is continuing to grow this season as the Gunners keep up the fight for a top four finish.

The manager was asked about it at his post-game press conference and while he welcomed the show of unity, he refused to get carried away.

“They can join!, he said.

“The more people we have onboard, the better. It’s normal at this club and its history and tradition is to win all the time.

“That is the only thing that is acceptable and when you are sitting here or playing you have to accept that.

“When I am there I just look how can we get better because very quickly things can change in football because the margins are so remote so just look and be humble and look how we can improve because we have a lot of things to do much better.”

With an Interlull ahead and full two weeks to consider our position and what we need to do, Arteta sounded positive notes about achieving the finish Arsenal fans have slowly but surely become invested in as the campaign has progressed, while making sure nobody was getting carried away with 30 points still to play for.

“We have 10 games to go and what we did yesterday or today now it’s irrelevant,” he said.

“It’s what we’re going to do tomorrow, prepare, how we are going to improve the team and play better to win more games and especially more comfortably, because when you are so dominant like we were today, we have to score the second and third one and we’re not there yet.”

Aston Villa 0-1 Arsenal – player ratings

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Chant from fans this afternoon
🎶 We’ve got super Mik Arteta
He knows exactly what we need
Kieran at the back
Gabbi in attack
Arsenal on the way to Champions League 🎶

Mayor McCheese

I remember when people had a song for me. It went like this: “Wanker! Fucking wanker!”

Come to think of it, it was more like a chant. Or just yelling I guess.

Bob Holdy

Hair raising, good energy. Along with Saka giving his shirt to the kid and hugging him. Joyous positivity.

La Défense

Lego Hair FTW!


I’m glad more and more fans are getting on board with him. I think what he’s done for us is massively important. There’s a feeling around this team we haven’t had in years. A future with the talent we have too.

Naked Cygan

I have to say that Cedric has really impressed me since Tomi has been out. Cedric is not perfect, but he has given 200% every game. He was the one player I thought might let us down with injuries but very proud of him. Still worried with the lack of goals up front. We need to work the opposition GK way more. If we make top 4 and qualify for CL, then Stan has to heavily back the team and invest more in the squad. We don’t have the numbers to keep fighting for top 4 again and expect to… Read more »

Once a gunner

Sure, he needs to back the team or else we will stall and our good players will be taken away from us.


I think we are in for a massive summer. The clear out in January, I think, was to allow us get into the market quickly and decisively in the next window.


Cedric gets a lot of stick, but he’s the back up full back for a team that didn’t qualify for the Europa Conference. We ain’t getting Roberto Carlos. He’s a solid pro that does his best.


I saw Carlos play in Sunday league, he’s shit now and we 100% could get him


He’s stepped up…He held Diaz and Mané in the liverpool game on his side…No small feat.


Cedric’s been decent for us but I’d still love for us to go out and sign another RB this summer or the next if we manage to move him on. we should be all over livramento since chelsea cannot sign players (LOL) but I understand also we have more pressing concerns. i.e. striker, CM, winger

Ray's ice cream Parlour

I suspect Cedric will be here until Brooke Norton-Cuffy is ready to step into the second RB role – from what I’ve seen on Youtube and Jeorge Bird’s reports even at 18 this lad has what it takes….

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Promoting from the academy when they are ready is the right approach to squad building. I want to see Omari start to get some cup games next year as well. Kid is a baller.


I was saying this a month back and getting the usual trillion thumbs down.

But there you go. As much as Laca is great at holding the line, linking up play and getting in the refs face (he is the first Arsenal captain since Tony Adams to do that) his penchant for avoiding headers, getting caught on his heels by through balls and overall lack of pace are all unavoidable truths.

He has been a great servant, no question, but the need for a top drawer striker to utilise this young teams talents becomes more evident game by game.

Mentally Drained Gooner

I’m from india. And all I ever dream about is if i could ever attend an arsenal match live in the stadium. And this is the exact moment I wish I was there to celebrate Mikel arteta. He’s a gem. And we need to cherish him. And this is what he deserves.


The very same feelings mate!


Good luck, hope you make it to the stadium soon.

Though it was a bit quiet today so not the best day to be there…


I’m from India too. And I wish that too. So much that I’m considering asking my employer to switch to their London office full time.


Still amazes me how solid we are defensively nowadays. Opponents get a corner and I am always at ease knowing with the players we have, higher chances are we are going to deal with it convincingly. Happy days indee!!😎


I heard we never concede a corner goal this season.


Most solid at the back that I can ever recall…Even Kosc + Mert conceded alot of corners…


We lost out on the title in 2016 due to our defence.

I couldn’t see our current defenders letting the rest of the team down like that.


I’m the opposite now! I want us to go a season without conceeding from there

Merlin's Panini

the uncornerables


No more Mustafi doing a Mustafi.

Oh deep joy.

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

For the first time in 8 years, I’m regretting giving up my season ticket


Can’t believe some people still need convincing. The ignorance is outrageous!

Ed the Red

We went via the M4? This coach is making us look like mugs. #artetaout


You are confusing two very different meanings of the word “coach”.

Merlin's Panini

So pleased for Arteta. He’s not only in his first managerial job but he’s also navigating an extremely difficult period in the club’s history (and the world’s) with grace and intelligence. No mean feat. Yes, we spent more money in the summer than anyone else but it was necessary and nobody expected the group of young players we acquired to hit the ground running like many of them have. There have been plenty of obstacles to navigate including having to let go of big name players. Done badly, this could have damaged team morale and some individual’s desire to fight… Read more »


It’s been too easy for some to gloss over the scale of problems he’s managed as a first time manager (majority not of his making), and the scale of squad overhaul. If he can end three years in charge with an FA cup, top four, and new long term contracts for the Hale End boys, he’s got plenty of credit to bank in my eyes.


Ashley Young – the latest dickhead to get salty about Arsenal players celebrating a win.

I’ll tell you something folks – the whole of professional club football outside the Emirates can go and fuck itself, as far as I’m concerned.

Absolutely fucking loving the ‘us’ and ‘them’ at the moment and how our success is rubbing every other cunt up the wrong way. 😂👍


Bould's Eyeliner

It’s been a long time since I checked online to see how the Arsenal was doing. The pandemic has me enjoying living under a rock, no matter how normal the world seems to move on as it continues, and a war starts, and we’re back in fourth. It’s amazing. The world is returning to normal… but not normal…


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