Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Arsenal to travel to Crystal Palace in 22/23 season opener

Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal are facing a tricky start to the 2022/23 season with a Friday night encounter against Patrick Vieira’s Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park on 5 August.

The Eagles have become something of a bogey side in recent years with the Gunners winning just one of the last eight showdowns in the Premier League.

The fixture computer is a little kinder after that with Arsenal facing Leicester at the Emirates, Bournemouth at the Vitality and then home games with Fulham and Aston Villa to close out August.

The north London derbies are pencilled in for 1 October at the Emirates and 14 January at White Hart Lane.

As a result of the Qatar World Cup being moved to winter, the Premier League will take a mid-season breather after matchday 16 on 12/13 November. The action will resume on Boxing Day, eight days after the World Cup final, when we take on West Ham United at home.

On the final day of the season, we’ll host Wolves.

As for tricky runs, October includes games against Sp*rs, Liverpool and Manchester City while April also includes showdowns with Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola. Realistically, we’ll be freaking out before and after every game because everything is difficult these days.

TV selections haven’t been made yet so all of the dates are subject to change.


Date Opponent Home / Away
05/08/2022 Crystal Palace A
13/08/2022 Leicester H
20/08/2022 Bournemouth A
27/08/2022 Fulham H
30/08/2022 Aston Villa H
03/09/2022 Manchester United A
10/09/2022 Everton H
17/09/2022 Brentford A
01/10/2022 Sp*rs H
08/10/2022 Liverpool H
15/10/2022 Leeds A
18/10/2022 Manchester City H
22/10/2022 Southampton A
29/10/2022 Nottingham Forest H
05/11/2022 Chelsea A
12/11/2022 Wolves A
26/12/2022 West Ham H
31/12/2022 Brighton A
02/01/2023 Newcastle H
14/01/2023 Sp*rs A
21/01/2023 Manchester United H
04/02/2023 Everton A
11/02/2023 Brentford H
18/02/2023 Aston Villa A
25/02/2023 Leicester A
04/03/2023 Bournemouth H
11/03/2023 Fulham A
18/03/2023 Crystal Palace H
01/04/2023 Leeds United H
08/04/2023 Liverpool A
15/04/2023 West Ham A
22/04/2023 Southampton H
26/04/2023 Manchester City A
29/04/2023 Chelsea H
06/05/2023 Newcastle A
13/05/2023 Brighton H
20/05/2023 Nottingham Forest A
28/05/2023 Wolves H

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April looks nasty.


Especially Man City away and Chelsea at home within 4 days. Worth noting that Sp*rs have Man Utd at home and Liverpool away on the same days…


We can beat Chelsea.

Charles Charlie Charles

We can SMASH Chelsea!


They’ve been remarkably quiet on the transfer front given how poor they looked at times last season. Be interesting to see what happens with their new owners.


April is always nasty.

A Different George

The cruelest month, I’ve heard.


You deserve more likes for that, my literary friend 😉

Scott P

Not to mention if we have to play some EL knockout games amidst all of these tough fixtures.


My prediction is that we will get off to a lot better start than last season, we will have more points after three games.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I predict we’ll score more goals after the first 3 games


True, last season was a shocker after 3 games 0 points 0 goals for 9 goals conceded . Never to repeat

Martin R

Hopefully half the team won’t be out with Covid and injuries as well.


Is nobody going to mention that blogs predicted palace away Friday night? Or was that an update after they were released

Man Manny

He said that was from the rumour mill; so, we should be worried about how the fixtures leaked.

Funsho Patrick

A good thing we’re getting a physical palace side that bullied us twice last season.. alongside Brighton we practically got played off the park…hope it focuses Edu and Arteta straightaway….De ja vu Brighton away?

Merlin’s Panini

Good thing for the Brighton match is the c*nts down the road bought their best player. Shame it wasn’t us though. Just have to hope he becomes shit in the shirt with a cock on it.


How is Palace away on Friday if the tv selections haven’t been made yet? Two years in a row, both away too..


It’s so McManaman and Neville can borrow their wives dancing shoes.

The trouble is, Arsenal are going to win this time – and shut those two karaoke cunts up.

Walter White

Funny. How do we have the first game away from Home two times in a row?
I don’t know whether we to be glad, or mad that this fixture might become even harder with all the attention.


Get a grip man, it’s a 50/50 chance whether the first game will be home or away. Would you call it a conspiracy if you flipper a coin and it landed on heads twice in a row?

Walter White

They don’t flip a coin though do they?


What’s that got to do with it? It’s an analogy. Whether we are home or away is a 50/50 chance and it’s been one way twice in a row. Flip a coin a few times and compare. Two of the same outcome is nothing.


could be wrong but I think he’s talking about the fact that it’s not only our first game, but the curtain-raiser for the entire league, and it’s away against a London club on a Friday night. I mean, it is slightly coincidental.


Is life a parody now? I swear we all joked that we’d up up first. Away on the Friday. And now here it is.

Just like getting Bayern/Barca every time in the UCl.


Who cares? It’s nice being part of the big season opener and everyone plays everyone else at some point. It’s Crystal Palace, not Liverpool. It isn’t anyone’s fault but the team’s that they have become a bit of a bogey side.

Death by 300,000 Passes

“..and 14 January at White Hart Lane”

Didn’t they destroy that shithole?


Yes, and now they play in an actual toilet bowl which is pretty funny.


We so owe those fuckwits.

If we get in Jesus and Tielemans (and have Tierney, Partey and Tommi properly fit this time) along with Saliba and our other key players, then we are going to smash those ageing trophy dodging wannabes to pieces.

Come on The Arsenal. Let’s get the business done, let’s get the new kits on and let’s (finally) get this party started.

Dr Zebra

Haha yeah I heard it was supposed to be reinforced by trophies..they just never came

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Delighted with that. A very decent run of fixtures for August. A great opportunity to get off to a flying start for a change.


Yep, 3 out of 5 games at home, one of those away games in London and the other to a promoted team. Couldn’t really have asked for much of a better start in my opinion.
Real chance to build momentum before the first ‘big’ game against Man Utd in October.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

First game of the season is the first ‘big’ game


The best gauge of how strong your team is or where you stand is to look at the fixtures. You basically play all 19 teams home and away so if the fixtures look easy then your team is relatively strong. If they look scary you are probably going to be in a relegation battle. For a team like ours you will probably see the difficult teams especially away, very few winnable games and majority of the games will be games you know we should win but your head keeps ringing banana skin because you’ve been there. Take our fixtures for… Read more »

Nainsley Aitland Miles

I don’t think Burnley will be sneaking any draws in the Premier League this season.



Teryima Adi


Teryima Adi



Does anyone know which fixtures will have europa league games dropped between them?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Europa League group stage dates are; 8 September, 15 September, 6 October, 13 October, 27 October, 3 November.
So our Premier League fixtures after these six dates will be moved to Sunday.


Looks great.

Would a minimum of 11 points from those first 5 games be an unreasonable expectation?

Martin R

Why be so negative? With those fixtures I would be disappointed if we couldn’t get at least 13.


Hello there, supporter of Arsenal Football Club, it’s the hope that kills you.

Sum Wan Ourudda

Here’s a question; what is the point of them announcing fixtures when many of them are going to change for TV, cups etc etc What is the percentage of last year’s fixtures remained on the day /time they were first announced…??


It’s just a rough guide now, TV call the shots


When I was in school, I never cared what date I was scheduled to write an exam.

I just wanted to know the order of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and English.

I think it’s the same with the fixtures. This way the teams know how to rotate their squads.

Martin R

It’s a provisional list and of course will be changed for tv showings and after European league matches. They have to start somewhere.


Newcastle Away fourth from last game.

Damn those Geordie cunts. I hope we smash the fucking shit out of them and Ant and Dec end up puking all over their shiny flags and each other.

A spot of revenge to be had, too, on opening day.
Sorry Paddy. A Gabriel Jesus hatrick and three points to The Arsenal!


I actually really like this schedule. Sure, season opener could be easier but it could also be tougher.

April will be tough (especially with likely Europa League later stages), but apart from that we can’t really have any complaints.

Won’t make any judgements before the first international break. 18 points out of 24 is realistic and should be the (minimum) target which can set us nicely for tougher run before the WC starts. The rest we will see later.

Main targets for me are top 4 and being consistently competitive in matches against other top teams.

Charles Charlie Charles

Top Four is the Holy Grail. Secure that and we secure the long term contracts and/or extensions of the Fab Four, especially Saka.

A Different George

I think that’s right. Top four plus the idea that a challenge for the league, while not likely, is not completely ridiculous.

Ebuka Nwaokeke

Won’t be too long before we all start wailing again..

Charles Charlie Charles

People are wailing now, never mind August.

Man Manny

If all our signings come in, and there are no pre-season injuries to key players, we’ll pay CP back in their own coin.
Generally, I don’t bother much about the fixtures: everyone plays everyone after 38 weeks.


That’s just it – if you have a bad run of fixtures somewhere than chances are you’ll have an easier run somewhere else. Everyone plays everyone twice. And the first five games are pretty favourable anyway.


Get transfers sorted and bedded in before the first game please. Crystal Palace normally beat us away, we don’t do well on Friday nights and I don’t want to hand the opposition any early season gimmes like we did last season (I know it was covid at Brentford but the squad was still a mess at that point).

Public Elneny

We got absolutely hammered by Crystal Palace away on a week night, first game back (after an international break) last season

I don’t think it will be a game we can control with possession and team shape. If we are to get anything we’ll have to match their physicality and energy, which we completely failed to do last time against them, and in last season’s opening game vs Brentford


We’ll probably need two points from our last three games to get top-four but somehow not make it.


Welcome to the new season Fats. Happy to note that your perennially sky-high optimism remains undaunted by last season’s late reversals.


Happy with the opening month, April not so much, probably making up for the inability for us to have our usual terrible November. One of me or my missus is gonna have our Christmas ruined by that Boxing Day fixture though 🤣


Matches being played earlier in the day is a great development for me as a fan in India. 34 of 38 matches scheduled in normal waking hours, evening time.

Jean Ralphio

It’s a daunting fixture to start off with but with a fully fit squad, Jesus and Tielemans, I’d feel much more confident


Making use of my trusty abacus I reckon 26 points by the world cup break.


26 from 48? I’d be a touch disappointed with that but is probably close.


Ha, when I posted I thought it was 42, after Forrest. Stupid Abacus.

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