Monday, June 17, 2024

Arseblog News turns 11

Just a quick note to say it’s our birthday here at Arseblog News.

Somehow (please someone, tell us where the time has gone?!) we’ve turned 11 years old.

On behalf of Blogs and the team, I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone for taking the time to read our work over the last 12 months.

Whether you engage in comment section sparring, send us translations of foreign articles, tip us off when stories are set to break or just dip in and out as you fancy, we thank you for being part of a community that continues to go from strength to strength.

We’ve now surpassed 6,600 supporters on Patreon, which really is quite something.

Not only does the subscription income ensure all our contributors get paid for their work, but it’s also allowed us to expand – under Tim’s expert management – our coverage of the Women’s team, to forego some of the pesky display advertising that tends to make for a miserable reader experience and afforded us the chance to make a very tidy donation to UNICEF.

We’re very proud of that.

As a little thank you, we’ve organised for everyone in the UK to have the next two days off work. Go wild. Let your hair down. Pretend you’re in the Tuesday Club.

For those of you not in the UK, we offer you a high five as a thank you.

As always, we have to sign off with the annual ‘State of the Arse’ address, so here we go…

124,498 followers of the @arseblognews Twitter account
30 contributor bylines in total
6,615 Patreon supporters
17,311 published posts on Arseblog News
7,607 posts by @arseblog
6,838 posts by @AAllenSport
816 posts by Academy aficionado @JeorgeBird
949 posts by Arsenal Women expert @Stillberto
142 posts by stats guru @oh_that_crab
66 posts by super-sub @chatwithhat
931,961 approved comments

Big love ❤️

Team Arseblog News

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Thank you Arseblog and congratulations!!

mister S

Thanks for the laughs and helping me stay somewhat sane in this wack times!

Scott P

Thanks so much to the entire team. This site makes me feel a part of the Arsenal community at a time when my Arsenal supporting friends in ‘real life’ live in different places. I truly appreciate the work you do and the community you foster. The Arsecasts (especially the Extra) are a beloved part of my work week and refreshes of the news page help too! Proud to be a Patreon subscriber! 🙂


“As a little thank you, we’ve organised for everyone in the UK to have the next two days off work. Go wild. Let your hair down. Pretend you’re in the Tuesday Club”

I know you only wanted one day off, but because “there’s an agenda” against everything Arsenal, you got five days off.

Everyone must be so mad to miss all those days of work. 🤦🏽‍♂️


Congratulations, guys. I enjoyed the arseblog most of these years. Morning coffee with your blog is a perfect morning start.
Hopefully we all will enjoy many, many years more.

Man Manny

Great job.
151st day I have visited Arseblog News this year.


Which day did you miss?

Man Manny

January 1


Such a promising day until the red card

Man Manny

Sigh! I have never been that disappointed after a football game. That Martinelli miss would have restored our lead and prevented the red card.

Nick Nightingale

Awesome achievement thankyou


Just think. The last time Spurs won a trophy, Arseblog News wasn’t around.

Off topic but I see Ukraine have just gone one up against Scotland (*Sid James laugh)


Except that Hickey didn’t look very good on that second Ukraine goal.


I’m sure that once he starts playing alongside the rest of defence, his positioning will improve.


I once saw the Tuesday Club ‘in action’ at an early afternoon session in The Bank of Friendship in Blackstock Road – if memory serves, it was coming up to Christmas, 1989. Perry Groves, Paul Merson, Tony Adams, Niall Quinn, Kevin Richardson, Nigel Winterburn and Steve Bould. Grovesy was in fine comedic fettle, holding court at the bar and had everyone in stitches. The lads were all laughing because Theo Foley had somehow trodden in dog shit on his way into Highbury that morning and had duly brought the smell into the changing rooms, where George Graham had been suitably… Read more »


It must be about ten years ago I was watching the Arsenal on TV (I live in NZ) and noticed a large sheet being held his in the crowd. On it was a single word: Arseblog. A quick google later, and I was hooked!!!


No way!


I’m Kenyan and been a follower of Arseblog news since 2013. I must say, anything new that I’ve known about The Arsenal, I’ve read it here.
Good job to all of you at Arseblog


Congratulations! In my best Sean Connery voice, “there can be only one”……Arsheblog Newsh.


Congrats! Thank you so much for all you do


WOW, that’s a nice “by the numbers” piece, you can be proud.
Happy one, cheers to much more years🍻
Any plan for the millionth comment?

Lord Bendnter

Have been following/visiting Arseblog since as far as I can remember. Many congrats, and hoping for many more years to come! Keep it up, Arseblog has become a huge part of my life
Thanks for everything 🙂


who plays in your ‘arseblog news xi’ for the testimonial?

Naked Cygan

Blog you forget to add that sp*rs have not won a trophy in that 11 years. Happy Birthday 🍺


90% of football “journalism” on the web is absolute garbage. Arseblog sits nice and cosy in the other 10%. Keep up the fantastic work guys!


Happy 11th blogs
It’s great to have an avenue like this to follow the team from overseas a level headed perspective which I am sure wasn’t easy over the past few years Its much appreciated here.

Martin Tornberg

Brilliant Jubilee! Well done!
I have long stopped reading the official site as all I need I get from Arseblog news – and you don’t try to sell me Arsenal apparel every time I click on something! 🙏🏻

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

In anticipation, Gabriel Martinelli has recently turned to #11.


Congratulations Blogs and team! Can’t believe I’ve been here for 10 years myself. Here’s to an awesome next decade full of celebrations


Nice! Happy birthday and many happy returns then!! 🙂


Huge congratulations & kudos to Andrew and his mega hardworking team!

Life of the Partey

Congrats Arseblog!


Happy 11th and many more to come!
Certainly keeps me company and the information delivery has been a joy to behold, thank you!


Congrats to all the contributors that make this site great!

One thing I’ve been wondering is if there would be room to add a weekly “loan watch” article each week with a quick summary of our loanees?

Jean Ralphio

Well done everyone at Arseblog! Feels strange to have a website and podcast to be such a big part of my life. What makes Arsenal great is the fan community and Arseblog is definitely a huge part of why the club’s supporters not just in the UK but all over the world enjoy supporting Arsenal.


Congratulations 🎉


Big congratulations!

11 years, I thought it was more than that. Alternatively speaking, I should have been checking out Arseblog from the first year I guess.


Arseblog 20 years.

Arseblog News 11 years!


Congrats! The only (blog) news outlet I trust.


Congrats guys. I remember when it was launched – doesn’t seem 11 years ago. It’s such a great service to present “real” Arsenal news and not the clickbait stuff that prevails elsewhere. Thank you!


Waoh it’s been 11years..never knew n can’t remember when I got hooked..all d same arseblog Happy Birthday to you n many more year as u continue serving us d best of arsenal…long live arseblog..


Top notch reporting with a touch of biased shit-housery, zero click-bait, quality and reliable news, dedicated contributors, matchday focus and a fun and educating comment section. ALL for FREE.
Thank you!


Congratulations!!! Arseblog my first Arsenal news blog.

Teryima Adi

Congrats, Blogs.
Blessings 🙏


Always a very fair and true reflection of what happened in the game and sensible thoughts on players also very funny analogies…keep up tge good work


Happy birthday Arseblog! Still always funny when I’ve asked random Arsenal fans, do you read ‘Arse’blog? And then have to explain it..

Thanks for everything guys, happy bank holiday

Frog In Ze Room

Congrats. To many more!

djourou's nutmeg

im from argentina and started supporting arsenal around this time 11 years ago. a few months later i started reading arseblog regularly, and soon after, reading arseblog news was something i was doing every day or every two days. it’s been like that for ten years now. it’s very weird how you’ve become an integral part of my life for so long, and how you’re so tied to my personal experience with arsenal as well. i can’t think of many things i’ve done for 10 years, so props to you guys for creating such an interesting and reliable space on… Read more »

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