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Arsenal Women Arsecast Episode 45: June Mailbag

Welcome to a brand new episode of the Arsenal Women Arsecast, the number one podcast about Arsenal Women.

Tim Stillman and Alex Ibaceta get together for the June mailbag edition of the Arsenal Women Arsecast, taking listener questions on Vivianne Miedema’s new deal, alongside new deals for Caitlin Foord, Steph Catley and Noelle Maritz, how much of an advantage greater stability might be next season, plenty of questions on who Arsenal should target in the summer transfer window as well as questions on the likes of Nikita Parris, Mana Iwabuchi and Fran Stenson. The panel also considers Arsenal’s pledge to host six Arsenal Women home games at Emirates Stadium next season.

You can follow Tim on Twitter @Stillberto, and Alex @alexibaceta23

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I really don’t understand Tim’s take on depth when we’re the same team that have struggled with injuries and also considering how much intensity Jonas wants from his team. To add on top of that, December and January that players were very fatigue. Which costed us the league. 40 games may not be a lot but the turn over has been ridiculous.

Fun Gunner

I’m inclined to agree – Chelsea always have a big squad but the players who hardly ever play are ready when called on because they are in a winning side. And because Emma Hayes, much as it pains me to say it! Just to refer to a tweet by Tim, we did indeed win the WSL with a small squad…but didn’t we lose out on other trophies that season because we didn’t have the players to put out and therefore prioritised the league title? Anyway I admit I am as far from an expert as one could possibly be, so…… Read more »


Need to sign players that really compete for starting places not just “backups”. Competition for places is huge at Chelsea, Barcelona, Lyon etc

Tim Stillman

Yeah I think this is the key, we have players that Jonas clearly doesn’t really want but, at the same time, I think we can see he isn’t a manager who likes to rotate. My take would be that you don’t rotate the spine of the team that much, it’s the full-backs and wide forwards who you rotate. That is largely what the big teams do. Barca do not rotate their midfield, Ingrid Engen has kicked her heels on the bench all season because they keep that core the same. My take is that a 21-22 player squad is perfect.… Read more »

Zoe Waterfield

First time lve listened and lve really enjoyed it….. Except when l paused it it went back to the start and its very difficult to get back to where l was… Well l did except they now sound like they’re on speed 😕

Mo Red

I don’t get Ibaceta’s claim about no promoting the game for women’s game as opposed to the men’s game. Arsenal doesn’t need to promote the men’s game as its self promoting. The reason Wolfsburg’s game was poorly attended is because let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter to fans as say Spurs & Chelsea or United. There is already an underlying self promotion that those games have. People are willing to see spurs lose on a Thursday night, but the same is not for Wolfsburg. The evidence can be seen from both matches. Spurs and Wolfsburg. You can tell how enthusiastic… Read more »

Peter Story Teller

You only need to read the comments made on certain other websites about women’s football to understand why promoting the game is so difficult. All women’s football is at a rubbish non-league level according to the majority not entirely helped by the USNT losing to a bunch of Dallas schoolboys it has to be said! The pitches are too wide and the goals are too big! Do they think that all women players are 4 feet tall with legs so spindly that they cannot kick a ball right the way across these vast pitches? Of course these sort of comments… Read more »

Fun Gunner

Hi,@Peter Story Teller Regarding the negative comments about the technical standard and competitiveness of the women’s game, all you can do is roll your eyes, really! But the more people see women’s football, the more that will change. It’s a very attractive product, to use marketing language. The detractors won’t go away, but they will be drowned out by the enthusiasts. However, I don’t consider that the suggested changes (smaller pitches and goals, etc) are patronising. They may be unpopular or impractical to implement but the reasoning behind them is sound. Women athletes are working with a different type and… Read more »

Fun Gunner

I think you make some fair points, in terms of where women’s football is at the moment, but if you look back even 5 years, you will see how far it has progressed. So it’s good to see that the Club are being ambitious about marketing the women’s side in the ways that Tim reported.

Zoe Waterfield

I agree to a degree but a lot of it was due to the fact most of us already had tickets for the original spuds game which was scheduled for a Saturday. I wouldn’t ordinarily travel down to London for a mid week match

Fun Gunner

Another corker, thanks Tim and Alex! I too covet Lena Oberdorf – hey, a girl can dream, eh?

Great news coming out of the club regarding their ambitions. I’m so glad we can see the opportunity in front of us and are grasping it.

Fun Gunner

I forgot to ask, please would you give us the name of the Brazilian player we are looking to sign? I couldn’t work out how to spell it when I was trying to google her.

Salvador Berzunza

Geyse Ferreira


Thank you, I was wondering who it was too. Looking at some clips, she seems fast and direct, and also able to finish. Another young player I like is Vivien Endemann of SGS Essen: look at 2:30 in to see how she beats the Wolfsburg defence. (She also scored a good goal in the reverse fixture, another 5-1 defeat!) However, you have to care about more than footballing ability when recruiting young players internationally. It is a big step to leave home, learn a new language and adapt to a different culture. Remember how difficult it was for Malin… Read more »

Fun Gunner


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