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Duo back Odegaard to keep captain’s armband

Granit Xhaka and Aaron Ramsdale have both backed Martin Odegaard to become Arsenal’s permanent captain should Alexandre Lacazette leave the club at the end of the month.

The 23-year-old midfielder only joined the club on a permanent basis last summer but grew in stature on the pitch and in the dressing room over the course of the season to the point he was wearing the armband regularly when other players weren’t selected.

While Rob Holding, Kieran Tierney, Hector Bellerin and Xhaka have all been namechecked as group leaders during Mikel Arteta’s time in charge, the Norwegian, who captains his country, appears to be the favourite for a role that in recent years has been something of a poisoned chalice.

“He [Odegaard] is the future of this club,” Xhaka told Norwegian channel TV2 last month.

“He’s already captain when Alexandre Lacazette does not play. He can be very proud of himself. You can see how far he has come in his head, mentally.

“He is very young, only 23, but in how he behaves and is on the field, he looks like he’s 30…he can definitely become Arsenal captain. He has the DNA in him.

“He works as hard every day as if he were in a fight. Everyone in the dressing room listens to him. Why not?”

For Ramsdale, who joked about Odegaard’s cosy relationship with Arteta in a recent interview with Peter Crouch, it’s the Norwegian’s calmness and experience that makes him perfect for the role.

“If you give the armband it can go one of two ways, you either feel the pressure of the team and football club or it gives you a lift that it gives you an opportunity and lead from the front,” Ramsdale said in an appearance on David Seaman’s podcast.

“As much as in interviews I’ve joked about Martin, he was at Real Madrid at 16-17, he’s seen all the best players in the world, he’s the captain of his country and for a 23-year-old, he has literally done everything you can in a short amount of time.

“He’s a very calming individual, he might not be the most vocal but you don’t always need your captain to be the most vocal because you could have three or four other leaders who are vocal. You could have two or three leaders who are vocal who perform – for him, he’s relished at the chance of wearing the armband. I have no problems with him being our captain.”

He added: “He has that [respect] not just because of where he’s been and what he’s done, he’s a top-class football player and I feel very lucky to have him in my team.

“If you’re the captain of your country at whatever age, you’re doing something right with the team and on the pitch.”

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I’d be happy with that,sounds a top lad backed by the rest of the team!

Bob the gunner

Where’s Tielemans and Jesus?


Jesus, we can’t stiele-man. The window’s not open yet


On holidays probably


Yes, players are people too

Tieleman’s probably chilling with his family on a beach somewhere. As for Jesus, doesn’t he have a heavenly kingdom somewhere up there?


IIRC, it’s Jesus’ father that has a heavenly kingdom. Also IIRC, Jesus gets to sit on his father’s right hand, which I reckon is very weird indeed and somewhat worrying.


Always loved Ode.


Not for me. Odegaard is far too reserved to be captain. He doesn’t drag the team back into games and he clearly doesn’t have any authority with the referees. Opposing teams must think, oh arsenal have a nice little boy as captain. Lucky us. He may be Norway’s, but international football is completely different. Auba is Gabon captain, and look how well that went.
I seriously don’t want it to go to him, but he is clearly the teachers’ pet, so it no doubt will.


I don’t agree with everything you said, but I do agree to some extent. It is well know which end of the stick do we usually get from referees in Premier League. Every team needs a guy to go negotiate and remonstrate with them. Referees in this league does seem to get influenced by strong personalities and their decisions could be swayed. While he is a fine player, I do not think that Odegaard has that persona. One of Tierney or Partey should get the armband IMHO.

John C

I wasn’t impressed with Odegaard’s captaining during the run in and I think it takes something from his game. For me Ben White is the obvious choice.

He’s English so he not only has a shared language with refs but also a cultural understanding which is important. He’s also developing a handy cuntish streak to complement his choir boy looks which I think I an underrated quality in a player. Importantly I don’t think it’ll take anything away from his game plus he’s consistently fit.

Man Manny

Ødegaard speaks very good English FYI.

John C

Speaking a language and sharing a culture are not the same thing. The ability to manipulate the officials through friendly chat and banter just isn’t something I’ve seen Odegaard do, nor do I think he’s capable of doing it, he’s just too much of a school prefect. I personally think we have to view relations with the officials as a area where marginal gains can be made and for that we really need a English captain. Can anyone seriously see Odegaard having a joke with the ref in the tunnel before a match and then seeing us kicking the opposition… Read more »

The Beast

Personally I wouldn’t give the armband to our 2 most injury prone players. Not their fault but surely you want a captain to be available for more often than not


Raul, pele, totti, Cruyff… And so on
I guess your only twelve years old?


Old enough to know your is spelt you’re. My comment is nothing about being 23, It’s a personality thing. For example Declan Rice is a prick, but he is a born captain and already has referees in his pocket at the same age.
I think Odegaard’s a great player, but would I follow him to the trenches, and would he be prepared to go there?

Mayor McCheese

Follow him to the trenches? lol.

Sometimes what you want in your captain is a cool head. Anyway, Ramsdale already said it perfectly.


Completely disagree with the doesn’t drag the team back into games part. In fact out of the current squad, he does that better than anyone else. The point with the refs is a legitimate one but I think that’s something that can develop over time. De Bruyne surely didn’t have it at Chelsea or in his early City days but now I think no one can doubt that he’s hugely respected by the refs. And I think mentally Øde is probably a bit ahead of the 23 year old De Bruyne. Have no problem with him being our captain. Not… Read more »


There isn’t an Adams or Vieira in the squad. I think Martin makes the best captain we’ve had for years though, with maturity beyond his years.

The Beast

Completely disagree with you on him not being able to drag the team back into games. I would go as far as to say he’s probably the best in the current squad at doing just that. When he was on loan with us he showed how capable he is at doing so in the 3-3 draw with west ham.


One swallow..
From what I’ve seen this season, when the chips are down he goes into his shell, and there’s not a peep until we see him on the floor at the final whistle.
Re. Adam’s and Vieira. Crazy, I know. But how about we buy a guy with natural leadership qualities and a strong personality. If Ode is the answer after 18 months, then why can’t another player be just that. We don’t have to stick with what we’ve got, because currently, it is not good enough.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Ode will be another “Captain Surrender”, the typical Arsenal type. We do not have any captain material so it should go to Ramsdale.


That’s the spirit


West Ham 3-3 comeback a year and a half ago. Ode showed his captain material that day.


Where was he
V palace , Southampton, spurs, Newcastle. Except last day of season .
Ben White or Gabriel for me.

The Beast

Besides White missing the derby, pretty sure they played in all those matches as well. Not wondering where they were went?

The Beast

*where they went*

Death by 300,000 Passes

I love him and I don’t want to bring The Armband Curse upon him.
(In that line of thinking, I just wouldn’t like anyone from the current team to wear that armband..)

Naked Cygan

I really hope he is vocal on the field when things are not going our way. I have felt for years now we have made poor choices with picking a capitan. We need a non nonsense player with no off field drama, not a social media addict, and someone the players look up to and respect. We need our capitan to give our players a kick up the arse when they need it. Hope Martin is our guy.


Ass kicking is the job of the manager and coaches. The captain is there to represent the club and their point of view to the ref. You can get into the ref’s face or put forward your point of view in a relatively calm and logical way without antagonizing the ref. (That doesn’t usually work.) in any argument, you should always give the opponent (the ref) a way out – screaming and being beligerant won’t usually work.

cranky Colin

Skilful player.
I’m gonna be harsh here and mention the downside of this potentially great player.
Has anyone noticed when the lads are having “ one of those games”, ( like, say the Newcastle game recently , and there have been many), he just climbs back under the shell even worse than the other outfield players. No fight back, no leadership, caught in possession?
I’m hoping he will improve in this area…… it’s vital in the Prem League.

A Different George

Odegaard is pretty clearly the leader on the pitch; you don’t have to go further than today’s Tactics column by Lewis Ambrose to see that. Respect from your teammates (which he clearly has) is another important attribute for a captain. As for persuasively speaking to the refs: Do you really think this was one of Patrick’s strengths? Or Roy Keane’s? (It was Ferguson, not Keane, who bossed the officials.) Man City’s captain is Fernadinho, Chelsea’s is Azpilicuetta, and Spurs’ is Lloris. None of them fit the mold that people are talking about. Henderson at Liverpool is closer–but Van Dijk, his… Read more »

Why not Nuno Tavares? On the pitch, nobody (including Nuno himself) has a f*cking idea what he’s going to do next. If we want a captain that scares the shit out of the ref and the opposition, Nuno’s got to be our man.


lol. How about nooooooooo (Dr Evil quote from back in the day when Arsenal were invincible)
Ode is a solid choice. Im excited for him to lead us into our next phase of development. COYG


I’m picturing him spamming the ball into Michael olivers face when he gets sent off for debagging Harry kane in the centre circle


I still can’t believe he’s on the team. We are fortunate. Give him the armband.


Waiting for this to happen so that I can create an Ode dedicated to the new skipper


Not sure about that. ..

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