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Leaked: First images of Arsenal’s 22/23 home shirt

Kit leak specialists @esvaphane have shared the first images of Arsenal’s new home shirt for the 2022/23 campaign.

As expected, the shirt is ‘scarlet red’ – the same shade as this season’s kit – and white. No other accent colour is used.

It’s a simple design with a slight design flourish on the polo collar which features a lightning bolt motif.

Overall, it looks as though the designers have taken their inspiration from Nike’s first Arsenal shirt (released in 1994) with the underside of the sleeves red rather than white.

Arsenal’s away kit next season will be black and the third kit will be ‘clear pink’.

Thoughts on the new home shirt?

Ian Wright in Nike’s 1994/95 home shirt which looks similar

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Looks quite decent, let’s just skip the annual red shorts game next season shall we?


I kind of liked the red shorts until I realised we looked like Liverpool / bayern


Exeter City….but I’d rather that than collars FFS!!


I’m pro-collar!

Mikels Arteta

Collars save lives!


Turns out I am too. It’s giving me memories of Thierry at Highbury. I can just see him with his collars popped up.

Mayor McCheese

The Collar is one of Herbert’s best. No question.

In other news, I’m watching Spurs v West Ham, and what immediately comes to mind is how many of the Spurs players have faces that are fairly crying out for a good punch. Dier, Hjoberg, Reguilon, and especially Docherty.

I’d say Kane, too, but if you tried to punch him in the face, you’d lose your arm in that yawning abyss he calls a mouth.


Moyes made a mess of it. Certainly made those twats look a lot better than their miserable selves with his tactics!!!


Try watching the Classico as well, only at half time now. Aubameyang apparently is still pretty decent at football. 😂

Eric Blair

Auba is just the type of guy who gets bored after a while and needs a change of scenery, happened at Dortmund too. When he moves he’s happy, it flows again.

It’s exactly for this reason that I would refuse any offer of marriage he would make; heartbreak waiting to happen.




Kulusevski is definitely one of the most punchable players in that team. And there is no shortage let’s be honest.


Red shirt, white sleeves.

If you said this was the shirt from 8 years ago would anyone know?


Team will look the part lining up in that at home on Wednesday nights

Ross Lomas

I seriously hope next seasons away kit isn’t black

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

Not nice.
Am looking forward to seeing the black kit though


It’s a pass for me I’m afraid. I really really do not like button neck straps. This will be the first home top I’ve not bought since the last button neck one 🙁


I hate any kind of red on the sleeves. The black kit sounds good though.

Gooney Tunes

I like it. Black away kit, you say? I’m intrigued.
For me, Adidas have got a job on their hands topping this season’s 3rd kit, it’s possibly become my favourite shirt of all time. So glad we’re out of the Puma era.


Black kit is the one that intrigues me too, if it’s anything like the black kit they made Benfica last season then it’s gonna look sleek as fuck


Like the kit just not the fly better part they should have just left the emirates alone no need to add extra stuff


Urghhhh….collars !


Looks like a rugby Polo tit wank hybrid…..sorry, I hate collars

Stephen Fowler

I really prefer the jersey when the iconic white sleeves are left entirely alone. Otherwise, it looks a fine top.

Timorous Me

I like the simplicity (a polo collar every few years seems fine) but the lightning bolt feels kind of corny and ruins that.

Eazy Deezy

The lightening bolt seems a little childish …


Ugh, I didn’t notice the electricity bolt aspect of that design element. That won’t age well, either.


Remember this kit boys. We are winning the league in this. Serious.


Will look beautiful with the Champions League patch on it.

Forget about it

I can’t concisely describe my feelings about this particular jersey. But, generally speaking, this expresses how I feel about the constant meddling of marketing in the ‘redesign’ of our jersey.

Forget about it

At least it is red. 👍


Instantly thought or Wrighty when I saw it had a collar. Hahaha


Who used to tuck his collar inside.

I wonder if any of the current squad will do likewise?


Looks very wearable, as a fan. Polo collar and appealing design overall. Red at the underarm, instead of white, means no embarrassing discoloration from pit sweat. Hahaha

Pastor Simon

The league winning Jersey


I prefer the 94 version.
I do not the collar it would be better plain white. I do not like the button down opening.


Quite like it, I prefer when we have more white but the Adidas stripes do a good job. Just wish we could lose that awful mess on the left sleeve


At least it’s red and white. The away kit should always be yellow and blue. Do your art projects with the third kit, Adidas.


Well said. 👍🍺


How many minute variations on a red nylon t-shirt with white sleeves can you have? It is seemingly infinite.

Ed the Red

White shorts?


Do players still wear collars or is this just the fan version? I thought game shirts were optimised to weigh as little as possible.


I really don’t like collars and that “lightning bolt” stuff looks hideous. I’ll be sticking with my FA Cup winning shirt for another season.


Bring back redcurrant just for the Champions League.


The redcurrent and white with gold trim was awesome.


I hope you’re just taking the p*ss?

Les Claypool

I hate collars on a kit. Oh well, you can please everyone.
Do we know if we’ll have a yellow away kit? 🤞


Black away kit, light pink/pinky white 3rd shirt apparently


At least we are not Ajax next year


No. We’ve become Charlton Athletic.

Fucking awful shirt. Adidas have plummeted in my option. Black and pink? Fucking pink? They’re no better than Puma.

Park the Chu-young Bus

In an ironic twist, your thumbnail is fucking pink.


Not a fan. Adidas should stick to their own retro influences – not Nike’s.

A black kit might have looked good as a third choice in the ECL next season – should we get there – but forsaking the yellow and blue second kit yet again? Give me strength.

As for the pink, I’m sure the ladies team will look great in it. The lads? Pink? Do me a favour.


for fucks sakes.. do whatever you like with the shirt, but don’t tamper with the sleeves 😡.
That energy should be channeled elsewhere; like creating hundreds of ant-size Elon Musks to be deployed in stealth mode on Spurs training ground, and releasing poisonous gas that make their players crave own goals and laugh at each other, their fans, and the refs for no good reason.


Not my style. I have to say. Hope for a nice away shirt. Hopefully one without a collar.

Ian Donovan

Looks a bit shit in the collar. Unhappy about the black & pink away kits. WTAF???

Ian Donovan

Might backtrack on the collar if it’s in anyway to Herbert Chapmans taste!


As long as it says “Visit Rwanda” and “Fly Emirates” I will hate it


I’ve never really liked those stripes on the shoulders.


It’s an Arsenal shirt!


The undersleeve thing I can deal with, since I don’t think it’ll be as visible during matches. But that lightning bolt is really weird and will be noticeable every time they zoom in on someone.


I’m sure the black away shirt will sell, but is it a good colour to use on a football pitch?? Probably not. I hope our away form doesn’t suffer as it’s been awesome in yellow


Get the old badge back too

Ian wrights team photos middle finger

The collar sux.

Merlin’s Panini

Would be better without that collar but I had that Nike shirt pictured and used to tuck the collar in to make it round necked. Could always do that I guess. Not keen on the red lightning strike ring on the collar either although it’s another nod to the lightning strikes down those 90s shirts.

Big Lez

I think it’s a boring shirt so I will be saving a few quid.


I hate the collar

El Cid

I’m a negative and generally moaning cunt, just like Stevie G, and don’t approve any kit, ever! Nude players is the bitch.
This way we’ll have no shirt pulling. Wankers will be visual to everyone and no need for VAR.

Neil Angus

Thats 3 years on the street with an awful home kit. Man U have the same collar.


I like the collars. Those lightning bolts though……bleh. Last couple years haven’t really dug the home shirts.

Old Stimmo

I’m old so home kit should be red top white sleeves club badge, accept sponsor if you have to, can we get JVC to do something again?
away kit yellow top blue shorts.
socks don’t really bother me much, preferably worn below the knee.
Acceptable occasional reuse of the red currant original with gold looked superb under the Highbury lights.
black always looks like a team of referees which is a hideous thing


Sorry, but I am a pro-collar man and also pleased that adidas haven’t felt the need to mess with the classic style too much (although don’t like the shoulder stripes).
Can I also commend the book “The Arsenal Shirt” to everyone – probably the heaviest book ever but a great history. Available from Amaz*n to save you having to carry it home!

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