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Arseblog News turns 12

Hello everyone, just a quick note to say that Arseblog News turned 12 yesterday.

You don’t need me to tell you, it’s been quite the year for The Arsenal.

Mikel Arteta’s squad had us dreaming of a first Premier League title since 2004, the Women secured the Conti Cup and came within a whisker of the Champions League final, and Jack Wilshere’s under-18s produced a swashbuckling run to the FA Youth Cup final.

In the last eight weeks, we’ve had to roll with the punches but my word, there have been plenty of highs to enjoy.

On behalf of Blogs, Tim, Tom, Jeorge, Hatta and the wider team, thanks for taking the time to read our work over the last 12 months.

Along the way, we’ve added another 1,200 subscribers to the Patreon community – the total is now just shy of 8,000 – and that has allowed us to take the big decision to remove all advertising from the main blog, the news site and the app while still putting money in the pockets of all our contributors.

The aim is to ensure you have the best possible user experience when you visit Arseblog while still keeping the free bits free.

Your support also helps us help others. In April, we made a €50,000 donation to The Arsenal Foundation as part of the Arsenal Vision fundraiser. We’re hugely proud of the Arseblog community for making that happen.

Once again, thank you.

As always, we’ll sign off with the annual ‘State of the Arse’ address…

131,735 followers of the @arseblognews Twitter account
7,829 Patreon supporters
18,489 published posts on Arseblog News
7,834 posts by @arseblog
7,529 posts by @AAllenSport
891 posts by Academy aficionado @JeorgeBird
1,283 posts by Arsenal Women expert @Stillmanator
161 posts by stats guru @scottjwillis
76 posts by super-sub @chatwithhat
982,207 approved comments (we should hit 1 million soon!)
4 transfer stories currently sitting in drafts (sorry Granit, we’ve jinxed you for the third time)
£426,697 raised for The Arsenal Foundation in April by Arsenal Vision / Arseblog


Big love ❤️

Team Arseblog News

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Congrats and thanks for the content 👍

Like they say, opinions are like arse holes, everyone’s got them – but we appreciate yours 😂


💯 thanks blogs, you’re a bloody legend!


Big ❤️ right back at ya team arseblog! You folks are fuckin’ excellent, keep up the good work!


Top work all round fellas! Should be very proud of your contributions to the world of on-line Arsenal coverage.


Wow, what a year and Summer for blogs to have got started with this- transfer window begins in bitter disappointment with continious talk of Cesc and Nasri leaving, that happens, we lose 8-2 to United. Then we go and sign a certain Everton midfielder…


….and the rest, as they say, is non-negotiable.

Shane Molloy

A very Happy Bidet to you all !

Death by 300,000 Passes

Happy birthday!
By the way, @Stilberto is now @Stillmanator. (Never understood why)

Teryima Adi

As in the Terminator a la Schwarzenegger 😄

William Nilliam

You’ve been my first port of call for many years now. Thank you for everything

Merlin’s Panini

Congrats Andrew and team! Thanks for the years of quality content. Here’s to many more.


Great work. Thank you all

Teryima Adi

Wow. Congrats, Blogs. Thanks for all you do. Continue to soar to greater heights.
Blessings 🙏🏾


Congrats! and thank you for keeping me up to date on all things Arsenal. – all the best in the future from Vancouver

Alberto Balsam Mendez Rodriguez

Seems like just a few years ago ‘news’ started, 12 seems surprising!.


Fuckin’ excellent


Congratulations, Arseblog!

So now that you’re 12 and approaching puberty does that mean that you’ll get louder and annoying and refuse to listen to anything that you’re told? And always feel that everyone’s picking on you for no reason?

Just wondered…


BTW: does anyone give a rat’s arse about the FA Cup Final tomorrow? I don’t.

It’s between two teams I loathe. I’ve always hated Man United; and what City are doing now should be stopped. The thought of them buying another trophy makes me want to throw up.

I’ll watch it tomorrow but I won’t care who wins: it’s a shame they can’t BOTH lose.

Billy bob

I’d prefer city to win it as I absolutely detest ManUre – would also laugh at their treble achievement being equaled 👍


With you all the way Bob. I’m beyond pain as far as City are concerned – they are, as the Floyd would say ‘a distant ship’s smoke on the horizon.’ United, however, or more to the point, the fucking annoying fans, have become a veritable pain in the fucking arse. “Who’s had the better season, eh?” FUCK OFF, you boring wannabe twats. I hope City smash the shit out of you this afternoon. I hope they take your fucking 1999 treble and defecate all over it. I hope they take your jumped-up pretentious claims of a impending renaissance and cover… Read more »

Death by 300,000 Passes

Yeah but not by City.


Why not? Other than us, I can’t think of anyone better, anyone that United would hate more – even Liverpool – to cheapen their treble, than City.

Harry Callahan

Me too…me too…I totally detest MU… Plus if city win the treble it would mean we lost the title this season to what history would record as a great football team. Then this season would be like Us the 4th to 8th outside contender leading a 100 m race but being pip in the last 10 meters by the footbaĺl equivalent of Usain Bolt. There is no shame losing a race the way we did to the Usain Bolt of football. More so given that this Usain Bolt also happens to be on steroids. If city loose their CL final,… Read more »


It’s a Win/Win for me, this Champions’ League Final.

A City win will constitute Hell On Earth for Manchester United fans. Imagine, for one hideous moment, Spurs going a league season unbeaten? Yeah. THAT feeling)

A City defeat, however, will be Guardiola’s pain, Grealish’s pain, Haaland’s pain, Rodri’s pain.

Oooh, it’s a tricky one! M’whahahahahahaaaaa


Naked Cygan

If City win we have a 3% chance of winning the charity shield next season. Sp*rs would love to be on that position 😁

Bleeding Gums Murphy

It has put in the charity shield with the city win. Look forward few new players, lovely hot day and let’s beat em for the first of three times next season.


If we win does it count as a trophy?


Put it this way.

Clubs display it in the team photo and have it on their official honours list.


Somewhat more like a trophy than 4th place then?


In terms of silverware, yes – although we all know the financial implications and benefits of making top four.

The Charity Shield (Community Shield) is also a far older competition than the European Cup (Champions League)

Jesus of Sao Paulo

Thanks for the 12 years of most trustworthy and clickbait-free news, delivered in the most entertaining and free flowing grammar like I’ve never read on any other site. I especially enjoy very much the Poometer during silly seasons! Thank you too for connecting me, through the comments and arses, with thoroughly passionate Gunners from all over the world including some incredibly funny, sarcastic and humorous dudes that I might never meet in real life but who always make my mornings, eg Rumbling Pete (where did he vanish to?), Johnny 4 hats, Bruce Lee, and many others. Keep it going! Here’s… Read more »


Thanks for getting rid of the ads, they were becoming annoying


Congratulations 🥳

Cygans Parting

Congratulations and thank you to all for your sterling work
By the way, loved the 4 transfer stories Easter egg!!!
Keep us all on tenterhooks 😁

Xhaka, Rice, Caecedo, and? Hopefully not Tierney.


Thanks as always to all you guys who make this such a wonderful site. ❤️


Congratulations! More power to you all


Appreciate all the hard work that goes into making the content available. Keep up the good work!

Cranky Colin

A seriously professional operation.
A Beautiful Club with a Beautiful Blogger.

This time next year, ( with news. arseblog in its 13th year) you guys will have your hands full, as Arsenal stride towards the treble.

Teryima Adi





Much love to everyone involved with this incredible site! Great content and community vibe ❤️


This blog is the first thing I read every morning

Harry Callahan

Great Job Boys & Men…Earlier I was a bit antsy with your decision to remove the ads here coz I thought its a precursor to The Athletic business model/type of operation. I thought if that were the case I wouldnt mind you keeping the ads becoz I am not one of those who can Now afford any sort of subscription…..but yet I could understand that you are running this site not only out of passion but also to make a living… Its both a wonderful surprise and great news to me to know that you actually already have like 8000… Read more »


Blogs, any chance you can post the first piece of news that appeared on arseblog news? Just curious to see what was the content and the style of writing back then:)


Thank you so much for twelve years of sanity, reason, knowledge, comfort and humour. This is a great community you’ve built, and I’m grateful to be a part of it.


Great Arsenal Blog!

Grumbling Gooner

Happy birthday! been a huge part of my life . I appreciate everything you do

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