Monday, July 15, 2024

Arseblog Arsecast tops Spotify’s inaugural football podcast league

It’s time to book an open-top bus parade.

According to streaming giant Spotify, the Arseblog Arsecast is the most popular fan-made football podcast in the UK in terms of hours listened over the course of last season.

The Arsecast beat off (always an awkward turn of phrase) competition from Sp*rs’ Last Word on Spurs and Liverpool’s The Redmen TV to take the gong. We assume it’s in the post Mr. Ek?

Spotify has also revealed that Arsenal fans tuned into their favourite club podcasts more than any other fans across last season; on average, Gooners listened to 24 hours of Arsenal podcast discourse last season.

Clearly, you’re all massive nerds, but we’re fine with that because so are we.

The Arsecast was launched in 2006, the year Arsenal reached the Champions League final, and a second show, the Arsecast Extra co-presented by James from Gunnerblog, was added to the roster in 2014.

In total, nearly 1,300 episodes of the two shows have been recorded. On behalf of the whole team, thanks for tuning in!

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Wow! Big congrats to the team. Keep up the fantastic work

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

Congratulations Blogs!


Well done all involved ! this is a wonderful community you’re created and it feels nice to be part of it 🙏🏼 The right amount of humour and analysis and great guests. Looking forward to the next season COYG !


Congratulations! I guess it would be even more if Spotify implemented the Patreon integration which I believe is coming soon?


I think so, but no idea on timescale


Does that count ours listened via other podcast streaming apps? I assume it does not. I wonder what share Spotify has.


Wonderful news. Congratulations and many thanks for your great work

Maul Person

Well deserved! Chapeau!


Hopefully an omen for this season. Arsenal top, S%£rs third from bottom…

Scott P

Not that I disagree with the sentiment, but I think the list is just in alphabetical order haha.


You were so massively ahead of the game to launch a podcast in 2006, I don’t think I even knew what a podcast was until 2008 (probably discovered Arseblog and Arsecast around 2010 or so). Plus you’ve never rested on your laurels and have kept evolving and getting better since then, so you – Andrew, Tim, Andrew, James et al – all deserve every bit of it.


We are so blessed to have 2 of the best podcasts on the market. Both offering different flavours too. As a kid the Gooner fanzine became part of my match day experience and made me feel part of the club. Like I was a gooner not an arsenal fan. Today, I wait with bated breath for the arsecast extra after a good win. I revel in it, relive the best moments with Andrew and James, maniacally laugh along at our irresistible superiority (and lust heartily after the trophies that will surely flow like fine wine in May). After a loss… Read more »

Toure Motors

Last word on spu*s… Shit.


Well deserved


CONGRATULATIONS, Arseblog and team🎉🎊🍾!! Onwards and upwards!!


Very well deserved. I remember, after almost a decade of falling away from podcasts, re-engaging with only the Arsecast last season. It was so much fun to listen to hopeful pods after the relentless misery of the years before.

Norwegian Wood

Literally the only pod I listen to 👏🏼

Einar Thorisson

Congrats. doesn´t surprise me.


I say it every time but the pods are integral to my life. I hope you do them forever, even when you’re all heads in jars.


Huge congratulations, Andrew! I’m guilty as charged as one of the nerds.

Teryima Adi



We are top the league, say we are top the league!
I say we as a listener rather than contributor, obviously. Though then again I chant that at Arsenal matches despite not being a player, so think is allowed.

Quentin Quarantino

Congratulations guys! Any chance of an Irish event Andrew?


I hope so!


Never in doubt.


Well deserved with all the great works from the team. Congrats!


Well done Blogs and the League of Blogs team.


24 hours listened on average? I assume that’s just among Spotify listeners, who apparently [are massive slackers / lead more fulfilling lives outside of football fandom –self-assess before posting].

Ed the Red

Many congratulations to the former Lord Cuntington.




1 day it’ll be great to bring back for a special event all the old-timers such as Arshavin and Sylvester the church dj and the man in the bar.


Grats blogs, great content deserves recognition

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